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Have you registered for the 2016 School Sport Challenge?

To begin, the Principal provides access for a designated school PSC Facilitator through the Access Management Utility (AMU).

Then to register, the designated Facilitator (or the Principal) follows these steps:

1. Access this PSC website:

2. Click Logon at the top of the left hand menu and enter your DoE Portal Username and Password.

3. Click on Primary or Secondary Sport Challenge (as appropriate), then select My Registrations.

4. Create New Registration. You will need to provide school contact details, school population and expected number of students and classes/teams participating in the Challenge.

5. When data is entered, click on REGISTER AND CERTIFY at the bottom of the page.

You will receive an automatically-generated email saying your school is registered.


The next step is to prepare your CSV file of student names, ready to upload into the new 2016 PSC Tracker. This year you need to include "gender" as one of the columns of information to capture from ERN, so please look at the new instructions. You should also start collecting names of staff members participating in this year's Staff Challenge. Select the Staff Challenge tab (at left) to obtain some printable PDFs to help you promote it. 

SAMs and other office personnel have proven both helpful and knowledgeable in using ERN for this purpose. If we can make things easier by "walking them through" the steps, we'd be happy to do so.

PSC Tracker button

The 2016 PSC Tracker is now live. PSC Facilitators of schools registered to participate will receive a welcome email with a link for them to enter into the Tracker. This User Guide is a comprehensive step-by-step manual to help troubleshoot and find your way around the Tracker.

Please call us on 9266 8404 or email for assistance.