Victoria St, Ashfield NSW 2131   More schools in postcode 2131
Phone   9798 7560
Fax       9716 8006

Yeo Park is a small infants school, catering for the education of children from Kindergarten to Year 2. Set in the middle of Yeo Park, the school enjoys picturesque surroundings with trees marking the boundaries and spacious grassed playground areas. The school has a shared vision which aims to provide quality early childhood education, foster independent and responsible learners and ensures a happy and safe environment. The unique nature of the school: encourages children to establish their own identity, self-esteem and independence; facilitates the achievement of basic skills, fostering an individual approach towards children's learning and achievement; and invites close contact between students, teachers and parents in an open and warm environment, promoting a family atmosphere.

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Type of School Infants Schools  
Enrolments 89  
Region Sydney  

Special Needs

The New South Wales Department of Education support students with special needs in public schools in a range of ways. This may include support classes for students in regular and special schools. You can also discuss your child's learning needs with the principal of your child's school. For more information about the full range of support services in New South Wales public schools please go to Disability Programs

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