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Baa baa blue sheep
Baa baa blue sheep, have you any wool? Yes, sir, yes sir, nine bags full! The master and dame want ALL the wool! Blue! Orange! Green! Red! But can the little boy who lives down the lane convince them to share?
ISBN 9781760666446
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2019
Wilson, Tony & Wood, Laura (ill)
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Babs the baby and Fog the dog
Every day, mum, Babs the baby and Fog the dog go for a walk. One day, Fog the dog sits on his bottom and won't move. The others don't know what to do.
ISBN 9781876288372
Publisher Working Title Press, 2003
Wild, Margaret
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One day, baby elephant will be big and strong but for now she has much to learn from her loving family.
ISBN 9781876288112
Publisher Working Title Press, 2001
Cox, Tania & James, Ann (ill)
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Baby animal book, The
What do you call a baby penguin? Or a baby owl? Or a baby platypus? Come along on an illustrated journey through the animal kingdom with Tasmanian artist Jennifer Cossins and find out! A CBCA Notable book.
ISBN 9780734418159
Publisher Hachette Children's Books, 2017
Cossins, Jennifer
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Baby band
On a normal day, a baby creates mayhem in an apartment block. Look how he transforms an apartment block into a vibrant community.
ISBN 9781925059779
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2017
Jackson Hill, Diane & Poli, Giuseppe (ill)
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Baby bear goes camping
Baby Bear goes on his first camping trip with his parents. He enjoys himself during the day and makes some new animal friends, but he is scared when night falls. Some discoveries lead him to have his best sleep ever.
ISBN 9780734401793
Publisher Lothian Books, 2001
Broekstra, Lorette
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Baby bear goes to the park
Papa Bear takes Baby Bear to the park where he feeds the ducks, flies a kite and meets a helpful caterpillar when his kite gets caught in a tree. When Baby Bear next returns to the park to play, it is a very windy day. So windy that Baby Bear flies way up in the air over the whole town hanging onto his kite.
ISBN 9780734404626
Publisher Lothian Books, 2003
Broekstra, Lorette
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Baby bear goes to the zoo
Mother and Baby Bear go to the zoo where Baby Bear follows a pretty butterfly and loses his mother. He keeps hearing someone calling 'Baby Bear, Baby Bear' and follows the sound, thinking it is his mother who is calling him.
ISBN 9780734400260
Publisher Lothian Books, 1999
Broekstra, Lorette
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Baby bilby, where do you sleep
Take a peek through the peepholes in this rhyming book and discover the secret hiding places of baby bilby and other Australian desert creatures.
ISBN 9780734402301
Publisher Thomas C Lothian Pty Ltd, 2001
Oliver, Narelle
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Baby bird's blankie
Baby bird loves his blankie. He finds it is not only a comfort but also fun to play with, particularly when it's time to go to sleep.
ISBN 9781876288877
Publisher Working Title Press, 2008
Wild, Margaret & Perkins, Gwyn (ill)
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Baby Boomsticks
In a teeny-tiny village, a teeny-tiny mum and a teeny-tiny dad have an enormous baby. They call him Baby Boomsticks. Everyone is scared of him so Baby Boomsticks has to play all by himself.
ISBN 9780733307409
Publisher ABC Books, 2003
Wild, Margaret & Legge David (ill)
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Baby brains and robomum
A very smart baby is born who prefers working on the computer and playing with his chemistry set instead of toys. When Baby Brains invents the ultimate home help, RoboMum, the household is transformed. But, this is a robot to reckon with and the family is in for a big surprise.
ISBN 9781406313383
Publisher Walker Books, 2008
James, Simon
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Baby brains: the smartest baby in the whole world
This new baby is very smart. He reads the newspaper, mends the car and works as a doctor at the hospital. Everyone wants to meet the extraordinary Baby Brains.
ISBN 9781844285228
Publisher Walker Books, 2005
James, Simon
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Baby goes to market
Market is very crowded. Mama is busy shopping. Baby is busy, too! Can you count all the tasty treats Baby collects and eats along the way?
ISBN 9781406365160
Publisher Walker Books, 2018
Atinuke & Brooksbank, Angela (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Baby in the hat, The: An early romance
The hero catches a baby, who has fallen from an upstairs window, in his hat. The young hero goes to sea and becomes a famous captain. Many years later, when he walks up the street where he had caught the baby, he looks up and sees a beautiful woman in the same upstairs window.
ISBN 9780744581362
Publisher Walker Books, 2008
Ahlberg, Allan & Amstutz, Andre (ill)
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Baby koalas
Have you ever wondered how a baby koala learns to look after itself? Learn what it needs to eat, how it moves and when it will leave its mother.
ISBN 9780716634416
Series World Book Bolt NEW SERIES 2020 (3 books)
Publisher World Book, 2019
Caswell, Deanna
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Baby sister for Frances
Frances is so jealous of her new baby sister and all the attention being given to her that she runs away. But not too far so she can hear if she is being missed.
ISBN 9780099432432
Series Frances series (2 of 7)
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2002
Hoban, Russell
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Baby tawnies
As darkness falls, two tawny frogmouths fly into the forest to find food. Far above the ground, Reggie and Lyla are left alone. But, the little tawnies don't plan to stay in the nest.
ISBN 9781742755762
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2012
Paulson, Judy
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Baby that roared, The
Mr and Mrs Deer would love to have a baby. One day, their wish comes true when they find a little bundle on their doorstep. But, the baby keeps on roaring. So, they ask for advice from family and friends, who send them off to fetch what they think the baby needs. But, it's very peculiar because each time Mr and Mrs Deer come back from their errands, someone has gone missing.
ISBN 9780857630186
Publisher Nosy Crow Ltd, 2012
Puttock, Simon & Shireen, Nadia (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Baby who wouldn't go to bed, The
A little boy won't go to bed. At first, it's fun staying up but gradually the drowsy world nods off all around him. He thinks he is awake alone but someone else is still awake too.
ISBN 9780552528382
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 1997
Cooper, Helen
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Baby wombat's week
Baby wombats sleep. They eat. They get bored. On Wednesday, baby wombat's mother, Mothball, decides they need a bigger hole and the search begins.
ISBN 9780732286958
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2009
French, Jackie & Whatley, Bruce (ill)
Image currently unavailable
White gum rustle, tawny frog mouths still as wood, dragonflies swoop. Banjo frog calls the secret - watch the world carefully, your backyard is home to animals other than you! A child stands on her back step at dusk and surveys her backyard. The backyard is teeming with life - birds, possum, native rat, bats, insects and bugs.
ISBN 9781925381177
Publisher Black Dog Books, 2018
Braxton-Smith, Ananda & Newcomb, Lizzy (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bad buster
Being bad is what Buster does best until his dad thinks of a way to sort him out.
