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Ubiquitous: celebrating nature's survivors
The book's title, Ubiquitous, means something that is, or seems to be, everywhere at the same time. Through beautifully illustrated poems, this book investigates the natural world, from the single-celled bacteria and diatom to the ever-present ant and dandelion, and describes how these very special life-forms avoided extinction to become nature's survivors.
ISBN 9780618717194
Publisher Houghton Mifflin, 2010
Sidman, Joyce & Prange, Beckie (ill)
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Ugly: young reader's edition
Australian Robert Hoge was born with a large tumour in the middle of his face and legs that weren't much use. Dedicated doctors removed the tumour from his face, operated on his legs then stitched him back together. But, Robert still looked different. Told with humour and candour, this is the true story of how Robert, through sheer grit and determination, grew up to have an ordinary life. That became his greatest achievement.
ISBN 9780733634338
Publisher Hachette Children's Books, 2015
Hoge, Robert
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Ulysses Moore: the door to time
A mysterious old mansion, a strange locked door with four keyholes and three adventurous, courageous and curious kids determined to solve the mystery of Ulysses Moore, who once owned that house.
ISBN 9780439774383
Publisher Scholastic US, 2006
Piemme, Edizioni
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Unbelievably scary thing that happened in Huggabie Falls, The
Kipp Kindle, Tobias Treachery and Cymphany Chan live in Huggabie Falls, the weirdest town on Earth, so weirdness is pretty normal for them. But when unbelievably scary things start to happen, even Kipp, Tobias and Cymphany have trouble believing what's going on. Why is everyone running away from their worst fears and where did those fears suddenly appear from? How can a dinosaur that doesn't even exist be about to chomp Cymphany in two? And is the evil Felonious Dark reformed like he says he is, or is he the one behind the unbelievably scary happenings?
ISBN 9781925773019
Series Huggabie Falls series (2 of 3)
Publisher Text Publishing Co, 2018
Cece, Adam & Weldon, Andrew (ill)
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Alice is different than other eighteen-year-old ladies in Kexford, which is perfectly fine with her. She'd rather spend golden afternoons with her trusty camera or in her aunt Vivian's lively salon. But when Alice develops photographs she has recently taken about town, familiar faces of old suddenly appear in the place of her actual subjects-the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, the Caterpillar. There's something eerily off about them, even for Wonderland creatures. And as Alice develops a self-portrait, she finds the most disturbing image of all-a badly-injured dark-haired girl asking for Alice's help. Mary Ann. Returning to the place of nonsense from her childhood, Alice finds herself on a mission to stop the Queen of Hearts' tyrannical rule and to find her place in both worlds. But will she able to do so... before the End of Time?
ISBN 9781484781319
Series Twisted tales series (11 books)
Publisher Disney Press, 2020
Braswell, Liz
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Uncle Trev and his whistling bull
In New Zealand in the 1930s, a sickly schoolboy is in bed, trying to get over a long sickness. When his Uncle Trev arrives to let Mum go out and do the shopping. he tells one tall story after another, about the animals out on his farm, and his neighbour, Gotta Henry. But, when Mum returns, she chases Uncle Trev and his dog with her broom and threatens what she'll do to 'that man' next time he comes in.
ISBN 9781877467158
Publisher Gecko Press, 2012
Lasenby, Jack
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A group of nine appealing science fiction fantasy stories.
ISBN 9780141301778
Publisher Penguin, 1995
Jennings, Paul
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Under the cat's eye
A story of mystery and suspense, centred around Jai, who is at a strange boarding school headed by the monstrous Mr Drake.
ISBN 9780733605543
Publisher Hodder Headline Australia Pty Ltd, 1997
Rubinstein, Gillian
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Under the magician's spell
A "Give Yourself Goosebumps" story You, and your little sister, and your best friend just found a new magic shop at the mall. The man inside calls himself the Magician. He's pretty creepy. Before you know it, your little sister runs out of the shop with his book of magic spells. If you read one of the spells, you find yourself in the magician's workshop. Suddenly you are part of a magic act. You are forced onstage, about to be sliced into a million pieces! If the three bullies from the school grab the book, you must find it before the magician makes your sister disappear...forever! The choice is yours in this scary GOOSEBUMPS adventure that's packed with over 20 super-spooky endings!
ISBN 9780590673211
Series Goosebumps series (99 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 1996
Stine, R L
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Under the streets
If you've ever wondered what goes on below the streets of a major city, take a look under New York. Find out what really lives in the subway tunnels and where all the waste water ends up.
ISBN 9781865048901
Series X-zone series (48 books)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2005
Topics / Year 6 easy reads /
Harris, David
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Under town
Someone is tormenting the fine people of Nod's Limbs and, for once, it's not Edgar and Ellen.
ISBN 9780689861048
Series Edgar & Ellen series (3 of 6)
Publisher Hodder Headline Australia Pty Ltd, 2003
Ogden, Charles
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Under Wildwood
With Alexandra the Dowager Governess seemingly defeated and Mac safely returned home, Prue still cannot settle and finds herself drawn back to Wildwood, her life in danger as well as the very existence of the Wildwood communities, with divisions and politics threatening to destroy the harmony Prue's initial presence brought. Rebellion is also close at hand just outside the Impassable Wilderness with industrial tycoons causing havoc on the landscape and their orphan workforce.
