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Achoo we're not well
When Harry catches a cold, Mum tucks him up in bed. But Harry is contagious and all his dinosaurs end up having to be treated in his dinosaur hospital.
ISBN 9780141501826
Publisher Puffin Australia, 2008
Whybrow, Ian & Reynolds, Adrian
Image currently unavailable
Adventures of Bert, The
Bert has all sorts of ridiculous adventures. He rescues a barking cardboard box from the river and is chased down the street by a giant sausage. Turn the page quietly so as not to wake Bert's baby.
ISBN 9780140567540
Publisher Puffin UK, 2002
Ahlberg, Allan & Briggs, Raymond (ill)
Image currently unavailable
It's nearly Cedric the dragon's bedtime. There's just time for his mum to read him his favourite book. Unfortunately for her, Cedric likes the story so much that he wants to hear it again and again and again, with incendiary consequences.
ISBN 9780230745360
Publisher MacMillan, 2011
Gravett, Emily
Image currently unavailable
Alice's magic garden
From the relentless clocks to the beastly students, Alice's world is void of colour and cheer--until she finds a secret garden and begins tending its wilting inhabitants. When Alice's love touches an ordinary caterpillar, a lorry bird, and a white rabbit, magical things will happen--and that, as you know, is just the beginning of the story. Filled with literary allusions and clever nods to its classic roots, Alice's Magic Garden is a delightful prequel that begs an escape to the whimsy of Wonderland.
ISBN 9781641700320
Publisher Familius, 2018
Herz, Henry & Hoopes, Natalie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
All the ways to be smart
Smart is not just ticks and crosses, smart is building boats from boxes, painting patterns, wheeling wagons, being mermaids, riding dragons. And nobody will ever do the very same smart things as you.
ISBN 9781925713435
Publisher Scribe Publications, 2018
Bell, Davina & Colpoys, Allison (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Alpha monsters
Journey through an amazing world of alphabet monsters to help A find his lost teddy.
ISBN 9781741697612
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2011
Kennett, Chris
Image currently unavailable
Angelina's halloween
Angelina and Alice are into Halloween and make firefly costumes. They have an adventurous time.
ISBN 9780140568707
Publisher Puffin UK, 2002
Holabird, Katharine & Craig, Helen (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Anno's magic seeds
A gift from a wizard makes Jack's fortune grow and grow by ones, twos, threes and more. An enchanting counting book with a moral.
ISBN 9780698116184
Publisher PaperStar books (Penguin Putnam), 1999
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Anno, Mitsumasa
Image currently unavailable
Arabella and the magic pencil
Arabella is a beloved only child who has everything a little girl could want. That is, until her brother, Avery, the master of mayhem, comes along. While she certainly loves him, she finds that it's sometimes very hard to like him. So she spends her days creating marvellous, magnificent things with her magic pencil, and trying to ignore him. But when he spoils her perfectly proper tea party, she decides drastic action is required and she erases him from her life. Oops! But things aren't the same without him... can she get him back?
ISBN 9781925820010
Publisher EK Books, 2019
Ward, Stephanie & Hyde, Shaney (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Sally's class is doing a science project. When Mrs Henshaw hands out the eggs for hatching, Sally knows that hers looks different. When the egg cracks, something green and scaly with big yellow eyes emerges. Argus isn't like the other chicks.
ISBN 9781406331370
Publisher Walker Books, 2011
Knudsen, Michelle & Wesson, Andrea (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Ayu and the perfect moon
In Bali, an old woman, Ayu, tells a story to three little girls. When she was a young girl, Ayu moved her feet as she performed the traditional Balinese dance, the Legong, as the full moon rose over the palms.
ISBN 9781921720222
Publisher Walker Books Australia Pty Ltd, 2011
Cox, David
Image currently unavailable
Bath monster
Bath time is fun until the plug is pulled and the monster comes out. But, monsters can become your friend.
ISBN 9780733612848
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (Australia), 2001
Danalis, John
Image currently unavailable
Bear hunt
A white bear has a magic pencil which he uses cleverly to draw ways to help him escape from hunters.
ISBN 9780140553567
Publisher Penguin, 1994
Browne, Anthony
Image currently unavailable
Bedtime for Frances
Frances is not yet tired. She needs a glass of milk, a piggyback, goodnight kisses and a room free of tigers, spiders and giants.
ISBN 9780099432456
Series Frances series (1 of 7)
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2002
Hoban, Russell
Image currently unavailable
Belinda the ninja ballerina
Belinda doesn't want to be a ballerina, she wants to be a ninja. Perhaps, she can be both at the same time.
ISBN 9781925272048
Publisher Ford Street Publishing, 2015
Baker, Candida & Vane, Mitch (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Benjamin Pillow in the Land of Nod
In Benjamin Pillow's dream, he rides through Nod's amazing dreamland. Follow him as he tries to rescue one of Nod's shining lights.
ISBN 9781921136016
Publisher Windy Hollow Books, 2006
Cooper, R P
Image currently unavailable
Beware the deep dark forest
Beware the deep, dark forest! You should never, ever go in there... Rosie has always followed this rule until the day her pup Tinky goes missing in the woods. So Rosie decides to trek into this dangerous, muddy place. But there are many obstacles along the way -- including a huge grey wolf, a scary ravine and a ferocious troll!
ISBN 9781742032344
Publisher Walker Books, 2018
Whiting, Sue & White, Annie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Big storm, The
The Dewdrop Babies are decorating the great hall with petals they've collected in the garden, but when Bluebell and the others get themselves into a huge mess with the sticky paste, they decide to go outside so the rain can wash them clean again, only to be caught in an enormous storm.
ISBN 9780552556521
Series Dewdrop series (8 books)
Publisher Random House Children's Books, 2008
MacCarthy, Patricia
Image currently unavailable
Bob the builder & the elves
Bob, the burly builder, has a problem. He is embarrassed when all his mates know that a horde of elves have come to invade his house and clean it up. Miss Lily helps him solve his problem.
ISBN 9780733314841
Publisher ABC Books, 2006
Rodda, Emily & Smith, Craig (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Every morning, Bogtrotter runs across the bog, up the bog, down the bog and around the bog until it's time to go home. Sometimes, he wishes things would change but he doesn't know how or what or why. Until one afternoon, when he picks a flower for the first time in his life.
ISBN 9781921977558
Publisher Walker Books Australia Pty Ltd, 2015
Wild, Margaret & Rossell, Judith (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Box of tricks
For her birthday, Eva is given a box. But, this is no ordinary box and Eva soon discovers that she's a magician who can conjure up all sorts of delights, some rather larger than others.
ISBN 9780224083447
Publisher Jonathan Cape, 2009
Cleminson, Katie
Image currently unavailable
Boy on the page, The
A small boy lands on the page and, quite by accident, discovers the joy and wonder of life.
ISBN 9781921928468
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2013
Carnavas, Peter
Image currently unavailable
By the light of the moon
Ivan's old house had always been so warm and friendly. But, his new house is strange and Ivan can't sleep. From his window, he sees a shimmering light land in the garden. It's a creature called Moji who takes Ivan on a fabulous night-time adventure, up high into space, bounding through starlit forests and down deep into the oceans. The magical Moji shows Ivan that, soon, the new house will feel like home.
ISBN 9781408852118
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2016
Percival, Tom
Image currently unavailable
Captain Sneer the buccaneer
Ahoy there, me hearties, meet Captain Sneer, he's a most boastful buccaneer. Captain Sneer and his hardy crew of buccaneers are in for adventure and a big surprise in this rollicking, rhyming treasure hunt.
ISBN 9781922179609
Publisher Walker Books, 2016
Morrison, Penny & Evans, Gabriel (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Carousel, The
A small girl and her dad go down to see the carousel and ride on the wooden horses. So begins the magical journey, a journey of music and mirrors, of green hills and sunlit skies, of wishes and freedom.
ISBN 9780670074624
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2011
Dubosarsky, Ursula & Di Qual, Walter (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Caspar and the night sea
While everyone is sleeping, a little boy and his dog embark on a sailing journey.
ISBN 9781922081629
Publisher Windy Hollow Books, 2016
Binks, Alison
Image currently unavailable
An imaginative story of princesses and pirates and a magical world.
ISBN 9780670041848
Publisher Penguin, 2005
Baillie, Allan & Magerl, Caroline (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Cat Balloon
Everyone tells Cat Balloon he'll never fly to the moon. But where there's a will there's a way. This enchanting picture book is about a cat who dared to dream.
ISBN 9781921361654
Publisher Fremantle Press, 2009
Morgan, Palo
Image currently unavailable
Cat called Kitty, A
Pete, the flying, purple pig meets Kitty, the cat, and, despite their differences, they become close friends.
ISBN 9780646459646
Series Pig called Pete series (2 of 5)
Publisher JoJo Publishing, 2006
Bowater, Alan & Pascoe, Pete (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Cheer up your teddy bear, Emily Brown
Emily Brown and her side-kick rabbit, Stanley, are on a mission to cheer up one very unhappy teddy bear. But, no matter what they try, the teddy bear is still miserable. Emily Brown has had enough.
ISBN 9781408308486
Publisher Orchard Books, 2011
Cowell, Cressida & Layton, Neal (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Child of books, A
A little girl sails her raft across a sea of words, arriving at a small boy's house. She calls him away on an adventure and, through forests of fairy tales and across mountains of make-believe, they travel together on a fantastical journey, which unlocks the boy's imagination.
