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Image currently unavailable 20586 : Ruby Rosemount and the doomsday curse by Brownlee, Jodie
Ruby Rosemount and her friends are off to Babylon to study magic at the Academy of Peace. But Ruby's Mum and Grandma have disappeared and a terrible Doomsday Curse has been invoked which may mark the end of the world. As Ruby tries to uncover who is causing the curse and how it can be reversed, she also tries to unravel her family's history. Her father may still be alive and Ruby wonders if he is behind the curse.
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Image currently unavailable 72283 : Ruby Rosemount and the magic carpet by Brownlee, Jodie
The mail wind brings a letter from Granny McQuirky telling Ruby she'll find her special twelfth birthday gift in the attic. What Ruby finds in the attic is more than just special. It's a magic carpet that flies her to a strange and wonderful oasis, where she discovers the genie family that her mother didn't want her to know about.
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No book cover. 71461 : Ruby Rosemount and the traveller's telescope by Brownlee, Jodie
Ever since Ruby discovered she is half genie, she has been desperately trying to improve her magic skills. Granny helps by sending magic lessons on the mail wind but her mother forbids her from using magic in the house. But, when her next door neighbour, Mrs Pinkus, disappears through Granny's traveller's telescope, Ruby knows she has to use magic to get Mrs Pinkus back.
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K-9 Booklist - Short When using this booklist, please be aware of the
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Gold Honour Roll : NSW Premier's Reading Challenge 2018
... Browning, Alexander; Browning, Denzel; Browning, Isabella; Browning, Nyree;
Browning, Reign; Brownlaw, Charlie; Brownlee, Imogen; Bruce ...

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Amy and Louis

"Amy and Louis are best friends who call Cooee across the play area to each other. When Amy's family moves across the world, Louis wonders whether she will still hear his call."

Gleeson, Libby & Blackwood, Freya (ill)