We love readers at NewsLocal.  As a community newspaper group, we try to keep their interests front of mind in everything we do.

After all, putting out a reader-less paper would be as pointless as trying to play Quidditch without flying broomsticks, a quaffle and a golden snitch.

And thanks to wonderful writers such as J.K. Rowling, new generations of readers are able to discover the joys of immersing themselves in books and the written word.

This is particularly important in an age where the temptation for many is to live their lives through the screens to which eyes seemed glued from morning to night.

Regular reading at a young age creates varied nerual pathways in young brains.

It fosters imagination, curiosity and creativity which set children up for a lifetime of learning.

It is an important building block for building engaged and thriving communities - the sort of communities that our newspapers aim to inform, entertain and help knit together.

That is why we are proud to support the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge, a wonderful initiative aimed at fostering the delight of reading in the young which continues to grow in popularity.

Over the course of the Challenge we will promote the joys of books and chronicle the progress of participants in our 20 community newspapers.

Our Words and Art competition is running again this year, so don't forget to get your entries in!

Happy reading!

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Rise of the Gatekeeper

"Something is terribly wrong. An evil sorcerer has figured out how to time travel and Jenny has to go back to the year 1347 to stop him. A dark wizard who could be far more dangerous than the sorcerer Rudigor. A wizard who is using the power of Jenny's beloved mentor Gwenelda in his evil schemes. Has Gwenelda turned to dark magic? Is she helping this wizard topple the entire Gatekeeper Fraternity? Jenny will stop at nothing to find out the truth, no matter how dangerous it gets. Even if it means risking her very life. "

Blackburn, Richard