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Image currently unavailable 16562 : Stories for Simon by Sarzin, Lisa Miranda & Briggs, Lauren (ill)
When Simon unwraps a beautiful boomerang, he finds out about an Australian Prime Minister's national apology to the Stolen Generations. Through a new friendship and a magnificent collection of stories, Simon learns about the Stolen Generation, and gains a deep appreciation of the past and a positive vision for the future.
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... 49, 4073, Frog and Beaver, James, Simon, 2017, K~2, 9781406359862, ... 2,
9781406363463, I want to be in a scary story. ... Scary stories can be very scary ...

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... 165, 4073, Frog and Beaver, James, Simon, 2017, K~2, ... 240, 567886, Rudyard
Kipling's just so stories: How the ... Here is the fun story of how he came to ...

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... 23253 Free: stories celebrating human rights Amnesty ... 32611 Gaolbird: True
story of William Swallow, convict and pirate, The Barnard, Simon 5-6 ...

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... 9 All we know French, Simon ... grandmother dies her stories lose their meaning
until something ... that is more mysterious and magical than any story. ...

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"Two men were known as Captain Starlight. The first, Frank Pearson, left his practice as a doctor, stole a horse and began a bushranging spree, ending in a shoot-out and a policeman's death. He had so many aliases that his real name is unknown. The second 'Starlight' was Henry Readford who stole one thousand head of cattle. Find out about the lives of these two bushrangers, known for very different reasons."

Smith, Jane