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Join a reading adventure

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Last updated 26 March 2012, 08:30 PM



Welcome teachers, parents and carers, and interested community members! Choose the relevant Post area of the blog to send your comments.


Drop in any time and leave a comment to:  

·         introduce yourself

·         share what your children are learning

·         tell us ideas that work with your class

·         ask for help during the rap.


Consider sharing what your class has learned through the rap activities. Discuss with your class what they have learned by participating in the rap activities. Use this Reflection sheet  if you wish. Then send your class or group comments to the blog.

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Mrs Rasaiah says:

26 Mar 2012 at 08:23 PM

Welcome to the "Join a reading adventure" rap teachers, parents and community members. We would love to hear from you as your children celebrate reading throughout 2012. Leave comments here or in the relevant Post areas of the Blog. I am available to help with the process. I hope you enjoy participating in the rap, whether you are new to this activity or are an old hand at rapping!

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