PRC ID,Title,Author,Year Published,Reading Level,Annotations 928,"Sachiko: Nagasaki bomb survivor's story, A","Stelson, Caren",2016,7~9,"August 9, 1945, began like any other day for 6 year old Sachiko. Her country was at war, she didn't have enough to eat. At 11:01 am, she was playing outdoors with four other children. Moments later, those children were all dead. An atomic bomb had exploded just a half mile away. A true story of a young girl who survived the atomic bomb and her long journey to find peace." 1011,Animasaurus: Incredible animals that roamed the Earth,"Turner, Tracey & Russell, Harriet (ill)",2016,5~6,"From gigantic sharks to giant sloths, meet the beasts of the past. Find out about the fascinating prehistoric creatures that once walked, swam and hunted our planet. Compare these with living animals, to discover creatures from throughout Earth's history." 1052,Me and you,"Kelly, Deborah & Blair, Karen (ill)",2017,K~2,"I love our sandy-sandwich days, our racing, seagull-chasing days. I love our arty-crafty days, our cut-and-paste and colour days." 1075,DK Findout: Ancient Egypt,"McDonald, Angela",2017,5~6,"All you have you ever wanted to know about the Ancient Egyptians, from what did they eat and how to make a mummy. This book is packed with surprising facts and amazing pictures of Ancient Egypt." 1092,Lion: A long way home,"Brierley, Saroo",2013,5~6,"It is hard to imagine being lost and not finding your way home again. Saroo Brierley became lost on a train in India at the age of 4. Not knowing the name of his family or where he was from, he survived for weeks on the streets of Kolkata, before being taken into an orphanage and adopted by an Australian couple. This is the story of Saroo's journey to finding his way back home, through his memories, using a map of India and poring over satellite images on Google Earth. This incredible true story is about one man's journey back to India to see if he could find his mother. " 1107,Super Fly: Super Fly vs Furious Flea,"Doodler, Todd H",2016,3~4,"It's not easy to be thwarted by Super Fly twice, but Crazy Cockroach isn't giving up on his plans to take over the world. And his latest plan is truly evil: to turn Super Fly's loyal sidekick, Fantastic Flea, against him! It's always been Super Fly and Fantastic Flea versus the baddies, but what will happen when it's Super Fly versus Furious Flea? Is this the end for our dynamic duo and the human world as we know it? Stay tuned!" 2740,"Last dragon charmer, The: Villian keeper","McKay, Laurie",2015,5~6,"Nothing is more important than slaying a dragon.It will make Prince Caden's father proud, and grant him the title of Elite Paladin like his seven older brothers. But there is one big thing standing in Caden's way: he has been mysteriously transported from his home in the Great Winterlands of Razzon to Asheville, North Carolina-a land with no magic and no dragons. Or so he thinks. When he learns of a missing girl who seems to know more about magic than she should, a math teacher who looks suspiciously like the most dangerous villain ever banished from Razzon, and a mysterious ""She"" feared by all the teachers at school, Caden begins to realize that there is unexpected and dangerous magic in this strange land. More important, there may just be dragons here, too. But what if Caden's destiny isn't to slay a dragon after all." 3025,Goblin mafia wars: Wanted dead or deader,"Green,D C ",2016,5~6,"Goblin Mafia Wars is action packed, monster filled adventure that will have you hooked from the opening pages. You will laugh and you will squirm as the race to save the world's last dragon's eggs and halt a full blown goblin war gets under way. Can the dragons be saved? And will earth be spared?" 3056,Lucy's book,"Prior, Natalie Jane & Orsini, Cheryl (ill)",2017,K~2,"Lucy loves to read, but there is one special book that she borrows from the library over and over again. The book is shared with her friends, dropped in the ocean, flown to China and even made into a banana sandwich. When her favourite book goes missing, Lucy, her friends and family go on a mission to find her a copy." 3067,Hexenhaus,"McWatters, Nikki",2016,7~9,"In 1628, Veronica and her brother flee for their lives into the German woods after their father is burned at the stake. At the dawn of the eighteenth century, Scottish maid Katherine is lured into political dissent after her parents are butchered for their beliefs. In present-day Australia, Paisley navigates her way through the burning torches of small-town gossip after her mother's new-age shop comes under scrutiny. A powerful historical novel about three young women caught in the hysteria of their own times." 3072,"Ball stars: Bench warmers, The","Lawrence, David",2017,5~6,"Meet the benchwarmers; Danny, Crystal, Angie, Omyr, Leanne and Cody. They're the new basketball players at Robdale Primary School and according to hot shot Greg 'The Goat' McGriffin, they don't have a chance of winning a lunchtime game. But when the gang are picked as part of the school squad things start looking up. " 3094,100 women who made history: remarkable women who shaped our world,"Caldwell, Stella & Hibbert, Clare & Mills, Andrea & Skene, Rona",2017,5~6,"From queens to scientists to artists to sportspeople, this book provides fascinating facts about the women who have impacted history. Including the stories of women who were famous at the time, and ordinary people whose impact has become known as time progresses, 100 Women Who Made History is an engaging insight into their impact on the world. " 3096,Cici: Truth in sight,"Doerrfeld, Cori & Page, Tyler (ill)",2016,3~4,"Cici has a lot to figure out. She's learning how to make friends. She's learning how to be a better big sister. Oh, and she's learning how to use her fairy powers. Things look easy for Kendra, a popular girl at Cici's school. So when Cici finds Kendra's lost doll, she uses her magic to play a trick; change the doll and Kendra changes too. It's only a joke but the changes could last forever if Cici doesn't learn to see the best in people." 3107,Coding projects with Scratch made easy,"Setford, Steve & Woodcock, Jon",2017,5~6,"Get ready to learn a whole new language: computer coding. Teach yourself how to create your own computer projects using this Scratch programming workbook. Perfect for beginners, with easy-to-understand, engaging instructions and no complicated jargon." 3109,Far from fair,"Arnold, Elana. K.",2016,7~9,"When Odette starts her list of things that aren't fair, living on the road with her parents and her exasperating younger brother is at the very top. But hundreds of miles later at her grandma's house, Odette discovers just how unfair life can really be. With so much that is out of her control, Odette tries to make things right again." 3113,Been here all along,"Hall, Sandy",2016,7~9,"Gideon always had a plan. His plans include running for class president, leading the yearbook committee and having his choice of colleges. They do not include falling head over heels for his best friend and next-door neighbour, Kyle. Kyle finally feels like he has a handle on life. He has a wonderful girlfriend, a best friend willing to debate the finer points of Lord of the Rings and social acceptance as captain. Then both Ruby and Gideon start acting weird...Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above." 3117,Sonoma meets Miss Mouse,"Morrisey, Di & Sydenham, Julie (ill)",2015,K~2,A sob in the night awakes a little girl called Sonoma. She discovers a magical little mouse who is scared of the dark and hungry. Sonoma decides she must help the poor mouse. 3127,"Travel bug, The","Gilmour, Benjamin & Hancock, James Gulliver (ill)",2017,K~2,"In a land of long grasses, where small insects crawl, lived a strange little bug, with no name at all. He packed his blue suitcase, bought a round-the-world ticket, and flew off to find answers on the back of a cricket." 