ISBN 9780143308133
Series Wildwood trilogy series (3 books)
Publisher Puffin Australia, 2013
Meloy, Colin & Ellis, Carson (ill)
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Underwater war
In his most dangerous mission yet, Napoleon is going back to World War II to navigate another MetaBook, this time through the underwater wars between Allied battleships and German U-boats. Napoleon might think it's just another mission but he'll soon learn that war underwater is a tricky operation.
ISBN 9780330404327
Series Battle boy series (15 of 15)
Publisher MacMillan, 2011
Carter, Charlie & Jeffery, Russell (ill)
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Unfinished angel, The
In the ancient, stone tower of the Casa Rosa, life for one angel has been the same for as long as s/he can remember. Until Zola arrives. For neighbours who have been long-time enemies, children who have been lost and villagers who have been sleepily living their lives, beware. Zola and the angel are about to collide.
ISBN 9780143203759
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2009
Topics / Year 6 easy reads /
Creech, Sharon
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Unforgettable what's his name, The
Even before all this happened, I had never been like the other kids. I tried not to be seen. If I climbed a tree or hid among the bins, no one could find me. Then, one weekend, I got what I wanted. First, I blended in with things. But, on the second day, I changed. I mean, really changed.
ISBN 9781760290856
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2016
Jennings, Paul & Smith, Craig (ill)
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Nobody knows where they come from. But they come. Impossible birds of the big sky and the long night.
ISBN 9781742379722
Publisher Angus & Robertson (HarperCollins), 2012
Riddle, Tohby
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Unforgotten coat, The
Two refugee brothers from Mongolia are determined to fit in with their Liverpool schoolmates. They bring so much of Mongolia to Bootle that their new friend and guide, Julie, is hard-pressed to know truth from fantasy, as she recollects a wonderful friendship that was abruptly ended when Chingis and Nergui were forced to return to Mongolia.
ISBN 9781406333855
Publisher Walker Books, 2011
Boyce, Frank Cottrell
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Unicorn quest, The
Claire Martinson still worries about her older sister Sophie, who battled a mysterious illness last year. But things are back to normal as they move into Windermere Manor. Everything changes when the sisters climb a strange ladder in a fireplace and enter the magical land of Arden. There, they find a world in turmoil. The four guilds of magic no longer trust each other, the beloved unicorns have disappeared, and terrible wraiths roam freely. Scared, the girls return home. But when Sophie vanishes in the night, it will take all of Claire's courage to climb back up the ladder, find her sister, and uncover the unicorns' greatest secret.
ISBN 9781408878316
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2018
Benko, Kamilla
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Unicorn quest, The: Secret in the stone
Claire and her sister are the lost princesses of Arden. They have released the last unicorn from its stone prison hoping it could save the waning magic of the kingdom. But the unicorn has vanished and it is being pursued by enemies. The sisters face challenges if they want to help the unicorn rise again. Claire will have to find the courage to master her new magical powers. Sophie must face dangerous truths about the people she thought were her friends and about herself.
ISBN 9781408898512
Publisher Bloomsbury, 2019
Benko, Kamilla
Image currently unavailable
Unipiggle the unicorn pig: Unicorn muddle
Welcome to Twinkleland Kingdom where everything is 100% perfect, except Princess Pea. Today's the day Princess Pea has to choose her own unicorn at the Royal Unicorn Parade. All is well until the muddy Unipiggle appears and creates a big muddle. It looks like Princess Pea has met her perfect match.
ISBN 9781474972178
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2020
Shaw, Hannah
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Unlikely exploits series
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Unlikely exploits series (3 books)
Ardagh, Philip
No book cover.
Unlikely story of Bennelong and Phillip, The
An important and intriguing tale of an extraordinary friendship between two unlikely characters, Captain Arthur Phillip and the Aborigine, Bennelong, which remains largely unknown. The background of the first settlement in Australia heightens the polarity between the two worlds of the traditional Aboriginal culture and values, and European culture and values.
ISBN 9780980671186
Publisher Berbay Publishing, 2015
Sedunary, Michael & Emmerichs, Bern (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Boys are the heroes in each of the tales in this assortment of funny, scary and disgusting short stories.
ISBN 9780141301761
Publisher Penguin, 1999
Jennings, Paul
Image currently unavailable
When Nurah's family moves from Karachi, Pakistan, to Peachtree City, Georgia, all she really wants is to blend in, but she stands out for all the wrong reasons. Nurah's accent, floral-print kurtas, and tea-colored skin make her feel excluded, and she's left to eat lunch alone under the stairwell, until she meets Stahr at swimming tryouts. Stahr covers her body when in the water, just like Nurah, but for very different reasons. But in the water Nurah doesn't want to blend in: She wants to stand out. She wants to win medals like her star athlete brother, Owais - who is going through struggles of his own in America - yet when sibling rivalry gets in the way, she makes a split-second decision of betrayal that changes their fates. As Nurah slowly begins to sprout wings in the form of strong swimming arms, she gradually gains the courage to stand up to bullies, fight for what she believes in, and find her place.
