Review a short project

Module/Unit NSWTPLG104B
Duration 20

Previous TAFE NSW Studies

The tables below show the TAFE NSW Advanced Standing Arrangements which have been approved for the above unit/module (target unit/module). Each arrangement has a unique reference number which links this target unit/module in your present course of study with the source units/modules (i.e. those which you need to have successfully completed to gain an exemption). The dates of the arrangement indicate the period in which it is valid. You are entitled to claim the recognition described in the arrangement if you have been enrolled in your current course at any time during that period.

Results transferred

If you have a successful result in the source unit/module shown in the following arrangement(s), you may have the result transferred to the target unit/module in the course you are currently enrolled in. This applies only if the assessment in the previous unit/module compares with the assessment of the unit/module in your current enrolment. Your TAFE NSW Transcript of Academic Record will report the unit/module result and indicate that it has been achieved BY RESULT TRANSFER. However, if the source unit/module was assessed and/or reported differently to the assessment required for the target unit/module, you will obtain an exemption in the target unit/module but your result will not be transferred. In this case, your TAFE NSW Transcript of Academic Record will indicate that the unit/module has been achieved BY ADVANCED STANDING.

Results not transferred – Exemption granted

If you have successful results in the source unit(s)/module(s) specified in any  of the following arrangements you can receive an exemption in the target  unit/module. Where there is more than one source unit/module in any one  arrangement you must have successful results in ALL of the source units/  modules shown in that arrangement. Where there is more than one target unit/  module in an arrangement you will receive an exemption for all the target  units/modules which are in the course you are currently enrolled in, provided  you have successful results in the specified source unit(s)/module(s).  

Credit transfer Arrangements into this module/unit:

Arrangement No Source Modules/Units Target Modules/Units
3837 3031C Project-phase 3
NSWTPLG104A Review a short project
NSWTPLG104B Review a short project

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