3128,Poles apart,"Willis, Jeanne & Jarvis (ill)",2015,K~2,"Everybody knows that penguins belong at the South Pole and polar bears live at the North Pole-that is until a family of picnicking penguins accidently get lost journeying home. When the hapless Pilchard-Brown family find themselves at completely the wrong pole, they need Mr White, the friendly polar bear, to guide them all the way home." 3147,"Witch's boy, The","Barnhill, Kelly",2015,7~9,"When Ned and his identical twin tumble from their raft into a raging river, only Ned survives. Villagers are convinced the wrong boy lived. Across the forest that borders Ned's village, Aine, the daughter of the Bandit King, is haunted by her mother's last words: ""The wrong boy will save your life and you will save his."" When the Bandit King comes to steal the magic Ned's mother, a witch, is meant to protect, Aine and Ned meet. Can they trust each other long enough to cross a dangerous enchanted forest and stop the war about to boil over between their two kingdoms?" 3157,Nightfall,"Halpern, Jake & Kujawinski, Peter",2016,7~9,"On Marin's island, sunrise doesn't come every twenty-four hours - it comes every twenty-eight years. Now the sun is just a sliver of light on the horizon. The weather is turning cold. The shadows are growing long. The dark is rising. And soon it will be Night. Because Night is falling. Their island is changing. And something is stirring in the dark. " 3228,History mysteries: Diamond Jack,"Greenwood, Mark",2017,3~4,"In March 1942, an aircraft prepares for a desperate midnight escape, taking refugees to safety in Australia. Just before take-off, the pilot is entrusted with a mysterious, wax-sealed package.But when the plane is shot down by the enemy and crash lands on the Kimberley coast, the package is forgotten. Until someone stumbles across the find of a lifetime . . . " 3250,Countdown to danger: Deadly heist,"Heath, Jack",2047,5~6,"You are standing inside a busy city bank, wary of three suspicious people you just saw come in. Suddenly an ear-splitting scream makes you jump. The alarm starts ringing. One of the suspicious trio, a man, has pulled a grenade out of his bag. The woman has just melted the security camera with her laser shooter. You must choose whether you get down on the floor like they ask or try to escape while their backs are turned. 30 minutes. 30 paths. You choose if you live or die." 3301,Hotel Strange: His royal majesty of the mushrooms,"Ferrier, Katherine & Ferrier, Florian",2016,3~4,"When Kiki finds a crown in the woods, a group of mushroom people rushes to call him their ruler. Now the quirky residents of Hotel Strange have to find the real king before things get even crazier." 3327,"Piglet called Truffle, A","Peters, Helen & Snowdon, Ellie (ill)",2016,3~4,"When a young girl finds a piglet, that is too small to fend for itself, she nurses it back to good health. She knows she cannot keep Truffle the pig forever and then disaster strikes." 3335,"Different dog, A","Jennings, Paul & Kelly, Geoff (ill)",2017,5~6,"'I'll tell you something, Chase. Don't beg. Some people beg because they have nothing. But a dog should never do it just because someone says the word beg'. The unforgettable story of a boy who cannot speak and the day he finds his voice." 3394,Podkin One-Ear,"Larwood, Kieran & Wyatt, David (ill)",2016,5~6,"As the midwinter feast rolls on, the children gather to hear the storyteller tell tales of the Great warrior, Podkin one-ear. How will the greatest Rabbit that ever lived become the Hero? How will he escape the evil Gorm, and will the children be allowed to hear the end? An eternal story, and the start of a new adventure in the five realms of rabbits. " 3396,Valentine,"McAlister, Jodie",2017,7~9,"Four teenagers who are all born on the same Valentine's Day begin to disappear. As the bodies mount up, Pearl Linford has to work out what is happening before it happens to her. Finn Blacklin also shares a Valentines birthday and is the sworn enemy of Pearl. Finn is also the Valentine and a Seelie fairy changeling swapped for a human boy at birth. The Unseelie have come to kill the Valentine but they do not know who it is. Pearl must use all her wits to protect herself. Finn must come to terms with his newfound heritage. There is explosive chemistry too between them that must be dealt with." 3436,"Thank you dish, The","Balla, Trace",2017,K~2,"It's dinnertime at Grace's place. 'Thanks to the rain, the soil and the sunshine,' says Mama. 'Thank you alpaca,' says Grace. Mama is confused, why does Grace thank alpaca for her dinner. Grace smiles and explains." 3439,Marge and the pirate baby,"Fisher, Isla & Ceulemans, Eglantine (ill)",2017,3~4,Marge and the Pirate Baby is a collection of three short stories about the best baby sitter ever. Marge has colourful hair and a knack for making everything fun but can she save the day from the pirate baby? 3450,Magnificent creatures: Animals on the move,"Wright, Anna",2016,3~4,"We live in an amazing world, surrounded by magnificent creatures, great and small. They make this earth a magical place to live." 3466,"Australian animal atlas, The","Cronin, Leonard & Westmacott, Marion (ill)",2017,3~4,"Come on a journey into the world of Australia's wildlife, exploring all the different habitats, from parched deserts to lush rainforests. Discover the mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and insects that live there. Search for the animals hidden in each habitat scene. Find out about the fish that walks; the sixth sense of the platypus; the deadly venom of the desert death adder; the strange table manners of the sea star.This environmental atlas of Australian animals, by an expert team, is full of fascinating facts and superb illustrations." 3475,Our last trip to the market,"Clarke, Lorin & Vane, Mitch (ill)",2017,K~2,"What a fabulous morning to go the market! That busker is dressed as a clown. And there's fruit and a baker. There are people on bikes. Annabelle, please put that down!" 3476,"Building boy, The","Montgomery, Ross & Litchfield, David (ill)",2016,K~2,"The boy's work was done. He looked into the eyes he'd built and said, ""Grandma, wake up."" All at once the stars leapt closer. Grandma grabbed the boy, raising him high above the roof tiles on her head. She was alive." 3535,How to build a car,"Lacey, Saskia & Sodomka, Martin (ill)",2015,3~4,"Eli's famous for dreaming big. Sometimes too big. But this time, the mouse has a plan-to build a real race car. If he can get his friends Phoebe and Hank to help, it might just work. And together, they can really go places. Through hard work and perseverance, the three friends learn all about car mechanics and teamwork as they work together to build a miniature racer." 3542,Moon's messenger,"Kroll, Virginia & Celej, Zuzanna (ill)",2015,3~4,"Moon knew it was unusual to see a green turtle. Out of all the sea turtles in the world, they were the species that was most at risk. But when the turtle beckoned her to come, Moon knew it wanted to show her something. " 3544,Surfer boy Bo,"Morrissey, Di ""Gigi"" & Sydenham, Julie (ill)",2016,K~2,"Bo discovers a magical place beneath the waves. During his adventures, he sees wonderfully strange creatures and their beautiful homes. He also learns that parts of our underwater world are disappearing and it is up to all of us to look after our oceans." 3554,"Little white duck: Childhood in China, A","Liu, Na & Martinez, Andres Vera (ill)",2012,7~9,"The world is changing for two girls in China is the 1970s. Da Qin and her sister live in the city of Wuhan with their parents. When their country's leader, Chairman Mao, dies, new opportunities begin to emerge. The sisters soon learn that their childhood will be much different than the upbringing their parents experienced. Eight short stories-based on the author's own life- give readers a unique look at what it was like to grow up in China during this important time in history." 