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Bidwill Public School (Primary Schools)
45 Bunya Rd Bidwill NSW 2770
Bidwill Public School is a large, well appointed school which is unique in that it shares a spacious and attractive campus with a high school and a preschool. Most students live within easy walking distance of the school. The school provides a carin...
Blackett Public School (Primary Schools)
47-59 Boldrewood Rd Blackett NSW 2770
Blackett Public School services a western Sydney community forming part of the Mt Druitt area. Established in 1971, and situated on a large site, the school emphasizes student welfare, literacy and numeracy, technology, student leadership and communi...
Chifley College Bidwill Campus (Secondary Schools)
Bunya Rd Bidwill NSW 2770
Bidwill Campus is part of the Chifley College which includes four other schools: Dunheved, Mt Druitt, Shalvey and Senior Campus. Chifley College offers opportunities for students to make choices about where to complete their senior courses and provi...
Chifley College Mount Druitt Campus (Secondary Schools)
Stuart St Mount Druitt NSW 2770
Chifley College Mount Druitt Campus is a Year 7-10 Campus in a collegiate. The Senior College provides a wide array of academic and vocational courses and co-locates the TAFE site. At Mount Druitt, we are committed to developing an environment that...
Chifley College Senior Campus (Secondary Schools)
67 North Parade MOUNT DRUITT NSW 2770
The Year 2000 was the first year of operation for Whalan Campus as part of Chifley College. Whalan Campus became the campus for all senior students from Dunheved, Shalvey, Mt Druitt and Whalan Years 7 to 10 campuses. This significant change enabled...
Chifley College Shalvey Campus (Secondary Schools)
Noumea St Shalvey NSW 2770
Chifley College is a collegiate in Mount Druitt consisting of five separate campuses. One of the five is Shalvey Campus which caters for Year 7 to 10 students. From Shalvey students move to the Senior Campus for their senior studies where they have t...
Colyton Public School (Primary Schools)
Nelson St Mount Druitt NSW 2770
Colyton Public School, established in 1861, maintains a long and proud history of providing quality education for all students. By constantly reinvigorating and innovating learning and teaching strategies and activities the school seeks to ensure ev...
Dawson Public School (Primary Schools)
Stuart Rd Dharruk NSW 2770
Dawson Public School was established in 1972. The school places special emphasis on literacy and numeracy and provides many opportunities for students to participate in sport, creative and performing arts and leadership. The school's mission statem...
Emerton Public School (Primary Schools)
Hindemith Ave Emerton NSW 2770
Emerton Public School is a medium sized school that strives for equity and achievement of full potential by: enhancing closer links between the school and the community; encouraging a caring environment for students, parents and staff; providing all ...
Halinda School (Special School - Schools for Specific Purposes)
Mimika Ave Whalan NSW 2770
Halinda School provides individual educational and transitional programs which enhance each students abilities through an enjoyable educational environment responsive to individual needs. The focus of the school curriculum is communication and socia...