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200th annversary - swearing in as Governor of NSW

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Image currently unavailable 8499 : Amazing facts about Australia's early explorers by Parish, Steve & Cox, Karin
Australia's early explorers were an odd bunch. Some were incredibly brave, others extremely foolhardy. Some formed friendships with Aborigines and respected their rights and traditions, others treated them very badly. Some gained fame and fortune, others lost their lives. All had a thirst for discovery.
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Image currently unavailable 25945 : Amazing facts about Australia's early settlers by Parish, Steve & Cox, Karin
Australia is home to both an ancient, Indigenous culture and a young European influence. While their coexistence has been far from peaceful, both groups have proven to be tenacious, resourceful and resilient. Australia is the only country founded solely to contain convicts.
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Image currently unavailable 14990 : Avoid being a convict sent to Australia by Costain, Meredith & Antram, David (ill)
A light-hearted but factual account of the social conditions and crimes that led to convicts being transported to Australia. An accurate and vivid account is given of life when Australia is reached. Cartoon-style illustrations add to humour.
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Image currently unavailable 9504 : Beginnings to Federation: the shortest history of Australia, volume 1 by Simpson, Judith
Nearly fifty million years crammed into forty pages. A brief description of prehistoric Australia, the history of Aboriginal peoples and thirty milestones in white Australian history up to the opening of the first Federal Parliament.
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Image currently unavailable 18553 : Convicted: the unwonderful world of kids, crims and other convict capers by Clark, Anna & Crowley, Kate (ill)
This book presents Australia's convict history in a fun way for young readers. There are plenty of pictures and amazing facts to show just how tough it was to be an early Australian convict.
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Image currently unavailable 9431 : Crossing of the Blue Mountains, The by Boardman, Alan & Harvey, Roland (ill)
A history of the exploration of the Blue Mountains, with delightful illustrations.
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Image currently unavailable 792 : Early settlements 1788-1850 by Barrett, Rees
Explore the fascinating story of Australia, from its ancient Indigenous past to the present day, through the biographies of significant people. Find out how these people brought important changes to Australian society through their knowledge, actions or achievements.
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Image currently unavailable 1278 : Every picture tells a story by Ross, John & Booth, Anne
Artworks from the National Gallery of Australia convey the history and development of Australian culture. Each double page spread features an aspect of our heritage, including the first Australians, convicts, the gold rush, explorers, a love of the beach and the diversity of the land.
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Image currently unavailable 71275 : First settlement and exploration by Low, Jim
Details why the First Fleet came to Australia and the hardships faced by convicts and free settlers. Follows the early explorers, Blaxland, Lawson, Wentworth, across the Blue Mountains.
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Image currently unavailable 9319 : Iron in the blood: convicts and commandants in colonial Australia by Tucker, Alan
Australia's colourful, violent convict past vividly recreated to show that prison settlements were some of the most brutal places in the world. The darker side of our history raises many questions about crime, punishment, use and abuse of power.
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Image currently unavailable 3731 : My Australian story: The rum rebellion, the diary of David Bellamy, Sydney Town, 1807-1809 by Gleeson, Libby
David Bellamy is afraid. He fears the strange new land of New South Wales, its inhabitants and its wild creatures. He fears his relatives who have taken him in and the swearing, cursing Governor Bligh. And then, on Anniversary Day, 26th January, 1808, David and his new friends, Kitty and Ralph, are on the streets of Sydney Town when the military march on Government House.
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Image currently unavailable 356 : Side by side by Tucker, Alan
Investigates the relationship between Aboriginal people, British colonists and European missionaries.
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Image currently unavailable 1569 : Stuck on history by Miles, Chris
Find out what fascinating things are trapped in the coloured squares that we stick on the corners of envelopes. Includes a timeline of events coinciding with stamp issues.
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Image currently unavailable 15162 : Tom Appleby, convict boy by French, Jackie
Chimney sweep, Tom Appleby, eight, is convicted of stealing and deported to Botany Bay on The First Fleet. The country seems to have little to offer. Set between the harsh early Sydney life of 1788 and the 19th century impoverishment of 1868.
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"Tracey and Sam are off to the museum for a school trip but Matthew Tibbs is missing. They have an adventure exploring all the exhibits especially the dinosaurs. When it's time to go home, Matthew Tibbs still can't be found."

Butterworth, Nick