ISBN 9780063044708
Publisher HarperCollins Australia, 2022
Topics / Displacement /
Faruqi, Reem
Image currently unavailable
Unusual suspects, The
For Sabrina Grimm, living in a community of fairytale characters means always being ready for trouble. And, something is definitely wrong at her new school. The adults seem too angry, the kids too sleepy and the gym teacher likes dodge ball far too much. Of course, her little sister, Daphne, is having the time of her life.
ISBN 9781741690682
Series Sisters Grimm series (2 of 7)
Publisher Scholastic Australia, 2008
Buckley, Michael & Ferguson, Peter (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Upside down girl, The
Desperate to be famous, young Brittany Hu attempts to set a "McGuinness record", but ends up weightless, a condition which results in some hilarious predicaments. The tongue-in-cheek subtexts are very entertaining.
ISBN 9781865081342
Publisher Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd, 2000
D'Ath, Justin
Image currently unavailable
Upside-down history of Down Under, The
The Upside-Down History of Down Under delves into the history of Australia from dinosaurs to Federation. It explores how the continents formed and changed, looks into our dinosaurs and mega-fauna, and discusses how the first people arrived and their survival. Did you know that the oldest human home in Australia is 65,000 years old? The Upside-Down History of Down Under describes the various ships that landed on our shores, the arrival of the British, convicts, the Rum Rebellion, exploration, bushrangers, gold, equality, federation plus much more. But don't be fooled. It is full of fun anecdotes, interesting quizzes, questions, timelines and pictures to keep you entertained.
ISBN 9780143788669
Publisher Penguin Books Australia, 2018
Lloyd, Alison & Denton, Terry (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Fascinating facts about the planet, Uranus, and the solar system. Includes photographs, a glossary and website links.
ISBN 9781420211979
Series New Solar System series (7 of 12)
Publisher MacMillan, 2007
Birch, Robin
Image currently unavailable
Us minus Mum
George and Theo's mum is brilliant. She tells great stories, can wave the fastest of anyone on the planet and, most importantly, she suggested they adopt a scruffy dog called Goffo. The boys also think she's invincible. But, they're wrong because Mum is ill, really ill. It's up to George and Theo to keep Mum smiling. This will probably, definitely involve wellies, shepherd's pie and Goffo's victory at the pet talent show.
ISBN 9780349124070
Publisher Little, Brown & Co, 2014
Butler, Heather
Image currently unavailable
USA: everything you ever wanted to know
You will read fascinating tales about who introduced surfing to the world, which sharp shootin' cowgirl was a superstar of the wild west, which famous road is known as America's main street and about Tornado Alley.
ISBN 9781743214176
Series Not-for-parents series (8 books)
Publisher Lonely Planet Publications, 2012
Evans, Lynette
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Usborne beginners plus series
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Usborne beginners plus series (16 books)
No book cover.
Usborne book of the brain and how it works, The
Come on a journey through the brain. Learn about all the different jobs your brain can perform - all at once!
ISBN 9781474950589
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2021
Ip, Dr Betina & Nilsson, Mia (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Usborne creative writer's handbook, The
All the help you need to write better stories, blogs, scripts and poetry. Features lists of inspiring words and tips on editing and grammar. See how well-known writers put techniques into practice and try jotting out your own ideas on the blank pages at the back.
ISBN 9781474922494
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2017
Daynes, Katie & Cullis
Image currently unavailable
Usborne for beginners NEW 2022
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Usborne for beginners NEW 2022 (99 books)
No book cover.
Usborne great searches series
Any three titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. To see the individual book titles and their PRC ID numbers, go to the Series lists on the Booklists page, on the website. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen.
Series Usborne great searches series (6 books)
No book cover.
Usborne Lift-the-flap: Periodic table
Everything in the entire Universe is made of just 118 elements - all listed together in a grid called the Periodic table. Delve inside this book to meet each one in great detail.
ISBN 9781474922661
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2017
Topics / STEM /
James, Alice & Nielsen, Shaw (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Utterly indescribable thing that happened in Huggabie Falls, The
Something strange is happening at Huggabie Falls, something indescribable has turned up and entranced the town everyone is acting very weird. Kipp, Tobias and Cymphany don't know what it is but they do know they must stop it. But how do you stop something so strange and bizarre that is can't be described. This is what they must work out, and quickly before the whole town is trapped.
ISBN 9781925773453
Series Huggabie Falls series (3 of 3)
Publisher Text Publishing Co, 2019
Cece, Adam & Weldon, Andrew (ill)
Image currently unavailable
Utterly me, Clarice Bean
Clarice Bean is starting to feel just like her favourite heroine, Ruby Redfort, schoolgirl detective. Clarice and her best friend Betty are planning to ace their book project about Ruby and win the class prize, until Betty disappears into thin air.
ISBN 9781843623045
Series Clarice Bean series (5 of 8)
Publisher Orchard Books, 2003
Topics / Year 5 easy reads /
Child, Lauren
Image currently unavailable