Hadrian Ave, Blacktown NSW 2148   More schools in postcode 2148
Phone   9622 8359
Fax       9831 6726

At Shelley P.S. we support and promote excellence and equity. We are committed to developing self esteem; creating a happy and productive learning environment; promoting team spirit; learning life skills and providing opportunities for students to become responsible and independent decision makers and problem solvers. Distinctive aspects of the school include: a variety of quality programs across all key learning areas; dedicated, skilled and approachable staff members; a high standard of discipline; an emphasis on literacy and numeracy; a Learning Centre for students who need assistance in the area of literacy; comprehensive assessment and reporting practice; opportunities for student involvement in decision making; quality technology programs; a respected tradition in competitive sport and cultural activities; strong community participation; and an attractive, functional and stimulating learning environment including a communal hall.

School Email shelley-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au  
School Website www.shelley-p.schools.nsw.edu.au  
Type of School Primary Schools  
Enrolments 576  
Region Western Sydney  

Special Needs

The New South Wales Department of Education support students with special needs in public schools in a range of ways. This may include support classes for students in regular and special schools. You can also discuss your child's learning needs with the principal of your child's school. For more information about the full range of support services in New South Wales public schools please go to Disability Programs http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/studentsupport/programs/disability.php

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