3565,"Sun is also a star, The","Yoon, Nicola",2016,7~9,"Natasha: I'm a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not destiny. Daniel: I've always been the good son, the good student, living up to my parents' high expectations. Never the poet. Or the dreamer. The Universe: Every moment in our lives has brought us to this single moment. A million futures lie before us. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above." 3574,DK Findout: Solar System,"Cruddas, Sara",2016,5~6,"All you have you ever wanted to know about the Solar System, from what are Saturn's rings made of or how long does it take to get to Pluto. This book is packed with surprising facts and amazing pictures that are out of this world." 3577,DK Findout: Dinosaurs,"Mills, Andrea",2016,5~6,"All you have you ever wanted to know about the dinosaurs, from how big was a Argentinosaurus and where would you have to have gone to find a T.rex. This book is packed with surprising facts and amazing pictures of the prehistoric world." 3597,DK Findout: Stone Age,"Janulis, Klint",2017,5~6,"All you have you ever wanted to know about the Stone Age, from what people wore and what was some of their favourite foods. This book is packed with surprising facts and amazing pictures of every aspect of Stone Age life." 3616,DK findout: Ancient Rome,"Chrisp, Peter",2016,5~6,"All you have you ever wanted to know about life in Ancient Rome, from what did they put into their shopping baskets and how to decode Roman numerals. This book is packed with surprising facts and incredible images of every aspect of Roman life.." 3638,DK findout: Animals,"Mills, Andrea",2016,5~6,"All you have you ever wanted to know about the animal kingdom, from what makes up a bird and how animals use camouflage to hide. This book is packed with surprising facts and amazing pictures of animals, from mammals to reptiles." 3641,DK findout: Science,"Grossman, Emily",2016,5~6,"All you have you ever wanted to know about science, everything from light and electricity, to animals and parts of the body. Discover how to make a rainbow and all about the states of matter." 3659,Not quite black and white,"Ying, Jonathan & Ying, Victoria (ill)",2016,K~2,A zebra wearing pink polka dots. A penguin with bright yellow boots. Lots of colours to see on these silly animals that aren't quite black and white. 3663,"Cranky ballerina, The","Gravel, Elise",2016,K~2,"Saturdays make Ada cranky. That's because Saturday is the day Ada has her ballet class. Stretch- she kicks. Twirl- she swats. Jump- she flops. ""I hate ballet"" Ada says. And it doesn't seem like that is going to change anytime soon." 3665,Sloth slept on,"Preston-Gannon, Frann",2016,K~2,He wasn't like any other creature we had ever found in the garden. We couldn't figure out what he was and where he had came from. 3672,How the whale got his throat,"Kipling, Rudyard & Joven, John (ill)",2016,K~2,"Once upon a time, Whale was ever so greedy- he swam around eating anything and everything he came across. Then one day he decided to eat a man and things changed..." 3675,How the elephant got his trunk,"Kipling, Rudyard & Joven, John (ill)",2016,K~2,"Once, in a time long forgotten, elephants had short, stubby noses. One day a curious baby elephant visits Crocodile and that all changes." 3704,"Tales of Mrs Mancini, The","Prior, Natalie Jane & Orsini, Cheryl (ill)",2016,3~4,"Mrs Mancini, together with her human friend Filippina, runs a cake shop full of delectable treats. Alongside her flair for flan, Mrs Mancini also has a special ability to bring children together." 3716,"Selwood boys, The: Battle Royale","Wilson, Tony & Jacobsen, Mike (ill)",2016,3~4,"Meet the Selwood boys ... There's the twins, Troy and Adam, pulling pranks and making mischief, then Joel with his sneaky, cheeky antics, and finally little Scott, who just does his best (or make that his worst!) to keep up. Can Joel finally get off the sidelines and onto the footy field to play with his big brothers? It'll be a battle royale that's bound to involve the whole family! " 3719,"Selwood boys, The: The miracle goal","Wilson, Tony & Jacobsen, Mike (ill)",2016,3~4,This is another adventure of AFL's Selwood brothers as young boys. At last Joel gets to play for the full season. When a new friend struggles to join the team Joe needs to be a footy legend for his team as well as a good mate. 3743,Wormwood mire,"Rossell, Judith",2017,5~6,"When Stella Montgomery returned to the Hotel Majestic cold and wet but exhilarated by adventure, the Aunts were furious. Now they are sending Stella away to the old family home at Wormwood Mire, where she must live with two strange cousins and their governess. But within the overgrown grounds of the mouldering house, dark secrets slither and skulk, and soon Stella must be brave once more if she's to find out who - or what - she really is...This is the thrilling and magical sequel to multi-award-winning novel, Withering-by-Sea." 3752,"Midnight gang, The","Walliams, David & Ross, Tony (ill)",2016,5~6,"Tom is hit on the head by a cricket ball at boarding school and is promptly sent to hospital to recover from his injury. While there, he becomes involved with the adventures of The Midnight Gang, a gang patients from the children's ward under the strict control of the hospital's evil, children hating Matron and scarily deformed porter. Will the Midnight Gang accept Tom into the group and can they outsmart the wicked Matron and make all the gang's wildest dreams come true?" 3761,Gris Grimly's tales from the Brothers Grimm,"Grimm, Jacob & Grimm, Wilhelm (collected) & Grimly, Gris (ill)",2016,7~9,"A beautifully bound and illustrated collection of some of the more unusual tales from The Brothers Grimm alongside the much-loved classics. With a translation by Margaret Hunt that pulls no punches, these retellings are as original as you will find, opening a magical world of fairy tales and folk lore to inspire imaginations and readers of all ages and generations. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above." 3791,Please be nice to sharks: fascinating facts about the ocean's most misunderstood creatures,"Weiss, Matt & Botelho, Daniel (photography)",2016,3~4,"You're probably thinking, ""Why be nice to sharks?"" Well, if you like the sea, you should love sharks. They are essential to the health of the ocean's ecosystem. But the sad truth is that sharks are being fished to extinction. That's bad news for our planet. Besides, sharks are cool. Dive into this book and learn more about these amazing, awesome and misunderstood fish." 3794,Are these your glasses?,"McCormack, Gavin & Cooper, Jennifer (ill)",2016,K~2,"Sergio is a penguin who lives with his father in a small house by the ocean. At school, he doesn't have many friends, because he is different to the other children. With his father as a guide, he learns some valuable lessons as he grows up. These lessons help him to show great determination and strength as he tries to find true friendship." 3798,Trouble and the new kid,"Whittle, Cate & King, Stephen Michael (ill)",2017,3~4,"Nina the new kid at school thinks that dragons don't exist. Trouble is still banned from the schoolyard, so he can't show her how she is wrong. It's no fun when people don't believe in you, but believing in things is good for everyone, as Georgia is about to find out." 3801,Snow man and the seven ninjas,"Cosgrove, Matt",2017,3~4,"Don't worry! This isn't the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that has bored children for years. This disgusting and completely awesome retelling of the classic tale brings the story to life for a whole new generation of blood thirsty, booger hunters!" 