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Image currently unavailable 751075 : Left-handed booksellers of London, The by Nix, Garth
Eighteen-year-old art student Susan Arkshaw arrives in London in search of her father. But before she can question crime boss Frank Thringley he's turned to dust by the prick of a silver hatpin in the hands of the outrageously attractive Merlin. Merlin is one of the youngest members of a secret society of booksellers with magical powers who police the mythic Old World wherever it impinges on the New World - in addition to running several bookshops, of course! Merlin also has a quest of his own: to find the Old World entity who arranged the murder of his mother. Soon they become involved in an even more urgent task to recover the grail that is the source of the left-handed booksellers' power, before it is used to destroy the booksellers and rouse the hordes of the mythic past. As the search for the grail becomes strangely intertwined with both their quests, they start to wonder... Is Susan's long-lost father a bookseller, or something altogether more mysterious?
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Image currently unavailable 11998 : Ringle tingle tiger by Austin, Mark & Miller, David (ill)
A young boy decides to face his biggest fear, monsters in the night, when he takes on the ever-stalking Ringle Tingle Tiger. Follow the tiger as he hunts through the fearsome jungle.
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Image currently unavailable 8106 : Tintin: the blue lotus by Herge, Georges Remi
The adventures of Tintin are still ripping yarns although some may reflect values of an earlier generation. Tintin travels to Shanghai to expose an opium den. The ringleader of the gangsters is exposed to reveal it is someone Tintin has trusted.
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