The NSW Premier's Reading Challenge is managed by The Arts Unit within The NSW Department of Education.

PRC coordinators are emailed one e-newsletter and one e-reminder per term.  

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2018 e-newsletters

Strathfield South Public School Premier Event, 28 November 2017

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian shared her love of reading with students at Strathfield South Public School this morning, while announcing the official results of the 2017 Premier's Reading Challenge.

The students learned about the Premier's favourite book and author, while hearing about a teacher who inspired her own love of reading while at school.

In this year's Challenge, over 290,000 students read over 8 million books. The most popular books in 2017 were Pig the Pug (K-2), Fantastic Mr Fox (Years 3-4), and The Hunger Games (Years 7-9) which were the same most popular books in those categories in 2016! Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets  (Years 5-6) overtook last year's most popular book in that category, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Check out our PRC 2017 Statistics for more information. 

Strathfield South Year 6 students Andre Baruah, Roderick Nguyen and Chloe Oliver-Sjahry all received platinum certificates, for their successful completion of the Challenge in every year of their schooling!

We are super-grateful to our PRC sponsors NewsLocal, Microsoft Australia Education, Dymocks Children's Charities, Accenture and Avanade for their support of this wonderful program.


The Premier's Reading Challenge 'Words & Art' Competition 2017 Winners Announced

Australia has definitely got talent! The Premier's Reading Challenge 'Words & Art' Competition winners have been announced! These talented kids will win a visit to their respective schools from well-known Australian authors. We are blown away by the talent on display here!

The category winners are:

K - 2 (wins visit from Gus Gordon)
Alison Lee - Year 1 - Haberfield Public School

Years 3 - 6 (visit from Jacqueline Harvey)
Suenna Jeong - Year 6 - Blaxcell Street Public School

  • Highly Commended: Katey Kim Year 3 - Enfield Public School
  • Highly Commended: Caitlin Lee Year 6 - Haberfield Public School

Years 7 - 9 (visit from Will Kostakis - Author)
Vishalini Uthayaseelan - Year 8 - Hornsby Girls' High School

  • Highly Commended: Chae Lyn Ha Year 7 - Pacific Hills Christian School

Thanks to Dymocks Children's Charities and NewsLocal!

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