ISBN 9780763690779
Publisher Walker Books, 2016
Jeffers, Oliver
Image currently unavailable
Classic books with holes series
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Classic books with holes series (21 books)
Edmunds, Kate (ill)
No book cover.
Albert is high in the mountains when he falls over a cliff. Just in time, Albert is saved by the Cloud Children who, with some magic words, make him light and airy. Albert has a wonderful time until something reminds him of his own little bed.
ISBN 9780224045810
Publisher Jonathan Cape, 1996
Burningham, John
Image currently unavailable
Clown is one of several toys tossed out with the rubbish. He dusts himself off and gets on with life. The story of clown is told wordlessly in true mime tradition.
ISBN 9780805043990
Publisher Henry Holt & Co, 1996
Blake, Quentin
Image currently unavailable
Cow called Carlotta, A
Pete, the flying, purple pig becomes friends with a tap-dancing cow, Carlotta, but he wants to change her. Pete realises that it's better to accept friends as they are.
ISBN 9780980321647
Series Pig called Pete series (4 of 5)
Publisher JoJo Publishing, 2007
Bowater, Alan & Pascoe, Pete (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Dance is for everyone
An alligator dancing ballet? When the reptile takes her place at the barre, Mrs Iraina and her dancers are very surprised. But since they can't communicate with the alligator, and she is able to follow along, they just decide to name her Tanya and let her stay. (Would YOU say no to a 450-pound alligator?) Mrs Iraina even creates a special ballet to showcase Tanya's larger-than-life talents . . . and super-swishy tail. Then, without warning, Tanya disappears.
ISBN 9781454921141
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2018
Zuill, Andrea
Image currently unavailable
Dance of the sugar plum fairy
Marcus and Mary make the finest, sweetest-smelling candy. When the King has a taste, he decides to order more than they can possibly make. But, help is at hand to meet the ever-increasing orders from the King. While you read, listen to the music of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy on the accompanying CD.
ISBN 9781921042621
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2009
Whiting, Sue & Davis, Sarah (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Dave & Violet
Violet's best friend is Dave, the dragon. Dave is very friendly and helpful, but he is also very shy. And, whenever he meets other people, he simply goes red and spouts flames, scaring them away. Despite Violet's help, Dave wonders if he will ever fit in. But, one day, his special abilities come to the rescue in a damp situation.
ISBN 9781847801579
Publisher Frances Lincoln, 2011
Adams, Sarah
Image currently unavailable
Dear Fairy Godmother
All the best-loved fairytale characters are here and they all have a different problem. There's the pesky girl who keeps eating little bear's porridge and the wolf who just won't leave Little Red Riding Hood alone. They write letters to the Fairy Godmother, asking for advice. Read her responses and lift the flap to see Fairy Godmother's ingenious solutions to their predicaments.
ISBN 9781406325577
Publisher Walker Books, 2011
Rosen, Michael & Sharratt, Nick (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Deep, The
Alice and her family live by the sea and, although she can swim well, Alice is terrified of deep water. She yearns to join her parents, brothers and pet dog playing in the sea. It takes some friendly dolphins to begin chipping away at Alice's fear.
ISBN 9781863682107
Publisher Sandcastle, 1999
Winton, Tim & Louise, Karen (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Delilah's dream
Delilah isn't like other hens. Her head is full of all sorts of dreams about life beyond the farmyard gate. Most of all, she dreams of soaring higher than the eagles and touching the clouds. One day, when a fox enters the chook yard, Delilah must act quickly.
ISBN 9781921042232
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2009
Trevaskis, Ian & Dawson, Janine (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Derek the dinosaur
Derek wishes he could be as fearsome and frightening as his brothers. He soon finds out that his skills will save the day.
ISBN 9781862911413
Publisher Omnibus Books, 2008
Blackwood, Mary & Argent, Kerry (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Dewdrop series
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Dewdrop series (8 books)
MacCarthy, Patricia
No book cover.
Dinosaur called Tiny, A
Tiny is such a small dinosaur that the other dinosaurs say he can't play their games. But, Tiny finds a way to show he's bigger than he looks.
ISBN 9780007233908
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2008
Durant, Alan & Simpson, Jo (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Three little dinosaurs are trying to wake their sleepy Mum but nothing seems to work. She just snores and snores, and the dinosaurs need your help.
Publisher Andersen Press Ltd, 2009
Bendall-Brunello, John---
No book cover.
Dog biscuit
When hungry Bridget steals and eats a dog biscuit, it doesn't taste too bad. But, when Mrs Blair tells her that she'll turn into a dog, Bridget starts to worry because dog biscuits are meant for dogs, not people.
ISBN 9780385609302
Publisher Doubleday, 2008
Cooper, Helen
Image currently unavailable
Dragon mode
A mischievous but loveable boy changes his behaviour according to whether he is in boy or dragon mode.
ISBN 9781921042577
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2007
Odgers, Sally
Image currently unavailable
Dragon's lie, The
A small boy is surprised to find a dragon in a cage at the zoo. He wonders why this once powerful, fire breathing creature is lying miserably in a cage. He discovers that it's not just bars that limit freedom. Manga style.
ISBN 9780733325229
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2010
Lardner, Kym & Lardner, Oliver (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Dream bird, The
George is a day child. He rollicks and romps in the light. But at night, George just can't seem to get to sleep. That is, until Gran tells him a bedtime story about a magical bird who sings children to sleep. Will the Dream bird's magic work on George?
ISBN 9781925563337
Publisher Wombat Books, 2018
Darlison, Aleesah & Middleton, Emma (ill)
Image currently unavailable
We are the dream and the dreamers; the song spinners and the rainbow dancers. Use your imagination.
ISBN 9781922089700
Publisher Fremantle Press, 2015
Kwaymullina, Ezekiel & Morgan, Sally (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Dry bones
Let's connect those dry bones. This traditional African-American spiritual helps you connect those dry bones and learn about parts of the body.
ISBN 9781846431081
Series Classic books with holes series (21 books)
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2007
Edmunds, Kate (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Egg, The
A friendly dragon appears from a very large egg hatched by George's mother's favourite chicken. The dragon thinks George is its mother and George takes on the role of teaching the infant suitable 'dragonly' ways. Eventually the dragon is lonely and needs to be with its own kind.
ISBN 9781845077990
Publisher Frances Lincoln, 2007
Robertson, M P
Image currently unavailable
Ellie's dragon
When Ellie is very little, she finds a newborn dragon fresh from the egg on a supermarket shelf and calls him Scratch. He is quite the sweetest thing she has ever seen! From that day on, Ellie and Scratch do everything together. Ellie's mum and her teacher can't see her fiery friend, but all her friends can - and, over the years, Ellie's dragon grows to be big, house-trained, and very affectionate. And Ellie grows, too.
ISBN 9781406387629
Publisher Walker Books, 2020
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Emily Brown and the Thing
Emily Brown and her old grey rabbit, Stanley, are trying to sleep but a noise is keeping them awake. When they find the Thing crying on the windowsill, Emily and Stanley begin trying to find out what he needs for a happy night's sleep.
ISBN 9781846166945
Publisher Orchard Books, 2007
Cowell, Cressida & Layton, Neal (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Even superheroes have bad days
When Superheroes don't get their way, when they're sad, when they're mad, when they've had a bad day...they could super-tantrum, they could but they don't, because real Superheroes just wouldn't - they won't!
ISBN 9781454913948
Series Even superheroes have bad days series (99 books)
Publisher Sterling Publishing Co, 2018
Becker, Shelly & Kaban, Eda (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Even superheroes make mistakes
When superheroes are not up to speed, when they slip up, and trip up, and fail to succeed, they could hang their heads down, they could, but they don't! Because real superheroes just wouldn't, they won't!
ISBN 9781454927037
Series Even superheroes have bad days series (99 books)
Publisher Sterling Publishing Co, 2018
Becker, Shelly & Kaban, Eda (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Excuse me, Santa!
Martha May has marvellous manners, especially at Christmas. She writes very neat cards and gives very thoughtful gifts... and she never forgets to leave yummy snacks for Santa Claus and his reindeer! But what will happen when Martha May gives Santa a giant pudding?!
ISBN 9781742997896
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2018
Hughes, Dave & Ife, Holly & Bunting, Philip (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Fairytale cake, The
A cheerful rhyme about preparing, decorating and delivering a huge birthday cake.
ISBN 9781904442691
Publisher The Chicken House, 2005
Langley, Jonathan
Image currently unavailable
Firefly forest
Discover the magic! There's more to this forest than some choose to see, this magical place can set your heart free. Follow the glow of the fireflies to an enchanted space inhabited by unseen creatures. Who do you think lives there? Fairies or gnomes or pixies?
ISBN 9781250122636
Publisher Pan MacMillan, 2018
Frampton, Robyn & Heath, Mike (ill)
Image currently unavailable
First adventures of Princess Peony, The: In which she could meet a bear. But doesn't. But she still could
Once upon a time there was a dear little girl called Peony. That's P.E.O.N.Y. And it's me. I live in a Castle with my Dragon whose name is Totts. That's T.O.T.T.S And that makes me a Princess if you really want to know.