ISBN 9780143300335
Series Aussie nibbles (51 books)
Publisher Puffin Australia, 2003
Laguna, Sofie
Image currently unavailable
Bad-tempered ladybird, The
A bad-tempered ladybird is not prepared to share her meal of aphids with anyone.
ISBN 9780140503982
Publisher Puffin Australia, 1976
Carle, Eric
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Bailey beats the blah
Bailey hates his new school. His tummy aches. He has no friends. His dog Fuzzy slobbers all over him. BLAH! How can Bailey change his BLAH to HA-HA-HA?
ISBN 9780987274045
Publisher Digital Future Press, 2018
Tyrrell, Karen & Pocock, Aaron (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Baking with Dad
Today we are baking a cake with Dad. We have everything we need, including the most important ingredient of all- Dad himself.
ISBN 9781846437540
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2016
Cacciapuoti, Aurora
Image currently unavailable
Ball for Daisy, A
If you've ever had one of your favourite toys broken, then you will be able to relate to Daisy's anguish when her favourite ball is destroyed by a bigger dog. Wordless picture book.
ISBN 9780375858611
Publisher Random House Children's Books, 2011
Raschka, Chris
Image currently unavailable
Crocodiles and giraffes, driving lots of cars, go bang.
ISBN 9781877579172
Publisher Gecko Press, 2013
Timmers, Leo
Image currently unavailable
Banjo and Ruby Red
Banjo is a hard-working farm dog and Ruby Red is a haughty chicken, and they never see eye to eye. Can they ever be friends.
ISBN 9781921541087
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2013
Gleeson, Libby & Blackwood, Freya (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Banjo bounces back
Banjo is a hoofball star. He and his friend, Bella, just love the game. But, when Banjo gets injured, he finds it's easier to stay in bed and play Haystation and suck on molasses. Bella is desperate for Banjo to play hoofball again.
ISBN 9781862918467
Publisher Omnibus Books, 2012
Hume, Lachie
Image currently unavailable
Barefoot book of children, The
You are a part of the world, and you are a world all your own.
ISBN 9781782852964
Publisher Barefoot books, 2016
Strickland, Tessa & DePalma, Kate & Dean, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bargain for Frances, A
Frances and Thelma are friends, most of the time Thelma always seems to get Frances into trouble. When she tricks Frances into buying her tea set, it's the last straw.
ISBN 9780064440011
Series Frances series (6 of 7)
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 1992
Hoban, Russell
Image currently unavailable
Barney loves cat food. Barney loves greens. Barney loves bacon and biscuits and beans.
ISBN 9781742996226
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2018
Jinks, Catherine & King, Stephen Michael (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bartholomew and the bug
Bartholomew is a bear up in the mountains who admires the city lights far below. He meets a bug who desperately needs the lights so Bartholomew sets out to take his friend there.
ISBN 9780340873298
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (Australia), 2004
Layton, Neal
Image currently unavailable
Bath monster
Bath time is fun until the plug is pulled and the monster comes out. But, monsters can become your friend.
ISBN 9780733612848
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (Australia), 2001
Danalis, John
Image currently unavailable
Bats at the library
A window has been left open at the library and this is an irresistible invitation for a colony of bats. Once inside, older bats look for favourite books, while younger ones explore and play. Storytime settles everyone down and transports them into the tales, filled with bat characters playing new roles.
ISBN 9780864618160
Publisher Koala Books, 2009
Lies, Brian
Image currently unavailable
Batty is trying to find something he is really good at, in his home at the zoo. But hanging upside down means he can't always see the other animals' points of view.
ISBN 9781847801593
Publisher Frances Lincoln, 2011
Dyer, Sarah
Image currently unavailable
Baz & Benz
What do you do when your best friend is...kind of annoying?
ISBN 9781760523688
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2019
McKinnon, Heidi
Image currently unavailable
Be a friend
Dennis is an ordinary boy who expresses himself in extraordinary ways. When the class does show-and-tell, Dennis does show-and-mime. Some children climb trees. Dennis is happy to be a tree, But, being a mime can be lonely. It isn't until Dennis meets a girl named Joy that he discovers the power of friendship and how special he truly is.
ISBN 9781408869093
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2016
Yoon, Salina
Image currently unavailable
Be brave, Pink Piglet
Early one morning, Pink Piglet leaves his mother's side for the very first time. This timid little pig wants to become a brave explorer.
ISBN 9780734415929
Publisher Lothian Books, 2015
Cummings, Phil & Davis, Sarah (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Be gentle
Bartholomew finds out that his new kitten doesn't enjoy his rough and tumble games quite as much as he does.
ISBN 9781406311877
Publisher Walker Books, 2008
Miller, Virginia
Image currently unavailable
Bea is a bird of unusual tastes as she likes to bake buns and dance to a disco beat while other birds are content to watch worms wriggle.
ISBN 9780702249617
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2013
Sharp, Christine
Image currently unavailable
Bear and a tree, A
Ren knows that it's almost time for Bear's big sleep, but she needs just one more day with him. One day to explore the winter together, the last of the coloured leaves, the snow as it floats and swirls to the ground, the sun and the moon and the stars. One more day to play and dance and wonder.
ISBN 9780670075829
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd, UK, 2012
King, Stephen Michael
Image currently unavailable
Bear and Chook
Adventurous Bear and practical Chook are very different yet they are good friends. They spend a day together, dreaming and acting out what jobs they think they'd like to have when they grow up.
ISBN 9780733611414
Publisher Hodder Headline Australia Pty Ltd, 2002
Shanahan, Lisa & Quay, Emma (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bear and Chook by the sea
Bear and Chook are unexpected friends. Bear likes adventure but Chook would much rather have the quiet life. One day, they decide to visit the sea. Chook is worried they will get lost but Bear is confident they will find it just around the pond, under the bridge, through the forest and over the mountain.
ISBN 9780734411112
Publisher Lothian Books, 2009
Shanahan, Lisa & Quay, Emma (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bear hunt
A white bear has a magic pencil which he uses cleverly to draw ways to help him escape from hunters.
ISBN 9780140553567
Publisher Penguin, 1994
Browne, Anthony
Image currently unavailable
Bear went over the mountain, The
A version of an old song which is ideal for the beginning reader.
ISBN 9780099439172
Publisher Red Fox, 2002
Prater, John
Image currently unavailable
Bear who went boo, The
At the top of the world, surrounded by snow and ice, lives a very cheeky polar bear cub who loves to scare the animals. But, this little bear doesn't always know when to stop.
ISBN 9780008149536
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2015
Walliams, David & Ross, Tony (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bear's lunch, The
When Wendy and Oliver decide to have a picnic in the woods, they are surprised by a great, big, growly bear. See what happens when Oliver and Wendy growl back.
