SPECIAL RULE AMENDMENTS FOR 2020: Updated April 15 2020. 

The Challenge is well equipped to support student participation from home. The following adjustments will be applied to the Challenge in 2020:

  • Students on all Challenge levels are able to read 10 choice books - an increase from five. Please see the support article about adding these additional choice books to your reading record. 
  • Students on all Challenge levels will be able to include books on their reading records that they read collaboratively as a class, in person or online with their teacher or at home with their parents/carers. 
  • Students who complete the Challenge in 2020 will be able to count this towards cumulative awards.
  • Students who do not participate in the Challenge in 2020 will not be disadvantaged in the receipt of cumulative awards. 
  • The Challenge will include Year 10 students in 2021 to allow all students the opportunity to meet the gold and platinum certificate and Challenge medal requirements. 

If you have any questions about the adjustments to Challenge rules for 2020, please contact your PRC coordinator or email the PRC team at

PLEASE NOTE: There have been updates to Standard Challenge Rules 2, 5, 7 and 14 effective for the 2020 Challenge onwards. Please make sure you have familiarised yourself with these rule changes. 

There are changes to Rules 2, 4 and 5 that apply for the 2020 Challenge only. Please refer to the special amendments section above for more information. 

 The Challenge opens on 2 March 2020. You must complete your online Student Reading Record by 28 August 2020 (11:59 pm) to complete the Challenge. 

2. You must read a certain number of books to complete the Challenge: 
Please note the changes to this section for the 2020 Challenge as outlined in the Special Amendments section above. 

ChallengeNumber of books you must readMinimum number of PRC booksMaximum number of Personal Choice booksPRC booklists you can read from
K-2302010K-2, 3-4, 5-6
3-42010103-4, 5-6, 7-9
5-62010105-6, 7-9
7-92010105-6, 7-9

3. Books you read after the Challenge closes can count towards the next year's Challenge. 

4. Rule 4 as previously published does not apply during the 2020 challenge. Please note the amendment to this rule in the Special Amendments section above.

5. In an approved series on the PRC booklist, you can read any three books as PRC books. You can read up to ten other books from the same series as Personal Choice books. Five books can be added as standard choice books, and five as bonus choice books for 2020. 

6a. K-2 Challenge: you can read books or have them read to you in your home language.
6b. 3-4, 5-6 and 7-9 Challenges: you must read all PRC books in English. You may read Personal Choice books in your home language.

7a. K-2 students only - If you can read simple chapter books on your own, you can attempt the 3-4 Challenge. You need to get your Student Reading Record changed to Challenge level 3-4. See your PRC coordinator for help with this. 
7b. 3-4, 5-6 and 7-9 students only: students with special needs who would experience difficulty completing the challenge at their grade-appropriate level can take part in the 3-9 Challenge. Students on the 3-9 Challenge level will complete the challenge by reading 20 books from any challenge level (including K-2) with whatever levels of support are appropriate to their needs. PRC coordinators should submit requests for changes to the 3-9 challenge by 31 July. 

8. 3-4, 5-6, 7-9 students only - If your teacher thinks you need extra help, you can listen to unabridged audio versions of the books as long as you read along.

9. If you complete your online Student Reading Record by 28 August 2020, and it is validated by your school by 11 September (11:59 pm), you will be eligible for a PRC certificate in Term 4.

10. The certificates you can receive for completing the Challenge are:

Year of completing PRC  Award received 
 First year  Challenge completion certificate
 Second year  Challenge completion certificate
 Third year  Challenge completion certificate
 Fourth year  Gold certificate
 Fifth year  Challenge completion certificate
 Sixth year  Challenge completion certificate
 Seventh year  Platinum certificate
 Eight year  Challenge completion certificate
 Ninth year  Challenge completion certificate
 Tenth year  Challenge completion certificate
 Every year from Year 3 to Year 9 (inclusive). 
Therefore only Year 9 students are eligible.
11. You can only receive one certificate each year.

12. Gold and Platinum certificates will be sent to your school in Term 4 with students' names printed. Your school is responsible for downloading and printing your Challenge Completion Certificate from the PRC website.

13. Your school needs to make sure your parent or carer knows that by entering the Challenge, you may receive a PRC certificate with your name and school printed. The Premier's Reading Challenge no longer lists student names on an Honour Roll, however there may be opportunities for students to be recognised through media publications or through the school's own newsletters and communications. No student names and/or details will be published publicly without prior consent from parents/ carers. 

14a. If you attend a NSW school and your school does not have a PRC coordinator and does not wish to participate in the Challenge, you can take part as an independent student. Your Challenge participation will be managed by the PRC team. You must inform the PRC team of your completion of the challenge by 28 August so that your record can be validated. 
14b. If you are home schooled, you can participate in the PRC once registered with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) or granted an exemption from registration. You must register with the PRC before 31 July.

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