ISBN 9781760650445
Publisher Walker Books, 2018
Hilton, Nette & Gifford, Lucinda (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Flip-up fairy tales series
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Flip-up fairy tales series (28 books)
No book cover.
Flying orchestra, The
This whimsical, beautifully illustrated book explores the concept that there is a magical orchestra that performs the soundtrack of our lives, and is always there to highlight meaning in even the most mundane of moments, no matter the time or place.
ISBN 9780702237041
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2010
McFadden, Clare
Image currently unavailable
Foggy, foggy forest, The
Innovative, picture book with ingenious, transparent pages inspiring the young listener to try to imagine what might be in the foggy, foggy forest from its intriguing shadow. Lots of familiar storybook characters are out in the dark woods today. Turn the page and see if your imagination is wilder than that of illustrator, Nick Sharratt.
ISBN 9781406303377
Publisher Walker Books, 2008
Sharratt, Nick
Image currently unavailable
Frances series
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Frances series (7 books)
Hoban, Russell
No book cover.
Freddie and the fairy
Freddie is delighted when he meets a fairy who offers to grant his every wish. But Bessie-Belle can't hear very well, and all Freddie's wishes come out wrong. Whatever can they do?
ISBN 9780330511186
Publisher MacMillan, 2010
Donaldson, Julia & George, Karen (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Good knight, sleep tight
The young prince has a new baby sister who won't stop crying. A brave and loyal knight embarks on a quest to find the fluffiest and softest pillow in the land.
ISBN 9780340860939
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (UK), 2006
Melling, David
Image currently unavailable
Feeling neglected because her parents are pre-occupied with their own problems, Hannah is a lonely girl who uses her imagination to bring her toy gorilla to life on the night before her birthday.
ISBN 9780744594393
Publisher Walker Books, 2002
Browne, Anthony
Image currently unavailable
Great dragon rescue, The
George needs to think of a clever scheme to rescue the baby dragon and reunite it with its dad.
ISBN 9781845073794
Publisher Frances Lincoln, 2007
Robertson, M P
Image currently unavailable
Gruffalo's child, The
The Gruffalo's child goes hunting for the Big Bad Mouse, with a scaly tail, eyes like pools of fire and whiskers tougher than wire.
ISBN 9781405020466
Publisher MacMillan, 2010
Donaldson, Julia & Scheffler, Axel (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Gruffalo, The
Told in satisfying rhyme and beautifully illustrated, this is the story of a clever mouse who evades being eaten by inventing a terrifying friend to frighten his would-be predators. But, mouse's fictional friend might be very real and not so very friendly.
ISBN 9780333710937
Publisher MacMillan, 2004
Donaldson, Julia & Scheffler, Axel (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Grug at the snow
I wonder who is dashing through the snow on a homemade sleigh.
ISBN 9780731813971
Series Grug series (34 books)
Publisher Simon & Schuster (Australia) Limited, 2009
Prior, Ted
Image currently unavailable
Grug series
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Grug series (34 books)
Prior, Ted
No book cover.
Harold and the purple crayon
"One evening, after thinking it over for some time, Harold decided to go for a walk in the moonlight." Armed only with an oversized purple crayon, young Harold draws himself a landscape full of wonder and excitement.
ISBN 9780007464371
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2012
Johnson, Crockett
Image currently unavailable
Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs
When Harry helps Nan clear out the attic, little does he realise how important the toy dinosaurs will be. Harry and his dinosaurs go everywhere together. But one day, Harry accidentally leaves the dinosaurs on the train.
ISBN 9780670915149
Publisher Puffin Australia, 2008
Whybrow, Ian & Reynolds, Adrian
Image currently unavailable
Have you seen my dragon
A young boy has lost his dragon. In the big, busy city, among the taxis and towers, the dragon must be somewhere. So the boy goes looking for one dragon. Perhaps it stopped for a hot dog (the boy has two of them) or rode into town on the bus (the boy sees three of these). And so the story goes. At each stop along the boy's search, the numbers grow from one to twenty.
ISBN 9781406353815
Publisher Walker Books, 2014
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Light, Steve
Image currently unavailable
Hello world
Mr and Mrs Mo are busy painting the house and the monster is bored, until he gets a grand idea. He's off to see the world. But, his adventure becomes bigger than he expected and the monster wishes Mrs Mo had come after all, and with some sandwiches.
ISBN 9781927271995
Publisher Gecko Press, 2015
Beavis, Paul
Image currently unavailable
Helping little star
Little Star has fallen off the edge of the night sky. He wants to return home to the Moon and hopes that Python, Dingo or Kangaroo can help him.
ISBN 9781921977770
Publisher Walker Books, 2013
Morgan, Sally & Kwaymullina, Blaze (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Hold on tight
A little girl explores the possibilities of being blown away, riding the leaves, chasing fairies, bouncing on clouds, being caught in raindrops.
ISBN 9781742833491
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2013
Acton, Sara
Image currently unavailable
How do dinosaurs eat their food
Ten different dinosaur species behave just like some children do at mealtimes - burping, spitting, spilling or playing with their food.
ISBN 9780007216086
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2006
Yolen, Jane & Teague, Mark (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Hubble bubble granny trouble
A bespectacled little girl has a most unusual grandma. She's a witch, complete with spells, cats, bats, frogs and a pointy hat. Sometimes, the little girl wishes her granny was, well, a bit more normal.
ISBN 9780857630278
Publisher Nosy Crow Ltd, 2011
Corderoy, Tracey & Berger, Joe (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Hunting for dragons
Dragons are everywhere, if you know where to look. A little girl sees dragons everywhere and is sure there is one living in her house. She puts on her dragon-hunting armour and sets out looking for clues to help her find the mysterious creature.
ISBN 9781741693294
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2010
Whatley, Bruce
Image currently unavailable
I could be a superhero
Murphy, the dog, wonders what he will be when he grows up. He thinks about being a tennis player, a chef, an astronaut or even a superhero. His owner knows just what he will be.
ISBN 9781921272646
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2008
Hornsey, Chris & Perkins, Gwyn (ill)
Image currently unavailable
I don't believe in dragons
When Miss May tells the children she sees a dragon, her kindergarten class reacts in different ways. Some are intrigued, some are surprised and some are scared. But, Jack says he doesn't believe in dragons. When Emma wonders where the dragon is, Jack reminds her there isn't any such thing.
ISBN 9781741693423
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2010
Walker, Anna
Image currently unavailable
I got a chicken for my birthday
What a birthday girl wants more than anything from her Abuela are tickets to the amusement park. Instead she gets a chicken. But this chicken is no ordinary chicken; it has plans! With a lot of hard work, and help from lots of other animals, this chicken may just end up building the girl the best birthday gift ever!
ISBN 9781512431308
Publisher Carolrhoda Books, 2018
Gehl, Laura & Horne, Sarah (ill)
Image currently unavailable
I love Christmas
Ollie loves wrapping presents, making decorations and listening for Santa's sleigh bells.
ISBN 9781741693317
Series I love series (11 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2009
Walker, Anna
Image currently unavailable
I love series
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series I love series (11 books)
Walker, Anna
No book cover.
I need my monster
When Ethan's regular bed time monster decides to go on holidays, Ethan can't sleep without Gabe's ragged breathing and claw-scratching. Substitute monsters line up to take Gabe's place but none of them are scary enough to help Ethan get to sleep. Ethan wonders how he will be able to sleep.
ISBN 9780979974625
Publisher Flashlight Press, 2009
Noll, Amanda & McWilliam, Howard (ill)
Image currently unavailable
I took the moon for a walk
When the day has ended and everyone else has fallen asleep, a young boy embarks on an adventure with his friend, the Moon. Their unusual journey is described in a magical story celebrating the serene beauty of the world at night.
ISBN 9781841486024
Publisher Barefoot books, 2004
Curtis, Carolyn & Jay, Alison (ill)
Image currently unavailable
I wanna be a great big dinosaur
A little boy desperately wants to become a great big dinosaur. When a real-life dinosaur hears his wish and begins to show him what it takes, perhaps the dinosaur can learn a thing or two about what it takes to be a little boy.
ISBN 9781743626009
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2015
McKenzie, Heath
Image currently unavailable
I wish I had a dinosaur
A little girl sits on her balcony, in a modern apartment block by the sea, dreaming of all the things she could do if she had a dinosaur.
ISBN 9781865046068
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2004
Anggabrata, Ian & Anggawan, Mingga & Sheehan, Peter (ill)
Image currently unavailable
I'm green and I'm grumpy
Children dress up in all sorts of fancy dress costumes, including a witch and a dinosaur. You have to guess who is wearing what by following a series of clues.
ISBN 9780140544787
Publisher Penguin, 1993
Lester, Alison
Image currently unavailable
I'm not scared
Baby Owl is not scared of the dark and he shouldn't be, that's when owls are supposed to be about. But, all the do-gooders Baby Owl meets are starting to scare his favourite toy, Owly. Dad will have to come to the rescue.
ISBN 9780864617286
Publisher Koala Books, 2007
Allen, Jonathan
Image currently unavailable
I'm number one
The toy soldier takes command of the other toys, with unexpected results.
ISBN 9781406314656
Publisher Walker Books, 2009
Rosen, Michael & Graham, Bob (ill)
Image currently unavailable
If I had an elephant
If I had an elephant for a best friend, there're be no stopping us. We'd get matching jackets. We'd build a time machine together. We'd have an OUT OF THIS WORLD adventures... IF I had an elephant.
