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100 Australian poems for children
From emus to magic puddings, this feast of Australian poems for children is fresh and familiar. Written by grown-ups and kids, with beautiful illustrations, it reveals what is special about growing up in Australia.
ISBN 9781740517751
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2002
Griffith, Kathryn & Scott-Mitchell, Claire (eds) & Rogers, Gregory (ill)
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100 ways to fly
In 100 Ways to Fly you'll find a poem for every mood - poems to make you laugh, feel silly or to twist your tongue, to make you courageous enough for a new adventure or to help you soar.
ISBN 9780702262500
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2019
Taylor, Michelle
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All aboard the toy train
Poetry, playfully illustrated by Ian Cunliffe, that explores the joys and disappointments of toys - what children want as gifts, what they receive, what they grow tired of and what they break.
ISBN 9780750233170
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton, 2001
Bradman, Tony (comp) & Cunliffe, Ian (ill)
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Around the globe with Gramps
Lucy is about to start high-school. She has a cool new friend, Briony, and feels she's outgrown the school holiday 'Overseas Adventure Days' she shares with her grandfather, a retired geography teacher. When Lucy asks to spend those days with Briony, instead of doing geography research and international craft and cookery with Gramps, her mother refuses and reveals a poignant reason. However, when an emergency threatens more than just Lucy's Fridays with Gramps, she reflects on all they've shared, and what is most important in her life.
ISBN 9781925572155
Publisher Celapene Press, 2018
Eldridge-Alfonzetti, Carolyn & Lawrence, Teresa (ill)
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Big fat cow that goes kapow, The
Inside this book, you can meet Dave, the brave, and discover where worms learn to squirm. But, beware, there is also an exploding cow. Very humorous and very, very short stories told in rhyme.
ISBN 9780330424158
Publisher Pan MacMillan, 2008
Griffiths, Andy
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Bin chicken flies again
'Where's all the garbage and delightful bin juice? This trash can is empty, I feel like a goose! That dirty truck is stealing my food! It's simply not on. How terribly rude!' Ibis has a grand plan to take back her trash! But look out, she's got some very hungry competition...
ISBN 9781761127939
Series Bin Chicken series (5 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2022
Temple, Kate & Temple, Jol & Ghosh, Ronojoy (ill)
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Boat of stars, A
A collection of poetry from some of Australia's most talented authors and illustrators. There are poems about bed time, baths, brothers and kabooms to enchant and entertain children and adults.
ISBN 9780733337932
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2018
Connolly, Margaret & Prior, Natalie Jane
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Brucie saves Christmas
Brucie, the joey kangaroo, loves reading books and doing science reports. When a catastrophe occurs that will prevent Santa from delivering the presents, Brucie must use all his smarts to help Santa fly the ute on Christmas Eve.
ISBN 9781741692266
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2009
Morrison, Yvonne & Pike, Michelle (ill)
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Bully on the bus
Each day Leroy, who's in grade one, and his older sister, Ruby, catch the bus to school. On every trip, DJ, an angry high school student, makes Leroy's life a misery through bullying, along with threats of what might happen if he tells anyone. Ruby encourages Leon to tell either his teacher or their parents, but Leroy resists. DJ's power is too strong.
ISBN 9780702253287
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2014
Apel, Kathryn
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Butterflies fly
This beautifully illustrated poetry book accurately describes fifteen different species of butterfly.
ISBN 9781876289010
Publisher Margaret Hamilton, 2000
Winer, Yvonne & Lloyd-Jones, Karen (ill)
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Clancy of the Overflow
This classic Australian poem, more than a hundred years old, comes alive with fresh illustrations of the outback that Paterson loved so well.
ISBN 9781865045276
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2002
Paterson, A B (Banjo) & Niland, Kilmeny (ill)
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Day war came, The
Imagine if war came to your town and destroyed everything you had known. Imagine you made a long journey to safety but were not welcomed and turned away. Imagine then how the gift of something small from one child could change your life.
