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Aboriginal Education policy

Policy PD20080385 27/11/2016

Aboriginal Human Resources Development Plan 2012-2017 (PDF 1.51MB)

Guideline PD20090388 22/07/2014

Accreditation at Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (PDF 732KB)

Procedure PD20080384 25/02/2015

Accreditation at Highly Accomplished Teacher and Lead Teacher in NSW Government Schools

Policy PD20080384 25/02/2015

Accreditation at Proficient Teacher in NSW Government Schools Policy

Policy PD20050165 28/08/2015

Accreditation at Proficient Teacher Procedures

Procedure PD20050165 26/04/2016

Allegations against Employees in the Area of Child Protection

Policy PD20050263 08/07/2010

Anaphylaxis Procedures for Schools 

Procedure PD20040034 28/11/2014

Animal Welfare Policy - Schools

Policy PD20040029 04/12/2014

Animals in schools: Animal welfare guidelines for teachers

Guideline PD20040029 26/11/2014

Anti-bullying Plan Template (doc 517 kb)

Guideline PD20100415 14/10/2014

Anti-racism education - Advice for Schools

Guideline PD20050235 01/10/2015

Anti-Racism Policy

Policy PD20050235 18/05/2016

Assisted School Travel Program for School Students with Disability

Policy PD20050292 11/08/2016

Assisted School Travel Program Guidelines

Guideline PD20050292  

Assisting Students with Learning Difficulties

Policy PD20060342 21/07/2014

Audiovisual Materials in Schools - Procedures for Use (Ms Word)

Procedure PD20020045 09/11/2010


Beginning Teachers Support Funding Policy

Policy PD20070367 22/11/2016

Beginning Teachers Support Funding Procedures (Word doc 22kB)

Procedure PD20070367 25/11/2016

Behaviour Code for Students

Procedure PD20060316 08/05/2015

Bullying: Preventing and Responding to Student Bullying in Schools Guidelines (pdf 1,137 kb)

Guideline PD20100415 28/10/2014

Bullying: Preventing and Responding to Student Bullying in Schools Planning Document (doc 620 kb)

Guideline PD20100415 28/10/2014

Bullying: Preventing and Responding to Student Bullying in Schools Policy

Policy PD20100415 09/08/2016


Child protection, procedures for responding to allegations against employees (pdf)

Procedure PD20050263 23/04/2004

Child protection, procedures for the Local Management of Less Serious Allegations against DET Employees (pdf)

Procedure PD20050263 11/10/2009

Code of Conduct Policy

Policy PD20040020 07/11/2016

Code of Conduct Procedures

Procedure PD20040020 11/07/2014

Collection of Students by the Department of Community Services, Procedures (PDF 299kB)

Procedure PD20020067 04/05/2009

Commercial Arrangements - School-Based Activities Guidelines

Guideline PD20090399 17/12/2015

Commercial Arrangements – School-Based Activities Policy

Policy PD20090399 17/12/2015

Communication Devices & Associated Services Policy

Policy PD20020024 19/10/2012

Communication Devices and Associated Services Guidelines (Intranet only) Intranet Only

Guideline PD20020024  

Community Language Allowance Scheme

Policy PD20050096 05/06/2012

Community Language Allowance Scheme Administration Procedures (Ms Word)

Procedure PD20050096  

Community Use of School Facilities

Policy PD20090400 16/03/2016

Community Use of School Facilities Implementation Procedures (PDF 1MB)

Procedure PD20090400 31/07/2015

Complaints Handling Guidelines (pdf)

Guideline PD20020051 28/04/2011

Complaints Handling Policy

Policy PD20020051 22/09/2011

Controversial Issues in Schools

Policy PD20020045 15/04/2016

Controversial Issues in Schools Policy Implementation Procedures (Ms Word 66.5kb)

Procedure PD20020045 02/12/2009

Copyright: Lawfully Screening Films and Television Programs in Schools

Policy PD20060339 19/11/2010

Copyright: podcasting in schools

Policy PD20060355 19/11/2010

Copyright: Screening pirated DVDs in schools

Policy PD20060338 19/11/2010

Corruption Prevention Framework (pdf 100kb)

Procedure PD20040009 06/02/2013

Corruption Prevention Policy

Policy PD20040009 16/09/2014

Current Requirements for Head Teachers, Teachers Handbook 1990 (Ms Word)

