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Millions of cats
A man goes out for one kitten but comes back with millions of cats.
ISBN 9780698113633
Publisher Penguin Putnam, 1996
Gag, Wanda
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Scaredy cat
A little girl shows how far she will go to protect her beloved pet.
ISBN 9781925594171
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2018
Gallagher, Heather & Tortop, Anil (ill)
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Summertime. Long, lazy days. Fishing. Stargazing. And waiting for cherries.
ISBN 9781760128593
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2018
Gallasch, Carrie & Acton, Sara (ill)
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Stitches and stuffing
Adeline's beloved Bunnybear goes with her everywhere, but one night he is damaged by the dog. Nanna sews Bunnybear back together, but this new Bunnybear is stiff and strange and Adeline puts him on a shelf and leaves him there. Then Nanna goes away, and Adeline realises it is not just stitches and stuffing that holds Bunnybear together, it is love.
ISBN 9781760127787
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2017
Gallasch, Carrie & Acton, Sara (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Clumsy crab
Nipper, the crab, hates his clumsy claws until he uses them to rescue his friend from being tangled in seaweed.
ISBN 9780864615152
Publisher Koala Books, 2005
Galloway, Ruth
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When Poppy and Max grow up
Poppy and her dog, Max, act out possible career and pastime choices in a way that inspires the imagination and choices of young students.
ISBN 9781841216997
Publisher Little Orchard, 2001
Gardiner, Lindsey
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Complete guide to a dog's best friend, The
This is a story for dog lovers and those who have ever wondered what their dog is really thinking.
ISBN 9780734415417
Publisher Lothian Books, 2015
Gardner, Felicity & West, David
Image currently unavailable
Doing the garden
Follow a family as they go to the garden centre, choose their flowers and seeds and even a tree. They come home, work together in the garden and are finished in time for tea.
ISBN 9781845077211
Publisher Frances Lincoln, 2008
Garland, Sarah
Image currently unavailable
Grump, The
The Grump is very scary. He leaves a mess wherever he goes, he gobbles everything in sight and he has a deep, rumbling growl.
ISBN 9781842707227
Publisher Andersen Press Ltd, 2009
Garson, Sarah
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One, two, cockatoo
A delightful counting and hide-and-seek book rolled into one. Children will love learning to count from one to ten as they search for the cockatoos hidden in the pages.
ISBN 9781741664454
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2009
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Garson, Sarah
Image currently unavailable
Zou is a tiny zebra foal who rises early and is not deterred when his parents insist they are still asleep. He goes into the kitchen and prepares them some breakfast, including large bowls of coffee. And, then, disaster strikes and we find out just how resourceful Zou can be.
ISBN 9781877467202
Publisher Gecko Press, 2009
Gay, Michel
Image currently unavailable
Zou and the box of kisses
Zou is going on his first trip without his parents and he is worried about missing out on his kisses. Mum and Dad find a way for him to take his kisses with him.
ISBN 9781877467745
Publisher Gecko Press, 2011
Gay, Michel
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I got a chicken for my birthday
What a birthday girl wants more than anything from her Abuela are tickets to the amusement park. Instead she gets a chicken. But this chicken is no ordinary chicken; it has plans! With a lot of hard work, and help from lots of other animals, this chicken may just end up building the girl the best birthday gift ever!
ISBN 9781512431308
Publisher Carolrhoda Books, 2018
Gehl, Laura & Horne, Sarah (ill)
Image currently unavailable
I'm called an asylum seeker but that's not my name. A little girl and her mother have fled their homeland, making the long and treacherous journey by boat to seek asylum and a new beginning.
ISBN 9781743629000
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2016
George, Angela May & Swan, Owen (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Me too
Two little friends discuss the someones they want to find when they grow up. Perhaps they've met them already.
ISBN 9781925381900
Publisher Walker Books, 2018
Geraerts, Erika & Laubscher, Charl & Murray, Andrew (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Rotten and Rascal: the two terrible pterosaur twins
Rotten and Rascal are quarrelling twin baby pterosaurs who scream and snarl at each other all day long. One day, when a really terrible argument begins, the other dinosaurs try to resolve their noisy dispute. But, the two terrible pterosaur twins prove impossible to shut up. Something must be able to silence the horrible hullabaloo.
ISBN 9781862308688
Publisher Red Fox, 2007
Geraghty, Paul
Image currently unavailable
Rodney loses it
Rodney was a rabbit who loved nothing more than drawing. He never found it tiresome, tedious or boring. But then one day, disaster struck! Where was his PEN?!
ISBN 9781742991900
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2017
Gerard Bauer, Michael & Krebs, Chrissie
Image currently unavailable
Saying goodbye to friends is never easy but there is joy in the giving and receiving of presents that are truly loved. Richly illustrated with simple paintings that reflect the giving of gifts.
ISBN 9780143500490
Publisher Penguin, 2003
Germein, Katrina & Bancroft, Bronwyn (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Great goal! Marvellous mark!
Get ready for a great game of footy. There's plenty of action and masses of mud. Who will kick the first goal? Who will take the best mark? And will the yellow team win?
ISBN 9781925272673
Publisher Ford Street Publishing, 2017
Germein, Katrina & Dawson, Janine (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Somebody's house
Follow a little girl as she walks along a street, looking at different houses and wondering who lives there. The little girl passes each, until she gets to the last house at the end of the street.