ISBN 9781406376326
Publisher Walker Books, 2018
Davies, Nicola & Cobb, Rebecca (ill)
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Dirty beasts
Full of fanciful exaggerations, a collection of poems about wicked beasts with wicked habits. Meet the poor toad that jumps to France at his own peril, the pig who ponders on the meaning of life and the anteater that gets the wrong end of the stick.
ISBN 9780140568233
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd, UK, 2002
Dahl, Roald & Blake, Quentin (ill)
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Dreaming tree, The
Through free-verse and rhyming poems, celebrate the joy and freedom of being a child in the Australian landscape.
ISBN 9781925059489
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2016
Oliver, Jo
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Emperor's watchmaker, The
A poetry collection that is a curious compilation of regal, traditional and everyday living themes in a wide range of poetry forms.
ISBN 9780747547556
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2000
Sissay, Lemn & Newey, Gail (ill)
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Even my ears are smiling
Have some ear-tickling fun with this modern treasure trove of poetry, featuring classic favourites, some brand new ones and lots of tongue twisters.
ISBN 9781408802977
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2011
Rosen, Michael & Cole, Babette (ill)
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Father Koala's fairy tales
Join Father Koala as he reads some Aussie fairytales to the young koalas in Gumleaf Lodge. Jack climbs the choko vine, the princess meets the cane toad, the Kangaroos Gruff outwits the bunyip under the bridge and Little Red Riding Hood is almost eaten by the dingo.
ISBN 9781865048383
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2005
Richards, Kel & Singleton, Glen (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Father Koala's nursery rhymes
Join Father Koala and his little mates as they romp through a selection of Aussie nursery rhymes. Little Miss Golden works on her Holden, Black Swan swims in an old billabong, Jack and Jill check boundary fences, Swaggie puts the billy on and we all have tea.
ISBN 9781865048390
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2005
Richards, Kel & Singleton, Glen (ill)
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Fire wombat, The
As the flames of a bushfire approaches, one small wombat shelters with other animals in her burrow all throughout a fire-eaten night. This forms the beginning of their courageous journey to safety and survival.
ISBN 9781460759332
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2020
French, Jackie & Snell, Danny (ill)
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Firewords: a book of wordplay poems
An anthology of riddles, limericks, rhymes, short humorous poems and tongue twisters that are a mixture of old and new.
ISBN 9780192762443
Publisher Oxford University Press, 2000
Foster, John (ed) & Hughes, Rian (ill)
Image currently unavailable
First book of the sea, A
From the dust cover, end pages and secret illustrations on the front and back covers, whatever you love about the ocean this book of poetry will have it. The gorgeous illustrations will transport you from harbours and ships, to joyful days at the seaside, and the fascinating world below the waves. These poems use beautiful imagery to explore the mood of the sea. There is a large surprise to find in the centre.
ISBN 9781406368956
Publisher Walker Books, 2018
Davies, Nicola
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First morning: poems about time
Twenty-four poems delightfully inspire readers to consider the passage of time across days, months, or millennia. Some of the poems are for the very young and others for more sophisticated readers.
ISBN 9781841483368
Publisher Barefoot books, 2001
Siegen-Smith, Nikki & Manna, Giovanni (ill)
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Happy poems
Elma Mitchell warns that poems should come with government warnings because words can seriously affect your heart. This is a collection of poems to make you happy. Poems that can be read aloud. Poems to be read silently. Poems to share with others. Poems to discover the world and joy others feel too. These poems have been collected and compiled by Roger McGough and feature famous writers from the past and new poets waiting for you to discover. From William Blake to A F Harrold.
ISBN 9781509871377
Publisher Pan MacMillan, 2018
McGough, Roger
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Hello new
Voices from all over the world including English, Scottish, Caribbean, Hungarian and American, are represented in this lively poetry collection, all linked by the word 'new'.
ISBN 9781841216218
Publisher Orchard Books, 2000
Agard, John
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Here come the heebie jeebies and other scary poems
While not particularly frightening, the poems in this British anthology are delightfully appealing to children because they appear so distasteful to adults. Topics include being left out, making mistakes at school and those niggling night-time fears.