3815,"Everything, everything","Yoon, Nicola & Yoon, David (ill)",2015,7~9,"Maddy is allergic to the world. She hasn't left her house in seventeen years. Olly is the boy next door. He's determined to reach her. A story about the crazy risks we take for love. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above." 3823,"Gigantic book of genes, The","Hendry, Lorna",2016,5~6,"Look at the people in your family, do they all look similar? How closely are your related to your cousins, a chimpanzee and a banana? Whose fault is it that you cannot roll your tongue? Find out in the Gigantic book of genes." 3826,"Numbers book, The","Hendry, Lorna",2016,5~6,Numbers are amazing. They help us make sense of the world around us and we use them in lots of different ways every day. Find out just what numbers are in this fascinating book. 3831,Who what when where why and how,"Hope, Charles",2016,5~6,"Have you ever wanted to know why does the wind blow or why do some people walk in their sleep, this is the book for you. Those tricky questions you have always wanted to be ask are answered here." 3841,I'm Australian too,"Fox, Mem & Ghosh, Ronojoy (ill)",2017,K~2,"From countries near and far, many have made their home in Australia, sharing it with the original inhabitants, and living in peace beneath the Southern Star." 3845,Twig,"Parker, Aura",2016,K~2,"Heidi is a stick insect, tall and long like a twig of a tree. It's her first day at a busy bug school, where she hopes to learn and make new friends. But finding friends isn't easy when no-one can find you." 3847,Mopoke,"Bunting, Philip",2017,K~2,This is a mopoke. Mopoke loves peace and quiet. He is about to find out that you can't always get what you want. 3851,"Lotterys plus one, The","Donoghue, Emma",2017,5~6,"Meet the Lotterys: a unique and diverse family featuring four parents, seven kids and five pets all living happily together in their big old house, Camelottery. Nine-year-old Sumac is the organizer of the family and is looking forward to a long summer of fun. But when their grumpy and intolerant grandad comes to stay, everything is turned upside down." 3856,"Secret safe to tell, A","Hunter, Naomi & Erasmus, Karen (ill)",2015,3~4,"It happened when I was little, always when we were alone. But sometimes he did things that worried me and made me feel completely strange on the inside. I thought games were supposed to be fun." 3860,"You're different, Jemima","Morley, Jedidah & Erasmus, Karen (ill)",2015,K~2,"Jemima likes to sing loud, dance her own moves and use her imagination, but her teacher and the other kids think she is too 'different'. When Mrs Chuckles takes over teaching the class, Jemima discovers that being different is wonderful." 3865,Feelings,"Jones, Richard & Walden, Libby (ill)",2016,K~2,What you feel is who you are. Explore the world of emotions with this stunning peep-through book. The lyrical text and enchanting illustrations bring each emotion to life to help children understand the universal and unique nature of feelings. 3867,Atlas of oddities: discover the amazing and diverse world we live in,"Gifford, Clive & Worrall, Tracy (ill)",2016,5~6,"Living on the planet are more than 7 billion people, all with their own interests, traditions and ways of life. And the extraordinary scenery, from the icy poles to scorching hot deserts, lush tropical rainforests, giant rocky caves and canyons, remarkable rivers, lakes and seas, also provides a home to a phenomenally wide range of different animals and plants. This unbelievable round-the-world adventure will take you through all of our continents and countries, and on the way you will get to see just how diverse the world can be. The beautifully illustrated maps feature key aspects, such as borders, capital cities and major rivers, and are perfect for engaging young readers. " 3868,Nara and the island,"Ungureanu, Dan",2016,K~2,"My home is so small, you can't lose anything. At least, that's what my dad says. But sometimes, I feel like getting lost." 3873,"Little people, big dreams: Marie Curie","Sanchez Vegara, Isabel & Isa, Frau (ill)",2017,3~4,"Learn all about Marie Curie, whose love of learning helped her to revolutionise the fight against cancer with her discovery of radium and polonium. This inspiring and informative little biography comes with extra facts about Marie's life at the back." 3876,"Little people, big dreams: Agatha Christie","Sanchez Vegara, Isabel & Munso, Elisa (ill)",2017,3~4,"Learn all about Agatha Christie, who taught herself to read at the age of five, on her journey to becoming the most famous crime writer of all time. This inspiring and informative little biography comes with extra facts about Agatha's life at the back. " 3890,Snot Chocolate and other funny stories,"Gleitzman, Morris ",2016,5~6,"Very Yummy Stories.Stop your mum picking her nose, read the secret diary of a dog, catch a bus and then let it go, discover how one slice of toast can make you the most popular person in school, start wearing a crown and give up eating pig-nostril gruel, use a wrecking ball to defeat a bully, show your big sister the very scary secret in your wardrobe, unleash the awesome power of chips, live in a house that gets wiped clean more often than a bottom. Funny stories from a favourite Australian author, Morris Gleitzman." 3904,Because you'll never meet me,"Thomas, Leah",2015,7~9,"There are truths you can only tell a stranger, and this friendship is the strangest. Ollie and Moritz are best friends, but they can never meet, because if they ever did, one of them will most certainly die. As recluses from society, they develop a fierce bond through letters that become a lifeline. But when Moritz reveals the key to their shared, disturbing past, their friendship faces a test neither one of them expected." 3923,"Invisible war, the","Wild, Ailsa & Hutchings, Ben (ill)",2016,7~9,"While treating a patient with dysentery, Sister Annie Barnaby encounters a strain of lethal bacteria. As the invaders journey deep into her gut, the resident microbes must fight to survive and Annie's life hangs in the balance. Enter the phage, a deadly viral predator, ready to wage war to protect their host. Created by an expert team of scientists, artists, educators, writers and historians, The Invisible war is a story like no other." 3936,"Sands of Shark Island, The","McCall Smith, Alexander & McIntosh, Iain (ill)",2016,3~4,"After successfully thwarting a dastardly plan to steal rare marine animals, from the sea around the Scottish island of Mull, Ben and Fee MacTavish feel they can relax and continue learning all about nautical life on board School Ship Tobermory. But it is not long before their everyday routine is interrupted by an extraordinary event. Ben, Fee, their fellow students and the crew of the Tobermory find themselves embroiled in another adventure that leads them thousands of miles from Mull to a small island in the Caribbean, where they learn extraordinary details about Captain Macbeth's past and come face to face with modern-day pirates." 3951,Clare's Goodbye,"Gleeson, Libby & Pignataro, Anna (ill)",2017,K~2,"We all have our own way of saying goodbye. Libby Gleeson tells a poignant story about letting go, with brooding evocative illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Anna Pignataro. " 3968,"Tale of rescue, The","Rosen, Michael J. & Fellows, Stan (ill)",2015,5~6,"When a blizzard traps a family outside in a whiteout, a cattle dog devises a stunning rescue in a moving, suspenseful, and gorgeously illustrated story." 3973,Short,"Goldberg Sloan, Holly",2017,5~6,"Julia is very short for her age, but by the end of the summer she'll realise how big she is inside, where it counts. This is the summer she gets cast as a munchkin in a production of The Wizard of Oz. Through some new friendships, and her turn in the spotlight, she finds that she may not be as tall as everyone else, but she more than deserves to hold her head high." 3980,The bear who stared,"Beedie, Duncan",2015,K~2,"There once was a bear who like to stare. Bear doesn't mean to be rude, just curious but nobody likes to be stared at and it soon gets Bear into trouble. Luckily there's a googly-eyed frog who soon sets Bear straight." 