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Quangle Wangle's hat, The
The Quangle Wangle Quee is a tree-dwelling creature obscured by an enormous hat. He is lonely, but not for long. One animal after another sees the hat as a possible home in this classic poem.
ISBN 9780749713362
Publisher Egmont Childrens, 1994
Lear, Edward & Oxenbury, Helen (ill)
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Queen Alice's palaces
Queen Alice has the finest palace, so good that Sir Hugh tries to trick her into creating a masterpiece just for him.
ISBN 9780733331022
Publisher ABC Books, 2013
MacIver, Juliette & Masciullo, Lucia (ill)
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Queen of France, The
Rose wakes up one morning feeling royal, so she dons her necklaces, bracelets and crown. The Queen of France emerges to survey her domain, disapproving of Rose's mother's thorny gardening choices and asking Rose's father where the Royal Physician may be found to fix her cut finger. When Rose returns to look for the Queen of France, she's nowhere to be seen.
ISBN 9781406331691
Publisher Walker Books, 2011
Wadham, Tim & MacDonald Denton, Kady (ill)
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Queen Victoria's Christmas
There's a mystery in the palace. What can it be? There are lots of spicy smells... and a large green tree! Join Queen Victoria's dogs as they discover the magic of Christmas in this hilarious new royal adventure.
ISBN 9780732293574
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2012
French, Jackie & Whatley, Bruce (ill)
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Queen Victoria's underpants
Queen Victoria owned many palaces and many jewels but what she didn't have were underpants. A message advising that the Queen wants underpants was delivered to a dressmaker. She and her family explored the options of what type of underpants the Queen wanted and what they would be useful for.
ISBN 9780732288228
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2010
French, Jackie & Whatley, Bruce (ill)
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Queen's cubby, The
Elizabeth loves living high up in her block of flats. She feels like she's living in a castle where she knows all her neighbours. Then, mum and dad announce that they are going to live in the country.
ISBN 9780734406644
Publisher Thomas C Lothian Pty Ltd, 2004
Caisley, Raewyn & Hurst, Elise (ill)
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Queenie: one elephant's story
Up to the 1950s, a highlight of visiting a Sydney or Melbourne zoo was a ride on the elephants. This book is about Queenie, the joy she provided until her unfortunate end.
ISBN 9781876372972
Publisher Black Dog Books, 2006
Fenton, Corinne & Gouldthorpe, Peter (ill)
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Quest for Aztec gold: Mexico
One of the most treacherous treasure hunters in the world has stolen a map that leads to hidden Aztec gold. Can Secret Agent Jack Stalwart stop him and his band of thieves before they plunder again?
ISBN 9781862306325
Series Jack Stalwart, secret agent series (10 of 12)
Publisher Red Fox, 2009
Singer Hunt, Elizabeth & Wiliamson, Brian (ill)
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Quest for the galleon of time, The
Eleven year old Tobias is sent to be cabin boy on a galleon in 1738, and his adventures include ruthless pirates, shipwrecks and a time traveling ghost ship. Tobias and his new friends face mounting danger when they discover hidden truth about three seafaring brothers - one good, one evil, and one dead!
ISBN 9781922858191
Publisher MidnightSun Publishing, 2023
Hunter, Tanya
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Quinkin mountain
A contemporary Dreaming story about the spirit world. The friendliest Quinkins are tall, thin Timaras. They protect children in danger, especially when they are in danger from the mean Timaras, the bouncing Imjins.
ISBN 9780207189180
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 1997
Trezise, Percy
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Quivering quavers, The
Coco is the well-respected, if somewhat easily startled, Chief of Police in Buenos Aires. Alberta is his more sensible cousin. Together they crack the cases that confound this puzzling city. Coco Carlomagno is trying to avert a national disaster. La Bella Cucharita, the highly strung world-famous opera singer, is due to make her return to the stage after an unfortunate nerve-wracking incident- but a strange message has her rattled. Who on earth would send La Bella Cucharita mysterious notes on the eve of such an eagerly awaited performance? Luckily Coco is on the case, and with a little help from his logic-loving cousin Alberta, he can discover just who is behind the quivering quavers.
ISBN 9781743319512
Series Cryptic casebook of Coco Carlomagno series (6 of 6)
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2014
Dubosarsky, Ursula & Denton, Terry (ill)
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