ISBN 9780140562415
Publisher Penguin, 1998
Allen, Pamela
Image currently unavailable
Bear: Watch me grow
Find out how bears pick a mate, their hibernation, what they eat, and how they vary in different parts of the world.
ISBN 9780756601942
Series Watch me grow series (13 books)
Dorling Kindersley
Image currently unavailable
Bears don't read
George isn't happy doing the usual bear things like chatting and fishing. But, he doesn't know what else there is until, one day, he finds a book beneath a tree. More than anything, he wants to learn to read. But, arriving in town, George soon discovers that it's not easy to be a bear at school. If only he could find someone to teach him the alphabet and change his life forever.
ISBN 9780007425198
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2015
Chichester Clark, Emma
Image currently unavailable
Bears' holiday, The
The Bear family's vacation at the seashore is frequently punctuated by Papa Bear's urgent warnings to his son about the need for safety and commonsense while at the beach. Luckily, Small Bear is on hand to rescue his father from disaster with each new incident.
ISBN 9780001713307
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 1982
Berenstain, Stan & Jan
Image currently unavailable
Beautiful colours
This book is best the first time you read it. Enjoy the insight of a child in a colourful family. Beautiful, funny and inspiring, with vibrant illustrations.
ISBN 9781863340885
Publisher Black Ink Press, 2010
Raveneau, Tina & Neilson-Kelly, Julie
Image currently unavailable
Beauty and the beast
A retelling of the much-loved fairy tale, with surprises under each lift-up flap.
ISBN 9781846431142
Series Flip-up fairy tales series (28 books)
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2007
Stockham, Jess (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Because you are with me
Spend the day with a little girl and her daddy as they discover all the things they can achieve together. Especially if there's help from someone you love.
ISBN 9780734411013
Publisher Lothian Books, 2010
Dunstan, Kylie
Image currently unavailable
Bed tails
There are two in the bed. Mum and Dad are slumbering, snoring, rumbling, tucked up cosily and peacefully in bed. Then, a scary storm outside brings everyone, one by one, into Mum and Dad's bed. I wonder if anyone will ever get a good night's sleep.
ISBN 9780670073368
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2009
Costain, Meredith & Vane, Mitch (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bedtime for Frances
Frances is not yet tired. She needs a glass of milk, a piggyback, goodnight kisses and a room free of tigers, spiders and giants.
ISBN 9780099432456
Series Frances series (1 of 7)
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2002
Hoban, Russell
Image currently unavailable
Bee & me
A little girl befriends a bee, which takes her on a journey of discovery. A wordless picture book.
ISBN 9781910646052
Publisher Old Barn Books, 2016
Topics / Endangered species /
Jay, Alison
Image currently unavailable
Beetles and bugs
An entertaining and educational book about Australian beetles and bugs, with coloured pictures depicting the simple text. Useful text for increasing students' understanding of vocabulary.
ISBN 9780975145029
Publisher Sapphire Coast Press, 2003
Harley, Diana & Yates, Sue-Ellen (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Being Agatha
Agatha has her dad's nose and her mum's ears. When her relatives get together, it's clear that Agatha doesn't quite fit in. And, when she starts kindergarten, Agatha realises just how different she is from everyone else. One day, her teacher tells the class that, like a snowflake, everyone is special in their own way. She asks each child to tell how they might be special but Agatha cannot think of a single reason, and she sneaks away to hide.
ISBN 9781760067267
Publisher The Five Mile Press Pty Ltd, 2016
Pignataro, Anna
Image currently unavailable
Every day, Old Tom tends his vegetables while Mrs Farmer milks Belinda, the cow, so there is always plenty of milk, cream and butter. But, when Mrs Farmer goes away, Old Tom must catch Belinda and milk her himself.
ISBN 9780140544930
Publisher Penguin, 1998
Allen, Pamela
Image currently unavailable
Belinda the ninja ballerina
Belinda doesn't want to be a ballerina, she wants to be a ninja. Perhaps, she can be both at the same time.
ISBN 9781925272048
Publisher Ford Street Publishing, 2015
Baker, Candida & Vane, Mitch (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bella's bad hair day
When Bella wakes up to find her hair in a huge, tangled mess, it is a problem of momentous proportions exacerbated when mum is totally preoccupied completing a painting surrounded by numerous pets. Dad is equally oblivious, engrossed in his rendition of Beethoven on their baby grand piano. So Bella needs to sort this calamity herself with various forms of hilarious camouflage.
ISBN 9781743313619
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2013
King, Stephen Michael
Image currently unavailable
Benjamin Pillow in the Land of Nod
In Benjamin Pillow's dream, he rides through Nod's amazing dreamland. Follow him as he tries to rescue one of Nod's shining lights.
ISBN 9781921136016
Publisher Windy Hollow Books, 2006
Cooper, R P
Image currently unavailable
Benny Bungarra's big bush clean-up
Benny Bungarra comes to the rescue when his friends are in danger from rubbish left by humans.
ISBN 9781925360882
Publisher Magabala Books, 2018
Morgan, Sally & Kwaymullina, Ambelin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bertha and Bear
There's a storm brewing and the hive must find a new a home. With clouds filling the sky and thunder growling, Bertha bravely rises to the occasion...until she meets Bear that is!
ISBN 9780702254062
Publisher University of Queensland Press, 2017
Sharp, Christine
Image currently unavailable
When Bertie is grumpy, everyone is grumpy - the queen, the baby, the maid, the king and the little dog. What would happen if Bertie was happy.
ISBN 9780670076956
Publisher Penguin, 2013
Allen, Pamela
Image currently unavailable
Bertie and the bear
A beautifully simple story of Bertie and the bear and a wonderful excuse for children to join in the noise-making.
ISBN 9780140509724
Publisher Penguin, 1989
Allen, Pamela
Image currently unavailable
Best bear
A worn-out bear is the most special thing in this little boy's life. With best bear in his arms, he can face the whole world and even the dark.
ISBN 9781862336667
Publisher Gullane Children's Books Ltd, 2008
Dodd, Emma
Image currently unavailable
Best friend is a goldfish, My
After arguing with his best friend about which game to play, a boy decides its time to find a new best friend. So he tries to become friends with his dog, his cat, and his goldfish. He learns to eat on the floor with his dog, take naps with his cat, and watch the world from underwater with his goldfish.
ISBN 9781512426014
Publisher Lerner Publishing Group, 2018
Lee, Mark & Jevons, Chris (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Best friends for Frances
When Albert says that Frances can't play ball or accompany him on one of his wandering days, she turns to her little sister Gloria as a playmate. They set out on a best friends only outing, with no boys allowed.
ISBN 9780099432425
Series Frances series (5 of 7)
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2002
Hoban, Russell
Image currently unavailable
Best singer in the world, The
Having to perform at school to celebrate spring can be a nerve-racking experience. It will be on a real stage, with proper spotlights. A gentle, funny picture book about being brave.