ISBN 9781921720338
Publisher Walker Books Australia Pty Ltd, 2013
Germein, Katrina & Stead, Anthea (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Thunderstorm dancing
Twirl and hum, bang and drum. A wild thunderstorm is on its way.
ISBN 9781743314593
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2015
Germein, Katrina & Watson, Judy (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Boy in the big blue glasses, The
Sam doesn't like his new glasses. They make his ears hurt. His parents say he looks handsome in them. But Sam just wants to look like himself. His teacher doesn't recognize him; she says he must be a new superhero. But Sam doesn't want to be a superhero. He just wants to be himself. At least his best friend George recognizes him and thinks he looks okay. Sam does everything he can to lose his glasses but they keep being found. And then things get even worse, and Sam has to cope with googly-eyed turtles and giant penguins! Eventually, with a bit of confidence and a lot of humour, Sam finds out that wearing glasses isn't so bad - and people still like him just the way he is after all.
ISBN 9781925335996
Publisher EK Books, 2019
Gervay, Susanne & Crosby-Fairall, Marjorie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Charlie's a very clever lion. He loves art, fancy restaurants and travelling. Or at least, he thinks he would. It's hard to tell, since he's stuck in a zoo. If Charlie is ever going to explore the world, he'll need a cunning disguise.
ISBN 9780143785026
Publisher Penguin Random House Australia, 2018
Ghosh, Ronojoy
Image currently unavailable
No place like home
Being homesick is making George a terrible grump. Not knowing where home is makes it even worse. So, George sets off on a search. He isn't sure what home looks like but he'll know it when he finds it.
ISBN 9780857988461
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2016
Ghosh, Ronojoy
Image currently unavailable
Ollie and the wind
Ollie lives on a small island. There aren't many people around but he does have lots of space to play. One day, when the wind steals his hat, Ollie tries to catch the wind in a net so he can ask what it's done with his hat. Then the wind takes Ollie's scarf. He tries to catch the wind in a can this time, but that also fails. Ollie thinks the wind is very naughty. It's only when the wind whisks his balloon away that Ollie realises it just wants to play. But, now, he has to find out what kinds of things it likes to play with.
ISBN 9780857988485
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2015
Ghosh, Ronojoy
Image currently unavailable
Bouncing bouncing little joeys
It's Christmas time in the Australian bush and all the animals are out to celebrate. They are super busy getting ready for Santa to come by baking, making sweets and putting up the tree.
ISBN 9780734417565
Publisher Lothian Books, 2017
Gibbes, Lesley & Chang, Doris (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Scary night
Once upon a scary night, three friends set out on a journey. Hare, Cat and Pig wander through the darkness.
ISBN 9781921504631
Publisher Working Title Press, 2014
Gibbes, Lesley & King, Stephen Michael (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Sisters Saint-Claire and the royal mouse ball, The
Queen Julie S. Cheeser has invited the entire village to her glamorous Royal Ball, but with nothing to wear, what are the villagers to do? Luckily, the Sisters Saint-Claire have a thrifty idea, or two!
ISBN 9781760523640
Series Sisters Saint-Claire series (2 of 99)
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2018
Gibson, Carlie & Ainslie, Tamsin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Sisters Saint-Claire, The
This is the tale of the five sisters Saint-Claire. There's Harriet, Violet, Beatrice, Minette and, we must not forget, little Cecile. Five gourmand mouse sisters go to market. The youngest sister, Cecile, sets up her very own delicious pie stall, with food fit for a queen.
ISBN 9781760291563
Series Sisters Saint-Claire series (1 of 99)
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2016
Gibson, Carlie & Ainslie, Tamsin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
I can draw animals
A book to introduce drawing to young children, with simple step by step instructions.
ISBN 9780746029435
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd, 1997
Gibson, Ray
Image currently unavailable
I can draw people
Simple step by step guide for young children in how to draw people.
ISBN 9780746037041
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2000
Gibson, Ray
Image currently unavailable
Arthur and the curiosity
Arthur and his friends are on a class visit to the local museum. While his friends dash about, Arthur takes time to inspect all the interesting things around him. One of those interesting things is a glass case housing a strange looking creature known as The Curiosity. As Arthur walks around the Museum, he is being followed.
ISBN 9781760068387
Publisher The Five Mile Press Pty Ltd, 2016
Gifford, Lucinda
Image currently unavailable
Imagine if you found a strange egg in a mysterious forest, and then you brought it home, and when it hatched, out popped a baby DINOSAUR! Maybe you'd adopt it as your pet? You could play and do chores together and have lots of fun. But what would you do when it grows, and grows, and GROWS?
ISBN 9781743810712
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2018
Gifford, Lucinda
Image currently unavailable
Duck duck moose
Duck duck...moose? A hilarious and heart-warming story about finding friends in unexpected places.
ISBN 9781760634704
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2019
Gifford, Lucinda
Image currently unavailable
Jillian Jiggs
Jillian Jiggs is a little girl who hates to clean her room. She always promises her mum that she will clean it, but then forgets when her friends come over.
ISBN 9780590748759
Publisher Scholastic US, 1985
Gilman, Phoebe
Image currently unavailable
Jillian Jiggs to the rescue
Jillian's sister, Rebecca, has a scary dream about a monster and Jillian decides to do something about it.
