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Image currently unavailable 614 : Ballroom bonanza by Rycroft, Nina
The most amazing dance contest you will ever see including affluent alpacas, groovy goats and impetuous impalas. The donkeys demonstrate the disco, flamingos do the flamenco and hippos perform the hip-hop. When the band's instruments are hidden, you will have to help find them so that the competition can continue. Beautifully crafted rhyme with exquisite illustrations with mystery and monkey business.
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09/19 5:59 AM 3-4 Series Books Page 7 of 63 Brownies series PRC ID Title Author Level 60378 Book bonanza...Minute Fancy Nancy Stories O'Connor, Jane & Preiss Glasser, Robin (ill) 3-4 585859 Fancy Nancy: Candy bonanza

But what will happen on the day of the Baked Bean Bonanza?!...Fancy Nancy and the Boy from Paris Fancy Nancy: Peanut Butter and Jellyfish 585859 Fancy Nancy: Candy Bonanza

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Tom Weekly: My life and other failed experiments

"Discover what happens when you mix one kid with nine attack possums. Observe the result of a guinea pig hostage situation. Learn from my get-rich-quick scheme to put Australia's angriest ice-cream man out of business. Get ready to judge the world's deadliest fruitcake competition. And if I survive it all, let's call the experiment a success. More handy stuff inside: 1. Tips on avoiding household chores 2. Weird facts about guinea pigs 3. How to eat a car"

Bancks, Tristan & Gordon, Gus (ill)