ISBN 9781877579134
Publisher Gecko Press, 2012
Nilsson, Ulf & Eriksson, Eva (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Between the pages
Two boys become so engrossed in the animal book they are reading that they become part of the story, encountering adventures and challenges which can only be escaped by the turning the page. Escaping from a python's nest only to meet even more fearsome crocodiles, angry emus and hordes of redback spiders.
ISBN 9781921928444
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2013
van Loon, Joan & Stewart, Chantal (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Beware the deep dark forest
Beware the deep, dark forest! You should never, ever go in there... Rosie has always followed this rule until the day her pup Tinky goes missing in the woods. So Rosie decides to trek into this dangerous, muddy place. But there are many obstacles along the way -- including a huge grey wolf, a scary ravine and a ferocious troll!
ISBN 9781742032344
Publisher Walker Books, 2018
Whiting, Sue & White, Annie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bicycle, The
In 2008, the author, Colin Thompson, visited Cambodia with Save the Children. Struck by the way the humble bicycle is central to so many people lives, he was inspired to create this picture book. It features the illustrations of fourteen internationally acclaimed artists, and conveys the worth and promise of something as simple as a bicycle.
ISBN 9780733329876
Publisher ABC Books, 2011
Thompson, Colin & Blake, Quentin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Biddy's fishing-line
The river is running and a girl's long journey to school through the bush is full of possibilities.
ISBN 9781863340120
Publisher Black Ink Press, 2006
Priman, Bridget & Paul, Robbie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Big and little
Shipley and Gwendoline are friends. They are given beautiful presents for their birthdays but one is too big and one is too small. In the end, they are able to work it all out in a not surprising way as they exchange gifts.
ISBN 9781741661170
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2006
Rawlins, Donna
Image currently unavailable
Big and me
Big and Small are two machines working together on building projects. But, Big starts to malfunction by driving into the water, thinking he is a boat, and picking Small up because he thinks the other machines want to hurt Small. Small turns to the boss and mechanic, who find that Big's computer is getting mixed up. They help Big to get better and offer support to Small.
ISBN 9781876462697
Publisher Ford Street Publishing, 2008
Miller, David
Image currently unavailable
Big bad Bruce
Bruce roars around on his Harley and appears to be a fearsome and lawless bikie. Maybe, Bruce isn't quite what his image appears to be.
ISBN 9780864617712
Publisher Koala Books, 2007
Bates, Dianne & Johns, Cheryll (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Big bad bun
There never was a rabbit as bad as Big Bad Bun. Or so you'd think if you read the letter which he left on his bed after school one day. But, it turns out that Big Bad Bun might not be as bad as he makes out.
ISBN 9781842709252
Publisher Andersen Press Ltd, 2009
Willis, Jeanne & Ross, Tony (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Big bad cold, The
Clifford and his pals are sad that Emily Elizabeth is in bed with a bad cold. They want to make her feel better, so they go out in search for a card, a balloon and flowers.
ISBN 9780439389891
Series Clifford series (80 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2002
Mills, J. Elizabeth
Image currently unavailable
Big ball of string, The
A small boy wants to play soccer. He doesn't have a ball so he uses a big ball of string. He has a wonderful time kicking it around the park and along the street but by the time he gets home, his ball has disappeared.
ISBN 9781741146158
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2004
Mueller, Ross & Smith, Craig (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Big brother, little brother
When little brother cries and shouts, big brother knows why. But sibling rivalry often gets in the way. When big brother is upset, he finds out what little brother will do.
ISBN 9780744569537
Publisher Walker Books, 1999
Dale, Penny
Image currently unavailable
Big dog
Jen is scared of the big dog down the street. She and her big brother decide to confront the dog in a lion's costume. But they don't know what the dog will do.
ISBN 9781863888479
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 1997
Gleeson, Libby & Greder, Armin (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Big earth, little me
A book to help the very young find out what they can do for the Earth. The simple flap book shows how to make the whole world a better place by doing little things in local places. Printed with organic soy-based ink.
ISBN 9780545092258
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2009
Wiley, Thom
Image currently unavailable
Big eyes, scary voice
At sunset, shadows lengthen and a walk through the dappled light in the park can trigger a sense of fear. Mum is with Tania and Josh as they search for the source of the scary sounds and large glittering eyes.
ISBN 9781870516884
Publisher Tamarind Books, 2008
Wignell, Edel & Pearce, Carl (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Big guy took my ball, A
Gerald is careful. Piggie is not. Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can. Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to. Piggie is devastated when a big guy takes her ball. Gerald is big too but he wonders if he is big enough to help his best friend.
ISBN 9781423174912
Series Elephant & Piggie series (21 books)
Publisher Hyperion Books, 2013
Willems, Mo
Image currently unavailable
Big leaf pile, The
Clifford, Cleo, and T-Bone are having fun gathering leaves into piles. When T-Bone has to leave, Clifford and Cleo offer to watch his pile until he returns. The temptation to jump into the pile is too great.
ISBN 9780439213578
Series Clifford series (80 books)
Publisher Scholastic UK, 2001
Bridwell, Norman
Image currently unavailable
Big Nuisance
Life in Sleepy Village is very slow and nothing's changed for a long, long time, until the meddlesome giant Big Nuisance comes to stay and starts a whole lot of trouble.
ISBN 9781740518765
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2003
Morimoto, Junko
Image currently unavailable
Big pet day
Today is pet day in Lily's class. All the kids bring in their pets - hermit crabs, parrots, mice, puppies, ferrets and ducks - but Lily brings her dragon. Class smarty-pants Courtney says to Lily that dragons are only in fairy tales so how could she have a dragon. However, when all the pets misbehave in the middle of the important pet parade, guess who saves the day.
ISBN 9780733620997
Publisher Lothian Books, 2014
Shanahan, Lisa & Gordon, Gus (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Big red bath
Ben and Bella have a wonderful time splashing around in the bath with all their friends. Their bath-time adventure might be real or imagined but it certainly makes a big mess.
ISBN 9781843626053
Publisher Orchard Books, 2005
Jarman, Julia & Reynolds, Adrian (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Big Red Hen and the little lost egg
Big Red Hen is very good at looking after everyone's babies. But, what she wants most of all is someone of her own to love. One morning, Big Red Hen finds an egg in the hay.
ISBN 9780670871919
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2008
Wild, Margaret & Denton, Terry (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Big storm, The
The Dewdrop Babies are decorating the great hall with petals they've collected in the garden, but when Bluebell and the others get themselves into a huge mess with the sticky paste, they decide to go outside so the rain can wash them clean again, only to be caught in an enormous storm.
