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The PRC Booklists are constantly being updated and evaluated to ensure that they provide an excellent source of recommendations for students taking part in the Challenge. For more information about the process of selecting, reviewing and evaluating books, please check out our Booklist and Review Process Information Page

The Term Three booklist update for 2019 has just been added to the website. All books added to the PRC lists during this update, as well as new books added in 2018, can be found by clicking on the image below. This contains every book added to the list during the year, including new additions to approved series. New books can also be accessed via the PDF or Excel booklists download options in the top right hand corner of this page. 

New 2018 PRC Booklist

These books are visible on the full PRC booklists.

Excel Spreadsheets
Please note: The 2019 Term 3 booklist update that was available from 22-27 July contained the correct books, however the PRCIDs listed for these books were incorrect. We apologise for this mix up. They have been corrected on the document available below. 
2019/ 2018 New books - updated 26/7/2019
Book Amendments - updated 29/7/2019

K-9 booklists can be downloaded at the right of this screen:

  • in short form (title and author only)
  • with full details (including annotation and publication details)

To find specific booklists, select the required Challenge level above and choose listed by author or title before downloading. Students may need guidance when using the short booklist to choose titles.

Please note:
Only the name of the approved series is included in the PRC booklists. Individual titles in an approved series are listed in the series lists below, with their PRC ID number.

Books are also listed in categories eg animal fiction, fantasy, adventure. Select Books by Category under the required Challenge level, above.

Easy Reads
For easy reads on the 3, 4, 5 or 6 lists, select the appopriate link below or use the search function at the top right of screen by searching for 'Year 3 easy reads', etc.

Series books - approved substitute books!

Series Books
In an approved series, any two books from the series can be read as part of official PRC reading.
Up to five other books from the same series can be read as personal choice books.

Approved series with their individual titles and PRC ID numbers can be viewed below.

Booklist legend

Star This title also appears on 5-6 booklist and is an easy  read for Years 7-9.

Hash This title is for more mature readers and is usually read by students in Years 9, 10 and above.

New Books This title is a new addition to the PRC booklist this year.

You can email your suggestions for the PRC booklists to PRC Team.

Information on our booklists is provided to help our readers to source book titles. To help us keep the lists up-to-date, please advise by email the PRC Team, if publication details are incorrect.

Would you like to suggest a book that you think should be on the PRC booklist?

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