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One rainy day, Albert contemplates life, the universe and everything. The author's creative use of language and simple line drawings capture the nature of change.
ISBN 9781845071110
Publisher Frances Lincoln, 2005
Yamamoto, Lani
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Rajah Street
Junya loves to sit at his window and watch the goings-on in Rajah Street. He watches the clouds passing overhead, kookaburras singing and skateboard riders zipping by. Today he is waiting for Wednesday. Wednesday is when the garbage trucks come, and garbage trucks are his favourite.
ISBN 9781760651480
Publisher Walker Books, 2021
Yim, Myo
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Not quite black and white
A zebra wearing pink polka dots. A penguin with bright yellow boots. Lots of colours to see on these silly animals that aren't quite black and white.
ISBN 9780062380661
Publisher HarperCollins US, 2016
Ying, Jonathan & Ying, Victoria (ill)
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Here's a little poem
Poetry arranged in appealing themes related to the everyday experiences of children such as getting up in the morning to drifting off to sleep at night.
ISBN 9781844287536
Publisher Walker Books, 2007
Yolen, Jane & Fusek Peters, Andrew & Dunbar, Polly (ill)
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How do dinosaurs eat their food
Ten different dinosaur species behave just like some children do at mealtimes - burping, spitting, spilling or playing with their food.
ISBN 9780007216086
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2006
Yolen, Jane & Teague, Mark (ill)
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Be a friend
Dennis is an ordinary boy who expresses himself in extraordinary ways. When the class does show-and-tell, Dennis does show-and-mime. Some children climb trees. Dennis is happy to be a tree, But, being a mime can be lonely. It isn't until Dennis meets a girl named Joy that he discovers the power of friendship and how special he truly is.
ISBN 9781408869093
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2016
Yoon, Salina
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Duck, Duck, Porcupine
Meet Big Duck, Little Duck and Porcupine. Join this lovable trio in three fun adventures: a picnic, a birthday party and a camping trip!
ISBN 9781619637245
Series Duck, Duck, Porcupine series (3 books)
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2017
Yoon, Salina
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Duck, Duck, Porcupine series
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Duck, Duck, Porcupine series (3 books)
Yoon, Salina
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My kite is stuck and other stories
Big Duck, Little Duck and Porcupine return for another trio of stories. Join them on adventures making lemonade, making new friends and trying to get Big Duck's kite out of a tree.
ISBN 9781619638877
Series Duck, Duck, Porcupine series (3 books)
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2017
Yoon, Salina
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That's my book and other stories
Join Big Duck, Little Duck and Porcupine in three new stories as they have fun with books, plan a talent show, and play doctor.
ISBN 9781619638914
Series Duck, Duck, Porcupine series (3 books)
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2017
Yoon, Salina
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My Mum is a magician
Some mums gulp green tea, with bitter barley blends. But my mum is a magician, her cup of coffee never ends. All mums are different. But what if your mum was really different? What if your mum was a magician?
ISBN 9780702259944
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2018
Young, Damon & Carnavas, Peter (ill)
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My nanna is a ninja
Some nannas dress in pink when they jog around the track. But, my nanna is a ninja, so she dresses up in black.
ISBN 9780702250095
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2014
Young, Damon & Carnavas, Peter (ill)
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My pop is a pirate
Some pops drive big trucks over hills of rock and sand. But, my pop is a pirate and he steers his ship on sharky seas.
ISBN 9780702253614
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2015
Young, Damon & Carnavas, Peter (ill)
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My sister is a superhero
Some sisters sprint in shorts as they twist and twirl their kites. But, my sister is a superhero, she wears undies over tights.
ISBN 9780702253928
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2016
Young, Damon & Carnavas, Peter (ill)
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My sister
Who looks just like you and is your mummy's too? A heart warming picture book showing the special relationship between sisters.
ISBN 9781925594041
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2018
Young, Joanna
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Speedy sloth, The
It was finally time for the event of the year, Spike couldn't believe it - THE GREAT RACE was here! The other sloths said it couldn't be done, but Spike didn't care, she was ready to run!
ISBN 9781760974893
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2022
Young, Rebecca
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Button boy
Banjo is so fixated with button collecting, he doesn't join in the activities of the other neighbourhood children. When he returns home, his grandmother sews each button on his favourite jumper. But, the buttons once belonged to someone and, each morning, Banjo finds the owner of the buttons and detaches the relevant one from his jumper.
ISBN 9781741697971
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2011
Young, Rebecca & deGennaro, Sue
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Skunk with no funk, The
Woody is not what his family expected. He is a failure, a flop, an odourless plop.
ISBN 9781922179012
Publisher Walker Books Australia Pty Ltd, 2014
Young, Rebecca & Rudge, Leila (ill)
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When her grandmother's time comes, Mabel finds something left behind. A beautiful story about how a tiny thimble and an unfinished blanket can help mend a heart.
ISBN 9781743811627
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2018
Young, Rebecca & Suwannakit
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Malala's magic pencil
As a child in Pakistan, Malala made a wish for a magic pencil that she could use to redraw reality. She would use it to give gifts to her family, to erase the smell from the rubbish dump near her house, to sleep an extra hour in the morning. As she grew older, Malala wished for bigger and bigger things. She saw a world that needed fixing. And even if she never found a magic pencil, Malala realized that she could still work hard every day to make her wishes come true. The true story of one girl's wish for a better world. This beautifully illustrated picture book tells Malala's story, in her own words, for a younger audience and shows them the worldview that allowed her to hold on to hope and to make her voice heard even in the most difficult of times.
ISBN 9780241322567
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd, UK, 2017
Yousafzai, Malala
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In my mosque
A welcoming and informative story of the ways in which people interact with each other and their faith inside a mosque.
ISBN 9780755502608
Publisher HarperCollins Children's Books, 2021
Yuksel, M O & Aly, Hatem (ill)
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