Sport in Schools

Sport and physical activity in schools need not, and should not be restricted to designated PE and Sport times. 

In collaboration with the University of Newcastle, the NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge undertook a research study of Stage 3 classes that found significant improvements in student engagement, on-task behaviour and overall classroom behaviour when students combine thinking while moving.

The following videos provide further information (in a five minute summary or with more detail in 15 minutes) about the ..

Lifting Your Game: Thinking while Moving

5 minute video15 minute video

Information about Thinking while Moving workshops to assist teachers with ideas and strategies to implement movement into their maths lessons, can be found under School Sport Professional Development on the School Sport Unit website at:

Participants in workshops are encouraged to develop and share lesson ideas. Below is a growing list of Stage 2, Year 5 and Year 6 lesson plans developed by colleagues so far. (Please note - those without hyperlinks will be coming soon!)

Year 5 lesson overviewYear 6 lesson overviewStage 2 lesson overview

Testimonial:Suzi DY
I can honestly say that all the TWM lessons can be conducted using materials that any school would have on hand in either the classroom or sports room .  I have also found that there is a high level of student engagement and correspondingly few (if any) behavioural concerns. 

I also like the fact that the activities generate a lot of student talk and encourage groups to work cooperatively to solve problems. Also, students relish the opportunity to move outdoors for a lesson.

Suzi Langford      Teacher, Dee Why Public School