Refine specialist etching techniques

Module/Unit NSWTFAPM605A

Duration 90 Hrs

Module/Unit Purpose

On completion of this unit you should be able to research, explore and refine 
specialised etching techniques to realise complex creative concepts within a body of work, or a series of works. 
Your prints will demonstrate your ability to explore and refine etching techniques to realise your own creative concepts. You will realise work that is technically consistent with your purposes, using a selected range of specialised printmaking techniques to create and produce a body of or series of works.
You will explore and extend the limits of your artistic technical dexterity, refining your skills in handling etching techniques and developing imagery within the medium. This may include extended exploration and refinement of conventional and non conventional etching techniques. 
More specifically, you should be able to:
Plan and prepare a series or body of etchings using own themes or generated concepts
Develop and refine specialised etching techniques and printmaking methods.
Explore and refine specialised etching techniques that augment reinforce and express own style and creative vision 
Critically evaluate, discuss and review specialised etching techniques


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