Important changes

Welcome to all coordinators of the Premier's Reading Challenge in 2012.

Coordinators have a vital role to play in ensuring that all students at their school from Kindergarten to Year 9 are given the opportunity to participate in the Challenge.

As in previous years, it is the coordinators' role to ensure that students and their parents/carers are made aware of the conditions of entry, that all online student reading records are completed by the deadline at the end of August and that all reading records are validated.

The number of NSW students participating in the Challenge has grown considerably since the program was launched in 2001, with more than 285 000 signing on last year and 220 000 students successfully meeting the Challenge. Because of this huge increase in participation, changes in the way the Challenge operates will be introduced in 2012 and these will impact on PRC coordinator responsibilities.

Schools to print student names on certificates
There will be a change in the way student certificates are made available from now on, due to the volume of certificates required.
Printed certificates for successful students in the 2012 Challenge will be mailed to schools in November.  This year schools will be responsible for adding all student names to the certificates before distributing them.
An added benefit of introducing this procedure is that schools will no longer experience delays through having to wait for missing or misspelt certificates to be replaced.

Late student entries
Another change to be implemented in 2012 is that after the Challenge closes at the end of August, individual schools will process any requests for late student entries. It will be coordinators, rather than the PRC team, who decide whether late entries will be accepted and coordinators will retain their access to student online reading records to manage this process through to the end of the school year.

Book Bonus
On 1 March 2012, Dymocks Children's Charities (DCC) launched a new online fundraising program for students in public schools. Book Bonus is directly linked to the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge. By participating in Book Bonus, students will be able to raise funds both to buy new books for their school and to support Book Bank and other projects that benefit NSW public school students.
Book Bonus is managed by Dymocks Children's Charities, not by the Premier's Reading Challenge team, so for information about how the fundraiser works, please visit the Book Bonus website. To contact Dymocks Children's Charities about Book Bonus, send an email to or telephone 9224 0555.