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Usborne big book of animals, The
The Big Book of Animals contains 14 impressive giant fold out pages. From the mighty elephant to the amazing colossal squid, some of the worlds tallest, longest, and heaviest animals will be revealed, as well as the biggest animal that has ever lived. Each animal contains a physical description and dimensions, some of which will leave the reader in awe.
ISBN 9781474928953
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2017
Fabiano, Fiorin & Maskell, Hazel (ill)
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Rhyming pages illustrate family life in summer time. A good portrayal of Australian life.
ISBN 9781877035548
Publisher Brolly Books, 2005
Factor, June & Lester, Alison (ill)
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When tiny Jeremy falls out of his nest and is brought home by the family cat, he is only a few days old. Luckily, Jeremy is a fighter. As the weeks go by, he grows stronger and stronger, until the time comes to say goodbye.
ISBN 9781921504402
Publisher Working Title Press, 2013
Faille, Chris & Snell, Danny (ill)
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If I had an elephant
If I had an elephant for a best friend, there're be no stopping us. We'd get matching jackets. We'd build a time machine together. We'd have an OUT OF THIS WORLD adventures... IF I had an elephant.
ISBN 9781775434764
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2017
Fairgray, Richard & Jones, Terry (ill)
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Simple black and grey illustrations, with a splash of red, are a feature of this picture book. Olivia is a feisty piglet who has far too much energy and is always getting into mischief.
ISBN 9780689829536
Publisher Simon & Schuster, 2000
Falconer, Ian
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Olivia and the missing toy
When her best toy mysteriously disappears, Olivia, the feisty piglet, is determined to find out who is responsible.
ISBN 9780689852916
Publisher Simon & Schuster, 2003
Falconer, Ian
Image currently unavailable
Olivia saves the circus
At school, Olivia, the piglet, tells how she went to the circus and all the performers were sick. Olivia tells how she saved the day by becoming Olivia the Lion Tamer, Olivia the Tattooed Lady and many more.
ISBN 9780689829543
Publisher Simon & Schuster, 2002
Falconer, Ian
Image currently unavailable
Elfrida the sheep is bored with her style, so the shearer gives her a new clip and colour, which soon catches on.
ISBN 9780958259835
Publisher Gecko Press, 2006
Fall, Klara & Stollinger, Heide (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Doug-Dennis and the flyaway fib
Doug-Dennis, a charming sheep, and Ben-Bobby, an elephant, are best friends. Bored one day, they go to the circus, and that's where the trouble begins. Doug-Dennis tells a little lie, which gets bigger and bigger, until he finds himself surrounded by fibs and fibbers.
ISBN 9781741697568
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2011
Farrell, Darren
Image currently unavailable
Santa's Aussie holiday
Fun book about Santa Claus picking a holiday destination. This year he is off to Australia. Some key tourist destinations are mentioned as Santa makes the most of his vacation.
ISBN 9781741690187
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2007
Farrer, Maria & Walker, Anna (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Lilli-Pilli the frog princess
Lilli-Pilli is the loveliest of her royal siblings, albeit with frogs' legs. As with all fairytale princesses, the finding of a suitable husband for Lilli-Pilli is paramount for the King and Queen, and her supreme jumping skills don't hold much sway. Princess lessons in fencing, horse riding and ballroom dancing all come to nothing due to Lilli-Pilli's frogs' legs, with suitors falling by the wayside.
ISBN 9781741696202
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2010
Farrer, Vashti & Swan, Owen (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Chester and Gil
Chester and Gil live in the same goldfish bowl. While Gil just floats around the same old place, Chester knows he can save the world. A funny story of a fishy odd couple and the power of thinking big.
ISBN 9781862915848
Publisher Omnibus Books, 2009
Faulkner, Carol & James, Ann (ill)
Image currently unavailable
What makes me a me?
Who am I? I ask myself. What makes me a me? I think hard with all my might and look around to see. Sometimes I am like super guy, really strong and brave. Sometimes I am like a tree, my arms stick out like branches. And sometimes I am like a snail, slow, slow, slow.
ISBN 9781408867259
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2017
Faulks, Ben & Tazzyman, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Selfish crocodile, The
Crocodile refuses to allow any other animal to bathe or drink in his river. One day, he develops a toothache and only one animal is brave enough to help.
ISBN 9780747541936
Publisher Bloomsbury, 1999
Faustin, Charles & Terry, Michael (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Boris goes berserk
Boris the huntsman wants his dinner! But Dad has other plans. Join in the family fun as Boris and Dad battle it out throughout the house.
ISBN 9781925804867
Publisher Ford Street Publishing, 2021
Favretto, Robert & Bowles, Janice (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Through the gate
Moving to a new house can be hard and difficult. A young girl thinks that that things will never be as good as they were before. But each time she passes 'through the gate' things seem to improve just a little bit more each time...
ISBN 9781925335415
Publisher Exisle Publishing, 2017
Fawcett, Sally
Image currently unavailable
What could it be
It's time to step outside the square and explore your creativity. So many shapes, so many possibilities. Have some fun with your imagination.
