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10 little insects
10 intelligent insects, each with something to hide, are invited to a secluded island for the weekend. One by one, unusual things start to happen and they begin tracking a murderer.
ISBN 9780987109910
Publisher Wilkins Farago Pty Ltd, 2012
Cali, Davide & Pianina, V (ill)
Image currently unavailable

100 things to know about food
This informative book is filled with 100 fascinating facts about food: from how to grow a burger in a laboratory, to how many bees it takes to fill an orchard with apples. It contains bright, enticing illustrations, detailed facts on each page, an index and glossary, as well as internet links to specially selected websites which contain more information.
ISBN 9781409598619
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2017
Baer, Sam & Firth, Rachel & Hall, Rose & James, Alice & Martin, Jerome
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100 things to know about science
Find out about familiar and less familiar topics, from the Earth's magnetic poles to spider venom and black holes. Lots of facts and colourful infographics cover one hundred science topics.
ISBN 9781409582182
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2015
Topics / STEM /
Frith, Alex & Lacey, Minna & Martin, Jerome & Melmoth, Jonathan
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100 women who made history: remarkable women who shaped our world
From queens to scientists to artists to sportspeople, this book provides fascinating facts about the women who have impacted history. Including the stories of women who were famous at the time, and ordinary people whose impact has become known as time progresses, 100 Women Who Made History is an engaging insight into their impact on the world.
ISBN 9780241257241
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd, UK, 2017
Caldwell, Stella & Hibbert, Clare & Mills, Andrea & Skene, Rona
Image currently unavailable
101 ways to save the earth
This book deals with the fragility of our planet's ecosystem. Topics include household recycling, earth-friendly shopping tips, biodegradable products and links for further information.
ISBN 9781845079246
Publisher Frances Lincoln, 2008
Bellamy, David & Dann, Penny (ill)
No book cover.
1836 Do you dare: Fighting bones
In 1836, Irish brothers, Danny and Declan Sheehan, are inmates at Tasmania's Point Puer prison for convict boys. When tragedy strikes and the prison bully is on the rampage, escape is the brothers only chance to survive.
ISBN 9780143307556
Series Do you dare (6 books)
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2014
Laguna, S
Image currently unavailable
1841 Do you dare: Bushranger's boys, The
When Captain Ross shoots Jem's dog, Jem dreams of retribution. So, when a bushranger takes the Captain's horse and clothes, Jem isn't a bit upset, although he is still stuck on the Captain's homestead, far from the only family he knows. But, Alfie, the cook's son, and his mate, Tommy, an Aboriginal boy, become Jem's staunch supporters, even when his decisions aren't so smart. Join the three boys as they hole up in a secret hideout, rescue a puppy and meet a real live bushranger.
ISBN 9780143307563
Series Do you dare (6 books)
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2014
Lloyd, A
Image currently unavailable
1844 Do you dare: Last horse race, The
Within the rough and ready frontier settlement of Moreton Bay, which later became the city of Brisbane, Toby and his mates roam free, and linger at the fringes of the grown-up world. They are particularly interested in horse racing. But, it's a dangerous world and when Toby decides to take part in a race through the streets, he doesn't realise it will be a matter of life and death.
ISBN 9780143307822
Series Do you dare (6 books)
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2014
Moloney, J
Image currently unavailable
1854 Do you dare: Eureka boys
Henry lives with his father and sister on the Victorian goldfields. Still mourning the loss of his mother and baby brother, Henry helps his father mine their claim, hoping to strike it rich. But they can't afford a mining licence so are at the mercy of corrupt police. When Henry meets a new friend, he enters a world of politics, riots and rebellion that will lead him to Eureka Stockade, one of the defining moments in Australian history.
ISBN 9780143308454
Series Do you dare (6 books)
Publisher Puffin Australia, 2015
Matthews, P
Image currently unavailable
1915 Do you dare: Jimmy's war
Jimmy's Dad died two years ago and older brother Arthur is in Egypt preparing enthusiastically for battle. Twelve year old Jimmy is now the man of the house. As Mum's health is fragile, Jimmy is forced to leave school and become the breadwinner, scraping together barely enough to cover minimal food and the rent. When Arthur returns, badly injured, Jimmy's life gets even harder, although there's still time for football.
ISBN 9780143308027
Series Do you dare (6 books)
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2015
Clark, Sherryl
Image currently unavailable
1931 Do you dare: Tough times
During the Great Depression, when his father loses his job, Tom Parker sets out to save his family from eviction. He confronts bullies, financial hardship and prejudice but his determination and never-say-die attitude is as strong as his loyalty to his family.
ISBN 9780143308010
Series Do you dare (6 books)
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2014
Mitchell, S
Image currently unavailable
20,000 leagues under the sea
The classic tale of an expedition to destroy a terrifying sea monster that becomes an undersea mission. It involves a visit to the sunken city of Atlantis in a giant submarine, the Nautilus, commanded by the mysterious Captain Nemo.
ISBN 9780590451796
Publisher Scholastic US, 1990
Verne, Jules
Image currently unavailable
300 minutes of danger
George is trapped in a falling aeroplane, with no engine and no pilot. Milla is covered with radioactive waste and her hazard suit is running out of air. Otto is in the darkest depths of the ocean, where something hungry is circling. Ten dangerous situations, ten brave kids and thirty minutes to escape.
ISBN 9781760154035
Series Minutes of danger series NEW SERIES 2018 (3 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2015
Heath, Jack
Image currently unavailable
31 ways to change the world
An entertaining, colourful book containing scrapbook style images, illustrations and bits of information you would normally not even think about. We are reminded that change happens when we work together to make small changes. A great book to encourage children to get involved and make a difference.
ISBN 9781406327809
Publisher Walker Books, 2010
Taylor, Tanis
Image currently unavailable
43 Bin Street
Kiko and Nattie are flies whose job it is to clean up after humans. When their house is occupied by Mrs Spick who has dangerous amounts of fly spray, they become flies with a mission.
ISBN 9781843627258
Publisher Orchard Books, 2005
Topics / Year 6 easy reads /
Michael, Livi
Image currently unavailable
45 & 47 Stella Street and everything that happened
The families and friends who live in Stella Street lead fascinating lives.
ISBN 9781865080901
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2000
Honey, Elizabeth
Image currently unavailable
68 teeth
Jack is fishing when he attracts something much bigger than barramundi. A crocodile has entered the river on his family's property and it's hungry.
ISBN 9780143301912
Series Aussie chomps (17 books)
Publisher Penguin, 2005
Moloney, James
Image currently unavailable

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