Newspaper Articles

The Sun-Herald

Newspaper texts temporarily unavailable.

You will be able to choose up to two groups of newspaper texts as part of your official reading in the Premier's Reading Challenge from the following:

ID Title
519 Going places - temporarily unavailable
520 Walk on the wild side, A - temporarily unavailable
535 Writer's life, The - temporarily unavailable
591 Good sports - temporarily unavailable
592 Spectacular science and technology - temporarily unavailable

When collections of newspaper articles are available again. You will be able to enter the ID number of a collection of selected articles as one of the booklist selections on your student reading record. You will be able to read two collections of articles as part of your official reading.

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Fancy Nancy tea parties

"You're invited to join in the fun with hostess extraordinaire, Fancy Nancy. With a little imagination, you too can create an exquisite tea party that is perfect for your friends and family."

O'Connor, Jane & Preiss Glasser, Robin (ill)