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Kaito's cloth
Kaito visits the Lord of Flight and weeps when she finds that the beautiful summer butterflies have all died. To honour them and commemorate the magic of flight, Kaito weaves a special wing sewn with spider's silk.
ISBN 9781865048451
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2006
Millard, Glenda & Chapman, Gaye (ill)
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Kangaroo and crocodile: my big book of Australian animals
Striking, lusciously-coloured, Indigenous illustrations celebrate our unique Australian animals and birds, from the lesser known fence skink to the mighty great white shark, from eagles to echidnas.
ISBN 9781921714252
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2011
Bancroft, Bronwyn
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Kangaroo and the porpoise
From the Larrakia and Waigite language groups. One of a series of Aboriginal stories about animals and birds. The kangaroo asks the porpoise to mind her baby. When the porpoise won't give the baby back, a fight ensues with interesting results.
ISBN 9781865046297
Series Aboriginal Stories (8 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2004
Lofts, Pamela (comp) & Lippo, Agnes (teller)
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Kangaroo at the zoo
What a hullabaloo, someone is new at the zoo. It's a kangaroo.
ISBN 9781409580447
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2016
Sims, Lesley & Semple, David (ill)
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Kangaroo's Cancan Cafe
A Kangaroo discovers a wonderful dance called the Cancan and wants to open his own Cancan Cafe.
ISBN 9781843626008
Publisher Orchard Books, 2005
Jarman, Julia & Chapman, Lynne (ill)
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Kangaroos hop
If you are very quiet, you'll see the kangaroos hop, the birds fly and the echidnas shuffle across the land and down to the water's edge, where a crocodile lies sleeping. Be very quiet now.
ISBN 9781742379159
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2012
Moriarty, Ros & Balarinji (ill)
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These are my chicks, I love them a lot. I will stay with them, no matter what.
ISBN 9781743623138
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2014
Kirk, Uncle Joe & Casey, Greer & Harrold, Sandi (ill)
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Kaya's heart song
Kaya is looking for her heart song - the song that happy hearts sing. Her search takes her on a journey deep into the jungle where a broken down carousel waits for a very special song to make it turn again.
ISBN 9781911373223
Publisher Lantana Publishing, 2018
Sanders, Diwa Tharan, & Canzi, Nerina (ill)
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Keeping up with grandma
Grandma decides that she and Grandpa should do things together such as sailing, horse riding, tobogganing and dancing. Grandpa has trouble keeping up so perhaps they are better off with their individual hobbies, painting and making cakes.
ISBN 9781865041629
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2000
Winch, John
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Keeping up with the Dachshunds
This funny story is about a dog who just can't keep up is about the difficulties in trying to fit in with the cool crowd.
ISBN 9781922503756
Publisher Larrikin House, 2022
Fitzgerald, Carla & Challenger, Rebel (ill)
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Kick it to me
This is an illustrated, historical account of Tom Wills who was the principal founder of Australian Rules Football. Tom was inspired by the game of Marn-grook, a game played by the people of the Djab Wurrung tribe of the Gariwerd Grampions in Victoria, near the town of Moyston, where Tom spent his boyhood in the early 1840s.
ISBN 9780980794861
Publisher One Day Hill Pty Ltd, 2012
McMullin, Neridah & Hudson, Peter (ill)
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Kick with my left foot
I pull the sock on my left foot. I pull the sock on my right foot. I lace up the boot on my left foot. I lace up the boot on my right foot. It's time for footy.
ISBN 9781743313442
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2014
Seden, Paul & Briggs, Karen (ill)
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Someone told me about a word, a word so lovely it must be heard.
ISBN 9781925139723
Series The invisible tree series (5 books)
Publisher Wombat Books, 2016
Lowe, Kirrily & Smith, Henry (ill)
Image currently unavailable
King of Quizzical Island digs through the world
The King is to prove that the world is round, so he makes a spade with a diamond blade and starts digging.
