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Andy Web: Artist
Andy Web studied Art at the National Gallery. It was his dream to exhibit there one day. How will he ever achieve his dream? Join Andy, the original artist-in-residence, as he gets up close and personal with the great masters to learn all he can about art.
ISBN 9780992491758
Publisher Melbournestyle, 2017
Coote, Maree
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At the end of Holyrood Lane
Life at the end of Holyrood Lane is filled with sunshine and butterflies. Except when it storms. Storms make Flick's world dark, and make her feel smaller than she really is. To escape their fury, Flick runs and hides. But the storms keep coming back. It's time for Flick to try something she has never done before, so she can banish fear and welcome back sunshine.
ISBN 9781925335767
Publisher EK Books, 2018
Powell, Dimity & Johnston, Nicky (ill)
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Child's garden, A: A story of hope
In a ruined village, torn apart by war, a barbed wire fence cuts off a little boy from the hills he loved to walk in. One day, after rain, he sees a tiny, green shoot breaking through the rubble.
ISBN 9781406312072
Publisher Walker Books, 2009
Foreman, Michael
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Grandfather's war, My
Sarah loves spending time with her Grandpa, but she knows there is a part of his life that makes him sad. When he was a young man he fought in the Vietnam War. Sarah wants to find out more and her Grandpa shares a story of bravery and friendship, and what impact war has on everyone.
ISBN 9781775592990
Publisher Exisle Publishing, 2018
Harper, Glyn & Cooper, Jenny (ill)
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How I came to be me
A baby describes their journey from conception via birth to their homecoming in this wonderful tribute to the miracle of birth.
ISBN 9781760361051
Publisher Starfish Bay Publishers, 2018
Cai, Gao
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Julian at the wedding
Julian and his abuela are going to a wedding. Better yet, Julian is in the wedding. Weddings have flowers and kissing and dancing and cake. And this wedding also has a new friend named Marisol. It's not long before Julian and Marisol set off for some magic and mischief of their own, and when things take an unexpected turn, the pair learns that everything is easier with a good friend by your side.
ISBN 9781536212389
Publisher Candlewick Press, 2020
Love, Jessica
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Message in a sock
Tammy is safe at home, but her heart is with her father at the warfront. While her mother knits socks for the soldiers, Tammy slips a message inside each pair. But will her one special message find her father, and bring him safely home?
ISBN 9781925227383
Publisher MidnightSun Publishing, 2018
Baillie, Kaye & Joy, Narelda (ill)
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My super special granny
Amelia Arbuckle and her family are moving away. Amelia is sad because they are moving away from Granny. Amelia visits her granny every day before moving and together they have amazing adventures and lots of laughs.
ISBN 9781925592047
Publisher Empowering Resources, 2017
Morley, Jedidah & Erasmus, Karen (ill)
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Runaway princess, The
Princess Anna doesn't want to get married, so she runs away, with her beautiful dresses and disguised under a donkeyskin cloak to find her own happy ending.
ISBN 9781409535928
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2013
Dickins, Rosie (retold) & Coudray, E (ill)
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