ISBN 9780590746168
Publisher Scholastic US, 1994
Gilman, Phoebe
Image currently unavailable
Gift, The
A textless picture book which allows the reader to discover the story. Orange cat has a comfortable life and shares his dinner with a black and white cat down the road. When attempts to do the same the next day she can no longer be found, having been dumped with her three kittens as her owner leaves town. Despite meeting danger as he tries to find her, he perseveres with ultimate success.
ISBN 9781922081070
Publisher Windy Hollow Books, 2012
Gilmartin, Deb
Image currently unavailable
Travel bug, The
In a land of long grasses, where small insects crawl, lived a strange little bug, with no name at all. He packed his blue suitcase, bought a round-the-world ticket, and flew off to find answers on the back of a cricket.
ISBN 9780143780137
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2017
Gilmour, Benjamin & Hancock, James Gulliver (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Noises at night
A boy is attempting to fall asleep but he is distracted by the nightly household and neighbourhood sounds. Each sound leads to a colourful vision, created by his fertile imagination.
ISBN 9781862916838
Publisher Omnibus Books, 2006
Glass, Beth Raisner & Lubner, Susan & Whatley, Bruce (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Amy and Louis
Amy and Louis are best friends who call Cooee across the play area to each other. When Amy's family moves across the world, Louis wonders whether she will still hear his call.
ISBN 9781865049359
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2006
Gleeson, Libby & Blackwood, Freya (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Banjo and Ruby Red
Banjo is a hard-working farm dog and Ruby Red is a haughty chicken, and they never see eye to eye. Can they ever be friends.
ISBN 9781921541087
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2013
Gleeson, Libby & Blackwood, Freya (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Clancy & Millie and the very fine house
When there is a very big house, two small children and a huge stack of cardboard boxes that become a game, friendship can help turn a house into a home.
ISBN 9781921541193
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2009
Gleeson, Libby & Blackwood, Freya (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Go to sleep, Jessie
Ever since baby Jessie moved into her big sister's room, she wakes and she screams and screams. Nothing will make her sleep. Not a teddy. Not a changed nappy. Not even a bedtime story.
ISBN 9781742977805
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2014
Gleeson, Libby & Blackwood, Freya (Ill)
Image currently unavailable
Look, a book
In a dreary, underprivileged, contemporary world, two ragamuffins stumble across a book in the dust and their world begins to change. The familiar becomes fantastical, the mundane becomes magical and a fractured community finds a focus.
ISBN 9781921541803
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2011
Gleeson, Libby & Blackwood, Freya (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Queen of the universe
Everyone in the family is helping Gina with lines, costume and props for her role as Queen of the Universe in the school play. Gina is set to be a star but then she gets chickenpox, the problem will be finding someone to take the starring role.
ISBN 9781862913141
Publisher Omnibus Books, 1997
Gleeson, Libby & Cox, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Big dog
Jen is scared of the big dog down the street. She and her big brother decide to confront the dog in a lion's costume. But they don't know what the dog will do.
ISBN 9781863888479
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 1997
Gleeson, Libby & Greder, Armin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Sleep time
When a little girl is put to bed early to have a sleep, she responds by trying to get each of the toys in her room to have her sleep for her.
ISBN 9781863880633
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 1993
Gleeson, Libby & Greder, Armin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Uncle David
Ned, the smallest person in his childcare group, declares that his Uncle David is a giant. The problem is all the parents want to meet Ned's uncle.
ISBN 9780868969336
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2000
Gleeson, Libby & Greder, Armin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Shutting the chooks in
A small boy has to feed the chooks and shut them up for the night. On this night, one of the chickens is missing and he must find it before the fox comes.
ISBN 9781863889858
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2003
Gleeson, Libby & James, Ann (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Clare's Goodbye
We all have our own way of saying goodbye. Libby Gleeson tells a poignant story about letting go, with brooding evocative illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Anna Pignataro.
ISBN 9781760127527
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2017
Gleeson, Libby & Pignataro, Anna (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Mum goes to work
It's early morning and everyone is arriving at the noisy child care centre. Mums are off to work, doing a variety of roles in different workplaces. The children are also busy, sharing activities and having lots of fun.
ISBN 9780868966076
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 1992
Gleeson, Libby & Smith, Craig (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Where's mum
Three children imagine that their working mother has brought home their favourite bedtime story characters and are astonished when she actually does.
ISBN 9781862913523
Publisher Omnibus Books, 1997
Gleeson, Libby & Smith, Craig (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Cuddle time
The morning adventure from the children's room into their parents' bed, told with delightful humour.
ISBN 9780744596632
Publisher Walker Books, 2004
Gleeson, Libby & Vivas, Julie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Dorling Kindersley book of nursery rhymes, The
A well-edited collection of over fifty traditional songs and nursery rhymes for young children.
ISBN 9780751366952
Publisher Dorling Kindersley, 2000
Gliori, Debi
Image currently unavailable
Poor fish
There's something wrong with Brendan's fish. A story about football, friends and a fish with nine lives.
ISBN 9780141306650
Series Aussie nibbles (51 books)
Publisher Penguin, 2000
Godwin, Jane
Image currently unavailable
Today we have no plans
A busy week, a slower day brings time to dream and time to play. Come on a journey through a busy week in the life of a family, celebrating those precious days that have no plans.
