Manage the operation of a tow truck

Module/Unit TLIC3507A

Duration 22 Hrs

Module/Unit Purpose

When you have completed this unit of competency you will have developed the knowledge and skills to conduct pre-operational tow truck inspections and checks, identify and repair or report tow truck faults and defects, manoeuvre tow truck and tow or transport vehicles, drive defensively and follow emergency procedures, select and follow appropriate routes for the tow truck and load, inspect, test   and operate ancillary equipment, and maintain tow truck and towing operations records, to manage the operation of a tow truck, in accordance with manufacturers' specifications, legislation, regulations, codes, standards, and workplace procedures.
On completion, you will be able to perform the following elements which make up the essential outcomes of this unit of competency:
1.   Carry out pre-operational checks on the tow truck.
2.   Drive a tow truck carrying or towing a vehicle or other load.
3.   Operate ancillary equipment on the tow truck.
4.   Complete documentation.
Achievement of this unit of competency alone is not a sufficient qualification to drive a tow truck in New South Wales.   Learners achieving competency in this unit must hold a NSW driver's licence of the appropriate class together with a driver certificate or operator's licence from the Tow Truck Authority of NSW before driving a tow truck on the road.


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