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Dreaming, The
Through these stories of the Dreaming, we learn the best way to act in certain situations and what can happen if we don't.
ISBN 9780646327631
Publisher Aboriginal Nations, 1997
Yavu-Kama-Harathunian, Cheri
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Wild washerwomen, The
Seven washerwomen, who work from dawn till dusk scrubbing messy handkerchiefs, horrid socks and grimy night-shirts, are fed up and decide to rebel. They go on a mad spree through town, enjoying their newfound freedom. It seems that no one can control them. Seven woodcutters are eager to try.
ISBN 9781842709146
Publisher Andersen Press Ltd, 2009
Yeoman, John & Blake, Quentin (ill)
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Little red fish, The
Jeje and his pet fish have an adventure in the library, where his grandfather works as a librarian. Beautiful illustrations take us into the wonderful world of being lost in a book and the ways a visit to the library can enrich our lives.
ISBN 9780803731455
Publisher Dial Books (Penguin), 2007
Topics / Year 3 easy reads /
Yoo, Taeeun
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It might be an apple
Follow a child's hilarious, wildly inventive train of thought through all the things an apple might be if it is not, in fact, an apple. Distrusting the apple's convincing appearance, the child's imagination spirals upwards and outwards into a magical, fantasy world.
ISBN 9780500650486
Publisher Thames and Hudson (Australia) Pty Ltd, 2015
Yoshitake, Shinsuke
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