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Welcome to our BLOG!

Last updated 26 August 2011, 10:38 PM
Hi there.. We are the FBPS SQUIRTS! That means we haven't really started big school yet but every Friday we visit big school and spend the day with Mrs Howard and our new friends. Our parents asked Mrs Howard to start this blog so that we could... Read more

Ready for BIG SCHOOL!

Last updated 11 December 2011, 07:56 AM
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Squirt Gymnastics

Last updated 24 November 2011, 11:28 PM
What do you get when you put a bunch of kids with a whole heap of outdoor equipment and give them a flip camera? Have a look to find out. Read more

Parents have fun too!

Last updated 24 November 2011, 08:18 PM
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Fun with beanbags and Limies

Last updated 09 November 2011, 03:07 PM
On Friday, we had fun with Lime class in Sport groups. They taught us lots of interesting places to balance our beanbags. It was heaps of fun. It will be great next year when we come to big school because we will be able to have more fun with our new friends. Read more

Meet the Squirts

Last updated 31 October 2011, 09:24 PM
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Just another day....

Last updated 26 October 2011, 11:02 PM
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Squirts know how to have fun!

Last updated 14 October 2011, 03:28 PM
Today we had lots of fun playing on the large foam outdoor equipment. We made our own obstacle course and then followed it. We climbed up, over, under, through and along...we even rolled. Some friends enjoyed taking photos and videos while we were having fun.... Read more

Fun with The Smartboard

Last updated 22 September 2011, 07:06 PM
All the websites we looked at today are in the links list below on the left hand side, but here they are again for quick reference. Storyline Online     Stories to listen to. Build Your Wild Self    ... Read more

What happened today at Squirts?

Last updated 15 September 2011, 03:22 PM
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Cooking Fun

Last updated 10 September 2011, 07:52 PM
Squirts had heaps of fun on Friday cooking and eating TIGER TOAST. Luckily...no-one turned into a tiger!   Read more

Dance Fun!

Last updated 10 September 2011, 07:13 PM
So....I thought we would have a bit of dancing fun with The Wiggles and Hi 5.   How wrong was I?    They (Squirts) wanted "real music."   Take a peak..... Read more

Fun on the Fire Pole

Last updated 10 September 2011, 05:36 PM
Squirts love outdoor fun. They are very good at taking turns and encouraging each other. Read more

Furry Friends come to visit!

Last updated 04 September 2011, 06:25 PM
Three cute furry baby bunnies came to visit us. Watch the slideshow so you can see how cute they were! Read more

Ronnie the bubble loving dog!

Last updated 03 September 2011, 08:40 PM
Mrs Howard's teacher friend Mr Fara thought that the Squirts might like to see how much his dog enjoys bubbles. Our photos about bubbles reminded Mr Fara about his dog Ronnie! Read more

Squirts on Parade!

Last updated 01 September 2011, 10:06 PM
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Blowing Bubbles

Last updated 01 September 2011, 04:51 PM
  Sebastian had fun blowing bubbles. At first he found it tricky so he tried and tried until it worked. Good job Sebastian! Read more

What happened on Thursday in week 2?

Last updated 01 September 2011, 02:39 PM
This week on our Thursday Transition Day we had fun blowing bubbles, exploring with shaving cream on the see-through easel and sliding down the slippery dip. The shaving cream was 'squishy and cold.' Inside we played with playdough, collaged a hen with orange... Read more

Clifford's Visit

Last updated 27 August 2011, 09:23 PM
The day Clifford the Big Red Dog came to visit! Read more

Fun on the Spider

Last updated 27 August 2011, 10:32 AM
It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining so we decided to have a play on the Spider. At first it was a bit scary because the Spider is so big and tall and we are still so small. Mrs Howard showed us the safe way to climb and held our hands until we felt... Read more

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