ISBN 9781406312140
Publisher Walker Books, 2011
Snell, Gordon & McKee, David (ill)
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King pig
King Pig had everything he could wish for except for one thing - being liked by his subjects and he just couldn't understand why not, no matter how hard he tried. The facial expressions and extra detail in the illustrations all provide added meaning.
ISBN 9781742834955
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2013
Bland, Nick
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King with dirty feet, The
The king hasn't had a bath for a whole year. He is starting to smell! When he finally bathes in the river, he can't get his feet clean. Who can solve the problem of the king's dirty feet?
ISBN 9781910959237
Publisher Otter-Barry books, 2018
Clayton, Sally Pomme, & Sanderson, Rhiannon
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King with horse's ears, The
No-one knows about King Mark's ears except his barber who is sworn to secrecy. Keeping the secret drives the barber to the doctor who advises him to whisper the secret to the ground. But sooner or later, truth will come out.
ISBN 9780711219571
Publisher Frances Lincoln, 2003
Maddern, Eric & Hess, Paul (ill)
Image currently unavailable
King's birthday suit, The
The king has clothes for every occasion, but he never seems to have enough. When his birthday is around the corner the king decides he must have something special. Something stunning. Two tricky tailors promise the king something amazing and something which no one will forget.
ISBN 9781408860144
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2021
Bently, Peter & Powell, Claire (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Mrs Bea knows that Kip is special but, when he starts to crow, the neighbours certainly don't think so.
ISBN 9781921136405
Publisher Windy Hollow Books, 2009
Booth, Christina
Image currently unavailable
Kipper's toybox
Someone or something has been nibbling a hole in Kipper's toybox.
ISBN 9780340580493
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (Australia), 1993
Inkpen, Mick
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Kiss for Little Bear, A
Grandmother sends a kiss back to Little Bear as a thank you for her drawing. The kiss is passed from animal to animal with hilarious results before it finally makes it way to Little Bear.
ISBN 9780064440509
Publisher HarperTrophy, 1984
Minarik, Else Holmelund & Sendak, Maurice (ill)
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Kiss kiss
Little hippo is in such a rush to play, he forgets to kiss his mother goodbye. As he runs through the jungle, he sees his friends kissing their mums and feels the needs to find his own mum as soon as possible.
ISBN 9781877003516
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2003
Wild, Margaret & Strevens-Marzo, Bridget (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Kiss like this, A
The little lion cub loves lots of different types of kisses, except for one. Just as well daddy lion is there to rescue him and give him the right sort of kisses.
ISBN 9781845078621
Publisher Frances Lincoln, 2008
Anholt, Catherine & Laurence
Image currently unavailable
Kiss that missed, The
The King blows his son a kiss but it misses. The kiss bounces out into the forest and a hapless knight is sent to retrieve it. Now the knight must find the royal kiss and survive whatever else he may encounter on his quest.
ISBN 9780340797181
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton, 2004
Melling, David
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Kisses for Daddy
It is time for good night and bed but Baby Bear is grumbly and refuses to give Daddy a kiss.
ISBN 9781877003783
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2005
Watts, Frances & Legge, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Kisses in your heart
I close my eyes, and always know, Mum's kisses follow where I go. A tender and simple bedtime blessing carries all Mum's heartfelt love inside. Her kisses rest in the heart - always there to help heal hurts, overcome fears and unlock inner courage.
ISBN 9781925675924
Publisher Big Sky Publishing, 2019
Bestulic, Sonia & Bevington, Nancy (ill)
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Kitten (Watch me grow)
Many interesting facts about kittens and their life cycles. Easy to read with photographic illustrations.
ISBN 9781405308458
Series Watch me grow series (13 books)
Publisher Dorling Kindersley, 2005
Dorling Kindersley
Image currently unavailable
Kitten's first full moon
Kitten sees the moon and thinks it's a bowl of milk. Her attempts to reach it prove disastrous.
