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Registrations for the 2016 Primary and Secondary School Sport Challenges are OPEN!

We are open for business.

Congratulations LONDONDERRY PUBLIC SCHOOL - our first registration for the year.


Principals are able to provide access for other staff to register the school in the 2016 NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge online. Principals do this by designating a PSC Facilitator(s) through the Access Management Utility (AMU).

.. To register, the designated Facilitator (or the Principal) then follows these steps:

1. Access this PSC website:

2. Click Logon at the top of the left hand menu and enter your DEC Portal Username and Password.

3. Click on Primary or Secondary Sport Challenge (as appropriate), then select My Registrations.

4. Create New Registration. You will need to provide school contact details, school population and expected number of students and classes/teams participating in the Challenge.

5. When data is entered, click on REGISTER AND CERTIFY at the bottom of the page.

You will receive an automatically-generated email saying your school is registered.

The next step will be for us to capture the details entered and create a registration for you into the 2016 PSC Tracker. In coming weeks, the school PSC Facilitator will receive an email providng a link to the Tracker that will enable entry of student and class/team information.

Please contact the PSC team if you have any questions at