ISBN 9780552556521
Series Dewdrop series (8 books)
Publisher Random House Children's Books, 2008
MacCarthy, Patricia
Image currently unavailable
Big surprise for Little Card, A
In the world of cards, each one has a special job to do. Big Card keeps important papers in order. Tiny Card can be exchanged for a prize in an arcade and Round Card hangs out in a glamorous boutique. But, Little Card thinks he's really lucky. He's going to school to become a birthday card, with lots of singing, playing and eating cake. But, wait, there's been a mix-up. Little Card is going to be a library card instead, in a quiet place of books and rules and hushing.
ISBN 9781406367263
Publisher Walker Books, 2016
Harper, Charise Mericle & Raff, Anna (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Big ugly monster and the little stone rabbit, The
An endearing story about a big, ugly monster who was so ugly that all the animals and birds ran away, the trees lost their leaves, the blue sky turned to grey. No-one would talk to him and he felt lonely until one day, he had an idea.
ISBN 9780099455950
Publisher Random House Children's Books, 2004
Wormell, Chris
Image currently unavailable
Big yawn, The
It's night time at the zoo and all the animals are getting sleepy. First to yawn is the tiger, then the swans, the crocodiles and the giraffes until all the animals are very sleepy.
ISBN 9781877467196
Publisher Gecko Press, 2009
Spang, Monica & Bougaeva, Sonja (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bilby moon
A delightful book about Australian fauna and flora, the phases of the moon and the life of nocturnal animals.
ISBN 9781876288297
Publisher Working Title Press, 2001
Spurling, Margaret
Image currently unavailable
Bill in a china shop
Bill, the bull, has a passion for fine china and spies a lovely teacup in a china shop. The shopkeeper makes Bill nervous and when Bill is nervous in a china shop anything might happen.
ISBN 9780747564911
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2003
Weaver, Katie McAllaster
Image currently unavailable
Billy's beetle
Billy's beetle is missing and the sniffy dog can help. He finds a hedgehog, two beetles that don't belong to Billy, a hairy caterpillar and some sausages. Someone will have to find Billy's beetle.
ISBN 9780340586358
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (Australia), 2001
Inkpen, Mick
Image currently unavailable
Billywise, a baby owl, wonders if he'll ever be brave enough to fly.
ISBN 9780747569084
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2004
Nicholls, Judith & Cockcroft, Jason (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bim bam boom
A counting book, with fabulous illustrations, featuring zoo animals, thunder and lightning. A book to be read aloud and a fun way for children to learn.
ISBN 9780733305627
Publisher ABC Books, 1998
Wild, Margaret & Harris, Wayne (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bippolo seed and other lost stories, The
A treasure trove of seven newly-discovered stories by Dr. Seuss. They include a scheming cat who leads an innocent duck to make a bad decision; a rabbit who is saved from a bear via a single eyelash; a fish that grew and grew; a tale about twins; fantastic creatures who follow a boy home in anticipation of a steak dinner; a spot of dirt that gets everywhere; and a boy with far-flung career fantasies.
ISBN 9780007438457
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, UK, 2011
Seuss, Dr
Image currently unavailable
Written in verse, this is a beautiful story of a boy who meets a strange bird on a beach. They share a common fear of life and are challenged by a colourful, charismatic fish who invites them to dive headlong into the unknown.
ISBN 9780733314315
Publisher ABC Books, 2004
Lodge, Annette
Image currently unavailable
Bird and Bear
Bird and Bear are the best of friends. When Bird and Bear go on a birthday picnic, they discover something surprising that will change how they see the world forever...
ISBN 9781743465547
Publisher The Five Mile Press Pty Ltd, 2013
James, Ann
Image currently unavailable
Bird builds a nest: A science storybook
Bird is up early - she's building her nest. She pushes and pulls twigs into place until it's ready and waiting...can you guess what for?
ISBN 9781406355130
Publisher Walker Books, 2018
Jenkins, Martin & Jones, Richard (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Birthday cake mystery, The
This is a detective story, full of humorous details and red herrings. Follow the many different leads, presented in the illustrations,
ISBN 9781877579103
Publisher Gecko Press, 2012
Tjong-Khing, The
Image currently unavailable
Birthday for Frances, A
As her little sister Gloria's birthday approaches, Frances wavers between being generous and being jealous.
ISBN 9780064430074
Series Frances series (4 of 7)
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 1976
Hoban, Russell
Image currently unavailable
Birthday party
Alexandra and her friends have to consider their food allergies when planning and preparing for Alexandra's fun birthday party.
ISBN 9780749636722
Publisher Watts, 2000
Church, Diane
Image currently unavailable
Birthday surprise
Friends can come in all shapes and sizes and, here, the best friends are a sheep, an owl and a panda, showing how friends play, get along and share.
ISBN 9781741695328
Series Friends for keeps series (6 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2010
Quay, Emma & Walker, Anna (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bit of company, A
Christopher is lonely. His mother is busy with the baby triplets and Christopher is left to his own devices. Sometimes, he peeps through the fence at his neighbour, Molly MacNamara, and wants to say hello. Little does he know that Molly is also so lonely she could scream. One day, when she does just that, her scream brings Christopher running.
ISBN 9781921529054
Publisher Walker Books, 2009
Wild, Margaret & Harris, Wayne (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Blue bike, The
A great grandmother reminisces about where children used to play before the roads and buildings were constructed. Her great-granddaughter finds it hard to imagine the changes that have taken place.
ISBN 9780864612809
Publisher Koala Books, 2000
Hilton, Nette & Stanley, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Blue chameleon
He can turn himself into anything and appear to fit in anywhere. But, it seems that neither the swirly snail, the green grasshopper nor the stripy sock want to be friends.
ISBN 9780230704244
Publisher MacMillan, 2010
Gravett, Emily
Image currently unavailable
Blue sky yellow kite
Sometimes we want a thing so much we can't prevent ourselves from taking it. But when a girl steals her friend's beautiful yellow kite, she is swamped with turmoil. A story about desire, guilt and forgiveness.
ISBN 9781760124229
Publisher Little Hare Books, 2016
Holmes, Janet A. & Bentley, Jonathan (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Blue whale blues
When Penguin hears Whale singing the blues, he tries to help. But, it is difficult to stop a blue whale feeling blue.
ISBN 9781925059410
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2015
Carnavas, Peter
Image currently unavailable
Blue, the builder's dog
Meet Blue, the builder's dog. On the construction site, he's part of the team. He guards the tools, signs the concrete slabs and keeps sticky beaks away. But, Blue doesn't have a house of his own. The builder has one. The chippie has one. The architect and the big bosses have one. So, Blue decides to quit and build himself a home.
ISBN 9780670077809
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2016
Storer, Jen & Joyner, Andrew (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bob the builder & the elves
Bob, the burly builder, has a problem. He is embarrassed when all his mates know that a horde of elves have come to invade his house and clean it up. Miss Lily helps him solve his problem.
