Over recent years, we have been thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview a range of fantastic Australian and international authors and illustrators. We've compiled these on our Author and Illustrator showcase pages, and we'd love you to share them with your students!
In 2021, students from Galston High School, Ebenezer Public School and Lidcombe Public School headed backstage at the Sydney Writers' Festival school days events at Riverside Theatre. Catch up with them and the wonderful authors they interviewed on our 2021 author showcase, and while you're there, have a look back at interviews from previous years. 

Check out these behind the scenes shots from our time at the 2021 Sydney Writers' Festival!

Ashley from Galston High School interviews Leanne Hall

Emily from Galston High School with Zana Fraillon

Georgia from Galston High School and Jeremy Lachlan

Angie from Galston High School and Gary Lonesborough

Jasmine from Galston High School interviews Michael Pryor

Ivy from Ebenezer Public School poses with Nat Amoore

Matilda from Ebenezer Public School and Jessica Townsend

Abigail from Ebenezer Public School with Andrew Mcdonald and Ben Wood

Kirli Saunders with Ella-Rose from Lidcombe Public School

Emily Rodda with Declan from Lidcombe Public School