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Little Gem and the mysterious letters
Little Gem is settling into her life at Ellsworth Pining with the help of Ghost Henry and her other friends. Everyone is preparing for the Midsummer Festival and Little Gem is in charge of the special effects for the Midsummer Play. But when Little Gem's magic starts to go wrong and she receives several mysterious letters, Gem is worried that the festival is going to be a disaster! Will Little Gem be able to work out who is sending the letters and regain her confidence before opening night?
ISBN 9781760896096
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2021
Zobel, Anna
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Business pig
Jasper would rather draw graphs than play in the mud. Can this cutie pig find someone to adopt him who means business, too?
ISBN 9781454926849
Publisher Sterling Publishing Co, 2018
Zuill, Andrea
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I love footy
When I touch a footy, I feel as big as a giant. When I run with a footy, it's like I'm as fast as a lion. I love footy.
ISBN 9781922081179
Publisher Windy Hollow Books, 2013
Zurbo, Matt
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