Main St, Alstonville NSW 2477   More schools in postcode 2477
Phone   6628 0775
Fax       6628 5362

Alstonville Public School is situated in a picturesque village overlooking the coastline of Ballina and the rich orchards in the surrounding valleys. Alstonville Public School is a safe, caring and happy school promoting quality teaching, quality learning, parent/community participation and programs which cater for individual needs of our students in a secure, aesthetically pleasing environment. Student welfare, literacy and numeracy are priorities. We encourage parental interest in their children's progress and participation in school activities. The library, the school band, programs for the gifted and talented students, cultural programs, fitness and sport, literacy and numeracy are seen as special features of the school. "EFFORT EARNS SUCCESS" is our motto.

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Type of School Primary Schools  
Enrolments 562  
Region North Coast  

Special Needs

The New South Wales Department of Education support students with special needs in public schools in a range of ways. This may include support classes for students in regular and special schools. You can also discuss your child's learning needs with the principal of your child's school. For more information about the full range of support services in New South Wales public schools please go to Disability Programs

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