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American born Chinese
When Jin Wang starts at a new school, he's the only Chinese-American student. He just wants to be an all-American boy. Danny is popular and great at basketball but his obnoxious Chinese cousin's annual visits are a disaster, ruining his reputation at school. The Monkey King is the most powerful monkey on earth and his story is one of the greatest Chinese fables.These three apparently unrelated characters come together with an unexpected twist. Graphic novel. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above.
ISBN 9781596431522
Publisher First Second, 2006
Yang, Gene Luen
Image currently unavailable
Joyous and Moonbeam
Ashleigh is fifteen and her life makes her angry. Through a school project she meets Joyous, whose positive take on life helps to teach her to 'work things round a little'.
ISBN 9781862919877
Publisher Omnibus Books, 2013
Yaxley, Richard
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This is my song
Teenage musician Rafael is sent to a Nazi concentration camp in World War II, where he pushes music to the side in his effort to just survive. 30 years later in Canada, he has a small family, where his daughter Annie struggles to find her place in the countryside. Another 30 years later, in Australia, Joe is uncertain about himself, his future and whether music fits in with him. Includes mature themes. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above.
ISBN 9781760276140
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2017
Yaxley, Richard
Image currently unavailable
Albert Einstein: the miracle mind
Albert Einstein's name is synonymous with genius. He revolutionised the way we understand the universe and paved the way for diverse technology such as lasers, cell phones, electron microscopes and DVD players. Follow Einstein's journey from his childhood through to his groundbreaking writings that won him the Nobel Prize.
ISBN 9781402732287
Series Sterling biographies series (9 of 29)
Publisher Sterling Publishing Co, 2007
Topics / STEM /
Yeatts, Tabatha
Image currently unavailable
Joan of Arc: heavenly warrior
Joan of Arc's courage, eloquence and martyrdom make her an enduring inspiration. Find out about her childhood in war-torn France and how she helped a king win his rightful crown. She fell into British hands and suffered an unjust trial for heresy but, eventually, her reputation was gloriously and posthumously restored.
ISBN 9781402756627
Series Sterling biographies series (29 of 29)
Publisher Sterling Publishing Co, 2009
Yeatts, Tabatha
Image currently unavailable
Lady of Ch'iao Kuo, warrior of the south AD 531
The diary of sixteen year old Lady of Ch'iao Kuo is a remarkable adventure set in Southern China in the sixth century. A born leader, Lady of Ch'iao Kuo, also known as Princess Redbird, is both courageous and keenly intelligent.
ISBN 9780439164832
Series Royal diaries series (20 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2001
Yep, Laurence
Image currently unavailable

Luck of the buttons, The
Twelve year old Tugs Button lives in a small town in USA in 1929. Her eccentric family hasn't known much luck over the years and Tugs vows to turn that around, When she befriends popular Aggie Millhouse, wins a new camera and stumbles into a mystery only she can solve, things begin to change. It just may be that being a Button is precisely what one funny, spirited, and observant young heroine decides to make of it.
ISBN 9780763650667
Publisher Candlewick Press, 2011
Ylvisaker, Anne
Image currently unavailable

Plague of unicorns, The
James, an aristocratic son in medieval England, is sent to Cranford Abbey to study under the good monks. The abbey is falling into disrepair and, to make money, the Abbott sells cider made from the golden apples. But, the apples are constantly being eaten by a herd of marauding unicorns. When various methods fail to eradicate the unicorns, James must come up with a plan to eliminate them. He must become a perfect hero and risk his life to save the abbey and the monks, and, hopefully, find a way to return home.
ISBN 9780310746119
Publisher Zonderkidz, 2014
Yolen, Jane
Image currently unavailable

Stone man mysteries, The: Stone cold
When a gargoyle comes to life and saves Craig from jumping to his death in the city of Edinburgh, Craig is pulled into a high paced world of murder, crime and mystery. A new crime fighting team that includes a hard-nosed priest, a demon gargoyle and a young boy is formed and they will need their wit, skills and a little luck to solve the mysterious murders that are plaguing the citys streets.
ISBN 9781512411553
Publisher Graphic Universe, 2016
Topics / Graphic novels /
Yolen, Jane & Stemple, Adam & Zangara, Orion (ill)
Image currently unavailable

