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Annabel's dance
Annabel is no ordinary sheep. She's wiggly and jiggly, loud noises hurt her ears and, no matter how hard she tries, she just can't fit in with the mob. And, she definitely does not want to be shorn. Until one day, her super sensitive style brings her unexpected attention.
ISBN 9781925139358
Publisher Wombat Books, 2016
Jackson Hill, Diane & Bury, Lois (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Baby band
On a normal day, a baby creates mayhem in an apartment block. Look how he transforms an apartment block into a vibrant community.
ISBN 9781925059779
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2017
Jackson Hill, Diane & Poli, Giuseppe (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Chooks in dinner suits
A waddle of Little Penguins live on a tiny island. But, their numbers are dwindling. Swampy Marsh knows what to do but no one will listen to him. Soon, he can count the last few penguins on the fingers of one hand. The desperate townsfolk give Swampy and his friends, Max and Mimi, one chance to solve the problem. Based on a true story.
ISBN 9781921833380
Publisher Museum Victoria, 2016
Jackson, Diane & Smith, Craig, (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Saggy baggy elephant, The
An elephant worries that his skin is wrinkly and saggy. When he meets his herd, he realises that he is just right.
ISBN 9780375925900
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2003
Jackson, Kathryn & Tenggren, Gustaf (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Tawny scrawny lion
A hungry lion is a threat to the animals in the jungle until a visit to rabbit's house for supper changes everything.
ISBN 9780375828386
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2004
Jackson, Kathryn & Tenggren, Gustaf (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Linda Jackson's rainbow menagerie
I live in the rainforest. I have a spectacular tail that I raise over my head when I sing and dance. A kaleidoscopic introduction to native Australian animals.
ISBN 9781925322132
Publisher Scribe Publications, 2018
Jackson, Linda
Image currently unavailable
First day at school, The
The first day at school contains new experiences and can be a bit scary. Simple illustrations and relevant language will help younger students.
ISBN 9781903012550
Publisher Watts Publishing Group, 2002
Jagtenberg, Yvonne
Image currently unavailable
Two wallabies, The
A Dreaming narrative from the Aboriginal people of Australia's far north. After a flood carries away his first friend, the wallaby finds another companion. They criss-cross the country bringing many places and plants into being.
ISBN 9781876288266
Publisher Working Title Press, 2002
Jakamarra, Henry Cook (Aboriginal storyteller) & Nicolls, Christine (ed.)
Image currently unavailable
Bird and Bear
Bird and Bear are the best of friends. When Bird and Bear go on a birthday picnic, they discover something surprising that will change how they see the world forever...
ISBN 9781743465547
Publisher The Five Mile Press Pty Ltd, 2013
James, Ann
Image currently unavailable
Goanna was hungry, The
Imagine being at a camp in the Great Victorian Desert. Imagine being one of the ten lucky kids chosen to work with two of Australia's best-loved author-illustrators. Kids from Tjuntjuntjara, Mt Margaret, Menzies and Melbourne spent five days at a writing and illustrating camp on Spinifex Country. This is their book and their stories.
ISBN 9780994465412
Publisher Indigenous Literacy Foundation, 2016
James, Ann & Morgan, Sally
Image currently unavailable
Very quacky Christmas, A
'We wish you a quacky Christmas!' Samantha Duck is getting ready for Christmas. 'I'm going to give presents to animals all over the world!' Her friend Sebastian tells her not to bother. 'Christmas is not for animals,' he says. But with the help of her farmyard friends, Samantha sets out to prove that Christmas is for everyone.
ISBN 9780733329623
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2017
James, Ann & Watts, Frances (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Baby brains and robomum
A very smart baby is born who prefers working on the computer and playing with his chemistry set instead of toys. When Baby Brains invents the ultimate home help, RoboMum, the household is transformed. But, this is a robot to reckon with and the family is in for a big surprise.
ISBN 9781406313383
Publisher Walker Books, 2008
James, Simon
Image currently unavailable
Baby brains: the smartest baby in the whole world
This new baby is very smart. He reads the newspaper, mends the car and works as a doctor at the hospital. Everyone wants to meet the extraordinary Baby Brains.