ISBN 9781775434764
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2017
Fairgray, Richard & Jones, Terry (ill)
Image currently unavailable
If I ran the circus
Morris McGurk dreams of staging the world's most tremendous and stupendous show.
ISBN 9780007169900
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2003
Seuss, Dr
Image currently unavailable
If I were you
When a father and his daughter imagine what it would be like to be one another, a crazy adventure begins.
ISBN 9780747587576
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2009
Hamilton, Richard & Cole, Babette (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Two children imagine places and picture all the animals they would meet there. Some of the imaginary places include being deep in the jungle, under the sea, in a land of ice and snow, among steaming swamps and marshes.
ISBN 9781863732628
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 1992
Lester, Alison
Image currently unavailable
In my dreams
A child's dream takes him on a fantastic journey as he sleeps at night. He finds fruit flavoured rainbows, makes mischief with monkeys, floats on marshmallow clouds, flies his dragon to faraway places and chases the night shadows away.
ISBN 9781925594928
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2020
Gemmill, Stef & Stephani, Tanja (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Little Georgie is the youngest and, sometimes, this means that Max and Harriet forget about her. But, Georgie is unfazed. She's armed with a big imagination and soon gets the attention of her neglectful siblings.
ISBN 9781760125257
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2016
Hathorn, Libby & Chapman, Gaye (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Incredible book eating boy, The
Henry loved books but not like you and I love books. He loved to eat them, all sorts. It made him incredibly clever until he discovered that libraries were being decimated.
ISBN 9780007182275
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2007
Jeffers, Oliver
Image currently unavailable
Incurable imagination, The
Audrey has the worst case of imagination her teachers have ever seen. While other children paint their families, Audrey paints the ogre who lives under bed drinking tea. What's worse, her condition is contagious and soon the other kids in her class start showing symptoms that appear equally incurable. As the dreaded imagination spreads, the teachers are horrified and the parents begin to protest too. But perhaps it isn't such a bad disease to have after all?
ISBN 9781925335972
Publisher EK Books, 2019
Russell, Paul & Aska (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Isabella's bed
At Grandma's house, Anna and Luis always sleep in Isabella's bed. It has interesting, silver pieces on the bed-head but the middle piece has disappeared. One night, Anna and Luis go on a magical journey and discover what the pieces mean and why the middle one is missing.
ISBN 9780733622717
Publisher Hachette Children's Books, 2008
Lester, Alison
Image currently unavailable
It's a miroocool
Audrey lives in the outback and, when she loses her first tooth, she's worried that the tooth fairy will never find her. She decides to make it as easy as possible by leaving a map and various trails for the tooth fairy.
ISBN 9781921541018
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2012
Harris, Christine & James, Ann (ill)
Image currently unavailable
It's my birthday
Billy is reluctant to share his birthday presents with the other little monsters but, then, something happens to make him change his mind.
ISBN 9780370326429
Publisher Bodley Head, 1999
Hutchins, Pat
Image currently unavailable
Jacaranda magic
Five friends are feeling bored on a hot sticky day. Just when they think they'll never find anything fun to play, a simple gust of wind changes everything.
ISBN 9781925804010
Publisher Ford Street Publishing, 2018
Patterson, Dannika & Forward, Megan (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Jeremy's tail
Jeremy, blindfolded and on his way to pin the tail on the donkey, takes a circuitous route that carries him far away, over the ocean and into space.
ISBN 9780868965888
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2001
Ball, Duncan & Rawlins, Donna (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Jolly postman or other peoples' letters, The
The Jolly Postman delivers cards and letters to various fairy-tale characters. He has a letter of apology for the three bears from Goldilocks, a postcard from Jack for the giant, and a letter for the wolf, written for Little Red Riding Hood, and more.
ISBN 9780670886241
Publisher Viking Children's, 1999
Ahlberg, Janet & Allan
Image currently unavailable
Journey home, The
One day, Wild and Woolly dig such a big hole in their sandpit that they fall through to the North Pole. They set out on their journey home, visiting interesting houses and characters along the way.
ISBN 9780340605424
Publisher Hodder Headline Australia Pty Ltd, 2005
Lester, Alison
Image currently unavailable
High above the city, the Quigs leap and bound about the towers, jumping fearlessly. Day by day they become bolder and more daring. But what if you were a Quig and were afraid of the great empty spaces? What if you were afraid ..... to JUMP?
ISBN 9781925804461
Publisher Ford Street Publishing, 2020
Plant, Andrew
Image currently unavailable
Jumpy Jack & Googily
Googily is the brave, best friend of Jumpy Jack, a very nervous snail who is afraid of monsters and thinks they are everywhere. Googily checks high and low to make sure Jumpy Jack is always safe because Googily is never scared of monsters, especially as they are imaginary. But, then again.
ISBN 9780141502410
Publisher Puffin Australia, 2008
Rosoff, Meg & Blackall, Sophie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Kaito's cloth
Kaito visits the Lord of Flight and weeps when she finds that the beautiful summer butterflies have all died. To honour them and commemorate the magic of flight, Kaito weaves a special wing sewn with spider's silk.
ISBN 9781865048451
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2006
Millard, Glenda & Chapman, Gaye (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Kaya's heart song
Kaya is looking for her heart song - the song that happy hearts sing. Her search takes her on a journey deep into the jungle where a broken down carousel waits for a very special song to make it turn again.
ISBN 9781911373223
Publisher Lantana Publishing, 2018
Sanders, Diwa Tharan, & Canzi, Nerina (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Laura's star
Laura is often lonely and longs for a friend of her own. One night, Laura sees a falling star. She mends its broken tip and tenderly puts it on the pillow beside her. She tells it all her secrets and believes that she has found a friend at last.
ISBN 9780864611321
Publisher Koala Books, 1998
Baumgart, Klaus
Image currently unavailable
Leonardo's dream
Leonardo, the penguin, has a dream, he wants to fly. The other penguins laugh at him but Leonardo does not give up.
ISBN 9780735819276
Publisher North South Books, 2004
De Beer, Hans & Miller, Marisa (trans)
Image currently unavailable
Library lion
A lion suddenly appears in a public library, but its presence is unexpectedly tolerated by the busy staff, so long as no one breaks any library rules. The illustrations offer clues as to the lion's origins, not mentioned in the written text.
ISBN 9781406305678
Publisher Walker Books, 2008
Knudsen, Michelle & Hawkes, Kevin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Lilli-Pilli the frog princess
Lilli-Pilli is the loveliest of her royal siblings, albeit with frogs' legs. As with all fairytale princesses, the finding of a suitable husband for Lilli-Pilli is paramount for the King and Queen, and her supreme jumping skills don't hold much sway. Princess lessons in fencing, horse riding and ballroom dancing all come to nothing due to Lilli-Pilli's frogs' legs, with suitors falling by the wayside.
ISBN 9781741696202
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2010
Farrer, Vashti & Swan, Owen (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Lily and the fairy house
Lily knows that fairies live near the gum tree. She has created a fairy house and, now, Lily's preparing a fairy party.
ISBN 9780670075102
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2012
Tanner, Jane
Image currently unavailable
Ling Li's lantern
This beautiful picture book tells the story of Da Zhi and his three children. To test their wisdom, Da Zhi sends them on a quest. Jingming and Miao make excellent choices, but it seems Ling Li is too distracted by the activities of the markets to make a choice that will please her father. The story is a lovely depiction of how kindness matters and that true wisdom comes from your heart.
ISBN 9781925227673
Publisher MidnightSun Publishing, 2020
Heron, Steve & Johnson, Benjamin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Little dragon, The
A tiny sneeze, a puff of smoke, a washing line and a major disaster.
ISBN 9780670028740
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2011
Fox, Mem & Harvey, Roland (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Little elephants
The wheat is ripe but the harvester is broken and a plague of locusts is on the way. It looks as if Jim and his mother may lose the farm. But, when Jim show kindness to a stranger, their fortunes are set to change in the most surprising way imaginable.
ISBN 9780670076475
Publisher Puffin Australia, 2012
Base, Graeme
Image currently unavailable
Little mermaid, The
Retold from the original tale, this traditional story will captivate readers with its delightful illustrations and lift-up flaps.
ISBN 9781846433252
Series Flip-up fairy tales series (28 books)
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2009
Barella, Laura (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Little Miss Muffet counts to ten
In the original nursery rhyme, the spider frightened Miss Muffet away. Well, not this time. The spider asks her to stay and, to be polite, she does. And then come the animals - two, three, four, five - bearing gifts, delicacies and decorations.
ISBN 9781842709559
Publisher Andersen Press Ltd, 2009
Chichester Clark, Emma
Image currently unavailable
Little red riding hood
A retelling of the much-loved fairy tale, with surprises under each lift-up flap.
ISBN 9781904550228
Series Flip-up fairy tales series (28 books)
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2004
Stockham, Jess (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Littlest dinosaur and the naughty rock, The
The littlest dinosaur is in a bad mood. He sulks, shouts and throws his food on the ground. When he's sent to the naughty rock, he gets a bit of a surprise and some very helpful advice on how to handle his sulkiness.
ISBN 9781408802663
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2010
Reid, Camilla & Foreman Michael (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Lizzie's list
Lizzie loves making clothes for her friends and neighbours. Even some of the larger animals in the woods want Lizzie to make them some clothes and, with a little help, she can reach high enough to take their measurements.
