Clean and fumigate intensive production sheds

Module/Unit RTE3708A

Duration 30 Hrs

Module/Unit Purpose

This competency standard covers the process of cleaning and fumigating sheds used for the intensive production of livestock. It is necessary to provide a hygienic and disease free environment for each new batch of livestock. The adherence to strict hygiene standards underpins the competency in many areas of the industry.
When the requirements of this standard are met, minimum contamination remains from previous flock/herd, all surfaces inside and outside the shed are treated so that they are visually clean, and sanitisers are applied to cleaned surfaces.
This standard is applicable to the production of poultry in an intensive production system.
The cleaning and fumigation of intensive production sheds is likely to be under limited supervision from others, with checking only related to overall progress. It is usually done within routines, methods and procedures where some discretion and jud$$gement is required in the selection of equipment and materials, organisation of work, services and actions, and the achievement of outcomes within time constraints.


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