Leading with Action Years 9-10

Student registration for the 2015 Leading with Action workshops

Welcome to all students participating in this year's Leading with Action workshops.

To register, open this link: http://www.nswpscsportleadership.com.au

Click on the Register button and follow the prompts:

A few tips about registering

1. When registering please use a modern browser like Explorer 11, Chrome or Firefox for best results.

2. Fill out the form starting with your name and school then some of the fields will auto populate with appropriate information, which then facilitates the sports selections to appear in the drop down menu lists.

3. Choose a different sport for each session. When chosen, that sport will appear as grey in later sessions and therefore not to be repeated.

4. There is a limit for the number of students for each sport in each session, once the limit is reached that sport will no longer appear on the list, the sport might appear on other session lists from which to choose a preferred sport

5. Keep a copy of your registration details for reference on your workshop day.

If you have any problems with the registration please consult with your teacher first. Then if you are still uncertain please contact the PSC Sport Leadership manager by email noel.fitzgerald@det.nsw.edu.au

History of the Leading with Action program

The initial trial workshops for Years 9-12 student sport leaders were conducted In November 2011. Participating NSW Sport Association Coaching and Development Officers (DOs) provided training for the students in the role of coach and organiser to prepare the year 9-12 students to lead the workshops for the years 5-8 students.

From 2012, Years 9-12 students participated in an annual workshop in November. Each student completed two, two hour 15 minute training sessions and were accredited with a Premier's Sporting Challenge Sport Leadership Junior Coaching certificate, with the caveat that encouraged them to assist in the sport and physical activity programs in their local school. It was also seen as the initial step to advance to the sport coaching camps for the student leaders from Years 11 and 12.

In 2013, the Leading with Action program was compressed to only engage the Years 9 and10, Stage 5 students with the establishment of the final stage of the Sport Leadership program Leading through Change for Years 11-12.

It is worth noting that anecdotal reports indicate that a majority of the year 9 and 10 students participate in electives such as Sport Coaching or Physical Activity and Sport Studies (PASS) which offer core subjects in sport coaching, officiating and administration.

The 2015 Leading with Action workshops will vary from the past programs. All students participating will select three sports that they will complete at ecah workshop. After that they will be introduced to local community sport club management for the sports they completed at the workshop and invited to attend accreditation programs to complete formal coaching qualifications that would allow them to be registered with the appropriate association and also to be registerd as a Sporting Schools coach. Accrediation and registration in the Australian Sport Commisiion's Sporting Schools program would allow studnets to be employed in after school sports programs run by the ASC.

PSC Sport Leadership Coaching Resources

View the collection of PSC Sport Leadership videos:

SL Video Resource Collection

or track through individual videos at your leisure:

Learning to Lead

The Learning to Lead video gives an overall view of what's involved in the program.

Small Team Games

Small Team Games provides information about games you can play with teams.

You're the Coach

You're the Coach
shows how the Sport Leadership program has developed to date.

Basic Skills Circuits

Basic Sports Skills Circuits provides strategies for coaches to set up and run circuits that assist with development of basic skills.

Games in a Nutshell

... and moving from skills into games ... Games in a Nutshell demonstrates to Sport Leaders how to set up run a variety of team games.