ISBN 9780733314841
Publisher ABC Books, 2006
Rodda, Emily & Smith, Craig (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bobby the littlest war hero
This is the story of Bobby - the littlest hero in a very big war. Bobby is a tiny canary. His best friend is Jack, a soldier in one of the tunnelling companies of the Royal Engineers. Together they go deep into the tunnels under no-man's-land. Jack's job is to dig, while Bobby's job is to warn the men to get out quickly when there's dangerous gas. Bobby's warnings save the tunnellers' lives again and again. But Jack worries that it's a hard life for a little bird. Will Bobby ever be free to fly again?
ISBN 9780143771876
Publisher Penguin NZ, 2018
Harper, Glyn & Cooper, Jenny (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Every morning, Bogtrotter runs across the bog, up the bog, down the bog and around the bog until it's time to go home. Sometimes, he wishes things would change but he doesn't know how or what or why. Until one afternoon, when he picks a flower for the first time in his life.
ISBN 9781921977558
Publisher Walker Books Australia Pty Ltd, 2015
Wild, Margaret & Rossell, Judith (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Boing Boing races, The
All the kangaroos are lined up ready to start the big race. But what's this? Emu has joined the line, ready to race. Emu really wants to join the boing boing race but it is really a race for kangaroos.
ISBN 9780864612373
Publisher Koala Books, 1999
Whatley, Bruce
Image currently unavailable
Bom went the bear
Bear loves to play his big bass drum on his own, making as much noise as he can and marching around like he's king of all the land. He's joined by all manner of enthusiastic musicians and, soon, it become difficult for Bear to play to the beat of his own drum.
ISBN 9781742376714
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2011
Greenwood, Nicki
Image currently unavailable
Bones you own, The
Bones are in your head and ears, and your skull is like a helmet for your brain. You have hundreds of joints to help you bend. Find out why a baby has more bones than its mother, why bones are hidden and why your mum says milk is good for your bones.
ISBN 9781426304101
Publisher National Geographic Society, 2009
Baines, Becky
Image currently unavailable
Boo to a goose
A list of all the things a child might do before saying 'boo' to a goose. An enjoyable book that combines rhyming text and colourful pictures based on paper cutting techniques.
ISBN 9780733610172
Publisher Hodder Children's Books (Australia), 1998
Fox, Mem & Miller, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Book chook, The
Have you ever noticed that in many books animals talk and have human-ish looks? When Ray realises he is a drawing of a chicken he panics! Can he hatch a plan to get out of the book and be a real chook? Luckily, his plucky, clucky friend Janine is there to help.
ISBN 9781742994987
Publisher Omnibus Books, 2019
McInerney, Amelia & Brecon, Connah (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Book for Benny, A
It's raining outside. But that's okay, because Sam is warm and cozy inside, reading a book. Her little dog Benny doesn't like to read. He wants to play. Sam tries to convince Benny that reading is fun. Maybe he'd like a different book? Sam and Benny go to the library to find the perfect book for Benny!
ISBN 9781605373935
Publisher Clavis Books, 2017
Koppens, Judith & Meijer, Marja (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Book that never ends, The
They say all good things come to an end... but don't hold your breath! You and the kids are about to zigzag your way through this book. Your choices will take you who-knows-where. There's a legend that some people once found the end, but we're not convinced. Oh, you think you can? Well, you're welcome to try.
ISBN 9780733337994
Series Books that drive kids crazy NEW SERIES 2020 (5 books)
Publisher ABC Books, 2019
Stanton, Beck & Stanton, Matt
Image currently unavailable
Books that drive kids crazy NEW SERIES 2020
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Books that drive kids crazy NEW SERIES 2020 (5 books)
Stanton, Beck & Stanton, Matt
No book cover.
Born to be a butterfly
Large colour photos show the wonder of the life cycle of a butterfly which is clearly and easily explained.
ISBN 9781405353441
Publisher Dorling Kindersley, 2010
Wallace, Karen
Image currently unavailable
Bouncing back: an eastern barred bandicoot story
How did the last Eastern Barred Bandicoot on the Australian mainland end up living in a rubbish tip?
ISBN 9781486308279
Publisher CSIRO, 2018
Cleave, Rohan & Tulloch, Coral (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bouncing ball, The
Try to keep up with the bouncing ball as it travels down the street, between two cars, into a gutter and down a storm drain.
ISBN 9780857980045
Publisher Random House Australia Pty Ltd, 2013
Kelly, Deborah & Perry, Georgia (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bouncing bouncing little joeys
It's Christmas time in the Australian bush and all the animals are out to celebrate. They are super busy getting ready for Santa to come by baking, making sweets and putting up the tree.
ISBN 9780734417565
Publisher Lothian Books, 2017
Gibbes, Lesley & Chang, Doris (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Box cars, The
Liam and Kai are the best of friends. They do everything together. Each day in the park they race around in their box cars, pretending to be everything from policemen chasing down bad guys to chauffeurs driving around movie stars! One day they notice a little girl watching them- she's keen to join in and they're happy to be her friends too, but with only two box cars to play with it seems someone's going to be left out.
ISBN 9781925335835
Publisher EK Books, 2019
Vescio, Robert & King, Cara (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Box of tricks
For her birthday, Eva is given a box. But, this is no ordinary box and Eva soon discovers that she's a magician who can conjure up all sorts of delights, some rather larger than others.
ISBN 9780224083447
Publisher Jonathan Cape, 2009
Cleminson, Katie
Image currently unavailable
The king's battles with the dragon were always mighty and loud. Boy lives in silence and couldn't hear the fighting. But he could see the fear around him...and how everyone would be much happier without it.
ISBN 9781760277055
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2017
Cummings, Phil & Devries, Shane (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Boy and the airplane, The
When a little boy's prized toy airplane lands on a rooftop, he makes several rescue attempts before devising an unexpected solution. Wordless picture book.
ISBN 9781442451230
Publisher Simon & Schuster, 2013
Pett, Mark
Image currently unavailable
Boy in the big blue glasses, The
Sam doesn't like his new glasses. They make his ears hurt. His parents say he looks handsome in them. But Sam just wants to look like himself. His teacher doesn't recognize him; she says he must be a new superhero. But Sam doesn't want to be a superhero. He just wants to be himself. At least his best friend George recognizes him and thinks he looks okay. Sam does everything he can to lose his glasses but they keep being found. And then things get even worse, and Sam has to cope with googly-eyed turtles and giant penguins! Eventually, with a bit of confidence and a lot of humour, Sam finds out that wearing glasses isn't so bad - and people still like him just the way he is after all.