ISBN 9781925335026
Publisher Exisle Publishing, 2016
Fawcett, Sally
Image currently unavailable
Milo armadillo
Tallulah wants a pink, fluffy rabbit for her birthday. But, she can't find one anywhere. When Gran decides to knit her a fluffy, pink rabbit, the present is not quite what Tallulah had in mind.
ISBN 9781406310306
Publisher Walker Books, 2009
Fearnley, Jan
Image currently unavailable
Search for the perfect child, The
People say that there is no such thing as the perfect child. Fido Fonteyn, the cleverest, sharpest, coolest dog detective in the whole world, is on a mission to sniff one out.
ISBN 9781406306019
Publisher Walker Books, 2007
Fearnley, Jan
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Learning ladders: On the move
Presented by World Book Encyclopaedia, this beloved set features beautiful artwork and photographs to capture the interest and imagination of very young children. Learning Ladders includes curriculum-based books centred on early childhood nonfiction topics. They offer a delightful look at children's favourite topics -- each book is filled with the perfect mix of fun, facts, and fiction.
ISBN 9780716677284
Series Learning Ladders series (30 books)
Publisher World Book, 2008
Topics / K-2 Non-fiction /
Fecher, Sarah
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Learning ladders: Wild animals
Presented by World Book Encyclopaedia, this beloved set features beautiful artwork and photographs to capture the interest and imagination of very young children. Learning Ladders includes curriculum-based books centred on early childhood nonfiction topics. They offer a delightful look at children's favourite topics -- each book is filled with the perfect mix of fun, facts, and fiction.
ISBN 9780716677338
Series Learning Ladders series (30 books)
Publisher World Book, 2008
Topics / K-2 Non-fiction /
Fecher, Sarah
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Robin Hood's day
Jimmy is looking after Patchy Patch, the special class mascot that has been made by his teacher. He wants to take Patchy Patch somewhere very special. Dad thinks of going to Nottingham, where Robin Hood lived. They have a great day until they lose Patchy Patch.
ISBN 9781406306408
Publisher Walker Books, 2007
Feeney, Josephine
Image currently unavailable
Polar bear in Sydney Harbour
Imagine finding a polar bear in Sydney Harbour. Hannah finds one but no-one else seems to notice him. Hannah helps him fit into the climate while she tries to find a way to help her new friend get home.
ISBN 9780733339400
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2020
Feiner, Beck & Feiner, Robin
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Two sides to every story
Cats or dogs? Living in the city or the country? Going to the pool or the beach? Life presents lots of questions and lots of choices. For Oscar, there's no question or choice he won't twist, tumble, turn inside out and explore every which way. This book invites you to be a mental gymnast and look at both sides of the story!
ISBN 9780733341618
Publisher ABC Books, 2023
Feiner, Beck & Feiner, Robin
Image currently unavailable
Flame stands waiting
Flame is a beautiful, golden carousel horse with a sad heart. Unlike the other horses, Flame is built to stand still. Children choose to ride on the turning, dancing horses and Flame is left waiting. One day, a little girl, who has always dreamed of riding the beautiful horses, comes to ride the carousel.
ISBN 9781742030951
Publisher Black Dog Books, 2010
Fenton, Corinne & Ciaffaglione, Sebastian (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Counting on you
On race-with-the-wind days or sometimes-I-forget days....I'm counting on you.
ISBN 9781760403898
Publisher The Five Mile Press Pty Ltd, 2016
Fenton, Corinne & Cowcher, Robin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Little dog and the Christmas wish
Little Dog is left at home during a storm and, when thunder crashes, he escapes the backyard to find his best friend for comfort. It is Christmas Eve, the streets are busy and he soon loses his way.
ISBN 9781742032368
Publisher Black Dog Books, 2014
Fenton, Corinne & Cowcher, Robin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Little dog and the summer holiday
The summer holidays stretch out forever. Little Dog and his family set off with their caravan. A delightful story about the way family holidays used to be.
ISBN 9781925381160
Publisher Walker Books, 2017
Fenton, Corinne & Cowcher, Robin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Lionel and me
When Lionel arrives, Maverick is unimpressed. Is there enough love to go round for the two of them?
ISBN 9781922326607
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2022
Fenton, Corinne & Grimwood, Tracie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Sitting in the park, I remember back to a furry friend from long ago. The story of a girl and an unlikely friendship.
ISBN 9781925594768
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2019
Fenton, Corinne & Swan, Owen (ill)
Image currently unavailable

Two rabbits
What happens when best friends fight? What happens when you hurt someone by saying unkind words? And what is the best way to fix things? Little Grey rabbit and Little Brown Rabbit are about to find out in this touching story of friendship and forgiveness.
ISBN 9781922539656
Publisher Exisle Publishing, 2024
Ferenchuk, Lisa & Pittock, Prue (ill)
Image currently unavailable
I don't like Koala
Adam does not like Koala. Koala is a little creepy. Adam tries explaining this to his parents. He tries putting Koala away, far away. He tries taking Koala on a long, long walk. Nothing works. Adam really wants to be rid of Koala, once and for all.
ISBN 9781742761497
Publisher Koala Books, 2015
Ferrell, Sean & Santoso, Charles (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Scientist, scientist, who do you see?