Procedure PD20050275  

Curriculum planning and programming, assessing and reporting to parents K-12

Policy PD20050290 11/10/2016

Curriculum Policy Standards (PDF 96 KB)

Procedure PD20050290 16/10/2006


Demountable Accommodation for Schools and TAFE Institutes

Policy PD20050261 09/09/2008

Department of Education WHS website (intranet only) Intranet Only

Procedure PD20130454 29/04/2016


Policy PD20050269 24/11/2005

Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2016-2020 consultation draft (doc)

Procedure PD20050243 18/07/2014

Distance Education Enrolment Procedures

Procedure PD20020006 14/07/2015

Driver Training Implementation Guidelines

Guideline PD20020033 19/05/2014

Drugs in Schools Policy

Policy PD20020040 11/06/2010


Eligibility Requirements for Head Teacher Positions in NSW Government Schools 2004 (Ms Word) 

Procedure PD20050275  

English as an additional language or dialect: Advice for schools (PDF 540KB)

Guideline PD20050234 19/12/2014

Enrolment of Non Australian Citizens - Procedures and Eligibility

Procedure PD20020006 28/04/2016

Enrolment of Students in NSW Government Schools: A Summary and Consolidation of Policy

Policy PD20020006 28/09/2016

Enterprise Data Policy: information to support implementation (PDF 55KB) Intranet Only

Procedure PD20090389 06/08/2009

Environmental Education Policy for Schools

Policy PD20020049 16/11/2016

Environmental Education Policy for Schools guidelines (PDF)

Procedure PD20020049  

Evaluation Policy

Policy PD20100416 16/06/2016

Excursions Policy

Policy PD20040010 16/03/2016

Excursions Policy Implementation Procedures

Procedure PD20040010 16/02/2016

Exemption from School - Procedures (pdf 348 kb)

Procedure PD20050259 03/02/2015


Fraud and Corruption Control Procedures (pdf 101kb)

Procedure PD20040009 06/02/2013

Fresh Tastes @ School NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy: Canteen Menu Planning Guide

Procedure PD20110420  


Gifted and Talented Policy

Policy PD20040051 12/10/2016

Guidelines for Management of Conduct and Performance for TAFE NSW

Guideline PD20060335 19/01/2012

Guidelines for the Management of Conduct and Performance (pdf 991kb)

Guideline PD20060335  

Guidelines for the use of strategies to support gifted and talented students (PDF 250 KB)

Procedure PD20040051  

Guidelines for the use of Time-out Strategies Including Dedicated Time-out Rooms

Guideline PD20060316 06/08/2014

Guidelines on screening films and TV programs (pdf)

Guideline PD20060339  


Head Teacher Eligibility Requirements Policy

Policy PD20050275 04/04/2013

Healthy School Canteens Self Assessment Tool and Action Planner 

Procedure PD20110420 09/09/2014

Homework Policy

Policy PD20020003 09/12/2013

Homework Policy Guidelines 

Guideline PD20020003 12/06/2012


Implementing the Environmental Education Policy in your school (PDF)

Guideline PD20020049  

Incident Reporting Policy Intranet Only

Policy PD20070362 14/05/2014

Incident Reporting Procedures (PDF 0.05MB) Intranet Only

Procedure PD20070362 13/05/2014

Information Security Policy

Policy PD20150465 25/03/2015

Information Security Policy Guideline Intranet Only

Guideline PD20150465 18/03/2015

Interpreting and translation services: Guidelines for schools (PDF 510KB) (intranet only) Intranet Only

Guideline PD20050234 01/07/2015


Joint Funding of Capital Works in Schools Policy

Policy PD20050274 18/06/2014


Leading and Managing the School

Policy PD20040024 21/11/2014

Learning and Support Program

Procedure PD20060342 21/07/2014

Library Policy - Schools

Policy PD20050221 05/08/2016

Literacy K-12 Policy

Policy PD20050288 09/12/2013

Literacy Policy Support

Procedure PD20050288 10/10/2007


Management of Conduct and Performance

Policy PD20060335 01/06/2007

Managing Drug Related Incidents Procedures (PDF 250.31kB)

Procedure PD20020040 15/06/2010

Media Relations Policy

Policy PD20090387 28/04/2009

Mentoring and Supporting Students Guidelines (pdf)