ISBN 9781844285228
Publisher Walker Books, 2005
James, Simon
Image currently unavailable
Frog and Beaver
Every morning Frog woke up from under his leaf and looked out over a beautiful river. Frog shared the river with his friends; the ducks and their ducklings. Everyone lived happily together. It was perfect. Everything changes when a young beaver comes swimming down the river, announcing this will be the ideal place for him to build his first dam. Frog endeavours to negotiate with Beaver but he shows total disregard for all the other creatures. Will all the the previously happy inhabitants survive the flood created by Beaver's dam?
ISBN 9781406359862
Publisher Penguin Random House Australia, 2017
James, Simon
Image currently unavailable
George flies south
Winter is on the way and it's time to fly south. But, George isn't quite ready to leave his nest yet. When an enormous gust of wind blows the nest out of the tree, things start getting really interesting for George and his mother.
ISBN 9781406328868
Publisher Walker Books, 2011
James, Simon
Image currently unavailable
Little one step
When you're small, it can be hard to keep up, especially when you're lost and your legs feel all wobbly. One little duck learns that every journey begins, and ends, with one little step.
ISBN 9781844284672
Publisher Walker Books, 2004
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
James, Simon
Image currently unavailable
Tobias Blow
Take a stormy night, a glorious wind and a sack full of treasures. Mix them together, add a pinch of magic and the world is ready for Tobias Blow.
ISBN 9780702238765
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2011
Jane, Zacharey & Street, Rosalie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Class Two at the zoo
Join Class Two as they wander round the zoo. They see all sorts of animal antics but are unaware of the very large snake that's determined to make a meal out of them.
ISBN 9780340911617
Publisher Hachette Children's Books, 2007
Jarman, Julia & Chapman, Lynne
Image currently unavailable
Class Three all at sea
On the day Class Three went to sea, they saw donkeys dancing on the quay, some sea lions skimming stones but they didn't see the skull and crossbones. Watch the pesky pirates plotting to take over Class Three's school trip to the sea. But don't worry, rescue is at hand.
ISBN 9780340944653
Publisher Hachette Children's Books, 2008
Jarman, Julia & Chapman, Lynne (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Kangaroo's Cancan Cafe
A Kangaroo discovers a wonderful dance called the Cancan and wants to open his own Cancan Cafe.
ISBN 9781843626008
Publisher Orchard Books, 2005
Jarman, Julia & Chapman, Lynne (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Jack in a box
Jack uses his imagination to visualise and play with the boxes left over from Tom's birthday presents.
ISBN 9780007104109
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2004
Jarman, Julia & Pottie,Marjolein (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Big red bath
Ben and Bella have a wonderful time splashing around in the bath with all their friends. Their bath-time adventure might be real or imagined but it certainly makes a big mess.
ISBN 9781843626053
Publisher Orchard Books, 2005
Jarman, Julia & Reynolds, Adrian (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Lovely old lion
Lenny the lion loves his grandpa, King Lion. But, when King Lion starts to forget things, Lenny begins to worry. He can't understand why grandpa keeps getting muddled and doesn't want to play any more. Lenny doesn't know what to do but, with a little help from grandpa's old friends, perhaps he can find a way to help him remember.
ISBN 9781467793100
Publisher Andersen Press Ltd, 2015
Jarman, Julia & Varley, Susan (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Lazy Dave
Dave is a dog. He loves to sleep all day long. Lilly thinks Dave is the laziest dog in the world. But, maybe, Dave isn't quite as lazy as Lilly thinks he is. Find out what Dave really does all day.
ISBN 9780062355980
Publisher HarperCollins Children's Books, 2015
Image currently unavailable
Tropical Terry
Coral Reef City is home to the flashiest, most fancy fish in the ENTIRE ocean. And then there's Terry...
ISBN 9781406376425
Publisher Walker Books, 2018
Image currently unavailable
Caruso's song to the moon
Caruso, a music-loving cat, fancies himself as a crooner. He sings a scale to the moon and admires each lovely note. Unfortunately, the neighbourhood doesn't appreciate his nocturnal noise.