ISBN 9781925335996
Publisher EK Books, 2019
Gervay, Susanne & Crosby-Fairall, Marjorie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Boy on the bus, The: a sing along storybook
A young boy goes driving on a bus one day and stops to pick up a number of animal passengers who make lots of noise. A unique take on a much loved nursery rhyme.
ISBN 9781406301472
Publisher Walker Books, 2007
Dale, Penny
Image currently unavailable
Boy on the page, The
A small boy lands on the page and, quite by accident, discovers the joy and wonder of life.
ISBN 9781921928468
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2013
Carnavas, Peter
Image currently unavailable
Boy who built the boat, The
Henry, his sister and teddy set out to build a boat from scratch. Rhythmic text celebrates the simple joy of making things.
ISBN 9781741755886
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2006
Mueller, Ross & Smith, Craig (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Boy who cried wolf, The
A retelling of the much-loved fairy tale, with surprises under each lift-up flap.
ISBN 9781846433689
Series Flip-up fairy tales series (28 books)
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2011
Stockham, Jess
Image currently unavailable
Brand new baby
A new baby brother has arrived and Wendy and Edward are not quite sure what to make of the small bundle. It seems that everything has changed at home.
ISBN 9781406316407
Publisher Walker Books, 2008
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Brave knight, The
Determined to protect his castle, a little boy stands guard against enemy knights.
ISBN 9781925594119
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2018
Gould, Sally & Hulme, Celeste (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Brave little tailor, The
The story of the little tailor and the challenges he faces.
ISBN 9781846436543
Series Flip-up fairy tales series (28 books)
Publisher Child's Play International Ltd, 2014
Barella, Laura (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bread and jam for Frances
Frances decides that bread and jam are all she wants to eat and her understanding parents grant her wish at breakfast, lunch, dinner and, even, snacktime.
ISBN 9780064430968
Series Frances series (3 of 7)
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 1986
Hoban, Russell
Image currently unavailable
Bridget Fidget hold on tight
Bridget Fidget is in a fix. She forgot to hold on tight to her beloved toy, Captain Cat, and lost him in a shop. It's disaster. Luckily, her friend, Billy, is there to save the day.
ISBN 9780141501819
Publisher Puffin USA, 2010
Berger, Joe
Image currently unavailable
Bridie's boots
Bridie loves her gumboots. They are just right for splashing and twirling. But Bridie gets too big for her beautiful boots, so sets them free on a big adventure across the seas.
ISBN 9781921504723
Publisher Working Title Press, 2014
Cummings, Phil & Acton, Sara
Image currently unavailable
Broken bird, a tale of true love
Broken Bird is born with only one wing but he refuses to believe he will never fly. His brothers tease him but he puts his best foot forward and sets off to explore the world, from the ground.
ISBN 9780141381589
Publisher Puffin Australia, 2006
Broad, Michael
Image currently unavailable
Brothers from a different mother
Tapir lives in the jungle. Pig lives in the village. But when they meet at the waterhole, they discover they are the same in so many ways. They might even be brothers from a different mother!
ISBN 9780670078486
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2017
Gwynne, Phillip & Crosby-Fairall, Marjorie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Brothers in league
Using the club mascots and various Rugby League players and captains, these books will allow readers to read about Rugby League and their favourite clubs and players, whilst engaging with text and practicing reading strategies
ISBN 9781458649218
Series Rugby League Reads K-2 League Stars (11 of 24)
Publisher MacMillan, 2015
Hirsch, Suzan
No book cover.
Brothers Quibble, The
Spalding Quibble ruled the roost. He did not have to share anything. But, then, his parents introduced a brand new baby brother.
ISBN 9780670076000
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2014
Blabey, Aaron
Image currently unavailable
Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see
Questions and answers take the reader through a range of animals and colours - a big green frog, a plump purple cat or a cheeky brown monkey. Colourful pictures and rhyming words.
ISBN 9780140502961
Publisher Penguin, 1995
Martin, Bill Jnr & Carle, Eric (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Brown bread and honey
The King loves to run, jump and ride his horse. He also loves to eat and eat and eat until he becomes too fat to have fun any more. When the King sacks all his cooks, he will have a problem with what to eat.
ISBN 9780140568257
Publisher Penguin, 2002
Allen, Pamela
Image currently unavailable
Brush with Tim
Using the club mascots and various Rugby League players and captains, these books will allow readers to read about Rugby League and their favourite clubs and players, whilst engaging with text and practicing reading strategies.
ISBN 9781458649164
Series Rugby League Reads K-2 League Stars (6 of 24)
Publisher National Rugby League, 2010
Hirsch, Suzan
Image currently unavailable
Buck and his truck
Buck and his truck and Harry and his lorry are rival removalists. One day, they turn up for the same job and trouble starts.
ISBN 9781844289387
Publisher Walker Books, 2005
French, Vivian & Lacome, Julie (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Budinge and the Min Min lights
Budinge lives with his grandmother, deep in the Australian bush. One night, he notices a bright light twinkling through the trees. Budinge's grandmother had often warned him that if he didn't behave, the Min-Min lights would come and lead him away. Budinge is frightened and begins to run.
ISBN 9781743628577
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2015
Kirk, Uncle Joe & Casey, Greer & Harrold, Sandi (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Buffy, an adventure story
Buffy is a wonderful performing dog, rejected by his magician owner. He journeys the world until he realises that he can only be who he is and then he finds a family.
ISBN 9780744577853
Publisher Walker Books, 2001
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Bug collector, The
George loves bugs. Small ones, leggy ones, ones that glow. So he decides to become the world's best bug collector. But fabulous creatures aren't meant for life in a bottle.
ISBN 9781925594539
Publisher New Frontier Publishing, 2019
Griffiths, Alex. G.
Image currently unavailable
Bugliest bug, The
Damselfly Dilly uncovers a plot by a group of sinister spiders who are holding a bugliest bug contest and secretly planning to eat the contestants, including Tumblebug, the Dung Beetle, who prefers to be called the Original Pooper Scooper.
ISBN 9780744556858
Publisher Walker Books, 2002
Shields, Carol Diggory & Nash, Scott (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Ever wanted to learn all about the different bugs out there? Readers can learn all about lots of different bugs, from honey bees to wolf spiders. Did you know that some spiders can breathe underwater or that ants carry their babies when they move nests? Learn so much more about bugs in this enthralling book.
ISBN 9781474907163
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2016
Bone, Emily & Battistel, Cinzia (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Building boy, The
The boy's work was done. He looked into the eyes he'd built and said, "Grandma, wake up." All at once the stars leapt closer. Grandma grabbed the boy, raising him high above the roof tiles on her head. She was alive.
ISBN 9780571314096
Publisher Faber & Faber, 2016
Montgomery, Ross & Litchfield, David (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Building site zoo
Every morning on our walk we see an amazing zoo, full of astonishing animals. Come and see them too! With a little imagination, a building site can come to life, bringing all kinds of animals into the busy town.