3992,Monsieur Chat,"Robaard, Jedda ",2017,K~2,"Josephine and Pierre live on different floors in the same old building, but have never met. Each spends their days alone, until a very determined little cat arrives, with a plan of his own." 4012,Ball Stars: Reppin It,"Lawrence, David",2017,5~6,"There's big news at Robdale Primary, the rep trials are happening. Danny, Crystal and their Raptors friends can't wait to try out. The selection process is full on but fun. However, things go into meltdown when the captain of the boys' team is announced and it's not who everyone expected. Can the boys bury the hatchet and learnt to play as a team, or will it only be the girls who have a shot at the trophy?" 4014,Ball Stars: On Tour,"Lawrence, David",2017,5~6,"Following their huge success the Robdale Primary basketball team is going on tour. They're off to the country and Danny, Crystal and the gang couldn't be more excited. That is, until they find out that spotlight-hungry Principal Take is also coming. Throw in Greg 'The Goat' McGriffin and it's going to be one interesting trip." 4015,"Walk in the bush, A","Perkins, Gwyn",2017,K~2,"Little Iggy does not want to leave the house, but Grandad insists, they always have fun together. What follows is a wonderful journey, in the great Australian outdoors, with singing birds, wallaby surprises, secret caterpillar messages and oodles of grandad humour. Here is a story about the wonders of nature, the funny side of life and spending time with the ones we love." 4016,Applesauce weather,"Frost, Helen & Bates, Amy June (ill)",2016,5~6,"When the first apple falls from the tree, siblings Faith and Peter know that it is applesauce weather. And that means that Uncle Arthur should be here. It seems like he needs a little more time to grieve. This is the first year without Aunt Lucy after all. This is a heartfelt tale about the strength and love of family and the power of a good story. " 4040,Chip,"Howarth, Kylie",2016,K~2,"Chip, like most other gulls, would do anything for fish and chips. When he's banned from his favourite food, he is desperate to get it back on the menu. So Chip hatches a brilliant idea to solve his problem, but has he gone too far this time?" 4073,Frog and Beaver,"James, Simon",2017,K~2,"Every morning Frog woke up from under his leaf and looked out over a beautiful river. Frog shared the river with his friends; the ducks and their ducklings. Everyone lived happily together. It was perfect. Everything changes when a young beaver comes swimming down the river, announcing this will be the ideal place for him to build his first dam. Frog endeavours to negotiate with Beaver but he shows total disregard for all the other creatures. Will all the the previously happy inhabitants survive the flood created by the Beavers dam?" 4076,I listened and I looked,"Briggs, Sue & Harvey, Bev & Leslie, Donna (ill)",2017,K~2,"A small girl, sitting alone one a river bank, repeatedly gets the same advice from the old people. There is a bunyip living in a cave at the bend in the river. No matter how hard or long she watches and waits, she never sees it. Have the old people just made up the bunyip to teach children to be safe in the river? Or are they just having a bit of fun, by teasing the children?" 4080,"Everywhere Bear, The","Donaldson, Julia & Cobb, Rebecca (ill)",2017,K~2,"We meet the members of class one. There is Ollie and Holly and Josie and Leo and April and Theo and April, and the everywhere bear, who goes home with one of them each weekend. All goes well until the everywhere bear is in the backpack of the new boy, Matt and tumbles out onto the street. So begins a series of adventures, wild and breathtaking, for the bear and for the young reader. " 4085,Ball stars: Heat wave,"Lawrence, David",2018,5~6,"After wiping the floor in the interschool comp, the Bench Warmers are back. Danny and his friends are now playing club basketball for the newly formed Robdale Raptors. The opposition is tough, but with a first-rate coach and some much improved players, these ballers could pose a real threat. Can the gang make it to the grand final, or will Greg 'The Goat' McGriffin and the all-star Holesly Heat team ruin the Raptors' chances?" 4094,Torty and the Soldier,"Beck, Jennifer & Colston, Fifi (ill)",2017,3~4,Meet Torty. She's one tough little tortoise with a beat-up shell and some missing toes. Torty survived a great war that raged in Europe one hundred years ago. She was recused back then by a young Kiwi soldier. Torty is truly a World War One survivor. 4114,"Lion inside, The","Bright, Rachel & Field, Jim (ill)",2015,K~2,"Poor little mouse cannot make himself heard in the jungle. He is trod on, sat on and worst of all forgotten. One night he realises what he needs is a roar, like Lion, who everyone knows who he is. Mouse decides to approach Lion for advice but he is in for a surprise." 4157,Millie loves ants,"French, Jackie & deGennaro, Sue (ill)",2017,K~2,'My friend Millie just loves ants.' Emily is intrigued to know why Millie the echidna loves ants so much. And so Emily carefully observes Millie until she discovers her secret. Millie is collecting food for her baby puggle! 4228,Mr Moon wakes up,"Sharpe, Jemima",2016,K~2,"Mr Moon always sleeps. He naps during hide-and-seek, passes out on puzzles and dozes during adventure stories. But when we go to sleep, Mr Moon wakes up and what adventures we go on." 4490,Pandora,"Turnbull, Victoria",2016,K~2,"Pandora lives alone, in a world of broken things. No one ever comes to visit, so she spends her time gathering and mending what she can. But when a bird falls from the sky, slowly her world begins to change..." 4573,"Batsford books of Music for children, The","Rumens-Syratt, Rebecca",2016,5~6,"Music is great because it means we can sing along to our favourite songs, play instruments with our friends and read sheet music- it's like a secret code. With this book you will be a marvellous musician in no time." 4581,"Secret of the black bushranger, The","French, Jackie",2017,5~6,"By the 1790s orphaned Barney Bean finally has his own farm in the early NSW colony. All his dreams are coming true. But now we are to learn of Barney's biggest secret yet: how he helped Australia's first bushranger escape. Was Black Caesar a wronged man, an ex-slave who vowed to be free? Or was he a laughing villain, a trickster who planned to terrorise the colony? And in helping him, did Barney do right or wrong? You decide." 4588,Willy and the cloud,"Browne, Anthony",2016,K~2,There is a cloud following Willy wherever he goes. He can't hide and he can't escape. There is only one thing he can do. Willy will have to stand up to it. 4590,"Catawampus cat, The","Carter Eaton, Jason & Gordon, Gus (ill)",2017,K~2,The catawampus cat walked into town one day and that's when everything began to change. 4593,Busting,"Blabey, Aaron",2017,K~2,Lou was busting for the loo. But the loo had quite a queue. What on earth was Lou to do. 4601,"Among believers: Pictorial journey, A","Osborne, Christine",2016,7~9,"Among Believers explores the richness and diversity of the world's mainstream religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Sikhism. More than 350 remarkable photographs document worship and the rites of passage rooted in a country's culture, religious festivals, feasts and fasts, meditation, education, sacred foods and places of pilgrimage." 4841,Penguin problems,"John, Jory & Smith, Lane (ill)",2016,3~4,"Little Penguin has problems: his beak is cold; there is snow everywhere; the water smells salty; he waddles; he looks the same as everybody else. No, it is not easy being a Penguin." 