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Stolen fiddle, The
The Little People of Mt Miniature are holding a fiddle to ransom to coerce its talented owner to assist them to thwart the plans of an oppressive, nearby kingdom. The story is inspired by the music of an actual fiddle player known to the young author.
ISBN 9780646484457
Publisher Quilty, 2008
Quilty, Alisha
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All about mermaids
Dive into the world of mermaids and discover everything there is to know about the ocean's most mysterious creatures. From where they are found to how they sleep, from what they eat to how they raise their young, All About Mermaids is overflowing with fascinating facts that are sure to enchant and enlighten readers.
ISBN 9781760504151
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2019
Quinn, Izzy & Stankovic, Vlad (ill)
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