Full of scientific fun, Scientist, Scientist, Who Do You See? features appearances from real-life scientists including Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, Ada Lovelace, and more! Young readers will delight in poking fun at a familiar text while learning about scientists who changed the world.
ISBN 9781492656180
Publisher Sourcebooks Inc, 2018
Topics / STEM /
Ferrie, Chris
Image currently unavailable
Mr Darcy
Mr Darcy is a rather reserved and gentle duck who lives in the best park. He feels very important and he likes to tip his very tall hat. Mr Darcy's life is a little lonely until he discovers that it's alright to let friends into his life.
ISBN 9781921928406
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2013
Field, Alex & Carnavas, Peter (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Mr Darcy the dancing duck
Mr Darcy is a very popular duck with many friends to greet as he takes his morning walk. By the end of his walk he is very unhappy because everyone is dancing in joy because it is spring and Mr Darcy can't dance. With his friends' help he gains his confidence to join in the spring dances.
ISBN 9781921928178
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2013
Field, Alex & Carnavas, Peter (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
Delightful illustrations bring this old rhyme to life. Three fishermen set out on a magical dream as they climb aboard a wooden shoe.
ISBN 9780439543033
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2004
Field, Eugene W & McPhail, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Figaro and Rumba and the Crocodile Cafe
Figaro and Rumba are best friends. Figaro is a dog who loves to run like the wind. Rumba is a cat who once sang and danced in Cuba. When they catch the Very Fast Train that goes all the way to the beach, they meet a cunning crocodile with conga drums and an elegant satin waistcoat. Surely such a musical creature couldn't be a villain?
ISBN 9781742373119
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2012
Fienberg, Anna and King, Stephen Michael (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Good thing happened today, A
A good thing happened today. Hooray! Did you hear? Embark on an inspirational journey and discover real good news from all over the world.
ISBN 9780063142312
Publisher HarperCollins US, 2022
Figueroa, Michelle
Image currently unavailable
Dandylion is new to class and he brings a splash of colour into everyone's lives. But, sometimes, Dandylion is a little bit unusual, a little bit too crazy, a little bit too messy and a little bit too much trouble.
ISBN 9781862305960
Publisher Red Fox, 2009
Finlay, Lizzie
Image currently unavailable
Rose's red boots
One bright morning, Rose and her cheeky companion, Banjo, head off to fly their kite. The little red boots went marching, marching, marching. The little red boots went marching, merrily on their way.
ISBN 9780957988446
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2017
Finn, Maura & Eramus, Karen (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Fredrik goes bananas
Fredrik Lotsie lives on Snowsmoke Island where the only thing to eat is fish. Fish for breakfast, fish for lunch, fish for dinner. But Fredrik has a terrible secret, he's sick of eating fish. He comes up with a plan to fix his fishy problem but, while he's hard at work, everyone else just thinks he's gone bananas.
ISBN 9781741691139
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2009
Firth, Melissa & Orsini, Cheryl
Image currently unavailable
Red plane to the rescue
Today the planes are putting on a show, vroom vroom, zoom zoom.
ISBN 9781741698534
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2011
Firth, Melissa & Orsini, Cheryl (ill)
Image currently unavailable

Keeping up with the Dachshunds
This funny story is about a dog who just can't keep up is about the difficulties in trying to fit in with the cool crowd.
ISBN 9781922503756
Publisher Larrikin House, 2022
Fitzgerald, Carla & Challenger, Rebel (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Boy, his bear and a bully, A
Scott takes his bear, Buttons, to school every day because Buttons helps him to be brave. When Buttons goes missing, Scott finally finds the courage to stand up to Duncan, with surprising consequences.
ISBN 9781925820898
Publisher EK Books, 2021
Flannigan, Katie & Reece, P J (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Two-by-two band, The
Noah's Ark has been afloat for too long and the animals are looking hungrily at one another. Noah forms a band which sounds dreadful and Mrs Noah believes that he needs a baton to conduct. The dove arrives with an olive branch which Noah uses as a baton with great effect. But, an olive branch also means something else which just might save them.
ISBN 9780192727541
Publisher Oxford University Press, 2009
Flavell, David & Bartlett, Alison (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Wild animals ABC
An enjoyable introduction to alphabet books that provides poetic text and rich, full page, close-up Illustrations with a photographic quality.
ISBN 9781741853537
Publisher Hinkler Books, 2010
Fleming, Garry
Image currently unavailable
There's a dragon in your book
There's a little dragon in your book! She's oh-so cute, BUT watch out for her fiery sneezes!
ISBN 9780141376127
Publisher Penguin, 2018
Fletcher, Tom & Abbott, Greg (ill)
Image currently unavailable
When I'm older
When I grow up I can be a goat, I can be a boat, I can be a penguin in a coat... A gloriously silly celebration of what it means to grow up, from the author of The Short Giraffe.
ISBN 9781760296322
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2018
Flory, Neil & Chaudhary, Somak (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Meet twelve Australian friends who can speak different languages. In their own languages, they tell us how to count, say hello and goodbye, and lots of other words about play, food, hobbies and clothes. Once you've said hello, you can see Emiko playing the Japanese drum, Pilinh performing an Aboriginal dance, how to make gnocchi with Sophia and flat bread with Amal.