ISBN 9780750029339
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton, 2000
Bradman, Tony & Roberts, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
I don't like poetry
A collection of funny, weird and wacky poems especially for children who think they do not like poetry. There are poems about zombies, dogs, haircuts and grandpas beard, to list just a few. with many more to keep you laughing and rhyming throughout this collection. A fun way to enjoy poetry and learn about language without ever really having to admit it.
ISBN 9781472930033
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2016
Seigal, Andrew & Piascik, Chris (ill)
Image currently unavailable
If bees rode shiny bicycles
A book of whimsical poems for children.
ISBN 9780702233821
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2003
Taylor, Michelle
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Isabella's Garden
From little things big things grow - look what happens to Isabella's garden with just the planting of one seed.
ISBN 9781921150333
Publisher Walker Books, 2009
Millard, Glenda & Cool, Rebecca (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Machino supremo
Machines clank, rattle, whine, whoosh, whiz, thump and grind. In these quirky poems, find your favourite machine and solve the puzzle with a clue in each illustration.
ISBN 9780980699401
Publisher Celapene Press, 2009
Brian, Janeen & Carthew, Mark & Veeken, John (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Mina and the whole wide world
Mina wants her own bedroom more than anything else in the whole wide world. And it's almost ready. But when Mina's parents take in an unexpected house guest, they give her room away. At first Mina is too upset to speak. She doesn't care that the new boy, Azzami, needs a place to stay. Then she sees his drawings, and for the first time really thinks about the life of the quiet boy in front of her.
ISBN 9780702263231
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2021
Clark, Sherryl
Image currently unavailable
Moonfish: Poems to make you laugh & think
This collection of poems, rhymes and raps is full of fun. It features eye catching art work from Australia's best illustrators. The raps and rhymes are designed to be performed, try reading some of them without turning into a rapper.
ISBN 9781925804256
Publisher Ford Street Publishing, 2019
Laing, Harry
Image currently unavailable
More giggles and dreams
An illustrated collection of poems from an Australian poet.
ISBN 9780646298740
Publisher self-published, 1997
Kosseris, Annette
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Mother Earth: Poems to celebrate the wonder of nature
Let's dream of what we can become, Mother Earth. Explore this collection of beautifully illustrated poems about nature to celebrate the wonder of our precious world.
ISBN 9780734421555
Publisher Hachette Australia, 2023
Hathorn, Libby & Booth, Christina (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Mustard, custard, grumble belly and gravy
Michael Rosen's witty and clever verses are brought to life by Quentin Blake's detailed art in a beautifully produced book. An audio version of the book is available. Gems include 'Don't put mustard in your custard'.
ISBN 9780747587392
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2006
Rosen, Michael & Blake, Quentin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Muster me a song: the Anne Bell reciter
Anne Bell writes with love about Australia, the country and the city, the old and the new, young people and old timers. She has a keen sense of history, an eye for details and an ear for the music of words.
ISBN 9780957868113
Publisher Triple D Books, 2002
Bell, Anne
Image currently unavailable
My Henry
When Henry dies, his wife can't see why they should stop doing things together, as they've always done. In fact, she can't help going a little bit over the top, imagining all sorts of wonderful outings, including dinosaur rides and dolphin-drawn water ski sessions.
ISBN 9780007388110
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2011
Kerr, Judith
Image currently unavailable
My little world
When a little wanderer goes out walking with her gran and her brother, she doesn't see many of the things that are too tall or too fast. But, the small child can see other things, such as the tiny insects, the lizard hiding under the brush, the insect that looks like a twig and the fuzzy zigzag pencil lines, scribbled on the bark of a tree.
ISBN 9781862917903
Publisher Omnibus Books, 2011
Cooke, Julia & Crosby-Fairall, Marjorie
Image currently unavailable
My village: rhymes from around the world
A delightful selection of simple poems for the young to read. Beautiful illustrations complement the translations, with each poem in English and its original language. Languages include Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, Jamaican, Iranian, Samoan and more.
