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Quacky quack-quack
All the animals make a terrible row when the baby won't feed the ducks. Full of wonderful sounds, this book is great for reading aloud.
ISBN 9780744594607
Publisher Walker Books, 2003
Whybrow, Ian & Ayto, Russell (ill)
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Queen Celine
Every now and then, Celine was a queen of a kingdom by the sea.
ISBN 9781760650346
Publisher Walker Books, 2019
Shanks, Matt
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Queen of the universe
Everyone in the family is helping Gina with lines, costume and props for her role as Queen of the Universe in the school play. Gina is set to be a star but then she gets chickenpox, the problem will be finding someone to take the starring role.
ISBN 9781862913141
Publisher Omnibus Books, 1997
Gleeson, Libby & Cox, David (ill)
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Queen's handbag, The
A naughty swan steals the Queen's handbag and, naturally, she races after it. Using various modes of transport, the Queen follows it around the United Kingdom, taking in famous sights and landmarks along the way. This chase includes the Queen's butler and an awful lot of police officers.
ISBN 9781444925524
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (UK), 2015
Antony, Steve
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Queen's hat, The
A sudden gust of wind sets off a marvellous London adventure for the Queen, the Queen's men and one very special hat. Follow one determined, daredevil Queen through the zoo, over Tower Bridge and up Big Ben. Find out where that hat lands.
ISBN 9781444919141
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (UK), 2014
Antony, Steve
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Queenie the bantam
An adventurous little chicken's entanglement with a thoroughly modern and, at times, quirky family.
ISBN 9780744563283
Publisher Walker Books, 1999
Graham, Bob
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Entering a magical fantasy world, using her red crayon and finding two new companions has provided colour to the girl's otherwise drab existence. Now, when the children are presented with a puzzling map by a king pursued by soldiers, they take up the challenge. They must travel through mystical places and gather coloured crayons to save the king. A wordless picture book, the sequel to Journey.
ISBN 9781406357660
Publisher Walker Books, 2014
Becker, Aaron
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Quickly! Quickly!
Bongani accepts that he's too small to attend school. But he does not want to be left chasing the animals away on his own either. Maybe he needs a scared crow to help him do this important job. His grandmother tells him it is a scarecrow. When it might not be as easy as it seems, Bongani's family are there to show him the difference between being quick and being fast.
ISBN 9781761110832
Publisher Wombat Books, 2022
Clark, T M & Magisson, Helene
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Quiet girl, A
Mary is a quiet little girl who lives with an active family. They make so much noise that they hardly notice her - or anything else around them...until, in her own gentle way, Mary opens their eyes and ears to what they've been missing.
ISBN 9780702260025
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2019
Carnavas, Peter
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Quiet time with my Seeya
Seeya (Grandfather) and I speak different languages but our love speaks volumes. Time with him is quiet time. Seeya and I like the same things, mostly. A lovely story on the bond between grandparent and child with sweet, cheeky mischief and tender insight.
ISBN 9781250824271
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2023
Barbarera, Dinalie
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Quiet woman and the noisy dog, The
In a quiet house in a noisy town lived a quiet woman and a noisy dog. On the other side of the noisy town lived a noisy woman with her quiet dog. Join in the fun and find out what happens when the women meet by accident in the park and the two dogs get muddled up.
ISBN 9781842708293
Publisher Andersen Press Ltd, 2009
Eves, Sue & Busby, Ailie (ill)
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Ssh! Listen. What's that noise? What can we hear when we're really, really quiet? A toddler enjoys the range of sounds they hear as their busy day comes to an end, from the bustle and chat of dinner time, to the quiet hush of their father's voice at bedtime.
ISBN 9781846438882
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2017
Alizadeh, Kate
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Quincy and Oscar
Oscar and his dog, Quincy, move house and both are lonely without new friends. Oscar decides to take Quincy to school with him. Eventually, thanks to Quincy's outgoing nature, they break down the barriers and begin to make friends.
ISBN 9780733317255
Publisher ABC Books, 2006
Millard, Kerry
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