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Image currently unavailable 574289 : At the end of Holyrood Lane by Powell, Dimity & Johnston, Nicky (ill)
Life at the end of Holyrood Lane is filled with sunshine and butterflies. Except when it storms. Storms make Flick's world dark, and make her feel smaller than she really is. To escape their fury, Flick runs and hides. But the storms keep coming back. It's time for Flick to try something she has never done before, so she can banish fear and welcome back sunshine.
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At the end of the season they travel back to their home for lobster season....Becky is impressed but there is something more exciting out the window. 54112 Deep end, The Dubosarsky

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series PRC ID Title Author Level 21900 Exploding endings: Screenshots & laughing gas (#4) Harris,...Tim 5-6 28700 Exploding endings: Cursed pants & cranky cops Harris, Tim 5-6 36420 Exploding endings

But, Becky has even thought of a surprise ending. 4595 Two gorillas, The Dubosarsky, Ursula & Vane,...They come to an agreement in the end when Daisy turns the tables on her mum. 3016 Really, really Gray

Ignore Wizz and keep reading the book till you reach the end, if you dare!...This could end in disaster.

Find out what really lives in the subway tunnels and where all the waste water ends up. 109699 Weird...But, a lot can happen in one night, and, in the end, you never know who's going to be lucky in love.

Selby can end their havoc with magic, but Selby doesn't know how long he can keep them under control....incredible story from a shipyard in Ireland to the icy Atlantic Ocean where the unsinkable ship met a tragic end

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& Kristoff, Jay 7-9 687412 Aurora burning (#2) Kaufman, Amie & Kristoff, Jay 7-9 846115 Aurora's end...Tales from Earthsea Le Guin, Ursula 7-9 Eddie Dickens series PRC ID Title Author Level 721 Awful end

Level 2184 Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, The (#1) Adams, Douglas 9plus 3630 Restaurant at the end

The pocket money blues (#16) Rippin, Sally & Fukuoka, Aki (ill) 3-4 33267 Billie B Brown: The deep end...26175 How to talk to a frill-neck lizard Moloney, James & Linehan, Simone (ill) 3-4 1194 Larrikin lane

Santa Bluey K-2 Books that drive kids crazy series PRC ID Title Author Level 596844 Book that never ends