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Image currently unavailable 16562 : Stories for Simon by Sarzin, Lisa Miranda & Briggs, Lauren (ill)
When Simon unwraps a beautiful boomerang, he finds out about an Australian Prime Minister's national apology to the Stolen Generations. Through a new friendship and a magnificent collection of stories, Simon learns about the Stolen Generation, and gains a deep appreciation of the past and a positive vision for the future.
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tricks the tooth fairy (#3) Simon, Francesca 3-4 2215 Horrid Henry's nits (#4) Simon, Francesca 3-4...Simon, Francesca 3-4 2217 Horrid Henry and the mummy's curse (#7) Simon, Francesca 3-4 2216 Horrid

At each stage, the story reveals their awe at the magic of what is happening....a delightful mix of poetic language and accurate facts. 13782 Brilliant Billy does his bit Hutton, Simon

5-6 2207 Tudor Adams, Simon 5-6 15325 Weather Cosgrove, Brian 5-6 14060 World War 1 Adams, Simon...Stories to eat with a watermelon French, Jackie 5-6 4224 Story to eat with a mandarin, A French, Jackie

the forest meets the sea Baker, Jeannie 1989 A book without words in which superb collages tell the story...Superb collages tell the story. 3893 Selby Santa Ball, Duncan 2007 Selby is desperately seeking Santa

15294 Ancient Egypt Hart, George 5-6 622 Ancient Greece Pearson, Anne 5-6 2983 Ancient Rome James, Simon...Steve 5-6 9939 Spy Platt, Richard & Dann, Geoff & Gorton, Steve (phot) 5-6 15314 Titanic Adams, Simon

Title Author Level 101299 Clifford's bedtime Bridwell, Norman K-2 101521 Clifford's best friend: a story...Yoon, Salina K-2 43488 That's my book and other stories Yoon, Salina K-2 7/08/20 4:53 PM K-2 Series

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