ISBN 9780670075201
Publisher Puffin Australia, 2012
Godwin, Jane
Image currently unavailable
When elephants lived in the sea
A picture book about the evolution of elephants.
ISBN 9780734408426
Publisher Thomas C Lothian Pty Ltd, 2006
Godwin, Jane & Agostino, Vincent (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Hattie helps out
It's a busy day at Hattie's house. There's a lot to do before Dad's birthday party. Hattie is being very helpful, until it's time for her afternoon nap. Hattie is not even sleepy. But, Mama looks tired, very tired.
ISBN 9781743435434
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2016
Godwin, Jane & Bell, Davina & Blackwood, Freya (ill)
Image currently unavailable
How big is too small
Poor Sam, he always gets left out of his big brother's games. But, one day, when the big boys leave him out again, Sam gets to thinking about how big is too small.
ISBN 9780670070756
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2015
Godwin, Jane & Joyner, Andrew (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Watch this!
Can you make a circle with your arms? Or a triangle with your fingers? If we work together, we can make a rectangle, or even a pyramid. We can make lots and lots of shapes- just watch this!
ISBN 9781925322774
Publisher Scribble Press, 2018
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Godwin, Jane & Orpin, Beci & Walker, Hilary
Image currently unavailable
Red house, blue house, green house, tree house!
Red house, blue house, green house tree house! See the tiny mouse in her little brown house? A fresh and fun rythmic exploration of colour for younger readers.
ISBN 9781925584691
Publisher Affirm Press, 2018
Godwin, Jane & Reiseger, Jane (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Go go and the silver shoes
When Go Go is allowed to buy the most beautiful shoes ever, she decides she will wear them EVERYWHERE! Even to the creek, where she and her brothers go adventuring. But - oh no, something terrible happens . . .
ISBN 9780143785521
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2018
Godwin, Jane & Walker, Anna
Image currently unavailable
All through the year
Month by month, we are taken on a journey through the Australian seasons as well as this girl's loves and family traditions. It's everything that's fun about being a child, all year round.
ISBN 9780670073993
Publisher Viking Children's, 2010
Godwin, Jane & Walker, Anna (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Little cat and the big red bus
Cat has to catch the bus to school with her sister but her sister sits with her friends and Cat is left to sit alone. One day, when her sister is sick, Cat must catch the bus home on her own. She falls asleep and wakes up to find herself alone in the dark.
ISBN 9780670071722
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2008
Godwin, Jane & Walker, Anna (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Starting school
Five children are off to school for the first time. There are new friends to make, fun ways to learn and lots of different things to discover.
ISBN 9780670076765
Publisher Penguin, 2013
Godwin, Jane & Walker, Anna (ill)
Image currently unavailable
What do you wish for
Ruby is looking forward to Christmas and the street party in the local park, as well as many other happy customs. One of these is the neighbourhood children hanging a Christmas wish on the big tree in the park, before they perform their yearly show. Ruby happily ponders on all the things she loves about the festive season - baking, presents, Christmas lunch and the freedom of holidays.
ISBN 9780670078110
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2015
Godwin, Jane & Walker, Anna (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Ivanhoe Swift left home at six
Ivanhoe Swift left home when he was six. He had heard many songs about the world, and it was time to see it for himself.
ISBN 9781760631864
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2019
Godwin, Jane & Yi, A. (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Can we lick the spoon now?
Share in the fun as Dad and the children get busy in the kitchen. They're making a chocolate cake and lots of things go wrong in the process.
ISBN 9781921504167
Publisher Working Title Press, 2010
Goess, Carol & Ainslie, Tamsin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Over the ocean
A young girl gazes out to where the water meets the sky and wonders what lies beyond the waves. She thinks there might be boats filled with toys or skyscrapers filled with people or houses filled with families. Or, maybe, over the ocean stands someone not so different from the girl herself, returning her gaze.
ISBN 9781452145150
Publisher Chronicle Books, 2016
Gomi, Taro
Image currently unavailable
Here comes the rain
Grace has been waiting for the rain for so long that it seems like the drought will never break. Grandpa Frank tells Grace to look for certain signs so she watches the animals to see if rain is on the way. Illustrations are very appealing.
ISBN 9781865040318
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 1999
Good, Claire & Cox, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
You choose
A big catalogue of things to choose like where to live, what to eat, what pets we would like to have. Hundreds of different choices to discuss, imagine and enjoy.
ISBN 9780552547086
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2003
Goodhart, Pippa & Sharrett, Nick (ill)
Image currently unavailable
In Redfern
Three young authors explore all their favourite places in the Sydney suburb of Redfern.
ISBN 9780975064078
Publisher Indij Readers, 2003
Gordon, Angelica & others
Image currently unavailable
The last peach
One fine summer's day two bugs discover the most beautiful peach of the season and are faced with a dilemma...Who should eat it?
ISBN 9780670078912
Publisher Penguin Random House Australia, 2018
Gordon, Gus
Image currently unavailable
Rhino Neil
Rhino Neil is lonely because all the other animals are too afraid to come near him. Their parents warn them to stay away. One day, Tuscany the elephant arrives and they become good friends.
ISBN 9781921042300
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2005
Goss, Mini
Image currently unavailable
Too cold for a tutu
Barry and his sister Stella wake up to a chilly morning. They carefully get dressed and have an amazing time with their imaginations. An irresistible story about creative play and the joy of dressing up.