ISBN 9780642278876
Publisher National Library of Australia, 2016
Flowers, Tony
Image currently unavailable
Collecting sunshine
Mabel and Robert love to collect things on their walks, leaves and stones and seeds and berries. But when they are caught in the rain and can't take their collection home they have an even better idea.
ISBN 9780143785187
Publisher Penguin Random House Australia, 2018
Flynn, Rachel & Ainslie, Tamsin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Goat, the duck and the bale of hay, The
The goat, the duck, the mermaid, the dog and assorted friends set off in a mystical boat with their bale of hay. Simple but poetic language brings this magical tale to life. Well-suited for a newly independent reader.
ISBN 9780670040438
Publisher Penguin, 2004
Flynn, Rachel & Jellett, Tom (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Gus dog goes to work
Every day Gus Dog goes to work in the back of the ute with his owner, Tom the shearer. But one morning he wakes up to find Tom and the ute gone. So Gus Dog decides to go to work on his own.
ISBN 9781921504884
Publisher Working Title Press, 2017
Flynn, Rachel & Smith, Craig (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bush Santa, The
As the sun sets on Christmas Eve, the Bush Santa's big night begins. He travels around Australia, delivering special presents to all the Australian animals, from the cockies in Cairns and the crocs of the Top End, to the wallabies in Canberra and the quokkas of Rottnest Island.
ISBN 9780734416858
Publisher Hachette Children's Books, 2016
Foot, Mandy
Image currently unavailable
Dad I can't sleep
Little Panda can't sleep so his Dad suggests that he count sheep, then cows, then pigs and tigers, then elephants and polar bears. Little Panda is still having trouble going to sleep so Dad suggests he count all the different kinds of dinosaurs.
ISBN 9780099610717
Publisher Red Fox, 1996
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Foreman, Michael
Image currently unavailable
Littlest dinosaur's big adventure, The
When the littlest dinosaur goes for a walk, he does not expect to find himself in the middle of a big, dark forest. Soon, he is very frightened. But, when he finds someone else who is afraid, the littlest dinosaur knows he has to be brave.
ISBN 9780747589839
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2009
Foreman, Michael
Image currently unavailable
Why the animals came to town
Anteaters, apes and antelopes, baboons and bison, beavers, bats. Animals from all over the world have come to our street. A boy's nocturnal visit from a parade of dancing animals warns us all that the world we share is in danger.
ISBN 9781406329957
Publisher Walker Books, 2011
Foreman, Michael
Image currently unavailable
Miss Llewellyn-Jones
Miss Llewellyn-Jones lives in a windy place and has a lot of trouble keeping her washing on the line. She loses jeans, tops, socks and knickers. But, when she hangs out Teddy, things take a surprising turn.
ISBN 9781921361173
Publisher Fremantle Press, 2008
Forrestal, Elaine & Court, Moira (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Miss Llewellyn-Jones goes to town
Miss Llewellyn-Jones takes Teddy shopping, with disastrous results. Teddy takes off on an adventure of his own and it takes all his ingenuity to find his way home.
ISBN 9781921696046
Publisher Fremantle Press, 2010
Forrestal, Elaine & Court, Moira (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Grumpy Grandpa
A little girl is nervous about visiting her Grandpa who looks grumpy and scary, but she soon discovers that people, and grandpas, are never quite like they seem.
ISBN 9781742831756
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2013
Forsyth, Kate & White, Annie (ill.)
Image currently unavailable
No one likes a fart
Fart is excited! He's desperate to make friends and have fun. But no one likes a fart. Not even a fart with a heart. Too smelly. Too embarrassing. Too gross. A sweet, funny story about accepting yourself and finding a friend who loves you just the way you are. Mostly, though, it's about a fart. And fart jokes. Loooots of fart jokes.
ISBN 9780143786603
Publisher Penguin Random House Australia, 2017
Foster Blake, Zoe & Nickel, Adam (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Journey under the sea, A
An ode to the mysteries of the ocean, the animals who share our planet, and the healing power of nature from the co-founders of Sea Change Project, and makers of the Oscar-winning Netflix documentary My Octopus Teacher. Follow along with the meditation exploring the treasures to be found in the Great African Seaforest.
ISBN 9780358677864
Publisher HarperCollins Children's Books, 2022
Foster, Craig & Frylinck, Ross
Image currently unavailable
10 little hermit crabs
A playful, counting book about ten little hermit crabs that have a knack for getting into trouble.
ISBN 9781742379524
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2009
Fox, Lee & McGowan, Shane (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Ella Kazoo will not brush her hair
Ella Kazoo simply refuses to brush her hair and it soon develops a mind of its own. Her hair grows so big and so wild that it has a bird's nest on top. Ella has to prove she has what it takes to change a bad hair day into a good situation.
ISBN 9780734408563
Publisher Thomas C Lothian Pty Ltd, 2006
Fox, Lee & Wilcox, Cathy (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Ella Kazoo will not go to sleep
As the Kazoo household settles down for the night, Ella is wide awake and ready for adventure. She begs for a drink, another bedtime story and chats to her teddy. But, when Ella finally captures the pirate ship, Dread, she discovers something rather surprising about the fearsome Captain Shut-eye and his pirates.