ISBN 9780734406248
Publisher Thomas C Lothian Pty Ltd, 2004
Jaunn, Adele
Image currently unavailable
Bee & me
A little girl befriends a bee, which takes her on a journey of discovery. A wordless picture book.
ISBN 9781910646052
Publisher Old Barn Books, 2016
Topics / Endangered species /
Jay, Alison
Image currently unavailable
Child of books, A
A little girl sails her raft across a sea of words, arriving at a small boy's house. She calls him away on an adventure and, through forests of fairy tales and across mountains of make-believe, they travel together on a fantastical journey, which unlocks the boy's imagination.
ISBN 9780763690779
Publisher Walker Books, 2016
Jeffers ,Oliver
Image currently unavailable
Here we are
Well, hello. And welcome to this Planet. We call it Earth. Our world can be a bewildering place, especially if you've only just got here. Your head will be filled with questions, so let's explore what makes our planet and how we live on it. From land and sky, to people and time, these notes can be your guide and start you on your journey. And you'll figure lots of things out for yourself. Just remember to leave notes for everyone else. Some things about our planet are pretty complicated, but things can be simple, too: you've just got to be kind.
ISBN 9780008266165
Publisher HarperCollins Children's Books, 2017
Jeffers, Oliver
Image currently unavailable
Hueys in It wasn't me, The
A fight has broken out amongst The Hueys. But, no-one can remember what they are fighting about. If only they could find an interesting distraction.
ISBN 9780007420674
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2013
Jeffers, Oliver
Image currently unavailable
Hueys in none the number, The
The thing about the Hueys was that they loved numbers, 0, 1, 2, 3.. Wait. 0 Is none a number. Join the Hueys for a counting conundrum.
ISBN 9780007420698
Publisher HarperCollins Children's Books, 2014
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Jeffers, Oliver
Image currently unavailable
Hueys in the new jumper, The
The thing about the Hueys is they all look the same, they all think the same, they all do the same things. Until, one day, a Huey knitted himself a new jumper.
ISBN 9780007420667
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2012
Jeffers, Oliver
Image currently unavailable
Hueys in what's the opposite, The
The Hueys explore the concept of opposites in their characteristically quirky way. Starting out with some easy ones, like up and down, they move on to ever more wildly imaginative examples.
ISBN 9780007420711
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2015
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Jeffers, Oliver
Image currently unavailable
Incredible book eating boy, The
Henry loved books but not like you and I love books. He loved to eat them, all sorts. It made him incredibly clever until he discovered that libraries were being decimated.
ISBN 9780007182275
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2007
Jeffers, Oliver
Image currently unavailable
Lost and found
A young boy finds a penguin at his door. He doesn't know where it came from or who it belongs to. The penguin looks sad so the boy thinks he is lost and decides to help the penguin by rowing to the South Pole.
ISBN 9780007150359
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2005
Jeffers, Oliver
Image currently unavailable
Floyd gets his kite stuck up a tree. He throws up his shoe to shift it but that gets stuck too. So, he throws up his other shoe and that gets stuck too, along with a ladder, a pot of paint, the kitchen sink, an orang-utan and a whale, amongst other things.
ISBN 9780007263868
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2011
Jeffers, Oliver
Image currently unavailable
Up and down
Two friends, a boy and a penguin, do everything together until, one day, the penguin decides it's time to spread his wings.
ISBN 9780007263844
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2010
Jeffers, Oliver
Image currently unavailable
Curly Calmster teaches Loppy the LAC to realise that when he feels 'blah', it's because he is seeing the world through grey glasses. When Loppy changes the colour of his glasses, the colour comes back into his life and he feels a lot better!
ISBN 9781925335958
Publisher EK Books, 2019
Jenkins, Lynn & Lonergan, Kirrili (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Lessons of a lac
Loppy the LC has learned his whole life to look out for danger. Looking out for what can go wrong is all he knows - until Loppy meets Curly Calmster. Curly teaches Loppy that he doesn't have to look out for the everyday worst-case scenarios all the time.