ISBN 9781743313787
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2012
Goss, Mini
Image currently unavailable
Charlotte and me
At kindergarten, a little boy meets Charlotte, a little girl from Paris, and they become great friends. When Charlotte has to return to Paris, the boy must deal with his loss.
ISBN 9781921136054
Publisher Windy Hollow Books, 2007
Gould, Sally
Image currently unavailable
Brave knight, The
Determined to protect his castle, a little boy stands guard against enemy knights.
ISBN 9781925594119
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2018
Gould, Sally & Hulme, Celeste (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Mozzie with a sharp snozzie, The
Everyone adored the beautiful butterflies that gathered around the pond. Mozzie most of all. One day he gathered up his courage and asked if he could fly around with them. But beautiful butterflies do not hang out with ugly, boring mosquitoes. He comes up with cunning plan to become a beautiful butterfly that just might work.
ISBN 9781925275964
Publisher Big Sky Publishing, 2016
Goundortseva, Irina
Image currently unavailable
Is it a mermaid?
When Benjie and Bel find a strange creature on a tropical beach they know it's a dugong. But the dugong insists she is a beautiful mermaid and to prove it, she shows them her mermaid's tail and sings them a mermaid song. The children aren't convinced but they play with their new friend all the same. When it's time for her to go back to sea, there is one surprise left - could she be a mermaid after all?
ISBN 9781910959121
Publisher Otter-Barry books, 2018
Gourlay, Candy & Chessa, Francesca (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Brand new baby
A new baby brother has arrived and Wendy and Edward are not quite sure what to make of the small bundle. It seems that everything has changed at home.
ISBN 9781406316407
Publisher Walker Books, 2008
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Buffy, an adventure story
Buffy is a wonderful performing dog, rejected by his magician owner. He journeys the world until he realises that he can only be who he is and then he finds a family.
ISBN 9780744577853
Publisher Walker Books, 2001
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Bus called Heaven, A
One morning, a broken old bus appears, from nowhere, right outside Stella's house. Everyone wonders how it got there. When Stella climbs on board, she sees everything that it could become. So the lonely old bus becomes the place to hold meetings, play games and share stories. But one day, a tow truck arrives, threatening to take away not just the bus, but everything the community has worked hard to create.
ISBN 9781406334197
Publisher Walker Books Australia Pty Ltd, 2011
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Crusher is coming
Crusher, the school football hero, is coming over to Peter's place. In anticipation, Peter clears his room of childish toys, gives instructions to his mother and young sister about how to behave, and prepares lots of exciting games. But, Crusher isn't quite what Peter expects.
ISBN 9780734410702
Publisher Lothian Books, 2008
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Grandad's magic
Alison loves Grandad's magic. She is shocked when, one Sunday, Grandad attempts his greatest trick of all and juggles with disaster.
ISBN 9780744589160
Publisher Walker Books, 2002
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Greetings from Sandy Beach
The weekend at Sandy Beach doesn't start well when the whole family leaves home in a flood of tears and discovers a bike gang set up at their campsite. The story is great fun and the bikies turn out to be very helpful.
ISBN 9780850917802
Publisher Thomas C Lothian Pty Ltd, 1996
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Has anyone here seen William
William is never where he should be. His vanishing act reaches its peak on his second birthday.
ISBN 9781406316131
Publisher Walker Books, 2008
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Home in the rain
In heavy rain, Francie and her mum, who is expecting a baby girl, are driving home from Grandma's. When they're still far from home, they pull over for a picnic. As the car steams up, Francie presses her little finger on the window, spelling out Daddy and Mummy. She leave one space free, ready and waiting for the name of her soon-to-be sister.
ISBN 9781406368239
Publisher Walker Books Australia Pty Ltd, 2016
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
How the sun got to Coco's house
The journey of the sun is captured as it travels from the far side of the world, rising up behind a snowy peak and casting its mellow dawn light for the wandering polar bears. The sun leaps whole countries, chasing the night, before bursting at last in a fanfare of warm golden light through little Coco's window.
ISBN 9781406359008
Publisher Walker Books, 2015
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
How to heal a broken wing
When Wills sees a fallen bird on the crowded city footpath, he stops and reaches down to help the creature whose wing has broken.
ISBN 9781406307160
Publisher Walker Books Australia Pty Ltd, 2008
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Jethro Byrde, fairy child
Annabelle's mother doesn't believe in fairies but Anabelle does. One day, she meets an entire tiny fairy family who have crash landed in her urban backyard of cement and weeds. Her play area becomes a very special place.
ISBN 9780744588637
Publisher Walker Books, 2002
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Let's get a pup
Despite their unconventional clothing, tattoos and piercings, this family is very loving. Every member has a valued place. They choose Dave, the puppy, over a larger dog, Rosie. The family will have to leave Rosie at the rescue centre.
ISBN 9780744575743
Publisher Walker Books, 2001
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Despite his cape, mask and his parents' encouragement, Max just can't seem to be a flying super hero like the rest of his family. Even his school friends' taunts don't help him to get off the ground. When a baby bird needs help, Max can be a real hero.
ISBN 9780744589054
Publisher Walker Books, 2001
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Oscar's half birthday
A family and community celebrate Oscar's half birthday. A story of love and celebration.