4847,Was not me,"Horsfall, Shannon",2016,K~2,"I have a naughty twin brother who I only see. A cheeky twin brother, his name is Not Me. There are how many boys in this family?" 4849,"Nose pixies, The: a cautionary tale","Hunt, David & Masciullo, Lucia (ill)",2016,K~2,"Oliver has a bad habit. A very bad habit. He just can't keep his fingers out of his nose, which is a big problem for the tiny pixies who mine his nose gold to keep our cities running. The nose pixies return to their kingdom with empty handkerchiefs night after night. And unless their luck changes, they'll be out of a job...or worse." 4853,Look inside how computers work,"Frith, Alex & Dickins, Rosie & King, Colin (ill)",2016,3~4,"Find out what happens behind the screen, beneath the keyboard and inside the electronic 'brain' of a computer. Lift the flaps to find out." 4863,Gym stars: Handsprings and homework,"Lawes, Jane",2012,3~4,Tara continues to follow her dream in her attempt to reach national championships in acrobatic gymnastics. She begins to understand there is more to sport than practise. She must learn how to manage the demands of school with the demands of her selected sport. Can she do it? 4865,"One day in the eucalyptus, eucalyptus tree","Bernstrom, Daniel & Wenzel, Brendan (ill)",2016,K~2,"One day in the leaves of eucalyptus tree hung a scare in the air where no eye could see, when along skipped a boy with a whirly-twirly toy, to the shade of the eucalyptus, eucalyptus tree." 4898,Bugs,"Bone, Emily & Battistel, Cinzia (ill)",2016,K~2,"Ever wanted to learn all about the different bugs out there? Readers can learn all about lots of different bugs, from honey bees to wolf spiders. Did you know that some spiders can breathe underwater or that ants carry their babies when they move nests? Learn so much more about bugs in this enthralling book." 4900,Dinosaurs,"Bone, Emily & Cosgrove, Lee (ill)",2016,K~2,"An exciting book about dinosaurs for young children to read aloud. Each page has colourful illustrations of a Tyrannosaurus rex, a Stegosaurus, a Diplodocus and lots more. The simple text describes what dinosaurs ate, where they lived, how they looked after their babies and which were the biggest and smallest dinosaurs." 4911,Amazing animals of Australia's national parks,"Newton, Gina. M.",2017,5~6,"The animals of Australia are amazing. Find out what some of them look like and where you might see them. Whether you're on a trip to a national park or relaxing in a comfortable spot, you'll love dipping into this book. It includes 55 national parks and reserves and is full of up-to-date fascinating facts for more than 120 animal species, large and small." 4927,Remind me how this ends,"Tozer, Gabrielle",2017,7~9,"Milo and Layla run into each other after an extended separation. As kids, they shared everything, but five years apart has taken their lives in different directions. Layla is dealing with the death of her mother, and Milo is feeling trapped, his life on hold since he finished year 12. Deals with the decisions that people make about their relationships, and the directions their lives will take. A moving, powerful story." 4932,"Young magicians and the thieves' almanac, The","Mohammed, Nick",2017,5~6,"Zack, Sophie, Johnny and Alex have their holiday all planned, they want to learn about card tricks and picking locks at the world famous Magic Circle Club. Suddenly their plans vanish in a puff of smoke when they have to deal with a difficult club president, a stagehand ghost and a crime right under their noses. Join these young magicians as they step inside an adventure that may or may not involve the search for a secret book and a set of impossible crimes." 4945,Earth to Daniel,"Rees, Gwyneth",2016,5~6,"It is like I was a visitor from another planet instead of a normal human being who actually belonged on planet Earth. Daniel has moved and has to start at a new school. And to make matters worse, his mum is his new school principal! As if things are not bad enough, when his dad goes overseas, his mum starts to act really strange and does some really embarrassing things. Daniel wonders if this has anything to do with an illness that she had a long time ago. His mum needs help and it looks like Daniel has to be the one to save her. " 4961,Is this a poem?,"Stevens, Roger",2016,5~6,"This book is full of many different types of poetry. There are advertising jingles, football chants and even raps. There are also some brilliant tips to help you write poetry of your own." 4962,Imagining the future,"Torok, Simon & Holper, Paul",2016,5~6,Get prepared for the fantastic future with this guide to the unbelievable and incredible inventions just over the horizon. Flying through time and flying in cars. Living underwater and living forever. Robot servants. 3D printed food. Wouldn't it be amazing if science fiction became science fact? 4972,"Ginger Green play date queen: New friend, The","Kane, Kim & Davis, Jon (ill)",2016,K~2,"Ginger is playing with Skye today.But what happens when Skye won't let her dad leave? A story of two new friends, sharing their love of dance and overcoming being shy." 4976,Henry and the guardians of the lost,"Nimmo, Jenny",2016,5~6,"The yellow letter arrived on a Saturday, otherwise Henry would have been at school. The envelope was such a bright, sunny colour, no one would have believed that it contained a bombshell. Less than 10 minutes after the arrival of the mysterious letter, Henry is on the run with his Auntie Pearl, possibly never to return home. Henry has a secret. He is twelve, but he hasn't aged a day since the moment he was thrust a hundred years into the future. Now his secret has put him in danger. His only hope is the protection of the Guardians of the Lost. " 4994,This is Banjo Paterson,"McCartney, Tania & Booth, Christina (ill)",2017,K~2,"Andrew Barton 'Banjo' Paterson loved to write poetry. He loved hunting and fishing and horses too, especially a horse named 'Banjo'. Join Banjo, his family, dog and neighbourhood friends, as they recount the life of Banjo Paterson with an afternoon of backyard playtime that truly typifies childhood." 4996,"Socks, sandbags and leeches: Letters to my Anzac dad","Deeves, Pauline ",2016,5~6,"Ivy and her mother live in Australia, far away from where the Great War is raging. Ivy writes to her father, who is fighting overseas, all about life at home. About the socks and sandbags she and her friends make and the leeches they catch to sell to the hospital. The war keeps dragging on and she keeps on writing, hoping her dad returns safe." 4999,Florette,"Walker, Anna",2017,K~2,"When Mae's family moves to a new home she wishes she could bring her garden with her. She'll miss the apple trees, the daffodils and the butterflies in the long, wavy grass. But there's no room for a garden in her new home, or so she thinks." 5003,One little goat,"Dubosarsky, Ursula & Joyner, Andrew (ill)",2017,K~2,It starts with one little goat. It ends with one little goat. But what happens in-between is a whirlwind of nonsense and fun. 5005,Road trip,"Parker, Danny & Eckstrom, Nathaniel (ill)",2017,K~2,The only thing worse than a long boring road trip is driving with someone who loves long and boring road trips. Even when that someone is your dad. 5008,Blue sky yellow kite,"Holmes, Janet A. & Bentley, Jonathan (ill)",2016,K~2,"Sometimes we want a thing so much we can't prevent ourselves from taking it. But when a girl steals her friend's beautiful yellow kite, she is swamped with turmoil. A story about desire, guilt and forgiveness." 