Refine printmaking concept and work development

Module/Unit NSWTFAPM601A

Duration 54 Hrs

Module/Unit Purpose

On completion of this unit you should be able to originate, refine and evaluate creative concepts for printmaking. You will research and explore the origins and influences of themes, concepts and art works of personal interest. You will originate and refine creative ideas of original concepts and critically evaluate these ideas expressed as art work to promote independence of thought and a considered understanding of one   s own work in relation to contemporary practice.
You will research and explore concepts and themes from historical periods formulated and created movements or themes using concepts and aesthetics relevant to the day. 
However, the techniques materials and scope available to modernism may apply. The works may also be conceptually referenced to post-modernist interpretations and perspectives.
Specifically, you should be able to:
Explore and compare ways in which themes and concepts have been creatively realised as a prints 
Originate, apply and refine concepts and ideas to printmaking
Realise a number of prints consistent to the concepts and purpose
Critically evaluate, clarify, articulate and defend original creative concepts.


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