ISBN 9781877467103
Publisher Gecko Press, 2008
Wright, Danielle (comp) & Moriuchi, Mique (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Nonsense verse
This book brings new life to five of Edward Lear's best-loved nonsense verses. Zany characters leap across the pages in a colourful, fantasy world, where nothing is quite what it seems and anything is possible.
ISBN 9781851497041
Publisher Antique Collectors Club, 2005
Lear, Edward
Image currently unavailable
Old possum's book of practical cats
A wonderful collection of poems that tell us what cats get up to when we aren't watching. Some are sane, some are mad, some are good and some are bad. Meet magical Mr Mistoffelees, sleepy Old Deuteronomy and curious Rum Tum Tugger. But, you'll be lucky to meet Macavity because Macavity's not there.
ISBN 9780571268979
Publisher Faber & Faber, 2010
Eliot, T S & Scheffler, Axel (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Outback, The
An illustrated poem evoking the Australian landscape, its animals and its indigenous people. The connection between the people and the land is made with sensitivity through the language and the art.
ISBN 9781875641864
Publisher Magabala Books, 2005
Porter, Annalies & Bancroft, Bronwyn
Image currently unavailable
Outside the lines
A compilation of words and poetry about childhood games and activities.
ISBN 9780399234460
Publisher Putnam, 2002
Burg, Brad & Gibbon, Rebecca (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Pet poems
This collection includes dogs, cats, budgies, bugs, tarantulas, leopards, crocodiles, rabbits, dolphins, porcupines, werewolves, vultures and pterodactyls, every pet you could possibly imagine and more.
ISBN 9780192761927
Publisher Oxford University Press, 2000
Foster, John & Paul, Korky (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Pirate stew
Meet LONG JOHN McRON, SHIP'S COOK . . . and the most unusual babysitter you've ever seen. Long John has a whole crew of wild pirates in tow, and -- for two intrepid children -- he's about to transform a perfectly ordinary evening into a riotous adventure beneath a pirate moon. It's time to make some PIRATE STEW. Pirate Stew! Pirate Stew! Pirate Stew for me and you! Pirate Stew, Pirate Stew Eat it and you won't be blue You can be a pirate too!
ISBN 9781526614711
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2020
Gaiman, Neil & Riddell, Chris (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Please Mrs Butler
A funny collection of poems all about one school. The verses cover such things as playtime, the school outing, French lessons, the three Rs, nicknames, best friends and a host of other familiar topics.
ISBN 9780140314946
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd, UK, 1999
Ahlberg, Allan
Image currently unavailable
Poetry to the rescue
A collection of amusing poems on everyday life. These funny, touching and thought-provoking poems depict the lives of young people at home, school and play with honesty through the eyes of the children.
ISBN 9780702233180
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2002
Herrick, Steven
Image currently unavailable
Poke in the I: A collection of concrete poems
A selection of poems to enchant the eyes and intellect. Striking and imaginative artworks illustrate the delightfully unravelling threads of words and sentences.
ISBN 9780744556568
Publisher Walker Books, 2001
Janeczko, Paul B (comp)
Image currently unavailable
Rhyme time around the year
Attractively presented poems and illustrations that focus on seasons, festivals and special days around the world.
ISBN 9780192762269
Publisher Oxford University Press, 2001
Foster, John & Thompson, Carol (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Runny babbit
A book of spoonerisms that kids will love. Zany, witty verse full of innovative topsy turvey language.
ISBN 9780060256531
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2005
Silverstein, Shel
Image currently unavailable
Sail away: the ballad of Skip and Nell
A tale of two young dingoes who set out on a log to see the America's Cup yacht race in Fremantle WA, and take the long way round.
ISBN 9781865049519
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2006
Fox, Mem & Lofts, Pamela (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Scribbly gum secrets
Who drew on those tree trunks? Charlie asked Max. They'll be in big trouble if Mummy sees that! Join four children on a walk through the bush as they make all sorts of wild discoveries.
