Leading with Action Years 9-10

The Leading with Action - Years 9-10 commenced in Term 1 2012, following a successful trial held in November 2011. Essentially, the extended Sport Leadership pathway now allows students to progress from the Learning to Lead program directly into the Leading with Action program.Small Team Games

In term 1 each year the Years 9-10 students will be involved in the Learning to Lead Years 5-8 program as assistant sport coaches. At this stage it is anticipated that most of these students will be studying the Physical Activity and Sport Studies (PASS) course in stage 5, Years 9 and 10.

This course will also incorporate the Coloured Vest program developed by the NSW Department of Communities' Sport and Recreation Unit. The Coloured Vest program has an online theory component integrated into practical sessions with the wearing of the yellow vest by each of the Year 9 and 10 students participating in the workshops.

In November (term 4) each year, the Leading with Action students participate in PSC Sport Leadership coaching/official accreditation workshops, giving them an opportunity to attain two beginner level coaching certificates.You're the Coach

PSC Sport Leadership Coaching Resources

View the collection of PSC Sport Leadership videos:

SL Video Resource Collection

or track through individual videos at your leisure:

Learning to Lead

The Learning to Lead video gives an overall view of what's involved in the program.

Small Team Games

Small Team Games provides information about games you can play with teams.

You're the Coach

You're the Coach
shows how the Sport Leadership program has developed to date.

Basic Skills Circuits

Basic Sports Skills Circuits provides strategies for coaches to set up and run circuits that assist with development of basic skills.

Games in a Nutshell

... and moving from skills into games ... Games in a Nutshell demonstrates to Sport Leaders how to set up run a variety of team games.