ISBN 9781905606276
Publisher Myriad Books Limited, 2004
Walter, Nadine & Greban, Quentin
Image currently unavailable
Look, a book
In a dreary, underprivileged, contemporary world, two ragamuffins stumble across a book in the dust and their world begins to change. The familiar becomes fantastical, the mundane becomes magical and a fractured community finds a focus.
ISBN 9781921541803
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2011
Gleeson, Libby & Blackwood, Freya (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Lost library, The
When Oliver finds a lost library book in his new bedroom, he decides to return it. But how do you find a mysterious hidden library? With the help of a new friend, of course . . .
ISBN 9781760892715
Publisher Puffin Australia, 2020
McGeachin, Jess
Image currently unavailable
Lost stars, The
The world is busy, bright and full of noise, powered by electricity. The stars are fed up and decide to take a holiday. No-one notices until the power fails and the search is on to find the missing stars.
ISBN 9781846434167
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2011
Cumming, Hannah
Image currently unavailable
Magic donkey ride, The
Treacle is a donkey who lives on a farm and is close friends with Flinny. One night, Flinny discovers that Treacle is no ordinary donkey.
ISBN 9781841219240
Publisher Orchard Books, 2002
Andreae, Giles & Cabban, Vanessa (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Magic hat, The
People take on the characteristics of animals, with the help of the magic hat. The story is told in the pictures as well as in the text.
ISBN 9781865044620
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2002
Fox, Mem & Tusa, Tricia (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Magician's apprentice, The
Step into the magical world of this traditional fairy tale, complete with flip up surprises!
ISBN 9781846433702
Series Flip-up fairy tales series (28 books)
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2011
Edgson, Alison
Image currently unavailable
Maisy series
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Maisy series (44 books)
Cousins, Lucy
No book cover.
Maisy's bus
Maisy, the mouse, picks up her friends at the bus stops.
ISBN 9780744572780
Series Maisy series (44 books)
Publisher Walker Books, 2000
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Cousins, Lucy
Image currently unavailable
Maisy's Halloween
Join Maisy for Halloween.
ISBN 9781844286867
Series Maisy series (44 books)
Publisher Walker Books, 2004
Cousins, Lucy
Image currently unavailable
Maisy's rainbow dream
Join Maisy on her wonderful dream.
ISBN 9780763621957
Series Maisy series (44 books)
Publisher Candlewick Press, 2007
Cousins, Lucy
Image currently unavailable
In a land far away, where fairies, pixies and elves live deep in the woods, a baby girl is born. Her parents call her Mamie. Mamie loves to sing and dance and paint with her magical woodland friends. Her days are like a fairy tale. But when Mamie's family move to Australia, she misses green fields drenched with rain. The hot skies and dusty plains of her new home turn Mamie's world upside down. Will she ever find new fairy friends in this strange and beautiful land?
ISBN 9781460755860
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2018
McCartney, Tania
Image currently unavailable
Man whose mother was a pirate, The
This is the story of Sam, an accountant and his first trip to the seaside with his ex-pirate mother.
ISBN 9780140554304
Publisher Penguin, 1996
Mahy, Margaret
Image currently unavailable
Maple the Brave
Maple lived deep in the forest, in a treehouse, nestled high above the ground. No one knew how she got there or where she came from, but nevertheless, there she was.
ISBN 9781925381924
Publisher Walker Books, 2019
Harris, Chloe Jasmine
Image currently unavailable
Meg and Mog
We meet Meg the well-meaning witch, her cat, Mog, and her owl, called Owl. Not all Meg's spells turn out as expected.
ISBN 9780140501179
Publisher Puffin UK, 1975
Nicoll, Helen & Pienkowski, Jan (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Meg on the moon
Mog wants a birthday treat so Meg and Mog go to the moon in a flying saucer.
ISBN 9780140501209
Publisher Puffin UK, 1976
Nicoll, Helen & Pienkowski, Jan (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Meg up the creek
Meg, Mog and Owl go out in their canoe to hunt for supper. They can't find any thing to eat so Meg makes a powerful spell and they get more than they bargained for.
ISBN 9780140568936
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd, UK, 2002
Nicoll, Helen & Pienkowski, Jan (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Melowy: Dreams come true
Melowies are small pegasuses born with hidden magic powers. Somewhere behind the clouds is the Castle of Destiny where Melowies find friends, learn courage and learn what they are meant to be.
ISBN 9781338151749
Publisher Scholastic US, 2018
Star, Danielle
Image currently unavailable
Melowy: Song of the moon
The Medowies, young pegasuses, are putting on a school musical. One Medowy, Selena, doesn't want to participate so her friends try and help her overcome her nerves.
ISBN 9781338151763
Publisher Scholastic US, 2018
Star, Danielle
Image currently unavailable
When a day at the beach reveals Lena's secret worries, her smile goes away. Even ice cream doesn't make it better! So Luka sets out to find something - or someone - to help...a beautiful mermaid!
ISBN 9781925870282
Publisher Affirm Press, 2018
Hutchings, Maggie & Orsini, Cheryl (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Midnight babies
At midnight, when absolutely anything can happen, Baby Brenda escapes through the cat door to romp with the other neighbourhood babies at the Midnight Cafe.
ISBN 9780618104123
Publisher Clarion Books, 2001
Wild, Margaret & James, Ann (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Midnight feast, The
The cheeky babies from The Midnight Gang are back. Baby Brenda and her gang meet up with Baby Mario and his gang at The Midnight Cafe for a wild time of dancing, playing and feasting.
ISBN 9780733307898
Publisher ABC Books, 1999
Wild, Margaret & James, Ann (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Minty and Tink
When searching for a birthday present for her baby brother, Minty finds a tiny, toy bear who can talk. Instantly, they become the very best of friends and Minty decides that she does not want to give Tink away to her little brother.
ISBN 9781842707203
Publisher Andersen Press Ltd, 2009
Chichester Clark, Emma
Image currently unavailable
Miracle of the little wooden duck, The
Once upon a time, there was a little wooden duck that sat on the windowsill of Annie's bedroom. Every day, Annie stroked the little green duck, wishing it could see and hear and speak to her. But, the little green wooden duck continued to sit silently on the windowsill until, one day, a great gust of wind blew it into the river.
ISBN 9781921504129
Publisher Working Title Press, 2010
Wild, Margaret & Huxley, Dee (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Monster chef
Marcel was a monster who was lumpy and grumpy and just not scary. But one day, Marcel discovers that his cooking can give kids a fright, so his perfect new job begins.
ISBN 9781742838250
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2014
Bland, Nick
Image currently unavailable
Monster who ate darkness, The
Jo-Jo is afraid of the dark, so a monster comes and eats all of the darkness until there is none left. Perhaps Jo-Jo will be able to sleep now.
ISBN 9781406308679
Publisher Walker Books, 2008
Dunbar, Joyce & Liao, Jimmy (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Monster wrote me a letter, A
When a boy replies to a letter meant for the monster who lives under his bed, he discovers that another monster is coming to play. The boy studies up on how to appeal to a monster, while the monster is panicking about how to play with a boy.
ISBN 9781865046013
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2005
Bland, Nick
Image currently unavailable
Mrs Honey series
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Mrs Honey series (5 books)
Adams, Pam
No book cover.
Mrs Honey's dream
One of a series of humorous tales about the misfortunes of the lovable grandmother, Mrs Honey, and her cat. A delightful, dream adventure involving pirates.
ISBN 9780859537605
Series Mrs Honey series (5 books)
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 1992
Adams, Pam
Image currently unavailable
Mrs Muffly's monster
Mrs Muffly lives by herself in a house on top of a hill. She's always been a bit strange but, lately, she's been acting very, very strangely. When Mrs Muffly buys huge amounts of butter, eggs, flour, sugar and jam, she must be keeping something very, very large in her house.
ISBN 9781847800404
Publisher Frances Lincoln, 2011
Dyer, Sarah
Image currently unavailable
Mum who was made of money, The
Cleo and Jake keep pestering their mother to buy them things. She tells them that if she was made of money, this wouldn't be a problem. They both wish as hard as they possibly can and, suddenly, their mother changes.
ISBN 9781854302526
Publisher Magi Publications, 1993
Coleman, Michael & Bogdanowicz, Basia
Image currently unavailable
My dad's a wrestler
A young boy is the number one fan of his Dad who is a storeman by day, and a keen but unsuccessful wrestler by night. Known as The Percolator, Dad is far from pretty but, to his son, Dad is a hero just like those in the Greek myths he learns about at school.
ISBN 9780734410603
Publisher Lothian Books, 2009
Zurbo, Matt & Gorissen, Dean (ill)
Image currently unavailable
My friend Ernest
It's the first day of school and Oscar is trying hard to be brave. Oscar's mum feels sure he will make lots of friends. But, Oscar isn't so sure, particularly when Ernest the dragon seems so mean and scary.
ISBN 9781460750537
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2016
Allen, Emma & Sommerville, Hannah (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Nickle Nackle tree, The
The Nickle Nackle tree is overloaded with the most outrageous, zany birds you can imagine. Rollicking rhymes reinforce the fun.