ISBN 9781925335828
Publisher Exisle Publishing, 2018
Jenkins, Lynn & Lonergan, Kirrili (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Ollie's treasure
When Ollie's grandmother sends him a letter with a treasure map, he's so excited! What could his treasure be? The latest toy? That game he's wanted forever? But this treasure is something completely different. Join Ollie as he goes on a rather unexpected adventure and discovers that if we only pay attention to what's around us, the greatest treasure of all is actually with us all the time.
ISBN 9781925335422
Publisher EK Books, 2017
Jenkins, Lynn & Lonergan, Kirrili (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Fabulous frogs
Find out about the variety of frogs around the world, including the mighty West African Goliath frog, the colourful South American Poison Arrow frog and the south-east Asian Flying frog. The author, a conservationist biologist, includes the humble frog in your garden pond.
ISBN 9781406357417
Publisher Walker Books, 2015
Jenkins, Martin & Hopgood, Tim (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bird builds a nest: A science storybook
Bird is up early - she's building her nest. She pushes and pulls twigs into place until it's ready and waiting...can you guess what for?
ISBN 9781406355130
Publisher Walker Books, 2018
Jenkins, Martin & Jones, Richard (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Possum in the house
This nameless possum creates havoc, and many sounds, crunch, clatter, rip, rustle, as he races through a house avoiding capture.
ISBN 9780949130020
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2000
Jensen, Kiersten & Oliver, Tony (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Barney loves cat food. Barney loves greens. Barney loves bacon and biscuits and beans.
ISBN 9781742996226
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2018
Jinks, Catherine & King, Stephen Michael (ill)
Image currently unavailable
You'll wake the baby
On a wet day, a young brother and sister try to play quietly so as not to wake the baby. Each game inevitably ends in noise.
ISBN 9780670891238
Publisher Penguin, 2000
Jinks, Catherine & McLean, Andrew (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Giraffe problems
Edward the giraffe can't understand why his neck is as long and bendy and ridiculous as it is. No other animal has a neck this absurd. He's tried disguising it, dressing it up, strategically hiding it behind bushes, anything he can think of. But just when he's exhausted his neck-hiding options, a turtle ambles in and tries to help him understand that his neck has a purpose and looks excellent in a bow tie.
ISBN 9781406383164
Publisher Walker Books, 2018
John, Jory & Smith, Lane (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Harold and the purple crayon
"One evening, after thinking it over for some time, Harold decided to go for a walk in the moonlight." Armed only with an oversized purple crayon, young Harold draws himself a landscape full of wonder and excitement.
ISBN 9780007464371
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2012
Johnson, Crockett
Image currently unavailable
What's it like to be an ant?
A worker ant tells the story of her life, from hatching to being part of a colony.
ISBN 9781607531838
Series What's it like to be series (6 books)
Publisher Amicus, 2012
Johnson, Jinny & Sanzi, Desiderio (ill)
Image currently unavailable
What's it like to be a bee?
A honeybee tells the story of her life, from hatching from an egg to collecting nectar and honey.
ISBN 9781607531845
Series What's it like to be series (6 books)
Publisher Amicus, 2012
Johnson, Jinny & Sanzi, Desiderio (ill)
Image currently unavailable
What's it like to be a butterfly?
A red emerald butterfly tells the story of his life, from hatching from an egg to becoming a caterpillar, chrysalis and finally an adult butterfly.
ISBN 9781607531852
Series What's it like to be series (6 books)
Publisher Amicus, 2012
Johnson, Jinny & Sanzi, Desiderio (ill)
Image currently unavailable
What's it like to be a dragonfly?
A dragonfly tells the story of its life, from hatching from an egg to becoming an adult dragonfly.
ISBN 9781607531869
Series What's it like to be series (6 books)
Publisher Amicus, 2012
Johnson, Jinny & Sanzi, Desiderio (ill)
Image currently unavailable
What's it like to be a grasshopper?
A grasshopper tells the story of its life, from hatching from an egg to becoming an adult grasshopper.