ISBN 9781844280292
Publisher Walker Books, 2005
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Poesy ring, The: A love story
Love is always there, it just needs to be found...Follow a little treasure on its astonishing journey to find its beloved owner.
ISBN 9781406378276
Publisher Walker Books, 2017
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Queenie the bantam
An adventurous little chicken's entanglement with a thoroughly modern and, at times, quirky family.
ISBN 9780744563283
Publisher Walker Books, 1999
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Red woollen blanket, The
From the moment Julia is born, her most treasured possession is a red woollen blanket. Wherever Julia goes, her blanket goes too. But, as Julia grows bigger, her blanket becomes smaller.
ISBN 9781406316490
Publisher Walker Books, 2008
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Rose meets Mr Wintergarten
Mr Wintergarten's house looks cold and uninviting. One day, Rose finds the courage to open the front gate to search for a ball that has ended up in Mr Wintergarten's yard. This is the beginning of an adventure that becomes a wonderful friendship.
ISBN 9780744531480
Publisher Walker Books, 1994
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Silver buttons
At 9.59 on Thursday morning, Jodie draws a duck. Just as she is about to add one final silver button to the duck's boots, her little brother takes his first step. At this exact same moment, a man buys bread, a soldier leaves home and a baby is being born.
ISBN 9781406342246
Publisher Walker Books, 2013
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Spirit of hope
Dad works six days a week at the factory across the street but, each night when he comes home, the fun begins for the five Fairweather children. When the family is ordered to move out to make way for another factory, they despair of finding another house they can afford. Mary's favourite toy inspires them to make a new home in an unexpected place.
ISBN 9780734410696
Publisher Lothian Books, 2008
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Tales from the waterhole
The waterhole in summer is the perfect place to hang out with your friends and family, playing football, doing springboard stunts, having a party. In five tales, mess about with Morris, his best friend, Billy, and a crowd of colourful animal characters.
ISBN 9780744565935
Publisher Walker Books, 2004
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Trouble with dogs, The
After being rescued, Dave and Rosie have settled into their new home. Now it is time for Dave to be trained by the Brigadier from Pup Breakers. The family want Dave trained but at what price.
ISBN 9781406326017
Publisher Walker Books, 2010
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Vanilla icecream
The little wild sparrow journeys south across the seas, to a bright new world where he meets little Edie and changes her life forever.
ISBN 9781406350098
Publisher Walker Books, 2014
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Zoltan the magnificent
When Jack's family take a seaside vacation, his father is able to relax and join in the fun, even pretending he is an animal trainer called Zoltan the Magnificent. An illustrated story of family life.
ISBN 9780734400291
Publisher Thomas C Lothian Pty Ltd, 1999
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Race day
A refreshing story of kindness, cooperation, persistence and courage. Diesel Dumptruck, Supersonic Sporty and their friends are off and running on a crazy race day. Little Red Bubble Car is one who will try his hardest to win.
ISBN 9781841217178
Publisher Orchard Books, 2001
Grant, Gwen & Layton, Neal (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Cat and fish
Cat and Fish discover each other one night and spark a most unlikely friendship. As they teach each other about the worlds of the land and the sea, they find they share a common sense of adventure. They learn new things from each other.
ISBN 9780734404817
Publisher Thomas C Lothian Pty Ltd, 2003
Grant, Joan & Curtis, Neil (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Cat and Fish go to see
Cat and Fish go on a voyage and get sea sick. They find a lighthouse and compare what each other needs to overcome the seas. They both realise that being themselves is best.
ISBN 9780734407719
Publisher Thomas C Lothian Pty Ltd, 2005
Grant, Joan & Curtis, Neil (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Noodle bear
Noodle Bear is crazy about noodles. His best friend, Fox, brings him other delicious treats when he's a no-show at her party but he's so noodle obsessed that doesn't he notice them. And when he's run out of noodles, his only thought is to go to the big city and become a contestant on the TV game show, "Noodle Knockout". Of course, he becomes a surprise star with more noodles than he can eat. But no amount of noodles and fame can fill the empty space where home and friends should be.
ISBN 9781760651022
Publisher Walker Books, 2019
Gravas, Mark
Image currently unavailable
Cranky ballerina, The
Saturdays make Ada cranky. That's because Saturday is the day Ada has her ballet class. Stretch- she kicks. Twirl- she swats. Jump- she flops. "I hate ballet" Ada says. And it doesn't seem like that is going to change anytime soon.
ISBN 9780062351241
Publisher HarperCollins US, 2016
Gravel, Elise
Image currently unavailable
It's nearly Cedric the dragon's bedtime. There's just time for his mum to read him his favourite book. Unfortunately for her, Cedric likes the story so much that he wants to hear it again and again and again, with incendiary consequences.
ISBN 9780230745360
Publisher MacMillan, 2011
Gravett, Emily
Image currently unavailable
Blue chameleon
He can turn himself into anything and appear to fit in anywhere. But, it seems that neither the swirly snail, the green grasshopper nor the stripy sock want to be friends.
ISBN 9780230704244
Publisher MacMillan, 2010
Gravett, Emily
Image currently unavailable
Big dogs, small dogs, stroppy dogs and soppy dogs. Gorgeous canines of every shape, size and colour are bounding through this irresistible book.