Guideline PD20050115  

Mentoring Students Policy

Policy PD20050115 08/05/2014

Multicultural Education Policy

Policy PD20050234 19/05/2016


Naming of NSW Government Schools

Policy PD20130440 16/12/2014

Naming of NSW Government Schools Procedures 

Procedure PD20130440 21/05/2013

Numeracy K-12 Policy

Policy PD20070365 09/12/2013

Numeracy support

Guideline PD20070365  

Nutrition in Schools Policy

Policy PD20110420 21/11/2014


Online Communication Services: acceptable usage for school students

Policy PD20020046 29/04/2016

Opportunity class placement information

Procedure PD20060353 17/10/2014

Out of home care in government schools policy

Policy PD20100402 26/03/2014

Out of home care in government schools – Education plan procedures (doc 80kB)

Procedure PD20100402 24/03/2014

Overseas student and group visits: Guidelines for schools.

Sample MOU for a Sister-School Agreement.

Guideline PD20130457 30/10/2013

Overseas students and visitors

Policy PD20130457 20/11/2013


People With Disabilities - Statement of Commitment

Policy PD20050243 28/04/2016

Performance Management and Development Implementation Documents Intranet Only

Procedure PD20060334 01/11/2011

Performance Management and Development Policy

Policy PD20060334 02/11/2016

Performance Management and Development Scheme for Public Service Staff Intranet Only

Procedure PD20060334 02/11/2016

Performance Management Scheme for TAFE NSW Institute Managers Intranet Only

Procedure PD20060334  

Performance Planning, Management and Development Scheme for Senior Executive Service and Senior OfficersOther implementation documents Intranet Only

Procedure PD20060334 01/11/2011

Pirated DVDs Screening Guidelines (pdf)

Guideline PD20060338  

Podcasting copyright and permissions guidelines

Guideline PD20060355  

Policy and implementation strategies for the education of gifted and talented students (PDF 300 KB)

Guideline PD20040051  

Preschool Class Fees in Government Schools

Policy PD20110423 23/12/2013

Private and Secondary Employment Guidelines (Ms Word)

Guideline PD20030007  

Private and Secondary Employment Policy

Policy PD20030007 13/07/2015

Procedures for the Joint Funding of Capital Works in Schools, April 2013 (140KB DOCX)

Procedure PD20050274 17/06/2014

Professional Learning Policy for Schools

Policy PD20040017 08/08/2006

Proof of Identity and Residency Status

Guideline PD20020006 15/03/2012

Protecting and Supporting Children and Young People - Procedures (pdf 341 kb)

Procedure PD20020067 14/03/2014

Protecting and Supporting Children and Young People Policy

Policy PD20020067 26/10/2016

Provision of Personal References Procedures (pdf 96kb)

Procedure PD20040020 01/05/2008

Psychological Tests Policy

Policy PD20050205 02/07/2014

Public Interest Disclosures Internal Reporting Policy

Policy PD20020019 19/10/2011

Public Interest Disclosures Management Guidelines (pdf 383kb)

Guideline PD20020019 19/10/2011

Published Register of Gifts and Benefits    

Procedure PD20040020 26/11/2013


Register of Gifts and Benefits procedures

Procedure PD20040020 08/07/2014

Register of Gifts and Benefits template (pdf 85kb)

Procedure PD20040020 31/10/2012

Religious Education Implementation Procedures

Procedure PD20020074 20/10/2016

Religious Education Policy

Policy PD20020074 20/10/2016

Reporting School Accidents

Policy PD20020064 15/12/2009

Reporting School Accidents support document (pdf 95.1kb)

Guideline PD20020064 14/12/2009

Road Safety Education, Driver Education and Training Policy

Policy PD20020033 14/03/2016


School Attendance Policy

Policy PD20050259 25/03/2015

School Excellence

Policy PD20160468 21/10/2016

School Excellence Framework

Guideline PD20160468 09/12/2014

School Uniform Policy

Policy PD20040025 25/03/2015

School Uniforms in NSW Government Schools Guidelines 

Guideline PD20040025 21/09/2012

Selective High School and Opportunity Class Placement Policy

Policy PD20060353 04/11/2014

Selective high school placement information

Procedure PD20060353 14/10/2014

Social Media Policy

Policy PD20110418 14/07/2016

Social Media Policy Implementation Procedures 

Procedure PD20110418 07/07/2016

Special Education in Ethics Implementation Procedures

Procedure PD20130436 20/10/2016

Special Education in Ethics Policy

Policy PD20130436 20/10/2016

Sponsorship Guidelines

Guideline PD20050295 17/12/2015

Sponsorship Policy

Policy PD20050295 10/02/2016

Sport and Physical Activity in Schools, Safe Conduct Guidelines

Guideline PD20020012 04/03/2015

Sport and Physical Activity Policy

Policy PD20020012 12/03/2015

Strategic Human Resources Plan 2012-2017 (PDF 1.6MB)