Sun is also a star, The
Natasha: I'm a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not destiny. Daniel: I've always been the good son, the good student, living up to my parents' high expectations. Never the poet. Or the dreamer. The Universe: Every moment in our lives has brought us to this single moment. A million futures lie before us. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above.
ISBN 9780552574242
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd, UK, 2016
Yoon, Nicola
Image currently unavailable

Everything, everything
Maddy is allergic to the world. She hasn't left her house in seventeen years. Olly is the boy next door. He's determined to reach her. A story about the crazy risks we take for love. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above.
ISBN 9780552574235
Publisher Corgi Books, 2015
Yoon, Nicola & Yoon, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable

Great animal search, The
Packed with puzzles and fascinating facts about animals.
ISBN 9780746067178
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2005
Young, Caroline & Jackson, Ian (ill)
Image currently unavailable

Blood red road
Saba and her brother, Lugh, have spent their whole lives in Silverlake, a dried-up wasteland ravaged by constant sandstorms. The Wrecker civilization has long been destroyed, leaving only landfills for Saba and her family to scavenge from. When a monster sandstorm and four cloaked horsemen arrive, Lugh is captured and Saba embarks on an epic quest, in the lawless, ugly world outside Silverlake, to get him back. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above.
ISBN 9781442429987
Publisher Simon & Schuster, 2011
Young, Moira
Image currently unavailable

Once there was a boy who had to leave home and find another one. Among his possessions was a teacup, holding earth from where he used to play.
ISBN 9781743623848
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2015
Young, Rebecca & Ottley, Matt (ill)
Image currently unavailable
I am Malala
When the Taliban took control in Pakistan, Malala Yousafzai refused to be silenced and fought for her right to an education. On her way home from school, fifteen year old Malala was shot in the head by a member of the Taliban. She survived and began her extraordinary journey. Malala has become a global symbol of peaceful protest, the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize laureate and a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.
ISBN 9780316322409
Publisher Little, Brown & Co, 2013
Yousafzai, Malala & Lamb, Christina
Image currently unavailable
Vermonia series
Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Vermonia series (5 books)
No book cover.

Vermonia: call of the winged panther
Evil Lord Uro's soldiers have kidnapped and imprisoned Mel, far away from her friends and her home on the planet of Blue Star. Her friends pledge to find her and continue on their fated journey through the Turtle Realm. Their destiny has long ago been foretold in an ancient prophecy. Japanese Manga novel. Series best read in book order.
ISBN 9781406321463
Series Vermonia series (2 of 5)
Publisher Walker Books, 2009
Image currently unavailable

Vermonia: quest for the silver tiger
The planet of Vermonia has fallen to General Uro's army. On Earth, four twelve year old friends have no idea that the time has come for them to fulfil an ancient prophecy. To save the kidnapped and imprisoned Mel Doug, Naomi and Jim need to release their own, true warrior spirit. Japanese Manga novel. Series best read in book order.
ISBN 9781406321456
Series Vermonia series (1 of 5)
Publisher Walker Books, 2009
Image currently unavailable

Vermonia: release of the red phoenix
General Uro's reign of terror continues to spread through Turtle Realm. Doug, Naomi and Jim, are brought to a village, burning under Uro's evil command. Naomi must become one with her warrior spirit to help put out the destructive flames and free Mel who is trapped in a bubble. Japanese Manga novel. Series best read in book order.
ISBN 9781406321791
Series Vermonia series (3 of 5)
Publisher Walker Books, 2010
Image currently unavailable

Vermonia: the Rukan prophecy
The battle for Vermonia continues and depends on the courage of four friends. Japanese Manga novel. Series best read in book order.
ISBN 9781406322637
Series Vermonia series (4 of 5)
Publisher Walker Books, 2010
Image currently unavailable

Vermonia: the warrior's trial
The Blue Star Warriors enter the core of Xandan Island in a desperate attempt to protect the Pillar of Thunder. Jim and Doug must pass through the Lake of Wishes, where whatever they long for most will be used against them. Even with the help of their animal guardians, they may not be able to save the Turtle Realm from falling into darkness. Series best read in book order.
ISBN 9781406322644
Series Vermonia series (5 of 5)
Publisher Walker Books, 2011
Image currently unavailable

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