Ride courier/delivery bicycle.

Module/Unit TLIC1307C

Duration 22 Hrs

Module/Unit Purpose

When you have completed this unit of competency you will have developed the knowledge and skills to steer, manoeuvre, position and stop bicycles, ride defensively and follow emergency procedures, park, and secure bicycles, manoeuvre bicycles and transport loads in accordance with requirements for special loads, select and follow efficient travel routes, monitor and adapt to traffic and road conditions, conduct pre-operational bicycle inspections, checks and maintenance, monitor bicycle performance and efficiency, and maintain bicycle records, to ride courier/delivery bicycles, in accordance with manufacturers' specifications, legislation, regulations, codes, standards, and workplace procedures.
On completion, you will be able to perform the following elements which make up the essential outcomes of this unit of competency:
1.   Inspect bicycle for operational capability.
2.   Ride the bicycle.
3.   Monitor traffic and road conditions.
4.   Monitor and maintain bicycle performance.


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