ISBN 9781925804485
Publisher Ford Street Publishing, 2020
Patterson, Dannika & Forward, Megan (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Silly verse for kids
One of many Milligan classics, rich with his zany sense of humour and illustrated with his own quirky art.
ISBN 9780140303315
Publisher Puffin UK, 1968
Milligan, Spike
Image currently unavailable
Spider bought a bicycle and other poems for young children, A
A quirky anthology from playground rhymes to Shakespeare, including new, old, multicultural, funny, sad, thoughtful, short, long and classic poems.
ISBN 9780753410479
Publisher Kingfisher, 2005
Topics / Poetry /
Rosen, Michael & Moore, Inga (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Teacher alligator
A variety of animals with a very positive attitude to attending school are featured in this book of poetry that explores school life in verse. There are a whole host of animal characters from Mr Dragon, the Headmaster, to Miss Poodle, the French teacher.
ISBN 9780747547600
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2001
Charles, Faustin & Wojtowycz, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
There's something weird about Lena
There was a new girl called Lena, Who laughed like a wicked hyena. She was really extreme, Had a terrible scream. She really couldn't get any meaner!
ISBN 9781760651503
Publisher Walker Books, 2020
Cohen, Sigi & Foley, James (ill)
Image currently unavailable
This is the mountain
Discover Mt Kilimanjaro in East Africa and the significance it has for the wildlife that lives within its shadow, on its slopes and high on its peak.
ISBN 9781845079840
Publisher Frances Lincoln, 2011
Moss, Miriam & Kennaway, Adrienne (ill)
Image currently unavailable
This is the reef
The Great Barrier Reef's environs and inhabitants, and the delicate relationship between the two, are explored in this unusual ecosystem. A prose poem with vibrant illustrations provides a glimpse into an unseen, underwater world.
ISBN 9781845076597
Publisher Walker Books, 2008
Moss, Miriam & Kennaway, Adrienne (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Thursday club, The: Animal poems
Every Thursday a group of animals meet in the forest to take turns telling rhyming stories. Their light-hearted verses are featured with illustrations of all the animals.
ISBN 9781858818313
Publisher Orion, 2002
Snell, Gordon & Flintoft, Anthony (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Treasury of poetry
A companion to 'Treasury of nursery rhymes', this appealing collection of familiar and unfamiliar verse is arranged into eight sections by theme with attractive illustrations.
ISBN 9780752535678
Publisher Parragon, 2000
Hedley, Alistair & Aldous, Kate
Image currently unavailable
Unreal, banana peel
An entertaining and humorous mix of poems, including nursery rhyme parodies and classics.
ISBN 9781741833102
Publisher Brolly Books, 2009
Factor, June & Viska, Peter (ill)
Image currently unavailable
When the war is over
Peace is a tissue blossom, a whisper on the wind. War may never truly end but there can be homecomings. This poem explores what happens when the guns stop snarling.
ISBN 9781460753026
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2019
French, Jackie & Spudvilas, Anne (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Wild about books
The animals at the zoo select their books and they all treat them in different ways. Comic, rhyming poetry tells about llamas reading while eating their llunches and unruly bears licking illustrations right off the page.
ISBN 9781845076122
Publisher Frances Lincoln, 2007
Sierra, Judy & Brown, Marc (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Wild symphony
Maestro Mouse is getting ready for one ginormous symphonic surprise! Can you figure out what he is up to? Can you spot the clues he's left behind on his adventure? Follow your guide, Maestro Mouse on his wild ride. You'll meet his friends who live in jungles, ponds, trees, fields and under seas. There are secret lessons just for you.
ISBN 9780241467916
Publisher Penguin, 2020
Brown, Dan & Batori, Susan (ill)
Image currently unavailable

Winner winner bin chicken dinner
"Buzz off, bin chicken, you stinky sensation! Find somewhere else for you dinner reservation!" Ibis is on the lookout for food, but she's not welcome anywhere! Until she spies the most amazing dinner of all...
ISBN 9781760978754
Series Bin Chicken series (5 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2021
Temple, Kate & Jol & Ghosh, Ronojoy (Ill)
Image currently unavailable