ISBN 9780734411419
Publisher Hachette Children's Books, 2011
Fox, Lee & Wilcox, Cathy (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Sleepy bears
Winter is here, and in winter bears sleep. But how do you convince six not-so-sleepy bear cubs to go to bed? Mother Bear finds a way with a cosy rhyme for each bear that sends them on dreams filled with adventure.
ISBN 9780732909802
Publisher MacMillan, 1999
Fox, Mem & Argent, Kerry (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Wombat divine
All the animals are excitedly preparing for a Christmas nativity performance. Wombat is desperate to have a part in the play but is unsuitable for every role he tries, except one.
ISBN 9781862918412
Publisher Omnibus Books, 2009
Fox, Mem & Argent, Kerry (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Tiny Star, The
When a tiny star falls to earth, it goes on a tremendous journey of life.
ISBN 9780670078127
Publisher Penguin, 2019
Fox, Mem & Blackwood, Freya
Image currently unavailable
Our dragon
Our dragon is a special dragon with a loving mum and dad. He is a sweetie. Except, well, when he is not. He never means to cause trouble, but he is a baby dragon, after all. A tender and funny book about unconditional love.
ISBN 9781761049828
Publisher Penguin, 2023
Fox, Mem & Davick, Linda (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Night noises
Lily Laceby is nearly ninety. She lives in a quiet spot in the country with her dog, Butch Aggie. As Lily dozes peacefully by the cosy fire, Butch Aggie stirs, alarmed by strange noises. Children will enjoy the suspense as Lily reaches the door.
ISBN 9781862910799
Publisher Omnibus Books, 1991
Fox, Mem & Denton, Terry (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Particular cow, A
The particular cow in this story is everything the word conveys. She is individual, special, specific and noteworthy but she is not very good at taking care which leads to riotous catastrophes.
ISBN 9780152002503
Publisher Harcourt Children's Books, 2006
Fox, Mem & Denton, Terry (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Time for bed
The day is done, darkness is falling and little ones are getting sleepy. With rhythmic verse and gentle illustrations, this book is ideal for reading before bedtime.
ISBN 9781862911949
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 1993
Fox, Mem & Dyer, Jane (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Harriet, you'll drive me wild
Harriet's mother tries very hard not to yell at Harriet but, oh dear, she does do so many naughty things.
ISBN 9780733613128
Publisher Harcourt Children's Books, 2005
Fox, Mem & Frazee, Marla (ill)
Image currently unavailable
I'm Australian too
From countries near and far, many have made their home in Australia, sharing it with the original inhabitants, and living in peace beneath the southern stars.
ISBN 9781760276218
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2017
Fox, Mem & Ghosh, Ronojoy (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Little dragon, The
A tiny sneeze, a puff of smoke, a washing line and a major disaster.
ISBN 9780670028740
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2011
Fox, Mem & Harvey, Roland (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Good night, sleep tight
Bonnie and Ben have a favourite babysitter whose much loved nursery rhymes ensure a wonderful, whimsical world before bedtime.
ISBN 9781742832579
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2012
Fox, Mem & Horacek, Judy (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Where is the green sheep
There are all sorts of sheep doing activities. There is the blue sheep, the red sheep, the bath sheep and the bed sheep, but, the green sheep is missing.
ISBN 9780670041497
Publisher Viking Children's, 2004
Fox, Mem & Horacek, Judy (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Hello baby
There are clever monkey babies, dusty lion babies, sleepy leopard babies and hairy warthog babies. But, there is one baby who is the most treasured one of all.
ISBN 9780670074006
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2009
Fox, Mem & Jenkins, Steve (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Hunwick's egg
Hunwick, an old bilby, finds an object which he thinks is an egg and he cares for it. Eventually, he realises that it is a stone and will never hatch but he continues to love it and care for it as his friend forever.
ISBN 9780670042302
Publisher Penguin, 2005
Fox, Mem & Lofts, Pamela (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Koala Lou
Now that she has brothers and sisters, Koala Lou is worried that her mother won't have enough time to say, ""Koala Lou, I do love you"".
ISBN 9780734304537
Publisher Penguin, 2002
Fox, Mem & Lofts, Pamela (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Boo to a goose
A list of all the things a child might do before saying 'boo' to a goose. An enjoyable book that combines rhyming text and colourful pictures based on paper cutting techniques.
ISBN 9780733610172
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (Australia), 1998
Fox, Mem & Miller, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Hattie and the fox
Hattie, the hen, spies a nose and then some eyes in the bushes. None of the other animals are interested until Hattie realises what it is and calls out.
ISBN 9780868963174
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2006
Fox, Mem & Mullins, Patricia (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Shoes from Grandpa
When Grandpa decides to buy Jessie a new pair of shoes for winter, the rest of the family joins in to buy various items of clothing. Jessie doesn't want to be ungrateful but she really wants something else.
ISBN 9780868963723
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2008
Fox, Mem & Mullins, Patricia (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Giraffe in the bath, A
A giraffe in the bath, a frog in the flour, a crocodile with style. This very funny picture book suggests increasingly silly and hilarious possibilities. Lots of fun for every reader, with wonderful, giggle-inducing illustrations.