ISBN 9780733320644
Publisher ABC Books, 2006
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Dodd, Lynley
Image currently unavailable
Night garden, The
When the moon rises, Sally and her cat go into the night garden. The garden is transformed into a place of magic and adventure as they go past twisted shapes and creatures.
ISBN 9780733318306
Publisher ABC Books, 2007
Hurst, Elise
Image currently unavailable
Noises at night
A boy is attempting to fall asleep but he is distracted by the nightly household and neighbourhood sounds. Each sound leads to a colourful vision, created by his fertile imagination.
ISBN 9781862916838
Publisher Omnibus Books, 2006
Glass, Beth Raisner & Lubner, Susan & Whatley, Bruce (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Not last night but the night before
A little boy believes that all his nursery rhyme friends come knocking at the door, with remarkable results.
ISBN 9781406325560
Publisher Walker Books, 2010
McNaughton, Colin & Clark, Emma Chichester (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Lila's lively imagination means she's always busy, wrestling an octopus, racing along in a winged chariot or flying with birds over a noisy jungle. But, Mummy and Grandpa have a plan to join Lila in her play world.
ISBN 9781408873366
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2016
Ismail, Yasmeen
Image currently unavailable
On my way
On my way to school, Mumma, guess what I saw? A pig chasing a wig! A goat rowing a boat! A delightful story about all the extraordinary things you can see on your travels.
ISBN 9781742994093
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2019
Masson, Sophie & Howe, Simon (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Once there were giants
To the baby in the house, Mum and Dad and Jill and John and Uncle Tom are giants. But, little by little, that baby grows up, until she becomes a giant too.
ISBN 9780744578362
Publisher Walker Books, 2001
Waddell, Martin & Dale, Penny (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Once upon a golden apple
Daddy tries out all sorts of alternative storylines in his fairytale but the children object to all but the most predictable. Delightfully, the story is even more important than the food.
ISBN 9780140541649
Publisher Penguin Books Canada, 1993
Little, Jean & de Vries, Maggie & Gilman, Phoebe (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Once upon a time
A boy and his mother spend a boring day at home doing mundane chores, oblivious to the street full of famous fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters playing out bizarre scenes all around the neighbourhood.
ISBN 9781406306330
Publisher Walker Books, 2007
Prater, John
Image currently unavailable
One dragon's dream
A clever counting book full of hidden surprises. Each picture poses a challenge to find the matching objects and visual puns and puzzles that can be discovered within.
ISBN 9781921150746
Publisher Walker Books, 2009
Pavey, Peter
Image currently unavailable
One of those days
When Samantha wakes up, she discovers it's one of those days, a day when her imagination can carry her away to fantastic settings and amazing adventures.
ISBN 9781741693348
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2009
Heffernan, John & Perkins, Gwyn (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Only fish fall from the sky
A boy wakes from a marvellous dream, where it rains fish instead of water, people dance through dinner and children sleep with tigers, to find the world is not quite as he left it.
ISBN 9781576877579
Publisher POW Kids Books, 2015
Parsons, Leif
Image currently unavailable
Oona and her best friend Otto love to search for treasure...and often find trouble instead. Messy trouble. Tricky trouble. Even shark-related trouble. That's never stopped them before, though! After all, no proper treasure hunt is without some adventure. But when the grandest treasure yet is stuck in a deep, dark rift, Oona's not sure if she can dive right in. What might be waiting for her in those unknown waters.
ISBN 9780062982247
Publisher HarperCollins Children's Books, 2021
DiPucchio, Kelly & Figueroa, Raissa (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Oscar the hungry unicorn
Oscar the Unicorn has eaten his stable so he needs to find somewhere else to live. Not easy if you're a unicorn who eats everything in sight. No one wants him around: not the pirates or the fairies or the dragons. Will Oscar ever find a place to call home? Well, it just so happens that Princess Oola has been searching for a unicorn forever.
ISBN 9781408355756
Publisher Hachette Children's Books, 2018
Carter, Lou & Dyson, Nikki (ill)
Image currently unavailable

Over the moon: let love in
Fueled with determination and a passion for science, a bright young girl named Fei Fei builds a rocket ship to the moon to prove the existence of a legendary Moon Goddess. There she ends up on the adventure of a lifetime and discovers a whimsical land of fantastical creatures.
ISBN 9780063002418
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2021
Hoster, Colin & Dey, Sia & Wang, Yujia (ill) & Myers, Brittany (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Over the ocean
A young girl gazes out to where the water meets the sky and wonders what lies beyond the waves. She thinks there might be boats filled with toys or skyscrapers filled with people or houses filled with families. Or, maybe, over the ocean stands someone not so different from the girl herself, returning her gaze.
ISBN 9781452145150
Publisher Chronicle Books, 2016
Gomi, Taro
Image currently unavailable
Owl at school
Meg sends Owl to school for the first time and he has to learn some very unusual lessons.
ISBN 9780140568875
Publisher Puffin UK, 2002
Nicoll, Helen & Pienkowski, Jan (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Owl's lost hoot
Owl is ill and hasn't hooted all night. The Dewdrop fairies join forces to help make Owl's hoot return.
ISBN 9780552557559
Series Dewdrop series (8 of 8)
Publisher Random House Children's Books, 2009
MacCarthy, Patricia
Image currently unavailable
Paint with Magic
A touch of magic and suddenly all you paint comes to life. A tale brimming with imagination and creativity. What would you paint?
ISBN 9781922265098
Publisher Big Sky Publishing, 2019
Wooton, Sandi and Kan, Pat (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Pattan's pumpkin: An Indian flood story
Pattan finds an ailing flower and decides to plant it near his hut and nurture it. To Pattan's surprise, the flower changes into a magnificent pumpkin and grows until it reaches the summit of the mountain. When the storm clouds burst and the waters rise, Pattan's pumpkin just might save the family.
ISBN 9781910959442
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2016
Soundar, Chitra & Lessac, Frane (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Pig called Pete series
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Pig called Pete series (5 books)
Bowater, Alan & Pascoe, Pete (ill)
No book cover.
Pig called Pete, A
Pete zooms, glides and hovers as he takes the reader on a journey to exotic places. Unlike ordinary pigs, Pete is purple and has wings.
ISBN 9780980283662
Series Pig called Pete series (1 of 5)
Publisher JoJo Publishing, 2007
Bowater, Alan & Pascoe, Pete (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Pigs don't fly
Lift the flap to find out all the things farm animals love to do.
ISBN 9780864613981
Publisher Koala Books, 2003
French, Jackie
Image currently unavailable
Join Pinocchio on his travels.
ISBN 9781846436536
Series Flip-up fairy tales series (28 books)
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2014
Kubler, Annie
Image currently unavailable
Pobble's way
Daddy and Pobble discover a butterfly raft and frog umbrellas on their walk through the forest. When Pobble drops something, the animals all have a suggestion as to its purpose. A book for all who love to imagine alternative uses for things.
ISBN 9780979974663
Publisher Flashlight Press, 2010
Booy, Simon Van & Edelson, Wendy (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Polar express, The
A small boy boards a train with other children and travels across snow covered country to the North Pole. He receives a silver bell from Santa as the first Christmas present of the year.
ISBN 9780862641436
Publisher Andersen Press Ltd, 1985
Van Allsburg, Chris
Image currently unavailable
Possum magic
Grandma Poss uses bush magic to make Hush invisible but, when Hush wants to see herself again, Grandma can't remember which particular Australian food is needed to reverse the spell.
ISBN 9781862910959
Publisher Omnibus Books, 1991
Fox, Mem & Vivas, Julie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Prince and the witch and the thief and the bears, The
When it's time for Jamie's bedtime story, his Dad begins to tell an age-old fairy tale about a prince in a faraway land full of dragons, wolves and princesses in distress. But inquisitive Jamie can't help but add to his dad's story, and the prince is soon joined by an evil-eyed witch who turns people to jelly, a broccoli-wielding ninja frog and a jewel-thief, lock picking princess. It may not be the story Dad set out to tell, but together, he and Jamie create something much more energetic and hilarious than they could have alone.
ISBN 9781406365139
Publisher Walker Books, 2018
Chisholm, Alastair & Tuya, Jez (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Prince Cinders
Prince Cinders leads a hard life as he spends all his time cleaning up after his three brothers who bully him. One night, his luck changes when a small, dirty fairy falls down the chimney and promises that his wishes will come true.
ISBN 9780140555257
Publisher Puffin UK, 1987
Cole, Babette
Image currently unavailable
Princess and her panther, The
What do you get when you take one brave, big sister, one not-so-brave little sister, a spooky night-time backyard, and heaps of imagination? The most magnificent camp-out ever. The perfect story for chasing away the spooky shadows of the night.
ISBN 9781742374246
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2010
Orr, Wendy & Stringer, Lauren (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Princess and the pea, The
Retold from the original tale, this traditional story will captivate readers with its delightful illustrations and lift-up flaps.
ISBN 9781846433269
Series Flip-up fairy tales series (28 books)
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2009
Stockham, Jess (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Princess Benjamina has a very cheeky bum!
When you are trying to find your inner voice, sometimes you need to look behind you! This delightful tale, bursting with humour, proves that behind every cheeky princess... is her own rear end.
ISBN 9781760876579
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2021
Hooper, Claire & Nguyen, Jackie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Princess Pigsty
Princess Isabella is so defiant her father, the King, tries to punish her by taking away her princess privileges. But, Princess Isabella discovers she likes doing chores. In the end, her father's love helps Isabella find the right life for her.