ISBN 9781416911098
Publisher Simon & Schuster, 2006
Henkes, Kevin
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Kiwi Year, A
We're Charlie, Ruby, Oliver, Mason and Kaia - and we're ready to take you on a journey through twelve months in the life of New Zealand's kids. Enjoy festivals and events, games and sports, flora and fauna, quirky traditions and famous sites of our country. Come join us on a Kiwi childhood adventure!
ISBN 9781925335446
Series Twelve months in the life of kids series (3 of 7)
Publisher Exisle Publishing, 2016
McCartney, Tania & Snerling, Tina (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Knuffle bunny
Trixie leaves her soft toy rabbit, Knuffle Bunny, at the laundromat and cannot tell her dad about it because she has not yet learnt to talk. After much searching, they find the treasure in one of the machines and Trixie utters her first words.
ISBN 9781844280599
Publisher Walker Books, 2004
Willems, Mo
Image currently unavailable
Knuffle Bunny free
Trixie and Knuffle Bunny are on their first trip overseas. It becomes a disaster when Knuffle Bunny goes missing.
ISBN 9781406336498
Publisher Walker Books, 2011
Willems, Mo
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Koala Ark
Through the smoke, in a tiny battered boat, Koala sets out to rescue the billabong friends.
ISBN 9781761128257
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2022
King, Stephen Michael
Image currently unavailable
Koala bare
For too long koalas have been called bears. But this koala is out to prove to the world that he is BARE! And that never, ever, ever can a koala be called a bear.
ISBN 9781460751619
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2017
French, Jackie & Shanks, Matt (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Koala Lou
Now that she has brothers and sisters, Koala Lou is worried that her mother won't have enough time to say, ""Koala Lou, I do love you"".
ISBN 9780734304537
Publisher Penguin, 2002
Fox, Mem & Lofts, Pamela (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Koalas eat gum leaves
Koalas eat gum leaves. That is most koalas. One koala has had enough and discovers ice cream. Will he be happy now?
ISBN 9781742991832
Bunting, Laura & Philip, Bunting (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Koko and the coconut
Today is Koko's big day. He must leave his cosy shell and climb up, up, up the coconut tree to get a juicy, scrumptious coconut. His friends cheer him on but, once Koko has his coconut, how can he open and eat it?
ISBN 9781760892944
Publisher Penguin, 2023
Pitt, Turia & Vaite, Celestine & Tavaearii, Emilie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Kookaburra school
Kookaburra fledglings learn skills from a Wise Old Bird and discover how to share their territory with other animals and people.
ISBN 9780947304645
Publisher Great Glider Productions, 2002
Morris, Jill & Gall, Heather (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Kookaburras love to laugh
It is no laughing matter when you are the most serious bird in the borough. Kookaburras love to laugh. They laugh when it is sunny, or rainy, or windy. They laugh for no reason at all. When one serious kookaburra decides to flee the jokers, and goes to find a more suitable flock, he finds that perhaps he might just be in the right place after all.
ISBN 9781742769660
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2018
Bunting, Laura & Philip, Bunting (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Kookoo Kookaburra
Kookoo, a kind and well-loved kookaburra, is famous for entertaining the other bush creatures with his funny stories about them, without hurting their feelings. But, when Kookoo turns to teasing about his friends' differences, he alienates them until he finds himself alone and ignored. Kookoo is forced to remember his uncle's wise words and change his ways.
ISBN 9781921248900
Publisher Magabala Books, 2015
Dreise, Gregg
Image currently unavailable

Kora Kerplunk's travelling tongue
Kora Kerplunk is a real wild child who likes to lick disgusting stuff. One day, her poor tongue gets fed up and runs away. It travels all around the world, tasting delicious cuisines and trying brand new flavours, while Kora struggles with her new tongue-free life. Will Kora be able to change her gross ways and convince her tongue to come back home?
ISBN 9781922503206
Publisher Larrikin House, 2021
Smith, Emily S & Olczyk, Peter (ill)
Image currently unavailable