5024,"Hello to you, moon","Morgan, Sally & Sonny & Biddy (ill)",2017,K~2,"Not all creatures are night animals, but all creatures respond to the moon." 5025,Piggy,"Lai, Trevor",2016,K~2,"Piggy loves books so much that he never has time for friends. But one day Piggy sees a cat reading alone. And he wonders if, perhaps, they could be best friends. Try as Piggy might- in increasingly spectacular ways- the cat just won't notice him. Piggy just wants to let her know just how he feels." 5027,My turn,"Rankin, Laura",2016,K~2,"Pammy and Wyatt are best friends. They always have lots of fun playing together. But today... when they put on a parade, Pammy rides in the float and Wyatt pulls it. When they on the swing, Pammy flies high while Wyatt pushes her. And when they play school, Pammy's the teacher. Wyatt has to raise his hand. Wyatt wants to know, when will it be his turn to do all the fun things." 5029,Timing the machine,"Crew, Gary & O'Sullivan, Paul (ill)",2016,5~6,"Is H.G. Wells' legendary Time Machine still travelling into the past, the future, or lost somewhere in the here or now. Take the journey with Enoch as he tries to find out," 5030,"Say yes: Story of friendship, fairness and a vote for hope","Castles, Jennifer & Seden, Paul (ill)",2017,5~6,"Once there were two little girls who were best friends. They did everything together. As they got older they weren't allowed to do the same thing anymore. Because they looked different. Because of the law. This is a story about the landmark 1967 Referendum, the two women who came together to change the law...and how the Australian people said yes." 5033,Girl hearts girl,"Sutcliffe, Lucy",2016,7~9,Lucy always knew that her idea of Prince Charming was different to that of other girls. And then she meets Kaelyn online and everything starts to make sense. Maybe her Prince Charming is a girl. An inspiring and uplifting memoir about falling in love and finding yourself. 5034,"Bombs that brought us together, The","Conaghan, Brian",2016,7~9,"Charlie has always lived in Little Town. It's home: the curfew, the Regime, the thugs, the poverty. He knows the rules. Then he meets Pavel. Scrawny and sweary, he is a refugee from Old Country. The wrongest person in the whole place to choose as a friend. But when the bombs come, the rules of Little Town change. Right or wrong: Charlie must choose. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above." 5038,"Stone man mysteries, The: Stone cold","Yolen, Jane & Stemple, Adam & Zangara, Orion (ill)",2016,5~6,"When a gargoyle comes to life and saves Craig from jumping to his death in the city of Edinburgh, Craig is pulled into a high paced world of murder, crime and mystery. A new crime fighting team that includes a hard nosed priest, a demon gargoyle and a young boy is formed and they will need their wit, skills and a little luck to solve the mysterious murders that are plaguing the citys streets. " 5046,How cities work,"Gulliver Hancock, James ",2016,3~4,From the cities to the skyscrapers- reveal the secret workings of the city. Lift the flaps to see what is inside buildings and unfold pages to find out what's going on above your head and under your feet. It's the city like you have never seen before. 5309,Chimp rescue: a true story,"French, Jess & McKenna, Virginia (intro)",2016,3~4,"This is the story of Chinoise, the baby chimpanzee who was rescued by Born Free and their supporters in 2014. After spending her early life isolated and in captivity, Chinoise now lives in a special nursery for rescued primates where, at last, she has made friends and learned how to play." 5423,"Hello, Sydney","McKean, Megan",2016,3~4,"Explore 15 of Sydney's most iconic locations with the help of six cheeky seagulls on this look-and-find adventure. From Taronga Zoo to Bondi Beach, there are delightful quirks of the city to spot on each page as well as fun facts to discover." 5610,I don't like poetry,"Seigal, Andrew & Piascik, Chris (ill)",2016,3~4,"A collection of funny, weird and wacky poems especially for children who think they do not like poetry. There are poems about zombies, dogs, haircuts and grandpas beard, to list just a few. with many more to keep you laughing and rhyming throughout this collection. A fun way to enjoy poetry and learn about language without ever really having to admit it." 5831,Fergus and Delilah,"Knutt, Erin & Alexander, Misa (ill)",2016,K~2,"It is Delilah's first day at the park. She slides, climbs, swings and dances, making friends with a variety of different children. However, despite her best efforts, one boy keeps shooing her away. Delilah tries everything to be his friend." 6652,"Giant's necklace, The","Morpurgo, Michael & Smith, Briony May (ill)",2016,5~6,"It's the final day of the holidays, and Cherry resolves to collect the last few shells she needs to complete her necklace. She's determined it will be fit for a giant. Then the clouds roll in and the sea becomes a writhing grey monster and Cherry is cut off from the shore. The only way to escape is through an old tin mine deep in the rocks, which hides a ghostly secret of those who have gone before." 7573,"Aliens, ghosts and vanishings: strange and possibly true Australian stories","Tarakson, Stella & Morden, Richard (ill)",2016,7~9,"Have you heard these most bizarre tales from around Australia? Did a UFO drag a family's car off the road in the middle of the outback? How did rocks rain from the sky in WA? And what became of the prime minister who went into the surf and was never seen again? Explore the strangest tales, most incredible encounters and creepiest urban legends in Australia's history. Read about the investigations and weigh up the facts, do you believe the official explanations for these weird and wonderful events?" 8249,Songs of a war boy,"Adut, Deng Thiak & McKelvey, Ben",2016,7~9,"From the family farm at the age of 6, to the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army, to Law school in Western Sydney, Deng Adut has undertaken a remarkable journey. Songs of A War Child is his story, filled with adventure, heart break, and bloodshed, but also with resilience, compassion, and persistence. Deng recounts his experiences as a child soldier in Sudan, and his fight for education and for justice in Australia. A powerful, important book, this memoir is a must read for every Australian. " 8300,Old Tom's big book of beauty,"Hobbs, Leigh",2013,K~2,"Angela Throgmorton adores Old Tom, but that doesn't mean that there isn't room for improvement. When she gives him The Big Book of Beauty the results are astonishing. But will The Big Book of Beauty go to Old Tom's head?" 9158,When the lyrebird calls,"Kane, Kim",2016,7~9,"When Madeleine is shipped off to stay with her eccentric grandmother for the holidays, she expects the usual: politics, early-morning yoga, extreme healthy food, and lots of hard work. Instead, Madeleine tumbles back in time to 1900, where the wealthy Williamson family takes her into their home, Lyrebird Muse. At a time when young girls have no power and no voice, set against a backdrop of the struggles for emancipation, federation and Aboriginal rights, Madeleine must find a way to fit in with the Williamson family's four sisters - beautiful, cold Bea; clever, awkward Gert; adventurous, rebellious Charlie; and darling baby Imo - as she searches desperately for a way home. Meanwhile, the Williamson girls' enchanting German cousin, Elfriede, arrives on the scene on a heavenly wave of smoke and cinnamon, and threatens to shatter everything... Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above." 9391,Mr Romanov's garden in the sky,"Newton, Robert",2017,7~9,"Living in the commission, Lexie is left to fend for herself. Her mother is mostly absent, out searching for something to help her forget the tragic death of Lexie's dad. After witnessing the aftermath of a shocking incident, Lexie finds solace in the most unlikely of places, a troubled old man called The Creeper. A chance, life-saving encounter on the commission's roof seeds a friendship between the two and when they enlist the help of Lexie's friend Davey, the three set off on a epic journey; one that will change their lives forever. