PRC Review Team EOI

PRC Reviewers

Every book on the PRC booklists is extensively reviewed and evaluated for consideration. 

A PRC reviewer:
  • is passionate about children's and YA literature, and loves to read
  • has a strong understanding of quality literature appropriate for school-aged children
  • is able to contribute rigorous and comprehensive reviews, with reference to the PRC Review Process guidelines and other supporting information
  • has sound communication skills, and is able to effectively use online forms to submit PRC reviews
  • is able to maintain the confidentiality of the PRC review process
As a PRC reviewer, you will:
  • communicate with the PRC team about your reading preferences and availability
  • receive a selection of books to read, in consultation with the PRC team
  • submit reviews in a timely manner (usually due a the end of each term)
  • get to keep books you review, either for your own collections, or to be donated to your school, classroom or keen student readers

Applications are now closed. We will advertise our next EOI when it opens again.
Please note:
This is a volunteer position. Reviewers will be able to negotiate with the team the number of reviews they are required to submit, and can take a break or leave the review team at any time. Books that have been sent to reviewers can be retained by the reviewer once a review is submitted. 
Occasionally, reviewers may be sent pre-publication or advanced readers copies of books supplied by publishers. These are not to be added to library collections, nor sold, and any embargos placed on the title by the publisher must be adhered to. 
 Book review process information sheet

If you have any questions, please email us at 

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