ISBN 9780230704220
Publisher MacMillan, 2009
Gravett, Emily
Image currently unavailable
Matilda's cat
Climbing trees, playing with wool, Matilda is sure her cat will love these things, but he doesn't seem very enthusiastic. She thinks up new ways to amuse her reluctant playmate. Tea parties, dressing up or what about a nice bike ride.
ISBN 9781447218623
Publisher MacMillan, 2013
Gravett, Emily
Image currently unavailable
Rabbit problem, The
One January day, Lonely Rabbit of Fibonacci's Field sends out an invitation for other rabbits to join her. Two cold bunnies, Lonely and Chalk, snuggle up together and, by March, there's a pair of baby rabbits. By May, there are five pairs, by July thirteen pairs and come October, there are fifty-five. In the field, a large notice forbids rabbits to leave so problems of overcrowding, food shortages and boredom begin to occur.
ISBN 9780230704237
Publisher MacMillan, 2009
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Gravett, Emily
Image currently unavailable
Wolf won't bite
Watch in wonder as three cheeky little circus pigs make a wild wolf jump through hoops, endure feats of astounding derring-do and even withstand perilous games of dress-up. Safe in the thought that the wolf won't bite, they even put their heads between his jaws. But, maybe they are pushing the wolf just too far.
ISBN 9780230704251
Publisher MacMillan, 2011
Gravett, Emily
Image currently unavailable
Oi Cat!
According to Frog, cats sit on gnats, dogs sit on logs, raccoons sit on macaroons, armadillos sit on pillows and chicks sit on bricks. But wait! Cat doesn't like sitting on gnats, they keep biting his bottom! Will Frog and Dog help him change the rules?
ISBN 9781444932522
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (Australia), 2017
Gray, Kes & Field, Jim (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Oi Duck-billed Platypus
Oi! Where are duck-billed platypuses meant to sit? And Kookaburras and hippopotamuses and all the other animals with impossible to rhyme with names? Over to you Frog!
ISBN 9781444937329
Publisher Hachette Children's Books, 2018
Gray, Kes & Field, Jim (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Oi Frog
Cats sit on mats, hares sit on chairs, mules sit on stools and gophers sit on sofas. But, Frog does not want to sit on a log.
ISBN 9781444910865
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (UK), 2014
Gray, Kes & Field, Jim (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Oi Dog
Cat insists that there are rules. Only mules sit on stools, no one but hares should sit on chairs and, however irritating, dogs must sit on frogs. But, Frog's had enough, he's changing the way things are. He insists that, from now on, dogs sit on logs, not frogs. And, everyone else is going to have to sit somewhere else too. And, most importantly, Frog has to find somewhere to sit as well.
ISBN 9781444919585
Publisher Hachette Children's Books, 2016
Gray, Kes & Gray, Claire & Field, Jim (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Ever so, ever so
When baby, Susan, is brought home from hospital, all the family think she is ever so cute and ever so wonderful except her sister.
ISBN 9780340873342
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (Australia), 2005
Gray, Kes & Nayler, Sarah (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Delightful Delilah
How important is a name? Ewan decides to change his, and his family plays along. Each day, Ewan has a new name until, one day, he chooses one that he doesn't know is a girl's name and then the girl who owns it, doesn't want to share it.
ISBN 9780734403773
Publisher Thomas C Lothian Pty Ltd, 2002
Gray, Nigel
Image currently unavailable
Just the right stripes
Little Zebra tries to count how many stripes he has. He wonders if he has too many and he wants to find out. All the animals have something to say and he worries until he gets home to his dad, who has just the right explanation.
ISBN 9780864613967
Publisher Koala Books, 2002
Gray, Nigel & Brown, Deborah (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Flood, The
Mrs Farmer loves her animals and takes them all inside during the floods. They get into no end of mischief and enjoy themselves, so much so that when the water subsides they are loathe to leave. After a stint in their own domain Mrs Farmer invites them all back again.
ISBN 9781921136214
Publisher Windy Hollow Books, 2007
Gray, Nigel & Hurst, Elise (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Meerkat choir
Attention, meerkats! Choir practice is about to begin. But who are all these pesky animals interrupting the rehearsal? They're not meerkats! They cannot be in a meerkat choir! It's no wonder the Meerkat Choirmaster is getting very, very, very cranky!
ISBN 9781760290795
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2017
Greenberg, Nicki
Image currently unavailable
Monkey Red Monkey Blue
The house is quiet and everyone is asleep except for Monkey Blue, Monkey Red and their friend Chameleon, who is quick to suggest a midnight feast. Soon, the monkeys are feasting on popcorn, spaghetti, hot dogs, fruit and more. Chameleon is a little too enthusiastic and, soon, there is a big foody mess everywhere.
ISBN 9780618462643
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2010
Greenberg, Nicki
Image currently unavailable
Morris the mole
Down and be digging! Into the dirt! Beetles for breakfast and worms for dessert! With a twirl of his spade and a twitch of his nose, Morris makes tunnels wherever he goes. How much mayhem can one mole make? Dive in with the ever-exuberant Morris and find out!
ISBN 9781760630829
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2018
Greenberg, Nicki
Image currently unavailable
My dog Dash
Dash is badly behaved at puppy school. He chews things that he shouldn't, he makes puddles on the floor, he wrecks the garden and steals food off the bench when no one is looking. Perfectly standard behaviour for a puppy but Dash is far from an ordinary pet.