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above." 10368,Gym Stars: Summertime and Somersaults,"Lawes, Jane",2012,3~4,"Eleven-year-old Tara is a keen backyard gymnast who dearly wants to be allowed to join the highly successful local Silverdale Gymnastic Club. Luckily her father, who just wants a bit of peace and quiet, enrols her for a week-long holiday camp. Tara's hard work begins to pay off when she is selected to join the acrobatic group and train with them for upcoming competitions. Hopefully she be able to master the necessary skills to participate as an acrobat in the town summer fete. " 10578,Passenger,"Bracken, Alexandra ",2016,7~9,"New York violin prodigy Etta loses everything one night when she is pulled through time to 1776 to the midst of a fierce sea battle. Etta discovers that the powerful Ironwood family are looking for a long lost object that could remake the future, and they think Etta holds the clue to finding it. Along with the swashbuckling privateer Nicholas, who has his own painful history with the Ironwood family, Etta must embark on a perilous journey across centuries and continents to piece together the clues and stay one step ahead of the Ironwood clan. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above." 11630,Stripes in the forest: the story of the last wild thylacine,"Darlison, Aleesah & McGrath, Shane (ill)",2016,3~4,"I am the last of my kind. This I know. Once, we roamed the land. We owned the land. We called it home. But strange creatures came to take it from us. I am a Thylacine. I am the last Tasmanian tiger to roam free." 12620,Tracy Lacy is completely coo-coo bananas,"Lacy, Tania & McDonald, Danielle (ill)",2016,5~6,"I'm absolutely certain, well pretty sure, probably about 99.7% sure, that I maybe, nearly, might actually get through high school like a normal person. Follow the comedic horror of Tracy Lacy's discovery that her perfect plan for being normal is ruined, and the hilarious list of things to fix about herself, as she counts down the days to the start of high school. Is Tracy going to be able to overcome her completely coo-coo bananas-ness?" 12743,Ossiri and the bala mengro,"O'Neill, Richard & Quarmby, Katharine & Tolson, Hannah (ill)",2016,3~4,"A Traveller girl named Ossiri makes her own musical instrument from a willow branch and lots of recycled objects. Although she plays enthusiastically, it makes a terrible noise. Ignoring warnings not to wake the ogre in the hills, Ossiri climbs away from the camp to practise. Her playing awakens the ogre but his reaction is not what she expects." 15832,Wilf the mighty worrier battles a pirate,"Pritchett, Georgia",2015,3~4,"Wilf is a worrier. He worries about gnomes, nutcrackers, bears, rats, scorpions, snakes, fish sucking his toes, snowmen eating him and lots of other things. Wilf is also worried about his next door neighbour, Alan. Alan is evil and he has plans to become a pirate and destroy the world. Wilf just happens to be the only one who can stop him." 15984,"Jar of happiness, The","Burrows, Ailsa",2015,K~2,"Meg thinks she has found the recipe for happiness. She collects all the necessary ingredients in a jar, which she uses to cheer up her friends and family when they're feeling low. But her jar has mysteriously disappeared and she is feeling sad. Her friends and family think they know what can make her happy again." 19384,Crunch,"Rabei, Carolina",2015,K~2,"Crunch the guinea pig loves his food, so it is just as well there's plenty of it, especially when a hungry little mouse wants a share. After Crunch refuses to share and hug the mouse, the mouse disappears. Crunch feels bad and starts to worry about the mouse. He sets off to find him but the mouse cannot be found." 20294,Shield maiden,"Hill, Stuart",2016,7~9,"No enemy may find this place; we hide it in mist and shadow...When King Alfred's great hall is destroyed by the Vikings, the king must flee with his family. But his daughter Aethelflaed knows that hiding in the marshes, far away from the battlefield, is the last thing she wants to do; can she fulfill her destiny and become a warrior princess, a shield maiden?" 26246,Bear Grylls: Spirit of the jungle,"Grylls, Bear",2016,5~6,"Mak and his family are in India. Things are going well until their raft is capsized on a wild river and Mak is separated and lost deep in the Indian Jungle. Can Mac survive long enough to find his way out of this strange, unfamiliar and dangerous landscape of bugs, bats, monkeys, snakes, bears, wolves, panthers and worst of all poachers? And if he can survive, will he really want to leave?" 28672,Baking with Dad,"Cacciapuoti, Aurora",2016,K~2,"Today we are baking a cake with Dad. We have everything we need, including the most important ingredient of all- Dad himself." 33722,"Godwits, The","Pickworth, Bruce & Robertson, Lorraine (ill)",2016,5~6,A boy in China is waiting. The godwits will soon land on his favourite beach. But things are changing and there are plans to build houses on this very beach. Wei is determined this will not happen. A new leader has been chosen to lead the godwits from Australia to Wei's beach. Will the birds make it and will the beach still be there. A book about one brave bird and one heroic boy. 34098,Ruby Wishfingers: Skydancer's escape,"Kelly, Deborah & Hedstrom, Leigh (ill)",2016,K~2,"Being able to wish for anything you would like sure would be great, but as an ordinary girl finds out, you have to be careful what you wish for. Read along for a wonderful adventure. Meet a talking cat and a pocket-sized unicorn. " 35482,Ruby Wishfingers: Hide-and-seek,"Kelly, Deborah & Hedstrom, Leigh (ill)",2016,K~2,"Being able to wish for anything you would like sure would be great, but can it help in a game of hide and seek where things disappear and reappear in the strangest places? Join the Wishfinger family as they solve their troubles with magic. " 35521,Ruby Wishfingers: Toad-ally magic,"Kelly, Deborah & Hedstrom, Leigh (ill)",2016,K~2,"Being able to wish for anything you would like sure would be great, but as an ordinary girl finds out, you cannot wish away some problems. Dive into this slimy adventure to learn what happens when the rules of magic are broken. " 38009,Gym Stars: Friendships and Backflips,"Lawes, Jane",2012,3~4,"Tara, new to the sport of acrobatic gymnastics, has just been asked to enter a regional competition. She is extremely excited but knows she has to work long and hard to be able to achieve success with her partner. Sadly her other friends see this as a rejection, and Tara has to decide how to combine hours of training and friendship. " 46922,Granny's place,"Paterson, Allison & McGrath, Shane (ill)",2016,K~2,"Granny and Pa's farm was the best place in the world, brimming with treasures of the past and endless adventures to be had. Time brings change and new beginnings." 46936,"Mozzie with a sharp snozzie, The","Goundortseva, Irina",2016,K~2,"Everyone adored the beautiful butterflies that gathered around the pond. Mozzie most of all. One day he gathered up his courage and asked if he could fly around with them. But beautiful butterflies do not hang out with ugly, boring mosquitoes. He comes up with cunning plan to become a beautiful butterfly that just might work." 127398,Kokoda: Teen edition,"FitzSimons, Peter",2016,7~9,"Conditions on the track were hellish - rain was constant, the terrain close to impassable, food and ammunition supplies were practically non-existent and the men constantly battled malaria and dysentery, as well as the enemy. Kokoda was a defining battle for Australia, in which a small force of young, ill-equipped Australians engaged a highly experienced and hitherto unstoppable Japanese force on a narrow, precarious jungle track - and defeated them."