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Z for Zachariah
Set in the future after a nuclear war, a young girl believes that she is the last person left on earth. A deadly stranger proves her wrong.
ISBN 9780141300313
Publisher Puffin Australia, 1998
O'Brien, Robert
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Zac & Mia
Zac is a country boy who's in hospital with leukaemia. In the room next door is an angry teenager who wants to seize a lot of emotional space. In the real world, Zac wouldn't, couldn't, be friends with her. But, in hospital, different rules apply and courage is needed. It begins with a knock on the wall.
ISBN 9781922147257
Publisher Text Publishing Co, 2013
Betts, A J
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Zenna Dare
A secret spans five generations from Cornwall to Australia. When Jenefer moves to the old family home, she uncovers a secret from the past. She begins to wonder whether her great, great, great grandmother, a mother of nine, led a double life and what connection she had to Zenna Dare, the glamorous, young singer. Zenna Dare brings reconciliation in more ways than Jenefer could ever have imagined.
ISBN 9781925139037
Publisher Rhiza Press, 2014
Hawke, Rosanne
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Zenobia was once a great warrior queen of Syria whose reign reached from Egypt to Turkey. She was courageous. No-one gave her orders. Once she even went to war against the emperor of Rome. When things feel overwhelming for Amina, her mother reminds her to think of Zenobia and be strong. Amina is a Syrian girl caught up in a war that reaches her village. To escape the war she boards a small boat crammed with other refugees. The boat is rickety and the turbulent seas send Amina overboard. In the dark water Amina remembers playing hide and seek with her mother and making dolmas and the journey she had to undertake with her uncle to escape. And she thinks of the brave warrior Zenobia.
ISBN 9780702260254
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2018
Durr, Morten & Horneman, Lars (ill)
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Six teens have powers that set them apart. Ethan has a voice inside him that'll say what you want to hear, true or not. This is handy, except when the voice starts gabbing in the middle of a bank robbery. To help Sam, the group's leader pulls the scattered Zeroes back together. But, the rescue goes wrong and they must deal with dangerous criminals. In the chaos, they find Kelsie, who can take a crowd in the palm of her hand and tame it, or let it loose as she pleases. Mature themes. Usually read by Years 9, 10 or above.
ISBN 9781925266955
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2015
Westerfeld, Scott & Lanagan, Margo & Biancotti, Deborah
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Zlata's diary
In 1991, just before her eleventh birthday, Zlata began keeping her diary and it becomes a mirror of the war in Sarajevo.
ISBN 9780140374636
Publisher Penguin, 1995
Filipovic, Zlata
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