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Missed the cut off for the 2015 Primary and Secondary School Sport Challenges? It's not too late to join in!

Please contact us urgently so we can arrange for the printing, packing and postage of your PSC materials.Email for assistance. 

Keen to get cracking in the 2015 Staff Challenge?

Staff in schools should contact their school's PSC Facilitator to be registered in the PSC Tracker prior to 15 May to assist with distribution of pedometers. Staff in DEC units can now email to be registered.

Trouble shooting in the PSC Tracker

Why can't I upload my CSV file?

If an error message occurs, refer to the User Guide for the PSC Tracker showing the four columns of data required. We've found that the system is currently only recognising enrolment years at single character entries (that is, Kindergarten should be shown as K, Year 6 should be shown as 6, and so on). We are working to have this improved so that more variations can be recognised.

If you have come across any other "tricks" to entry, please let us know and we will address them and share resolutions.