ISBN 9781760110673
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2016
Greenberg, Nicki
Image currently unavailable
Worm lives underground, munching through the earth. Life is pretty predictable. Then, one day, everything changes.
ISBN 9781922081605
Publisher Windy Hollow Books, 2016
Greenberg, Nicki
Image currently unavailable
Teddy took the train
When Mum and Dot go on an outing, Dot brings Teddy along for the ride. But, in the rush to get off the train, Dot loses Teddy. The kindly stationmaster assures Dot that the train didn't take teddy but, rather, Teddy took the train to go on a big adventure. Although she isn't sure, Dot gets involved in imagining Teddy's adventures.
ISBN 9781760112134
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2015
Greenberg, Nicki
Image currently unavailable
Bom went the bear
Bear loves to play his big bass drum on his own, making as much noise as he can and marching around like he's king of all the land. He's joined by all manner of enthusiastic musicians and, soon, it become difficult for Bear to play to the beat of his own drum.
ISBN 9781742376714
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2011
Greenwood, Nicki
Image currently unavailable
Jacaranda snow
Jess and Gran have always made the best of everything. When there's not much for dinner, they cook oodles of noodles. When there's no cake for birthdays, they toast marshmallows on the stove.When it snows in the mountains, Jess longs to go. But there's no extra money for a holiday this year. So Jess finds a way to see the most amazing snow of all.
ISBN 9781925563283
Publisher Wombat Books, 2018
Greer, Catherine & Magisson, Helene (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bug collector, The
George loves bugs. Small ones, leggy ones, ones that glow. So he decides to become the world's best bug collector. But fabulous creatures aren't meant for life in a bottle.
ISBN 9781925594539
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2019
Griffiths, Alex. G.
Image currently unavailable
New room for William, A
William has to move to a new house. He has misgivings about settling into his new room without his familiar surroundings. Little by little his new room becomes perfect.
ISBN 9780747544890
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2000
Grindley, Sally
Image currently unavailable
Rufus blasts off!
Rufus the Pig has already sailed the seven seas on a pirate ship. Now he dreams of the Moon, the stars, and Mars! But Commander Luna tells him: 'No pigs in space!' Why? Because pigs pester the pilot, do loop-the-loops in the cabin, and always want to push buttons. Then Luna learns that she needs someone to read a book live from the Red Planet or the mission is scrubbed. Will Rufus finally blast off?
ISBN 9781454920991
Publisher Sterling Publishing Co, 2017
Griswell, Kim T & Gorbachev, Valeri (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Inky the octopus
Out of this tank, I must be free. I must explore the open sea! Inky the octopus is bored with aquarium life and wants to escape to the ocean! But just how can an octopus in a tank get to the open seas?
ISBN 9781492654148
Publisher Sourcebooks Inc, 2018
Guendelsberger, Erin & Leonard, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
How the finch got his colours
Many years ago, before the world bloomed in magnificent colours, the Earth lay stark and gray. The animals that graced its skies and roamed its lands were the colours of dirt, clay, and stone. Until Rainbow descended to bestow her colours on the creatures of the world. Each bird asked for a bright and beautiful colour, green for Parrot, red for Cardinal, and yellow for Canary. But will there be any colours left for little Gouldian Finch? He soon learns the power of patience and the beauty of all creatures.
ISBN 9781945547775
Publisher Familius, 2018
Guertin, Annemarie Riley & Perez Garcia, Helena
Image currently unavailable
Second sky, The
The first thing Gilbert sees when he hatches from his egg is the sky. It is love at first sight and from that moment on Gilbert longs to fly like other birds. But Penguins don't fly, they waddle, and so begins Gilbert's quest to find his place in the world. Great things happen when you reach for the sky.
ISBN 9781760127985
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2017
Guest, Patrick & Bentley, Jonathan (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Dress-up box, The
The Frolleys have to move from their beloved house at 32 Sunshine Avenue to a place with dripping taps, stinky carpets and ants. But they have brought something with them that can turn any house into a home.
ISBN 9781760124922
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2018
Guest, Patrick & Eckstrom, Nathaniel (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Ricker Racker Club, The
To be in the Ricker Racker Club, you have to be brave. You have to be kind. You have to not be a girl. But, some people are better than others at being both kind and brave.
ISBN 9781760122928
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2016
Guest, Patrick & Eckstrom, Nathaniel (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Rabby the brave
Leon and Lily do everything with their best pals Rabby and Snuggles, until one night the unimaginable happens and Snuggles is left outside. Faced with sadness, the others must find a way to save Snuggles from a frightful end.
ISBN 9781760127534
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2018
Guest, Patrick & Jellett, Tom (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Ruby learns to swim
Splash the water. Floaties on. Eyes wide open. Blow Big bubbles. Simple, repetitive text that young students will enjoying chanting along as it is read aloud.
ISBN 9781742377506
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2012
Gwynne, Phillip & Ainslie, Tamsin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Brothers from a different mother
Tapir lives in the jungle. Pig lives in the village. But when they meet at the waterhole, they discover they are the same in so many ways. They might even be brothers from a different mother!
ISBN 9780670078486
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2017
Gwynne, Phillip & Crosby-Fairall, Marjorie (ill)
Image currently unavailable

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