ISBN 9780670072132
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2010
Fox, Mem & Rawson, Olivia & Argent, Kerry (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Tell me about your day today
Time to curl up, snuggle in and discover the who, the what, the why, and the way four friends had a wonderful day.
ISBN 9781742835785
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2012
Fox, Mem & Stringer, Lauren (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Cat dog
There was a cat, right? And a dog, right? What about a mouse? And what were they all doing? An interesting tale of three animals doing some crazy stuff!
ISBN 9781761045868
Publisher Penguin, 2021
Fox, Mem & Teague, Mark (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Let's count goats
Come on a counting, rhyming adventure with chomping goats that increase in number throughout the book.
ISBN 9780670075058
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2010
Fox, Mem & Thomas, Jan (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Magic hat, The
People take on the characteristics of animals, with the help of the magic hat. The story is told in the pictures as well as in the text.
ISBN 9781865044620
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2002
Fox, Mem & Tusa, Tricia (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Possum magic
Grandma Poss uses bush magic to make Hush invisible but, when Hush wants to see herself again, Grandma can't remember which particular Australian food is needed to reverse the spell.
ISBN 9781862910959
Publisher Omnibus Books, 1991
Fox, Mem & Vivas, Julie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge
Wilfrid, who has four names, spends much of his time in the retirement home next door. His special friend, Miss Nancy, who also has four names, has lost her memory. Wilfred tries to help her by finding Miss Nancy's memories for her.
ISBN 9781862913479
Publisher Omnibus Books, 1997
Fox, Mem & Vivas, Julie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Horatio Squeak
In a very fine house, on a very grand street lived the tiniest mouse you could possibly meet. His little green coat was threadbare and patched. If you looked very close, his socks were mismatched. So, you might not believe that a mouseling so weak could possibly perform an incredible feat. But this is the tale of Horatio Squeak.
ISBN 9781760650476
Publisher Walker Books, 2019
Foxlee, Karen & Barrow, Evie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Firefly forest
Discover the magic! There's more to this forest than some choose to see, this magical place can set your heart free. Follow the glow of the fireflies to an enchanted space inhabited by unseen creatures. Who do you think lives there? Fairies or gnomes or pixies?
ISBN 9781250122636
Publisher Pan MacMillan, 2018
Frampton, Robyn & Heath, Mike (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Lucia and Lawrence
Lucia is creative. Lawrence loves numbers. Can they find the middle ground and stay friends?
ISBN 9781925594157
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2018
Francis, Joanna
Image currently unavailable
Carl and the meaning of life
Carl is an earthworm. He spends his days happily tunneling in the soil until a field mouse asks him a simple question that stops him short: "Why?" Carl's quest takes him on an adventure to meet all the animals of the forest, each of whom seems to know exactly what they were put on this earth to do, unlike the curious Carl. But it's not until the world around him has changed that Carl begins to realise everyone, no matter how small, makes a big difference just by being themselves.
ISBN 9780451474988
Publisher Penguin USA, 2019
Freedman, Deborah
Image currently unavailable
Greatest showpenguin, The
Poppy is a penguin who has always performed. But now Poppy wants to change her life to no more juggling, unicycling or breathing fire. She wants to make others happy, but also be happy herself. so she is going to run the show. Can she become The Greatest Showpenguin?
ISBN 9781843654681
Publisher Pavilion, 2021
Freegard, Lucy
Image currently unavailable
Just like daddy
Daddy deals with the scariest of monsters, keeps his eyes open on the rollercoaster, and puts on all the voices when he reads a bedtime story. Daddy is strong and silly, kind and practical. But he also knows how to have fun, and even if he messes up, it is never a big deal. Who wouldn't want to be just like daddy?
ISBN 9781843653370
Publisher Pavilion, 2017
Freegard, Lucy
Image currently unavailable

Heartbeat of the land, The
As Cathy runs barefoot across the great ancient land, she listens to the heartbeat of the land - Ba Boom, Ba Boom, Ba Boom. But one day, Cathy hears a cry. The land is sick, it needs help. See how one small step can plant the seeds of change we need and then listen, and you too will hear the heartbeat of the land.
ISBN 9781922503848
Publisher Larrikin House, 2022
Freeman, Cathy & Vass, Carol & Harricks, Tannya (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Ten little monkeys jumping on the bed
Read along and count as, one by one, each little monkey falls off the bed.
ISBN 9780859538886
Series Classic books with holes series (21 books)
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2001
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Freeman, Tina (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Pigs don't fly
Lift the flap to find out all the things farm animals love to do.
ISBN 9780864613981
Publisher Koala Books, 2003
French, Jackie
Image currently unavailable
Too many pears
Pamela, the cow, loves pears. She loves them so much that she will stop at nothing to get to them. Unfortunately, Pamela's pear obsession means there are no pears left for the people. They must stop her eating all the pears.
ISBN 9780864614605
Publisher Koala Books, 2003
French, Jackie
Image currently unavailable
Millie loves ants
'My friend Millie just loves ants.' Emily is intrigued to know why Millie the echidna loves ants so much. And so Emily carefully observes Millie until she discovers her secret. Millie is collecting food for her baby puggle!