ISBN 9781607531937
Series What's it like to be series (6 books)
Publisher Amicus, 2012
Johnson, Jinny & Sanzi, Desiderio (ill)
Image currently unavailable
What's it like to be a spider?
A garden spider tells how she spins webs and lays eggs, and we learn what happens when her young hatches.
ISBN 9781607531944
Series What's it like to be series (6 books)
Publisher Amicus, 2012
Johnson, Jinny & Sanzi, Desiderio (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Noah's garden
Noah and his family are living in The Children's Hospital because his new sister, Jessica, was born with a serious medical condition. Normal family life is suspended indefinitely for Noah and he spends his days in the hospital garden, creating an imaginary world, longing for the day when Jess can join him.
ISBN 9781921150159
Publisher Walker Books Australia Pty Ltd, 2010
Johnson, Mo & Josse, Annabelle (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Three little pigs
A retelling of the much-loved fairy tale, with surprises under each lift-up flap.
ISBN 9781904550211
Series Flip-up fairy tales series (28 books)
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2004
Johnson, Richard (ill)
Image currently unavailable
I'll see you in the morning
An evening lullaby consisting of rhyming language and appealing illustrations.
ISBN 9781920878511
Publisher Hardie Grant Egmont, 2005
Jolley, Mike & Moriuchi, Mique (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Radio rescue
Jim and his family live happily on their remote outback station. Yet, sometimes Jim feels lonely. His Dad enjoys droving and shearing but, sometimes, he wishes he could chat to a mate. Jim's Mum is always busy with the accounts but she sometimes worries about being so far away from everything. When a strange new radio with pedals arrives, Jim is excited, and Mum and Dad can now send messages to their neighbours. Then, something happens and only Jim can save his dad.
ISBN 9780642278784
Publisher National Library of Australia, 2016
Jolly, Jane & Ingpen, Robert (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Tea and sugar Christmas
The Tea and Sugar train came once a week on a Thursday. But, the special Christmas train only came once a year. Today was Sunday. Four more days without sugar. Four more days until the Christmas train. Please, please be on time. Please don't be late. Join Kathleen in the outback as she eagerly waited for the Christmas Tea and Sugar train.
ISBN 9780642278630
Publisher National Library of Australia, 2014
Jolly, Jane & Ingpen, Robert (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Patch and Ruby
Patch the pony is lonely. Sometimes it feels as if he doesn't quite fit in on the farm. But one day something happens that changes his life forever.
ISBN 9781925335224
Publisher EK Books, 2016
Jones, Anouska & Jones, Gwynneth (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Daddy's sandwich
Join a little girl on her quest to make her father the perfect sandwich, whether he likes it or not.
ISBN 9780571311828
Publisher Faber & Faber, 2015
Jones, Pip & Hughes, Laura (ill)
Image currently unavailable
What you feel is who you are. Explore the world of emotions with this stunning peep-through book. The lyrical text and enchanting illustrations bring each emotion to life to help children understand the universal and unique nature of feelings.
ISBN 9781848575080
Publisher Little tiger press, 2016
Jones, Richard & Walden, Libby (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Rudyard Kipling's just so stories: Why the kangaroo jumps
Long, long ago, kangaroos were short and stumpy. So how did they end up so tall and jumpy?
ISBN 9781474940962
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2018
Jones, Rob Lloyd & Joven, John (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Very grumpy day, The
There's a big bad mood spreading through the wood. It starts with Bear who upsets Mole, who snaps at Hedgehog, who's prickly with Fox. Soon Bear's bad mood has made everyone grumpy! Can a little bit of love make them happy again?
ISBN 9781848692039
Publisher Little tiger press, 2016
Jones, Stella. J. & Edgson, Alison (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Pink hat, The
Once there was a pink hat. A cat played with it. A baby caught it. A dog swiped it. That is, until...a girl found it. And one day she wore it someplace special. Join this girl and millions of others as they stand up for what it is right.
ISBN 9780143789369
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2018
Joyner, Andrew
Image currently unavailable

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