ISBN 9781905294329
Publisher Chicken House, 2007
Funke, Cornelia & Meyer, Kerstin(ill), Wright, Chantal (trans)
Image currently unavailable
Puss in boots
A retelling of the classic tale of an enterprising cat who wins riches and fame for her poor master.
ISBN 9780810943681
Publisher Harry N Abrams Inc, 2002
Light, Steve (retell)
Image currently unavailable
Entering a magical fantasy world, using her red crayon and finding two new companions has provided colour to the girl's otherwise drab existence. Now, when the children are presented with a puzzling map by a king pursued by soldiers, they take up the challenge. They must travel through mystical places and gather coloured crayons to save the king. A wordless picture book, the sequel to Journey.
ISBN 9781406357660
Publisher Walker Books, 2014
Becker, Aaron
Image currently unavailable

Rabunzel the rabbit has VERY long ears - so long that her mother worries they will make her easy prey for the hungry creatures of the forest. The answer? Rabunzel must be kept safely in a tower, with daily visits from her mother, calling: "Rabunzel, Rabunzel, let down your ears!" ... until one day when someone else climbs up her very long ears.
ISBN 9781405298582
Publisher Egmont Childrens, 2021
Jones, Gareth P & Schauer, Loretta (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Rainbow fish and the sea monster's cave
In order to find healing algae for the ailing bumpy-backed fish, Rainbow fish volunteers to brave the dreaded Sea Monster's Cave.
ISBN 9780735815360
Publisher North South Books, 2001
Pfister, Marcus & James, J. Alison (trans.)
Image currently unavailable
Red boat, The
Posy feels lonely in her new home. She doesn't know anyone and worries about making new friends. Luckily, her dog George is around to keep her company, and they spend many hours playing in a mysterious red boat they find in the garden. One night, Posy can't sleep, so she and George go down to the garden, and that's when the magic begins...
ISBN 9781846434815
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2012
Cumming, Hannah
Image currently unavailable
Failing to get the attention of her busy father, a lonely girl returns to a fantastic world for friendship and adventure. It's her third journey into the enticing realm of kings and emperors, castles and canals, exotic creatures and enchanting landscapes. This time, it will take something truly powerful to persuade her to return home, as a gripping backstory is revealed. The third book in the wordless picture book trilogy, following Journey and Quest.
ISBN 9781406368437
Publisher Walker Books, 2016
Becker, Aaron
Image currently unavailable
Return of the dinosaurs
Imagine if dinosaurs came back to visit and they were roaming the Broome coastline today.
ISBN 9781925360370
Publisher Magabala Books, 2016
Houston, Bronwyn
Image currently unavailable
Ringle tingle tiger
A young boy decides to face his biggest fear, monsters in the night, when he takes on the ever-stalking Ringle Tingle Tiger. Follow the tiger as he hunts through the fearsome jungle.
ISBN 9780734403445
Publisher Thomas C Lothian Pty Ltd, 2002
Austin, Mark & Miller, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Room on the broom
A witch, who is prone to losing her belongings, is helped by the animal friends that she meets on her broomstick journey. This is a delightful, rhyming story that children can easily join in.
ISBN 9780864613189
Publisher Koala Books, 2001
Donaldson, Julia & Scheffler, Axel (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Ruby makes a friend
When Ruby's big brother leaves for his first day at school, a new friend appears. His name is Milo. Ruby and Milo become the very best of friends and have so much fun together. When Ruby and Milo go to school, they meet Jacinta and Boris, who become friends.
ISBN 9780670072262
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2009
Burke, Tina
Image currently unavailable
Rufus blasts off!
Rufus the Pig has already sailed the seven seas on a pirate ship. Now he dreams of the Moon, the stars, and Mars! But Commander Luna tells him: 'No pigs in space!' Why? Because pigs pester the pilot, do loop-the-loops in the cabin, and always want to push buttons. Then Luna learns that she needs someone to read a book live from the Red Planet or the mission is scrubbed. Will Rufus finally blast off?
ISBN 9781454920991
Publisher Sterling Publishing Co, 2017
Griswell, Kim T & Gorbachev, Valeri (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Runaway dinner, The
Banjo has a sausage for his dinner every day. One day, his sausage, called Melvin, jumps off the plate and runs away, with the rest of Banjo's dinner, cutlery and furniture in pursuit.
ISBN 9781844280636
Publisher Walker Books, 2006
Ahlberg, Allan & Inman, Bruce (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Russell and the lost treasure
Russell, the sheep, is determined to find the lost treasure of Frogsbottom. Equipped with his super-duper treasure seeker, he searches high and low, up and down, in and out.
ISBN 9780007206247
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2006
Scotton, Rob
Image currently unavailable
Sandcastle, The
Jack loves building sandcastles but no matter how strongly he builds them, the sea always sweeps them away. Then, one night, a seagull outside his window wakes him up and calls him down to the beach. There, Jack finds the sandcastle he built the day before but it's now very different.
ISBN 9781845078003
Publisher Koala Books, 2001
Robertson, M P
Image currently unavailable
Seven ways to catch the moon
Equipped with a butterfly net, a little girl tries to catch the moon by hitching with a witch, riding on a dragon's back, floating in a hot air balloon until, finally, the moon is discovered.
ISBN 9781845079031
Publisher Frances Lincoln, 2008
Robertson, M P
Image currently unavailable
Sheep called Sean, A
Pete, the purple pig, and Sean, the sheep, build a spaceship and visit the planets. When Sean hurts Pete's feelings, Pete discovers that friends sometimes say things they don't really mean.
ISBN 9780980321692
Series Pig called Pete series (5 of 5)
Publisher JoJo Publishing, 2007
Bowater, Alan & Pascoe, Pete (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Sleep time
When a little girl is put to bed early to have a sleep, she responds by trying to get each of the toys in her room to have her sleep for her.
ISBN 9781863880633
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 1993
Gleeson, Libby & Greder, Armin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Sleeping beauty
A retelling of the much-loved fairy tale, with surprises under each lift-up flap.
ISBN 9781846432521
Series Flip-up fairy tales series (28 books)
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2008
Barella, Laura (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Sophie's masterpiece: a spider's tale
Sophie ages from a young artistic spider to an elderly lady too tired to travel further when she is not wanted. Every web that Sophie spins is more wondrous than the one before but only one person appreciates her at the boardinghouse.
ISBN 9780689801129
Publisher Simon & Schuster, 2001
Spinelli, Eileen & Dyer, Jane (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Count all the spooky characters as they make their way to a party.
ISBN 9781843624226
Publisher Orchard Books, 2004
Topics / K-2 Numeracy /
Mitton, Tony & Parker-Rees, Guy (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Staircase to the moon
A young girl has a yearning to get to the moon. One night, she and her grandfather sneak away from home in a bid to climb the staircase to the moon. The pair brave blood-thirsty mosquitoes, dive-bombing fruit bats, boab trees that loom like giants and sinking mangrove mud before making it to the foot of the staircase.
ISBN 9781921248290
Publisher Magabala Books, 2011
Houston, Bronwyn
Image currently unavailable
Stick man
Stick Man lives in the family tree with his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three. But it's dangerous being a Stick Man. A dog wants to play with him, a swan builds her nest with him. He even ends up on a fire. How will he get back home.
ISBN 9781407132327
Publisher Scholastic UK, 2012
Donaldson, Julia & Scheffler, Axel (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Story of Growl, The
Growl is a little monster who lives in Eucalyptus Drive and loves to growl. After scaring her neighbours one day, Growl is banned from growling and she doesn't know what to do.
ISBN 9780143503101
Publisher Penguin, 2010
Horacek, Judy
Image currently unavailable
Summer party
The Dewdrop fairies are very excited about their summer party but things start to go wrong when Sweetpea, Poppy and Rose decide to cook a secret surprise. The chaos in the kitchen might mean the end of the party feast.
ISBN 9780552557528
Series Dewdrop series (6 of 8)
Publisher Random House Children's Books, 2008
MacCarthy, Patricia
Image currently unavailable
Tell me about your day today
Time to curl up, snuggle in and discover the who, the what, the why, and the way four friends had a wonderful day.
ISBN 9781742835785
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2012
Fox, Mem & Stringer, Lauren (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Thelma the unicorn
Thelma the pony wants to be a famous unicorn. When her dream comes true, with the help of a carrot, pink paint and glitter, Thelma soon learns to love herself just as she is.
ISBN 9781743625804
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2015
Blabey, Aaron
Image currently unavailable
There's a dragon in your book
There's a little dragon in your book! She's oh-so cute, BUT watch out for her fiery sneezes!
ISBN 9780141376127
Publisher Penguin, 2018
Fletcher, Tom & Abbott, Greg (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Thesaurus Rex
Thesaurus Rex starts his day stretching, reaching, extending and bending. Lots of energetic words describe his busy day where he's always on the move and, often, in trouble.
ISBN 9781841487878
Publisher Barefoot books, 2003
Steinberg, Laya & Harter, Debbie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
This is my book
Every Tuesday, Snapdragon, the dragon whizzes in and does nasty things to the words in Bookmouse's book. He bites off letters, changes letters and sounds, and even sucks the dots of all the i letters. Luckily, the Bookmouse has a cunning plan but it means he'll have to face the ghosts of the Woollywolves.
