Develop packaging design and technologies

Module/Unit NSWTGDES504A

Duration 75 Hrs

Module/Unit Purpose

On successful completion of this unit, you will be able 
creatively conceive, develop and execute a broad range of packaging solutions for a variety of purposes and contexts. 
Specifically, you should be able to:
Research and identify the key areas of packaging design and their applications.
Analyse and define the needs of the client and the consumer to determine the criteria for packaging design with particular emphasis on marketing and promotional strategies.
Research and source information on the range of packaging manufacturing materials and software. 
Present concepts using 2D and 3D representations for specific packaging briefs.
Explore the issue of environmentally and socially responsible packaging including recycling and disposal for a specified range of products.
Explore the visual presentation opportunities offered by product d$$isplays and stacking. 
Present and evaluate packaging solutions including storage and transportation for specified briefs and applications. 


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