Provide a consultancy service for human resource management

Module/Unit PSPHR403A

Duration 50 Hrs

Module/Unit Purpose

This unit covers the provision of human resource information and
advice to assist managers and others to deal with human
resource matters. It includes identifying consultancy requirements,
providing support to line managers and individual staff, and
advising on linkages between human resource policy and
organisational objectives.
In practice, providing consultancy services in human resources
overlaps with other generalist and specialist workplace activities
such as applying government processes, acting ethically,
complying with legislation, delivering client services, etc.
This unit replaces PSPHR401A Provide a human resources
consultancy service. The units are not equivalent. The revised unit
has additional requirements, is no longer restricted to devolved
human resource services and no longer addresses evaluation of
consultancy services. Evaluation is addressed in PSPGOV509A
Conduct evaluations, added to the Working in Government
Competency field of the Training Package in 2004.


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