ISBN 9780734417527
Publisher Lothian Books, 2017
Masson, Sophie & Wood, Laura (ill)
Image currently unavailable
BumbleBunnies NEW SERIES 2020
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series BumbleBunnies NEW SERIES 2020 (4 books)
No book cover.
BumbleBunnies: The pond
Wuffle the puppy, Lou the kitten and Billington the duck are playing happily in the garden. But when disaster strikes, who will save the day?
ISBN 9781460753941
Series BumbleBunnies NEW SERIES 2020 (1 of 4)
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2018
Base, Graeme
Image currently unavailable
BumbleBunnies: The sock
It's washing day, and Wuffle the puppy, Lou the kitten and Billington the duck watch the clothes blow about in the wind. But when disaster strikes once more, who will save the day?
ISBN 9781460753972
Series BumbleBunnies NEW SERIES 2020 (2 of 4)
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2019
Base, Graeme
Image currently unavailable
Bumpus jumpus dinosaurumpus
Story builds to a thumping, stomping crescendo as the many different dinosaurs dance and play together.
ISBN 9781841212944
Publisher Orchard Books, 2003
Mitton, Tony & Parker-Rees, Guy (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bunny cakes
Ruby is making a cake for grandma's birthday. Max, her little brother, has to make repeated trips to the grocer to make up for disrupting Ruby's project and to get the perfect ingredients for the special cake he is making for grandma.
ISBN 9780140566673
Publisher Puffin UK, 2000
Wells, Rosemary
Image currently unavailable
Bunny money
Max and his sister, Ruby, are shopping for Grandma's birthday present. Ruby has saved up a walletful of money, and, as usual, she's in charge or thinks she is. She has plans for an elaborate gift but Max is sure that Grandma would prefer his choice.
ISBN 9780140567502
Publisher Puffin UK, 2000
Wells, Rosemary
Image currently unavailable
Bus called Heaven, A
One morning, a broken old bus appears, from nowhere, right outside Stella's house. Everyone wonders how it got there. When Stella climbs on board, she sees everything that it could become. So the lonely old bus becomes the place to hold meetings, play games and share stories. But one day, a tow truck arrives, threatening to take away not just the bus, but everything the community has worked hard to create.
ISBN 9781406334197
Publisher Walker Books Australia Pty Ltd, 2011
Graham, Bob
Image currently unavailable
Bus to the zoo, The
There's a funny, blue bus going to the zoo today. The passengers are all special animals and the bus is filling up very quickly.
ISBN 9781862917286
Publisher Omnibus Books, 2009
Murphy, Mary & Lee, Joh (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bush babies
A beautifully illustrated, lift-the-flap book which describes fourteen animal babies found in the Australian bush.
ISBN 9780734408754
Publisher Thomas C Lothian Pty Ltd, 2005
Dale, Kim
Image currently unavailable
Bush jumper, The
Koala knits Mitti a jumper the colour of wattle blossom. The only problem is that she runs out of wool and has to knit a multi-coloured sleeve. Mitti is not keen on the result but the other animals help to change her mind.
ISBN 9780733307492
Publisher ABC Books, 2005
Chapman, Jean & Beck, Ali (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Bush Santa, The
As the sun sets on Christmas Eve, the Bush Santa's big night begins. He travels around Australia, delivering special presents to all the Australian animals, from the cockies in Cairns and the crocs of the Top End, to the wallabies in Canberra and the quokkas of Rottnest Island.
ISBN 9780734416858
Publisher Hachette Children's Books, 2016
Foot, Mandy
Image currently unavailable
Bush tracks
What can you see? Follow the clues that landscape, seasons, weather, the stars, the moon and the sun give to navigate bush tracks and find the Australian animal. A colourful exploration of country along a bush track, featuring illustrations by Balarinji, Australia's leading Indigenous design studio.
ISBN 9781760297824
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2017
Moriarty, Ros, & Balarinji (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Lou was busting for the loo. But the loo had quite a queue. What on earth was Lou to do.
ISBN 9781743812389
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2017
Blabey, Aaron
Image currently unavailable
Busy little creatures
A fun way to explore movement, colour, patterns, sizes and numbers whilst supporting your child's learning and encouraging outdoor play and adventure.
ISBN 9780648115601
Publisher Little Book Press, 2017
Bowden, Fiona
Image currently unavailable
Butcher paper, texta, blackboard and chalk
Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander's are warned that this book and CD/DVD contains images and voices of deceased persons. A book of children's songs, captured beautifully with paintings by Ruby Hunter. You can listen to the CD while reading the book. Great resource for teachers.
ISBN 9780980794847
Publisher One Day Hill Pty Ltd, 2012
Topics / Aboriginal content /
Hunter, Ruby & Roach, Archie
Image currently unavailable
Allow your imagination to move with the butterflies in this engaging and beautifully illustrated book. Useful text for increasing students' understanding of vocabulary.
ISBN 9780975145005
Publisher Sapphire Coast Press, 2003
Harley, Diana & Yates, Sue-Ellen (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Butterflies of the sea (Marine life for young readers)
Very simple text with full page photographic illustrations that teach about marine life such as butterflies of the sea. Contains a glossary and index.
ISBN 9780733920820
Series Marine life for young readers series (20 books)
Publisher Pearson Education Australia, 2000
Swartz, Stanley L & Yin, Robert (phot)
Image currently unavailable
Butterfly garden, The
An entertaining introduction to the life cycle of a butterfly - played out by a fat caterpillar, a hungry kookaburra and a supporting cast of beautiful butterflies.
ISBN 9781925936995
Publisher Magabala Books, 2019
Torres, Michael & Martins, Fern (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Butterfly: Watch me grow
Many interesting facts about butterfliess and their life cycles. Easy to read with photographic illustrations.
ISBN 9781405302425
Series Watch me grow series (13 books)
Publisher Dorling Kindersley, 2004
Dorling Kindersley
Image currently unavailable
Button boy
Banjo is so fixated with button collecting, he doesn't join in the activities of the other neighbourhood children. When he returns home, his grandmother sews each button on his favourite jumper. But, the buttons once belonged to someone and, each morning, Banjo finds the owner of the buttons and detaches the relevant one from his jumper.
ISBN 9781741697971
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2011
Young, Rebecca & deGennaro, Sue
Image currently unavailable
By the light of the moon
Ivan's old house had always been so warm and friendly. But, his new house is strange and Ivan can't sleep. From his window, he sees a shimmering light land in the garden. It's a creature called Moji who takes Ivan on a fabulous night-time adventure, up high into space, bounding through starlit forests and down deep into the oceans. The magical Moji shows Ivan that, soon, the new house will feel like home.
ISBN 9781408852118
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2016
Percival, Tom
Image currently unavailable

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