ISBN 9780340989623
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (UK), 2009
Inkpen, Mick
Image currently unavailable
Ben's Threadbear is a little bear whose squeaker has never squeaked. Threadbear sets off on a big adventure and when he returns, Ben's mum washes him with surprising results.
ISBN 9780340573501
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (Australia), 1992
Inkpen, Mick
Image currently unavailable
Through the magic mirror
Toby can hardly believe his eyes when he walks through a magic mirror.
ISBN 9780744567724
Publisher Walker Books, 2000
Browne, Anthony
Image currently unavailable
Thumbelina journeys to find new friends to play with.
ISBN 9781846436550
Series Flip-up fairy tales series (28 books)
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2014
Cabrol, Marta
Image currently unavailable
Tobias Blow
Take a stormy night, a glorious wind and a sack full of treasures. Mix them together, add a pinch of magic and the world is ready for Tobias Blow.
ISBN 9780702238765
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2011
Jane, Zacharey & Street, Rosalie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Little Oli loves exploring new places and having adventures. He is also a little fearful if Mum is not by his side.
ISBN 9781741693393
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2009
Pignataro, Anna
Image currently unavailable
Tomorrow book, The
When the little prince's parents leave him in charge of the kingdom, he and his friends use the ideas found in the palace library books to transform the world into a better place.
ISBN 9780732289393
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2010
French, Jackie & Degennaro, Sue (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Too many elephants in this house
Eric has a problem, there are too many elephants in his house. Eric actually doesn't think it is a problem at all but his mum insists that it is. So what is he to do. He loves every single one of them and doesn't want to lose them. So where can all the elephants go.
ISBN 9780670075461
Publisher Penguin, 2012
Dubosarsky, Ursula & Joyner, Andrew (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Trolls graphic novel series
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Trolls graphic novel series (3 books)
Scheidt, Dave & Howard, Tini (ill)
No book cover.
Trolls graphic novel: Hugs & friends
The Trolls and Bergens are ready for hug time (and maybe a pizza party) in this collection of stories, based on the movie from DreamWorks Animation!
ISBN 9781629915838
Series Trolls graphic novel series (3 books)
Publisher Papercutz, 2016
Scheidt, Dave & Howard, Tini (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Trolls graphic novel: Party with the Bergens
Fun, colourful and full of partying moves, this is a comic for all Trolls fans. Featuring a special character profile section in the back, this book contains 8 separate stories of your favourite Trolls and Bergens. Full colour, lots of hair and glitter, this is a great comic book for younger readers.
ISBN 9781629917948
Series Trolls graphic novel series (3 books)
Publisher Papercutz, 2017
Scheidt, Dave & Howard, Tini (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Trolls graphic novel: Put your hair in the air!
Boogie-boogie-boogie with Poppy, Branch, Biggie and the rest of the Snack Pack as they dance their way to fun-fun-fun! Now friends with Bergens, the Trolls have more time than ever for hugging, scrapbooking and pizza parties - if they can avoid the dangers that live out in the words around Troll Woods.
ISBN 9781629917184
Series Trolls graphic novel series (3 books)
Publisher Papercutz, 2017
Scheidt, Dave & Howard, Tini (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Trouble with uncle, The
Uncle is a true pirate living in today's world. His sailing ship won't fit in the marina and he is unwelcome at the yacht club. An ancient treasure map sends him in search of modern day adventure.
ISBN 9780749710248
Publisher Egmont Childrens, 1994
Cole, Babette
Image currently unavailable
Penny is a lonely little girl who gazes out her window at night and pretends that the stars are her friends. Then, one night, a shooting star lands in her garden and together, they chase the quietness away, and fill the night with giggle and bounce.
ISBN 9781741693539
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2010
Bland, Nick
Image currently unavailable
Two bad teddies
Tilly Ted and Gruffy Ted love Millie-Sue, and she loves them. But, when a new toy, Bendy Bill, turns up, the two Teds are jealous. There's trouble in the toy box.
ISBN 9781921541056
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2009
Niland, Kilmeny
Image currently unavailable
Up, up and away
On a perfect day for kite-flying, Buttercup and Poppy race to the top of the hill trailing their beautiful petal dragon kite. It starts when Buttercup won't share and then things go seriously wrong. A windy adventure that ends up great fun for everyone.
ISBN 9780552557542
Series Dewdrop series (7 of 8)
Publisher Random House Children's Books, 2009
MacCarthy, Patricia
Image currently unavailable
Waiting for later
Even though Nancy is big, one day she feels small. When she asks her mum, brother, cousin, aunt and grandfather to play with her, they're all busy and ask her to wait until later. So, Nancy climbs a tree in her backyard to wait for later, and imagines playing the games her family doesn't have time for.
ISBN 9781921720055
Publisher Walker Books, 2011
Matthews, Tina
Image currently unavailable
Wandering star
I have a horse, a beautiful horse, and her name is Wandering Star. We roam wild and free, from the hills to the sea, and it's magic wherever we are. Follow this truly enchanting story of discovery, adventure and wonderful friends.
ISBN 9781760663339
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2019
Prior, Natalie Jane & King, Stephen Michael (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Whale in the bath
Bruno can't wash when there is a whale in the bath, but why won't anyone believe him.
ISBN 9781743318584
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2014
Westaway, Kylie & Jellett, Tom (ill)
Image currently unavailable
What could it be
It's time to step outside the square and explore your creativity. So many shapes, so many possibilities. Have some fun with your imagination.
ISBN 9781925335026
Publisher Exisle Publishing, 2016
Fawcett, Sally
Image currently unavailable
When a dragon moves in
On a beautiful day at the beach, a little boy builds the perfect sandcastle and, immediately, a dragon moves in. The boy and the dragon roam the beach, roast marshmallows, fly kites, float in the water and defend the sandcastle against bullies. But, no-one in his family believes that the dragon exists and that's when the mischief begins.
ISBN 9780979974670
Publisher Flashlight Press, 2011
Moore, Jodi & McWilliam, Howard (ill)
Image currently unavailable
When Henry caught imaginitis
Henry is an overly methodical boy, preferring sums and order to playing or daydreaming. Luckily, he catches a fortuitous case of Imaginitis, a condition where silly thoughts invade his head in a random manner and beg to be acted on.
ISBN 9781741690309
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2008
Bland, Nick
Image currently unavailable
When Lulu went to the zoo
When Lulu went to the zoo she was sad for the giraffes and the penguins. She decides to release all the animals from their cages and takes them back to her house to live. However that turns out to be not quite such a good plan after all.
ISBN 9781842707531
Publisher Andersen Press Ltd, 2008
Ellis, Andy
Image currently unavailable
Where the fairies fly
When Jamie can't sleep, he and Lucy decide to look for the dream time fairies.
ISBN 9781841211084
Publisher Orchard Books, 2004
Simmons, Jane
Image currently unavailable
Where the wild things are
Max, wearing his wolf suit, sails to where the wild things are. Over the years, many children have taken this voyage with Max.
ISBN 9780099408390
Publisher Red Fox, 2000
Sendak, Maurice
Image currently unavailable
Who wants a dragon
A baby dragon is lonely and wants someone to love him. Zany art and lots of opportunities to respond to the little dragon's feelings.
ISBN 9781843624943
Publisher Orchard Books, 2005
Mayhew, James & Gardiner, Lindsay (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Willy the dreamer
Willy, the modest chimpanzee, becomes the various characters of his dreams. He is a rock singer, superhero, beggar and king.
ISBN 9780744569643
Publisher Walker Books, 2000
Browne, Anthony
Image currently unavailable
Wim Wom from the mustard mill, The
The mischievous Wim Wom will cause trouble if the children don't do as they are told. The children draw, make and model him and events take a surprising turn when the Wim Wom from the Mustard Mill makes his appearance.
ISBN 9781846431180
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2008
Peters, Polly & Angeletti, Roberta (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Wobbly wand, The
On this night, the toys are playing noisily in the toy room. Fairy Doll waves her wobbly wand with rather dire consequences.
ISBN 9781741261929
Publisher QED Publishing, 2005
Bevan, Clare
Image currently unavailable
Wrong book, The
Nicholas Ickle is trying to tell a story but he keeps being interrupted by others, including an elephant, a queen, a pirate and even rats. As the intruders get increasingly ridiculous, Nicholas gets increasingly frustrated about not being able to tell his story.
ISBN 9781741693409
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2009
Bland, Nick
Image currently unavailable
Zachary Quack minimonster
Led by a dragonfly, an inquisitive duck goes exploring and gathers odd pieces of junk on his journey to the river.
ISBN 9780733315800
Publisher ABC Books, 2005
Dodd, Lynley
Image currently unavailable
Zog and the flying doctors
Princess Pearl, Sir Gadabout and Zog the dragon are the flying doctors. There's much to do as they soar over the countryside, tending to mermaids, lions and unicorns. But, Pearl's uncle, the King, doesn't think it's fitting for a princess to be a doctor.
ISBN 9781407164953
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2016
Donaldson, Julia & Scheffler, Axel (ill)
Image currently unavailable
After breakfast, Scout the explorer and Beattie the space shuttle are off on an adventure, to discover the wonders of greater outer space.
ISBN 9780734417619
Publisher Lothian Books, 2017
D'Anthes, Sha'an
Image currently unavailable