Guideline PD20090388 17/09/2012

Student Agreement 

Guideline PD20130458  

Student Attendance in Government Schools: Procedures (pdf 328 kb)

Procedure PD20050259 03/02/2015

Student Bring Your Own Device Guidelines

Guideline PD20130458  

Student Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD)

Policy PD20130458 04/07/2014

Student Counselling Files Policy

Policy PD20050206 21/06/2016

Student Discipline in Government Schools - Support materials

Procedure PD20060316 28/10/2014

Student Discipline in Government Schools Policy

Policy PD20060316 05/08/2016

Student Health in NSW Public Schools: A summary and consolidation of policy

Policy PD20040034 01/12/2014

Student Health website 

Guideline PD20040034 16/05/2014

Student Welfare Policy

Policy PD20020052 11/07/2014

Sugar Sweetened Drink Ban for NSW Government Schools

Procedure PD20110420  

Sun Safety for Students Guidelines

Guideline PD20040034 19/05/2014

Surplus Land Sale to Non Government Schools Guidelines

Guideline PD20140460 23/05/2014

Surplus Land Sale to Non Government Schools Policy

Policy PD20140460 29/09/2014

Suspension and Expulsion of School Students Procedures

Procedure PD20060316 28/10/2014

Suspension and Expulsion of School Students Procedures - Information for Parents

Procedure PD20060316 14/10/2014


Turning Policy into Action (PDF 1MB)

Guideline PD20080385 02/03/2015


Values in NSW public schools

Policy PD20050131 09/05/2014

Voluntary School Contribution

Policy PD20050233 29/05/2015

Voluntary School Contribution Code of Practice

Guideline PD20050233  


Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy

Policy PD20130454 10/05/2016

Workforce Diversity Plan 2012-2017 (PDF 1.43MB)

Guideline PD20090388 01/06/2012

Workforce Diversity Policy

Policy PD20090388 28/10/2014

Working with Children Check - Appendix 2 - Checklist for School Principals (PDF 398KB)

Procedure PD20050264 01/07/2014

Working with Children Check - Appendix 3 - Checklist for Corporate, TAFE & OoC (PDF 354KB)

Procedure PD20050264 01/07/2014

Working with Children Check - Appendix 4 - Information for applicants - how to apply for the WWCC Clearance (PDF 49KB)

Procedure PD20050264 01/06/2013

Working with Children Check - Appendix 5 - WWCC Declaration for volunteers and contractors (other than ASTP contractors) (PDF 535KB)

Procedure PD20050264 26/04/2016

Working with Children Check - Appendix 6 - Proof of Identity (PDF 39KB)

Procedure PD20050264 22/10/2014

Working with Children Check - Appendix 7 - Declaration National Criminal Records Check (PDF 149KB)

Procedure PD20050264 01/06/2013

Working with Children Check - Appendix 8 - CRIMTRAC (NPCS Application and Consent Form) (PDF 394 KB)

Procedure PD20050264 01/09/2016

Working with Children Check - Appendix 9 - Transition dates for existing child-related workers (PDF 358KB)

Procedure PD20050264 22/10/2014

Working with Children Check - Appendix1 - WWCC Requirements- Determining which checks are required (PDF 277KB)

Procedure PD20050264 22/10/2014

Working with Children Check policy

Policy PD20050264 21/11/2016

Working with Children Check Procedures - 15 June 2013 (PDF 90KB)

Procedure PD20050264 01/06/2013

Workplace learning implementation documents

Procedure PD20050016  

Workplace Learning Policy for Secondary Students in Government Schools and TAFE NSW Institutes

Policy PD20050016 22/01/2014


Years 8-12 selective high school placement information

Procedure PD20060353 31/10/2014