ISBN 9781460751787
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2017
French, Jackie & deGennaro, Sue (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Tomorrow book, The
When the little prince's parents leave him in charge of the kingdom, he and his friends use the ideas found in the palace library books to transform the world into a better place.
ISBN 9780732289393
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2010
French, Jackie & Degennaro, Sue (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Good dog Hank
Hank is always a good dog, in his own special way.
ISBN 9780732293642
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2014
French, Jackie & Rycroft, Nina
Image currently unavailable
Dinosaurs love cheese
A few small toy animals can transform any situation into an imaginative larger-than-life world. So it is with this young child when a simple trip to the supermarket involves giraffes, zebras, lions and even a dinosaur.
ISBN 9780732292645
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2013
French, Jackie & Rycroft, Nina (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Koala bare
For too long koalas have been called bears. But this koala is out to prove to the world that he is BARE! And that never, ever, ever can a koala be called a bear.
ISBN 9781460751619
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2017
French, Jackie & Shanks, Matt (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Top koala
I am top of every tree. Top is always best to be. This koala is determined to be at the top of EVERYTHING. From a mast atop a boat on Sydney Harbour to the Parliament House flagpole in Canberra, this koala travels around Australia and tops it all.
ISBN 9781460754818
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2019
French, Jackie & Shanks, Matt (ill)
Image currently unavailable

Turtle and the flood, The
Myrtle the turtle knows everything about the waterhole where she lives. She can also sense the giant flood that is coming, long before other animals or humans. So, when she begins her long slow climb up the mountain, what will the others do?
ISBN 9781460715550
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2023
French, Jackie & Snell, Danny (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Baby wombat's week
Baby wombats sleep. They eat. They get bored. On Wednesday, baby wombat's mother, Mothball, decides they need a bigger hole and the search begins.
ISBN 9780732286958
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2009
French, Jackie & Whatley, Bruce (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Christmas always comes
'Joy comes in the morning' It's Christmas Eve in 1932, and Joey, Ellie and their parents are droving cattle in the drought. How will Santa find them on the long and dusty road? And will there be pudding and presents and a tree in the morning? But Joey knows that Christmas always comes.
ISBN 9781460757895
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2021
French, Jackie & Whatley, Bruce (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Christmas wombat
Christmas comes but once a year, and it's just as well for Santa's reindeer, who have to fight with Mothball for the carrots left out for them by the local children. And, when Mothball takes an unexpected sleigh ride, it's not just Santa who faces the prospect of getting stuck in the chimney. Christmas from a wombat's eye view is always going to be interesting.
ISBN 9780732291716
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2011
French, Jackie & Whatley, Bruce (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Diary of a baby wombat
Baby wombats sleep. They eat. They get bored. On Wednesday, baby wombat's mother, Mothball, decides they need a bigger hole and the search begins.
ISBN 9780007351756
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2010
French, Jackie & Whatley, Bruce (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Dippy's big day out
Dippy is a diprotodon, the BIGGEST, friendliest wombat who lived 100,000 years ago. All Dippy wants is happy friends, a place to sleep and lots to eat. Who knew that could be such an adventure?
ISBN 9781460754061
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2019
French, Jackie & Whatley, Bruce (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Emily's bush Christmas
It's Christmas Day in Shaggy Gully. The kangaroos are feeling bouncy, the echidnas are being prickly and the possums are just hanging around. Only the Bunyip is gloomy. Dawn and her chorus are playing Christmas carols but Emily Emu can't get a note right. Her musical mishaps float down to the creek, where the grumpy Bunyip lives.
ISBN 9780732286934
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2015
French, Jackie & Whatley, Bruce (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Grandma Wombat
She eats. She sleeps. She scratches. And, like all grandmas, she thinks her grandson is the best-behaved baby ever. But, this baby has other ideas.
ISBN 9780732299590
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2016
French, Jackie & Whatley, Bruce (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Josephine wants to dance
Josephine loves to dance with her toes pointed, soaring into the air. She dreams of being part of a real ballet company and dancing in front of her friends.
ISBN 9780207200755
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2007
French, Jackie & Whatley, Bruce (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Wombat wins
Mothball has become an athlete, albeit a little accidentally. In her never-ending quest for carrots, Mothball stumbles upon children at the local school sports day and ends up competing.
ISBN 9780732299576
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2015
French, Jackie & Whatley, Bruce (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Guess the baby
The students in Mr Judd's class have to guess who belongs to each baby photo. Even the teacher's photo is included.
ISBN 9780733306143
Publisher ABC Books, 2003
French, Simon & Rawlins, Donna (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Most wonderful thing in the world, The
When a king and a queen promise to marry their daughter, Lucia, to the man who can show them the most wonderful thing in the world, suitors descend on the palace, bearing ever more amazing and exotic gifts. But, nothing feels quite right, and the king and queen are exhausted. When a shy, young man, who isn't a suitor, steps forward, the king and queen finally understand what the most wonderful thing in the world really is.
ISBN 9781406339680
Publisher Walker Books, 2015
French, Vivian & Barrett, Angela (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Buck and his truck
Buck and his truck and Harry and his lorry are rival removalists. One day, they turn up for the same job and trouble starts.
