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What makes a "good sport"?

What are the qualities that make us look at a person and say "what a good sport"?

If you asked a dozen people for their top three thoughts on this, you'd find one common feature - winning is not important.

You'd be most likely to receive comments such as:

  • always courteous on the playing field.
  • encourages everyone to have a go and acknowledges good play, whether from their own team or the opposition.
  • is helpful and respectful of others including team mates, opponents and officials.
  • never gives up, even when being defeated .. and is gracious in defeat.

School Principals have now received their 2016 PSC student medal to allow time for decision-making and engraving prior to end of year presentations. Your school's recipient of the PSC medal should be the embodiment of the phrase "good sport". 

Being a super star isn't important. "People will forget what you did in the game, but will never forget how you made them feel." 

Your "good sport" deserves acknowledgement.