ISBN 9781844289387
Publisher Walker Books, 2005
French, Vivian & Lacome, Julie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Hello, horse
I have a friend called Catherine, and she has a horse called Shannon. Shannon's beautiful, with a coat like soft velvet - and very kind. I think she might just become my friend too!
ISBN 9781406349948
Publisher Walker Books, 2018
French, Vivian & Rayner, Catherine (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Food for thought
Shapes, colours, numbers, letters and opposites are all illustrated quaintly with fruit and vegetables.
ISBN 9780439110181
Publisher Arthur A Levine Books, 2005
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Freymann, Saxton
Image currently unavailable
One lonely sea horse
In search of some friends, a lone seahorse encounters a range of sea creatures. In the course of the journey, the seahorse learns to count to ten. Intriguing collage illustrations made of vegetables feature in this counting book.
ISBN 9780439110143
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2000
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Freymann, Saxton
Image currently unavailable
What's the matter, Aunty May
Good intentions go awry for a little boy, as a polish here and a scrub-a-dub there ends up in a parakeet going through a vacuum cleaner, a couple of floods, ice cream cake where there shouldn't be ice cream cake, and the promise of a return visit.
ISBN 9781921714535
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2012
Friend, Peter & Joyner, Andrew (ill)
Image currently unavailable
365 penguins
A family receives an anonymous package containing one penguin. Every day, another one is delivered until there are 365 penguins in the house. Feeding, cleaning and housing the penguins become a monumental task. They're noisy, smelly and always hog the bathroom. The family wonders just who on earth is sending these squawking birds.
ISBN 9780810944602
Publisher Abrams Books, 2006
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Fromental, Jean-Luc & Jolivet, Joelle (ill)
Image currently unavailable
A family suffers a series of mishaps as they race frantically through the streets of Paris to get to the airport in time for their holiday trip. It all starts when near-sighted Aunt Roberta's bar of soap is jettisoned out of her apartment, setting off a chain of events that thwarts the unsuspecting family's every move to make the flight on time.
ISBN 9780810987494
Publisher Abrams Books, 2010
Fromental, Jean-Luc & Jolivet, Joelle (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Astonishing animal ABC
Meet all sorts of animals through the alphabet. There's arty aardvark, outraged owl, snoozy sloth and many, many more.
ISBN 9781862338111
Publisher Gullane Children's Books Ltd, 2011
Fuge, Charles
Image currently unavailable
Little wombat's Easter surprise
It's Easter time. Little Wombat is searching for eggs when somebody rushes past. It's not Rabbit, or Koala, so who can it be? A delightful tale about how a special Easter someone shows Little Wombat how important it is to share with your friends.
ISBN 9781760654269
Publisher Walker Books, 2022
Fuge, Charles
Image currently unavailable
Yip snap yap
A delightful picture book about a very boisterous dog. The excited puppy sounds surrounding each large painting demand to be read aloud, and loudly.
ISBN 9780864613103
Publisher Koala Books, 2001
Fuge, Charles
Image currently unavailable
This is the way
Join a little boy on an imaginative journey with some friendly animals.
ISBN 9781862336629
Publisher Gullane Children's Books Ltd, 2008
Fuge, Charles
Image currently unavailable
Princess Pigsty
Princess Isabella is so defiant her father, the King, tries to punish her by taking away her princess privileges. But, Princess Isabella discovers she likes doing chores. In the end, her father's love helps Isabella find the right life for her.
ISBN 9781905294329
Publisher Chicken House, 2007
Funke, Cornelia & Meyer, Kerstin(ill), Wright, Chantal (trans)
Image currently unavailable
Ugly duckling, The
A retelling of this much-loved fairy tale, with surprises under each lift-up flap.
ISBN 9781846430220
Series Flip-up fairy tales series (28 books)
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2006
Furukawa, Masumi (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Talkative tortoise, The
Talkative Tortoise loves talking about his smooth and shiny shell and showing off to his best friend, the geese. But when the time comes for the to migrate, he is worried about being left behind.
ISBN 9781846434181
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2012
Fusek Peters, Andrew & Cooke, Charlotte (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Rabbit cooks up a cunning plan
In this North American folk tale, all the animals in the forest are tired of Lion throwing his weight around. They must work out how to escape being caught and eaten by him.
ISBN 9781846430978
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2007
Fusek Peters, Andrew & Robert, Bruno (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Ant and the big bad bully goat, The
When Bully Goat takes over Badger's house, Badger needs help to move him out. He asks his biggest and bravest friends for help but they all make excuses. Finally, help arrives from an unexpected quarter and Badger realises that size isn't everything.
ISBN 9781846430794
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2007
Fusek Peters, Andrew & Wadham, Anna (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Dingo dog and the billabong storm
The animals of the bush are fed up with Dingo's bullying so they set out to teach him a lesson. A traditional Australian tale with a twist.
ISBN 9781846432477
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2009
Fusek Peters, Andrew (retell) & Wadham, Anna
Image currently unavailable
Sad, the dog
Mr and Mrs Cripps feed their dog, wash him and even clean inside his ears. But, they don't give him a name, and they boom and bellow at him all the time. So, the dog gives himself a name.
ISBN 9781921529641
Publisher Walker Books, 2015
Fussell, Sandy & Suwannakit, Tull (ill)
Image currently unavailable